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05 October 2012


Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, looking increasingly desperate to protect his rapidly eroding public image, today has come to the defence of "Colinwhogivesashit" Riddle.  (Riddle - that's how Channel Seven pronounced it).

He's posted this on his Facebook site as his Member of MacKenzie website is controlled by his LNP masters in Brisbane.  King's said:

"What a disgrace Bob Katter has allowed himself to become - what an appalling and low act to use a media interview to call FNQ wildlife campaigner Colin Riddle an "imbecile" on TV last night."

Imbeciles?  This story is the imbecile trifecta!  We're all torn - which imbecile to support?  Katter, the Emperor of imbeciles calling Riddell names?  Riddell, who believes that a stroke of a pen mandating "humane killings" does anything besides stroking his dugong-sized ego.  As many don't know, Riddell spent seven years doing exactly what he now wants to stop the indigenous people from doing - an abattoir worker massacring animals for profit.  There is little difference between slaughtering cows, pigs, turtles, or dugong to most people.  And many people are appalled at the violence used to kill any animals, but accepting the fact that to feed the planet, someone has to do it.  

"Col has dedicated countless hours over recent years to the cause of protecting turtles and dugongs and other wildlife and it is through his tireless work that our government recently passed laws to make cruelty to these creatures illegal."

Riddell has spent countless hours promoting himself, grabbing on to the coattails of Bob Irwin and being manipulated by Cueball MacKenzie into a "cause" clearly being used as an attack on the aboriginal community under a thin veneer of animal protection.  Where is the protection from the cruelty inflicted on turtles and dugongs who are being strangled and suffocated by water devoid of oxygen due to sugar cane fertiliser runoff?  Or the cruelty and violence inflicted on dugongs being run down by tourist-packed high-speed reef trip boats, who then speed away faster than Lindsay Lohan Sunset Strip hit & run?

The reality is that this change in law is so far down the list of prosecutor priorities that any attempt to enforce it will be laughed out of court.  A couple hundred buck fine that will never be paid, increasing the SPERS uncollectable debt, isn't worth the ink and digital bits expended to cover this non-story.

"Katter should spend more time helping the people of his electorate of Kennedy rather than swanning around places outside of his electorate making a fool of himself"

And herein lies the imbecile at the heart of Cairns.  King calling the Katter black. 

So far just this week we've seen Gavin King "swanning around" Manunda, lining up for media facetime about poor drainage that is clearly a Mayor Manning & Cairns Council issue.  Before that, King was "swanning around" with Grafton Street merchants, lining up a bully-boy mob to push the very successful Esplanade -based Chinese New Year festival into a block filled with dilapidated  buildings selling coffee and bad greek food.  Who killed those sheep, btw?  More sense holding Chinese New Year at Bunnings, where every aisle is chock-full of Chinese-made products and the carpark is larger than Grafton Street.

Does Riddell know how many dugong and turtles there are?  No, of course not.  It seems no one does; little science has been done on the subject.  Since the non-aboriginal community doesn't seem to be interested in eating these particular animals, it's easy to surmise that in the last few thousand years, indigenous people killing these animals for food didn't endanger these species all that time.  The only thing that's changed?  The arrival of the rest of us interlopers.

And now one of these interlopers, fattened up by them yummy other animal species that he has had no trouble whacking, is telling the native Australians THEY are being made responsible for the species decline (if there is one, remember we don't know).  And oh, by the way, you're not doing the job "humanely" - whatever that is.

Imbecile?  We're up to our Crocs in Imbeciles.


bob deacon said...

Why don't you tell Professor Helene Marsh, from James Cook University, that there have been no dugong surveys?

I understand native hunting rights to mean using traditional hunting methods, I don't remember reading about speedboats, outboard motors and guns being around the indigenous communities in 1788, or any word of an export trade in Dugong meat.

Anonymous said...

One of the tricks of political spin is to make a big noise about something that doesn't matter.

Making yourself out to be action man when in fact you are doi ng nothing more than istting in front of a computer or a microphone.

Have you ever heard him use that sort of language in Parliament in defence of the Cairns Cairns economy?

No you haven't, and you never will.

And on the subject of the Cairns economy, I suspect it is now worse off than during the GFC thanks to the removal of just about every form of government support and the axing of hundreds of jobs.

It will be even worse on the Tablelands, up the Cape and the in the Islands.

Anonymous said...

It was entho centric behaviour. I have never heard any Indigenous support any illegal activity and I never saw any facts to support they were responsible for the decline in numbers. The decline is due to us starving them by killing sea grass, boat strike as they surface for air, our traditional fishing nets and in the past shark nets.

So I agree, am not sure why the focus was soley on Indigenous when they have actually been the least destructive and appeared in the main part to support measures to protect. North of Cooktown has strong healthy numbers as contrasted to Moreton Bay where the numbers have been totally decimated.

I did not find the public debate on the issue balanced at all. Katter likewise possibly.

Anonymous said...

off the subject just rode the esplanade bike lane that lard ase king and fat ase mackenzie slaged Val for and was full of riders another one they got wrong

Anonymous said...

Katter and king,now there is a duo of nutters. Next we will have martin and pearl involved saying they counted 150 maneater crocs lurking in the shadows at the Freshwater rounderbout swimming hole.Pity we didn't have an entertainment centre I could have been their agent and ran them as a Monty Python comedy team.

Anonymous said...

I Agree with you hillbilly. The sooner we see all the Dugongs and Turtles slaughtered by native hunters the better.

Anonymous said...

I sorry but if you all think King isnt doing a good job for cairns, I would like to see you all give it a go, then you wouldnt be so quick to criticise him. If you are having a go at him, why didnt you put your hand up for the job. May be should offer constructive cristcism and raise issues that you think that needs to be dealt with, through his office.

Anonymous said...

Crocs to the left, Dredgeing to the right, you Labor thugs won't know what to put shit on and now a friggin bridge across the harbor WTF are you going to do, so many things to try and stop, what a nightmare. hahaha

Anonymous said...

question for wang king why are all the businesses leaving cairns for Townsville ie patio world, pollards,shirt production and most other industries?

Anonymous said...

yea anonymous 19.44 have you tried to ring his office, please give me the password

k.nevill said...

anon 20.29 you are living in fairy land. the dredging wont happen and neither will the bridge. the numbers dont stack up for dredging. If they did king and the lnp would release all of the reports they are sitting on.
Building a bridge to a satellite city has already been visited years ago and once again numbers dont stack up. The mt peter expansion for cairns will house 50000 people and is already in the pipeline. this is all political bullshit to cover up the complete lack of vision and the removal of money from cairns to brisbane.

Anonymous said...

20:29. I do not mind if they build a bridge but then where is the money to build all the infrastructure? Anyone with an IQ over 50 knows that QLD having the highest population growth was behind a lot of the debt. Hey even Costello admits as much. So Entsch wants a bridge but where is Federal Liberal promise to fund the requirements of a new city? Think the developer will build water supplies, schools and sewerage plants? Sporting ovals, police and power. Then they want to have turning circles for massive big boats that will come one day, about 2041 or something. So where will the bridge go? Over Admiralty? Ha. So we will need many bridges over creeks, mangroves, rivers, inlets, islands and so forth. Real cheap. Just a few bucks should sort that out. Federal Liberal will cut spending so will never be funded by Entsch, all talk no action.

Then we have the dredging. 40 million promised to fund a 130 million dollar project. For what? So a few ships can come in to port rather than off Yorkeys. Not much use to most of us. But without the funding will never happen.

the the dredging material, the report says it is best kept under water as we do not have enough land to waste using it for dumping on as it cannot be used for a very long time. Meanwhle East Trinity is shrinking whenever it dries out and is now 2 metres below sea level. So you want to build a town on a base that shrinks?

Not trying to stop anything, more like knowing it will never happen. Gavin King treating his followers like idiots. We are spending millions for both council and state government to pretend they are doing something.

If you want to treated like a fool by King and Manning, your choice but do not accuse anyone here of stopping progress, that is the LNP motto. Do nothing at any cost.

Anonymous said...

Reading an old article by King and am gobsmacked at the size of his photo. What other journalist in Australia has there picture take up half the screen.?

The article is telling though. No leadership he states, well we have even less now!! Few extra flights he mumbles like that is nothing yet he keeps on and on and on about a few flights to China.

He says "our leaders promised us the world but nothing happened he cries. Any he is doing? Chinese New Year YEAAAAAAH. Next we will see him on the ukulele.LOL

The best line about what he thinks politicians should do -

"They shout and keep shouting – against the wishes of their own party if need be "

Says CAVIN King.

What a hypocrit. Maybe needs to go back and read what he wrote.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but have a look here about a growing movement against Alan Jones ;


It would be great if someone with the time and know-how could set up something locally, before the neo-cons and white shoe brigade completely destroy the place.

It's already happening, relaxation of building regulations, hand-outs to developers, now using the dredging issue to promote a satellite city for more crappy, unsustainable housing..

And from some of the comments here and the most of the commentary on the Cairns Post and 4CA , it is obvious that many people are very badly informed about what is really going on and are not aware how they are being manipulated.

I think the public commentary by Tenni and others like him and the misinformation and propaganda from McKenzie and Co. is totally unacceptable and should be challenged at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Look,I don't know why everyone is so up tight with the politics of Cairns. Really. The LNP said we would be living in paradise within 100 days and here we are early October. Next question................... Sorry about that.My drip just ran out and I started to get delusional.

Anonymous said...

Judging by what's happening with his mentor and hero AJ, Cueball better be careful. A " sledgehammer" might be coming his way instead, if he continues to be a blatantly one-sided LNP mouthpiece and keeps providing oxygen to relics of the fascist Joh regime.

Anonymous said...

Blatantly one-sided goes both ways as some of the comments posted here show.

Anonymous said...

The similarities are disturbing...


All you need to do is listen to XXX on a good day. As the Bully-in-Chief, XXX's major exercise every day is to line up the day's targets and then excoriate everything about them and everything they stand for, impugning the worst possible motives to their every action, before putting them up on the wall and inviting the mob to call him up to throw their own stones, which they gleefully do for hours on end, outdoing each other in their sneering, hooting derision.

Sure, XXX does the whole thing under the guise of "journalism" and "fearless comment", but the vibe of the whole thing is exactly like a lynch-mob as he masterfully whips the mob up into ever greater rage over any number of sins, including such outrages as trying to help the environment by lowering carbon emissions. It has also been noted that he is never so vicious as when the target is a woman.

Anonymous said...

Gavin "don't rape me" King, Brian Outlaw and this dugong dud bloke all have two things in common. First they love each other. Second they are the classic bullies who shout down other opinions, harass and attack anyone who disagrees with their mysogistic myopic view of their own tiny little world. No wonder Cairns is stuffed.

Anonymous said...

Just had the laugh of the day courtesy Michael Trout on 4CA he said "a 4 metre crocodile was BLATANTLY swimming at Ellis Beach in the middle of the day" how dare this croc be so blatant which according to the Oxford dictionary means "Noisy,vulgarly clamorous and flagrant" (sounds more like a local identity than a croc).
The huge problem that J MCK has at the moment is that HE HAS NO-ONE TO BLAME -no Val no Anna just a very soft ride for Capt Mannering and Cando.His target now seems to be DERM and he has no time for those public servant scientists who only care about their next paycheck.
It seems that croc ZERO TOLERANCE is the mantra of both Trout and the Mayor -how on earth is that going to happen? The scare campaign is gearing up and it looks as if their aim is to have someone- anyone- taken by a croc to prove their point! What idiots.

Dean said...

There's always one! All the other crocs just trying to keep a low profile, nabbing the odd dog, mostly coming out at night without being noticed.

And then this drongo goes for a bathe in broad daylight in front of all the tourists.

I can just picture the hillbillies lined up along the shore with their guns.

Anonymous said...

He must've heard there's a newly vacated creek at Kewarra so he's heading on down to get there first.