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26 November 2012

IDIOT JUDGES Part 1 & Part 2

So let me get this straight.

Immigrant taxi driver allegedly runs down a guy.

Taxi driver is caught at Brisbane Airport, fleeing Australia back to his native India.

Police arrest and charge said taxi driver, and he doesn't ask for bail in the Brisbane Court, who remands him to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court - TODAY.

Cairns Magistrates court RELEASES THE TAXI DRIVER ON BAIL!  (after relieving him of his passport).

Funny, but aren't all the "boat people" coming TO Australia without passports?  How hard is it to leave without one?

Anyone really think we'll see this guy again?  

This follows last week's travesty.  61 year old kills 88 year old man with an ax handle and rifle.  Jury finds him guilty of manslaughter.  Guy sentenced to eight years, eligible for parole in FIVE MONTHS.

Something's wrong.  


Anonymous said...

Regardless, I await with anticipation that fool King to display his complete stupidity and all the ignorance of his mentor Bjelke-Petersen's understanding of the separation of powers by demanding some populist "tough on crime" clap trap response. FFS when will we get some real political basics, let alone leadership??

Anonymous said...

HBW this article is a bit too Sydney/shockjock/tabloid for me -as anon 02.03 said don't let us go down the populist "tough on crime" path -it smacks of small town USA "kill em all" policy. Regardless of how much we abhor the crimes let the Courts do their thing without political interference. If only Mr Gavin King had the gumption of LNP MP Carl Judge (see today's Brisbane Times)


We had been debating the issue from last week, and were split on publishing it for just your "tabloid" reasons. However crime isn't a left/right issue - we're all impacted, and solutions need to be found. The release of the taxi driver pushed us over the edge to publish.

And the courts DON'T do their thing without political interference. The government of the day sets their budget, appoints like-minded judges (who never have to face the electorate like in many countries), and tell them how many people they can sentence to jail each month. And states that have minimum sentencing guidelines are also engaged in "political interference".

Vi L. Schumm said...

These examples do seem extraordinary, although the full facts leading to the judges decisions often make them appear more reasonable.

And your point about crime not being a left/right issue is correct in practice as well as in theory. While the right likes to attack the left as being 'soft on crime' and promises tougher sentencing, once they have to pay the bills it's a different story. NSW AG Greg Smith was 'tough on crime' before being appointed but recently released a discussion paper proposing weaker sentencing guidelines. (Daily Telegraph 23 January 2012) The same thing seems to be going on in Queensland, we just aren't officially advised.

However, the practice of electing judges (if that's what you are hinting at) is rejected in most countries for reasons having to do with separation of the judiciary from government and a quick trawl through US lower court examples gives you plenty of reason to agree. The fact that judges are appointed for indefinite terms makes it less likely that they are subjected to political pressure. However, they are aware of the budgets of both the judicial and prisons systems, and the consequent overcrowding, and have to strike a balance in sentencing.

The real issue is that we, the electorate, demand 'tough on crime', balanced budgets, lower taxes and lots of middle class welfare. We like the idea of justice as long as we don't have to pay for it. As you say in the previous article 'We have seen the enemy and he is us'.

Anonymous said...

Gavin "Drunk Girls Deserve to get Raped" King has notched up yet another failure for Cairns with the scrapping of his much vaunted public-private entertainment precinct at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Here's what King said about the Shangri-La Hotel plans to build a performing arts centre just 4 months ago, including him personally briefing the Premier about the plans:

"It’s the sort of public-private partnership that we’ve said all along is critical to this project," Cairns MP Gavin King said.
"The appetite for private sector investment in Cairns is very low right now, so this is a rare opportunity."
Mr King has briefed Premier Campbell Newman on the plans, and the State Government’s contribution would likely be the port-owned land the hotel sits on.
"It’s ideal because it leaves those other sites free for when the time is right," Mr King said, referring to two other CBD blocks of land that the council is keen on using for a performing arts complex.

And today the plan has been scrapped. Can King deliver anything? He is worse than a waste of space.

What's your next "big" plan Gav??

Anonymous said...

Youre right 11.22 it looks like George Wee has pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed no update of "all comments" in Cairns Post since Friday? What is happening? Have they run out of commenters or are they all blocked?

Anonymous said...

King is truly worthless.Party hack, not a Cairns local and I expect Cairns will never be his long term home.

Anonymous said...

The rabid right wing do have police state mentality that needs to be monitored.

Anonymous said...

Oh the power of HBW -the comments are finally up!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a holiday down south to escape the Chinese tourist thing and the eclipse hoo har and someone told me mackenzie is on extended holidays.Can someone bring me up to speed please.Sorry if I am not debating the posted issue.

Jethro said...

The right wing have been campaigning on "Laura Norder" since Joh's days. I wouldn't like to see us elect Judges like they do in the US either. We need to keep our judiciary not only as independent as we possibly can but also comprised of the best legal minds we have.

Anonymous said...

CP comment is back on with the vile Silverbeet calling Taylor Point protesters "morons".

McKenzie's voice is stuffed, hence the long (forced) absence. All the ranting and lying has finally taken it's toll. He'll be back on 17/12, ready to gloss over LNP failures and council inaction, flogging real estate and humoring the local red necks, pearls, former mayors and government ministers and other narrow minded dickheads who hate progress or change.

Anonymous said...

Agree HBW, let's please keep the blog Cairns centric and leave the 'tough on crime' and 'tough on crocs' to the Compost (because they do it so well). We should keep our eye on the wannabe 'movers and shakers' of this town and their incompetence, duplicity, and dodgy deals. There's scope enough to keep this blog the most relevant source of information. With blogs like this, nothing remains secret, everything is revealed. The revealing of (illegally sent) secret emails to private email accounts by State Member to Mayor is an excellent example.

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon anon 16.51 do what we all do and make your fingers work! Just spend some time on the previous postings plus the comments and just enjoy the ride.Don't expect us to wetnurse you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 08.05, King would find the "gumption" as you put it, if and when Newman's popularity is at rock bottom and the LNP look like losing an election. He wouldn't hesitate to do a Carl Judge act.

ruby said...

We all predicted there would be cracks within the ranks of the LNP within a short period following their unprecedented majority. So it has started. A lot of the newly elected LNPers were only elected on the tsunami of disapproval of the Bligh Government, not because of their own outstanding characteristics. With the popularity of the Newman Government nose diving faster than any other Government in history (according to the experts), we can expect to see more of those LNP newbies, particularly those with the self-preservation instincts of outhouse rats, jump ship. Be interesting to see where King, Trout and Kempton are within the next twelve months. I predict at least one will have a sudden epiphany of sorts and announce that the "LNP just isn't the LNP any longer, and it is with a heavy heart -" blah blah blah. And just how fortuitous it is, how terribly convenient, that Katter is waiting there for them, arms outstretched.

jim-bob jnr up early mate said...

So rugnut will be back on 17th December hey? First up on his program in the season to be jolly will be King, followed by Stench followed by Grandad Manning. Next will be King, then King and again King followed by more King. Yeah, how fucken jolly is that hey?

ruby said...

ROFL You must be a buggar for punishment jim-bob. I'll be listening to Fiona, Kier and Charlie on the ABC.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add pearl singing songs,crockford complaining and wanting a telegraph pole moved six inches to the left and then there is the other 10 or so regulars who must have spent recent times drooling over their life size pin up of the talk back disgrace in frustration that he wasn't around.The end.

Jethro said...

Aaaah now wouldn't that be a treat? Pearl singing "Behold, the Lamb of God" (from The Messiah) to rugnut?? I say, what a joy, hey what, you reckon?? Yes, tis the season to be jolly. I mean, look at Federal Parliament, all having themselves a jolly old time down there.

Anonymous said...

The current turmoil and split in the LNP with backbenchers resigning and standing up to Newman just goes to demonstrate what a weak and pathetic person Gavin King is. While other disgruntled MPs are standing up to Newman because he is ignoring their electorate's needs, our local MP is deathly silent.

Let's remember what King used to say about the LNP:

The Liberal National Party is a joke
27 December 2008

So in my quest to help the TV producers find some A-grade dorks, I turned to the one place I was guaranteed to find them - the Liberal National Party.

I'm certain they could all run a farm better than most people.
I'm just not sure we want them running the state.

In fact, this bunch of bogans would be better off as actors on the small screen, where we can laugh with them, instead of at them.

15 November 2008

The Liberal National Party knows a thing or two about digging holes and refilling them again, not to mention the sight of blood being spilled.

the party is still unable to attract new, fresh faces to stand as candidates here in the Far North.
It is politics as uninspiring as shoveling dirt back into holes freshly dug.
16 August 2008

But then let's not forget what he also really thinks of politicians:

We all know politicians from both sides are manufactured on conveyor belts and forced to act like performing parrots to spread a unified party message.
10 May 2008

And now he is one he's doing exactly what he says they do.

Pathetic little man that Gavin King. Truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Pearl singing is pretty close to the sound of what one could imagine the sound to be of two farm pigs in the heat of a romantic tumble in the food scrapes,with I might add, the other forty thousand pigs cheering on!

ruby said...

I see State Parliament is having themselves a jolly old time as well at the moment. Looks like Carl Judge has been booted out of the LNP for refusing to swear undying loyalty and allegiance to Napoleon Newman. Newman has been handed the greatest majority of any political leader in Australian history. He can easily afford to lose up to 30 seats either before or at the next election and still govern comfortably. He's not going to pussyfoot around with his LNP members if they jack up on him. No doubt King, Trout and Kempton have all woken up to this, hence the silence and passivity. They are not, politically, in a good position to bargain for their electorates. They are impotent and are as expendable as a used toothbrush.
I predict therefore we can look forward to more defections from the LNP and a growing rank of one term "independents" within State Parliament.

Bob R. said...

You're not wrong there ruby. I see our three local LNP amigos as all being in that invidious place "between the Devil and the deep blue sea". Be interesting to see which one jumps ship first.