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09 October 2012



to the surprise of  - - no one!


Terry said...

Oh why didn't I vote for Kirsten Lesina.
Bolt would have come here for sure.
Fool me.

Anonymous said...

WTF we have a dead set tosser for a local member get on with the job of making Cairns better you fool

Anonymous said...

WTF we have a dead set tosser for a local member get on with the job of making Cairns better you fool

Anonymous said...

Cringe, cringe, cringe. And that is just for the pink shirt.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but given the charged debate in the Federal Parliament today on sexism and misogyny seems timely to remember the views on women from of our very own Misogynist-in-Chief, Gavin King:

Women are stone cold crazy.

I refused to speak to women. You can't reason with a crazy person.

It's impossible to ever tell what women are thinking, because they're crazy.

29 November 2008

IF a woman drinks to excess during a night out on the town, is she partly to blame for being raped or assaulted?

As uncomfortable and difficult as this question is, the answer surely is yes.

14 June 2008

So, what have I learnt about women in the workplace?

If you're dumb but sexy you have a good chance of being promoted. If you're ugly and intelligent, you may get promoted but only if there are no dumb but sexy girls around to get the promotion you deserve.

If you're sexy and intelligent, you'll get promoted but spend most of your time deflecting the advances of lecherous old men who have no idea you're intelligent because you've got awesome boobs.

I feel sorry for the beautiful and intelligent women I know.

They may be smarter than me but I can stand up when I take a leak.

And thank Christ for that.

1 November , 2008
Cairns Weekend Post

“If they (women) want to win an argument or get something done, all they have to do is say the words ‘pre’ and ‘menstrual’.”

27 June 2010
Cairns Post

Anonymous said...

What a fool he has proven to be and he was with the lynch mob that got stuck into Mayor Val over the Ukelele Festival - now a succesfull asset to this City. Bolt would never have been persuaded by this fool. Go and do some good for this City Gavin, as you promised you would when on the electoral trail. That is - when you turned up at forums to be questioned!!!

Mick said...

From today's Courier Mail: "In the seat of Cairns, held by former journalist Gavin King, the LNP has suffered a swing against it of 7 per cent although it remains slightly in front of Labor on a two-party- preferred basis".

Anonymous said...

King makes Slipper look like womens best friend. Newman should have King ejected from the LNP.

Anonymous said...

You'd need to be a real dill to wipe out a huge lead in less than 12 months. I think it was something like 10 per cent 2pp on polling day. Is this a record? Does this make Mr Rapist the most useless politician in the State?

Dean said...

THe kid from the deli would be the most useless. He sits there in his oversized suits looking completely out of place every time I see him. Trout and King would be second and third most useless. Trout just worries about his own business interests, while King just worries about his own self promotion.

Jethro said...

King made many outlandish claims and promises during the election campaign including promising to get "Tier One" funding for the Cairns Base Hospital. He obviously didn't understand that this is more than just a matter of throwing money at the hospital but includes complex matters such as staffing, equipment, patient numbers and so forth. The electorate is fast becoming disallusioned with him. Most people understand that he is meddling in Council matters which are not his concerns and his fixation with Usain Bolt has had mixed responses in the community.

Pirates Fan said...

Heard lots of comments in the foyer during the recent Choral Society's performance of "Pirates of Penzance" - mostly comments expressing dismay and anger over the loss of the Entertainment Precinct. Heard people talk about the uncomfortable seating, the lack of space the performers have in backstage, the small stage etc. Manning and King both came in for some very negative drumming. ROFL, I overheard someone say very contemptuously, "OH MANNING AND HIS WIFE GO TO BRISBANE OR SYDNEY TO SEE SHOWS LIKE THIS, DONT YOU KNOW? THEY'RE NOT INTERESTED IN OUR LOCAL PRODUCTIONS?" Wooooooh - a lot of anger there.

Anonymous said...

Pirates Fan is correct. I was also at the 30+year old Civic to see Choral Society's show and all those things mentioned are true. I was slipping off the seat all night, my neck was strained by the end of the night caused by sitting at the side, there were only 2 scene changes probably due to the fact that there is no revolving stage (a must for todays shows) and the crowded crappy foyer with people flooding outside and sitting on the front steps to discuss the performance during interval. Wheelchair patrons sent up the side passage are unable to enjoy pre-show socialising. Well, as Grandpa has said people "BACK TO BASICS" - Is this what the people and future generations of Cairns deserve?

Pirates Fan said...

Anonymous above, the current Civic Theatre is well over 40 years old. The tradies who go there to do regular repairs say it is in a very bad state. The Cairns Choral Society was in fact, one of the first community groups to approach Mayor Pyne as far back as 1995 with the need to build a new performing arts theatre. They will now of course be waiting until 2025 0r 2030 or beyond. Most theatre goers the other night understood that Manning has no intention of building a new theatre during his tenure, nor Gavin King has any interest. Frankly, I enjoyed listening to the barrage of critical comments and contributed myself with King's repeated assertation that a new theatre would be "a white elephant" and "a monument to an ego." ROFL, if only I could have captured the comments back to me!!!

Gawain Bling, Dishonourable Member for Mackenzie said...

You're all so mean and cruel to me. The misandry you lot of hairy arm pitted man hating commie and pinko dykes all throw out at me is just vile. Here I am busting my butt off doing the "lightningbolt" and wearing my best pink shirt, trying my darndest to get Usain to come to Cairns, and all you misandrists can do is to throw rocks at me. I'm like poor Tones in Canberra. All the misandrist hags and ugly swamp elephants are out to crush me with their vicious handbags. Well, I shan't be moved. No, I shan't. So there! I'm a stoic and heroic figure, like Horatio on the bridge. Awesome. It just makes me go all goosey when I think of me, a lone, heroic figure stoutly and heroicly defending good from evil. Awesome. Well toodlepips for now. I'm going to eat a big bowl of bread cut up into little tiny squares with milk and sugar on it while wearing my new Superman cape. Awesome.

ruby said...

"Misandry"???!! You crack me up "Gawain" whoever you are, you little flea. Oh, enjoy your bread and milk, Blingy sweetie, in your Superman cape, of course. Yer, toodlepips and all that, too.

Anonymous said...

And do you eat your bread and milk from your old Thomas the Tank bowl you had as a kid, Blingy? Just curious.

Tegan said...

HBW, this item made me laugh, especially when you ended up with to the surprise of....no one!!