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04 October 2012


Thelma Spelta is quite the sparkplug and neighbourhood organiser.  She's run for Council previously, and isn't afraid to get in the grill of a non-performing councillor or CRC staff member.  Of course, they have to show up, which they didn't do in the Spelta-organised media event about the grossly inadequate Moody Creek.  A drainage system known by Kevin Byrne and Cr. Terry James to require works in 2001.

They of course did nothing, with the result that a 2009 rainstorm which in years past would have been no problem for the Moody Creek catchment.  But lots of landmines were left by Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne in his obsession to "build at any cost".  One only needs to browse the development approvals written by Peter Tabulo and his department during these years to see how projects were rubber-stamped despite council staff knowing or ignoring inadequate infrastructure around these projects.  Large numbers of units and single family houses were built above the flooded areas of Moody Creek, in upscale neighbourhoods.  All this concrete massively increases rainwater runoff.

And since Council wouldn't upgrade the drainage, and they wouldn't charge developers for this inadequate drainage infrastructure (as they would seem to be required to do), we've decided instead to just let this area flood.  More profits for the developer.  Funny that.

Tabulo and the Byrne Council did throw a handful of money at the problem in response to community concerns in 2002.  It was window dressing.

And for those of you who got flooded out in Redlynch, you guessed it - same reason.  Big projects built, overloading drainage designed in the 1960's.

Which explains why one of today's media event organisers was heard to say "we don't care who's the Mayor or Councillor, none of the pollies give a shit about doing their job".  Cynical, but easily true in this case.

Where was Bob "Screwdriver" Manning?  Taking orders at his new business, or napping, apparently.  Mayor for Vice Terry James, who's acknowledged the problems to residents on Friday Cueball call-ins, was nowhere to be seen.  Richie Bates and Max O'Halloran?  Good luck getting any of the disUnity councillors to do bugger all.  They're all MIA.

So who swoops in to get his mug on camera, but the Member for MacKenzie Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King.  Never mind that street drainage has nothing to do with his job.  His total effort for tourism has been confined to a nonsensical campaign to get citizens posing like John Travolta in "Stayin' Alive", in some misguided idea that one already-expired celebrity visit would save Cairns.


This comes on the heels of King's hijacking of the Chinese New Year festival, another council function.  Apparently looking to keep his name before the public, his idea to jam 10,000 tourists and locals into a block of Grafton Street was roundly criticised in letters to both the Cairns Post and Council.

Why does King suddenly think he's running Cairns?  Insiders have reported previously that King has already a rocky and deteriorating relationship with Campbell Newman - it's been reported here as well as elsewhere, and is no secret.  He's also apparently alienated many of his LNP colleagues, who were wary of his journalistic background at the beginning.  Courier Mail colleagues of King have reportedly briefed many of the Brisbane-area MP's about King's history as a reporter, and King knows he has zero chance of ever returning to that "career".  

So it would seem King is attempting to position himself for his inevitable ditching by the LNP, or loss at the next election - which would be a year before the next council election in 2016.  With Richie Bates the "outsider" in this LNP team council, is it any surprise that King is meddling in Division 5 issues?  King has a family, and wife Leah has a lifestyle much higher than a Somalian migrant.

Keep us informed about how you go, Thelma.  Just don't be a pawn for these ratbags.


Ivor said...

Developers are going to bulldoze the beautiful community centre in Forest Gdns to make way for trashy units,if this was happening under Val Schiers watch there would be outrage from Macca and the Cairns Post,because developer friendly Manning is at the helm of the CRC not a squeak from the CRC is heard apart from Rob Pyne.A tragedy in the making.

Dean said...

Why would anyone except the local Councillor turn up to a meeting about drainage outside their own area. It's not like you'd expect Leu or the Gordonvale redneck (Schilling?) to turn up either.

It's no secret that Council has been approving developments against the advice of it's own experts. The real reason to uncover is why. I'm guessing it's a short line between developer and mayoral campaign contributions. I just wonder how the get some of the upper management types on-board with their scams.

Anonymous said...

Gotta laugh; King probably doesn't know that overflowing drains are an issue for Council. But whatever, it's good he's found something to do, because now that he's rearranged the furniture and sharpened his pencils, there can't be much else happening in his electoral office.

Anonymous said...

Why did Cairns vote for King? From his newspaper days clear he was 90%about self promotion. Not sure why they voted Newman in Ashgrove either. LNP not all bad, but we are sure getting the wrong end of the LNP stick.

Anonymous said...

to date kings got $120 for 4 no smoking signs at the cairns base and a few hundred in kind for the dragon festival boy we got a dud here the member for not much gee gav you sure hit them for six

mal said...

Thelma did most of Alan Blake's work in Division 5 for him and now she's doing most of Dick Bates work for him as well. Cheers Thelma!

Anonymous said...

Surprised we haven't heard from King about the brilliant proposal of dumping the dredge spoil on the East Trinity wetlands so Warren's mates can build some subdivisions over there. But of course, it's not a council matter and Gav's still not too sure of his job description.

After all the efforts of cleaning it up and removing the acid sulphate it looks like the proposed wetland's days are numbered. I guess the reopening of the failed False Cape development will be next.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Thelma! Supporting Gavin King's media stunt just insulted the new council who were looking to fund a range of flood mitigation strategies. Not hard to see why there has been no progress for the last 12 years - Just watch Thelma throw a bucket of shit on the incumbants every time a solution is proposed. And she wonders why she is unelectable!

Anonymous said...

Bla Bla Bla, so now we have another entrant to put shit on "Thelma" thanks HBW. hahaha

KitchenSlut said...

I think it is Tip O'Neil, the long term Democrat house speaker in the USA, who is usually credited with the saying "all politics is local"?

However, we seem to be having something of a multi-partisan bubble in this phenomenon!!?! It is sort of nice having competition between pollies for my drainage but perhaps here are more profound issues for some of them to deal with?

Anonymous said...

spelta has been biting the hand that feeds for years. this delusional woman thinks she is some kind of community champion when the reality is she has squandered valuable opportunities with ill-informed set-ups and clumsy amatuer engagement with council. ambushing the mayor and councillors with this latest tv pantomine only screws it up for everyone else. this issue is too important to be left in the hands of a well meaning but clueless buffoon

Dean said...

By the way. Everybody knows that it's supposed to be the developer contributions that pays for upgrades to drainage don't they?

This is why waiving millions of developer contributions is a bad idea. It will increase the problem without giving Council the money to do anything about it.

ruby said...

Warren Entsch was making plenty of noises back in 2000 about "developing" East Trinity when he was the Member then. Rumour had it that CERTAIN PEOPLE owned blocks of land there. This was when the area was found to be full of acid sulphate and policies put in place to clean it up. I believe the Cairns Regional Council had to cough up some of the dough required. It's VERY interesting that Entsch has again raised the matter, 12 years later.