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18 December 2012


The Minister for Mackenzie Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King was of course the first one on the Cueball hour yesterday after five weeks of refreshing talk radio from Brisbane host Greg Cary.  Cary spouts none of the hateful, community-divisive talk that drives MacKenzie, and Cary even had the cajones to cut off the nonsense from Martin Tenni.  Tenni apparently can't go more than a few days without vomiting up his tired old opinions.

So King starts spruiking the visit of Chinese Communist Party official Liu Yandong (刘延东) calling it a "game changer" for Cairns tourism.  In his written statement, King says "this visit will have a profound impact on our city and our state for years to come. . .".

This is not only profound bullshit, it shows the depth of ignorance our hillbilly leaders (including Jan Stuckey and the Premier what's-his-name) have about Mainland China.

A search on Baidu (the Chinese equivalent of Google) for both Liu Yandong and Cairns shows NO hits.  NONE.  Like all Chinese leaders, the news media in China rarely reports on the movements of officials other than the General Secretary, who is now Xi Jinping - because they aren't allowed.  Such is the level of media censorship in China.   

King goes on to point out that Ms. Liu is only one of two women in the Chinese Politburo.  I guess he's bragging - by percentage this isn't quite as bad as the number of LNP women in the Joh Bjelke Newman government!  And Ms. Liu would be unlikely to ever be more than a party figurehead, as the ruling committee of China has never included a woman.  EVER!

And King's comments show profound ignorance about the Chinese people.  As unelected leaders, even if the visit to Cairns WERE reported in China, it would only generate derision among the average person.  The only useful result of the visit will be a political signal to the business entities that Cairns is "approved" at the highest levels of the government.  You're never going to see Ms. Liu's Cairns photos on Facebook or Twitter.  And if the visit is reported in the future, it will be a low-key story hidden away on page 20 of some Communist Party journal, which are generally shunned by the public.

King and his LNP cohorts spruiked this visit as the equivalent of Bill Clinton coming during the '90s.  That visit however was actually reported by the world press.

And for the real cynics, the real reason for her stopover to Cairns was the inability of her Air China airplane to fly nonstop from Canberra to China without a refueling stop.

It remains a mystery why King didn't get Liu to take the "Usain Bolt" pose.  This would have had a far larger affect on Cairns tourism than her unreported visit, the significance of which King says "is impossible to underestimate".  While of course Chinese tourism is bound to increase in Cairns with the start of direct flights, this is being driven by commercial considerations.  And as the 1990's showed us, these flights can be just as easily discontinued when the airlines decide they can make more money elsewhere. 

As far as the Chinese population is concerned, it never happened.


Terry Pritchard said...

Talk to people around Cairns, businesses, and ask them what they think of Chinese tourists, I've yet to hear a good word .... rude and tight seems to be the general opinion.

ruby said...

It was the fawning, crawling subservience of King which made me cringe and my gut roil over. We don't know exactly what was said. We only have his word for it and his obseqiousness on the Mackenzie show, referring to Madam Lui as "Her Excellency" repeating ad nauseum how high up she was in the Chinese Government was just pure yokel talk. I recall vividly the comments made by Joh Bjelke Petersen when Gough Whitlam officially recognised China well ahead of world opinion back in 1973, and was one of the very first Western leaders to visit China. Joh used that to launch savage attacks against the ALP for their "communist sympathies" and he campaigned heavily in the 1974 State Election stating "socialism is one step away from communism". His entire political campaign in 1974 used the old fears of "reds under the beds" and the State ALP were just about annihilated by voters fired up with terror that their chook houses and tinies were all going to be nationalised. The 1974 State Election in which Joh received such a huge mandate swept into office the likes of Martin Tenni and Bob Katter, both of whom used the ploy of the "communist bogey" in their electioneering campaign. Now here we are, barely 30 years later, and our State LNP Member is on the local radio program embarrassing the hell out of us for behaving like a foot kissing lackey and a provincial yokel simpleton in front of a Chinese politician.

Jethro said...

It seems every man (and woman) and his or her dog are off to China today. Here in Cairns alone, Entsch went, Byrne went, ditto Schier, ditto Manning. Meanwhile politicians from Europe, USA, Britain are also all pouring into China hoping for favours. I just cant imagine Madam Lui being too impressed with King's obsequiousness. He would be one of tens of thousands of small fish trying to impress the Chinese at the moment.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Queenslanders (sadly a lot in my generation) obviously don't like living in the present and prefer the past - which is why we have such strong political groups like the LNP (Literally No Policies) and Katter. Already we now see that National Parks will be redefined as human recreation areas for exploitation rather than protection. Despite increasing climate change evidence rainwater tanks and solar power have been given the flick (the government makes too much money selling both water and electricity to us mug punters). We are too simple/stupid to own and protect our agricultural/mining resources or mills (Tully) which more importantly is the reason China, for its own survival is taking a greater economic interest in other parts of the world like FNQ. Tourism is merely a by product in the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Her primary visit was to New Zealand. Any growth in Chinese visitation will have nothing to do with LNP.

shanghai said...

two months ago we had the premier of xian province here he rode in the limo i had the media and the second bus had the luggage there was no comment here at all this gentleman presides over 8 million peole thats news!!! as for terry pritchards comments i will disregard

Anonymous said...

wanking still does not understand he is a one timer wait till the campain really starts he is gone maybe to china

Destiny Prophet said...


King is just following in the footsteps of the sainted Joh.

After decades of decrying socialists, Bjelke suddenly shut up when Gina's dad thought there might be a buck in them both befriending Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. The red carpet was rolled out and a multi page spread in the Courier-Mail, adorned with decades old pics of the vicious dictators, heralded the Paradise they had built in Romania. Elena's great achievements as a scientist (all subsequently shown to be bullshit) were proclaimed to a bemused Queensland populace. Joh almost frothed at the mouth so excited was he to have someone else to sell coal to at almost cost price.

Of course there's always a chance he actually paid them to come here - as consultants on a new electoral system.

Anonymous said...

Madame Liu may be influential but market factors will determine how many Chinese tourists come here.

The overpriced cost and low service levels of many Cairns 'attractions' starts at the airport. Picking up a relative from Cairns airport yesterday I found that about three quarters of arrivals on a flight from Sydney were Chinese. At the baggage carousel we waited and waited and then waited some more for baggage to be unloaded. Doesn't compare well with most international airports, and possibly because Qantas has reduced the number of baggage handlers here.

Then back to the car park, in the scorching sun as part of the covered area had been roped off to protect some new seating and then a further wait as one of the ticket machines was out of order.

If this is how we present, how many tourists will come back?

Let's start to consider how we can make Cairns an attractive destination (as Singapore does) rather than treating tourists as a cash cow to be milked.