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20 December 2012


Cairns radio had a blissful five weeks without the intractable bitterness of John MacKenzie's blathering on the airwaves.  He left on his holiday, warm and comfortable that his right wing politicos had all been brought to heel and would do his bidding as instructed.

He's come back to what is shaping up as a disaster - with his political mates refusing to do his bidding, he's been gobsmacked by the news every day this week.

Today was a case in point.  He immediately got stuck into Minister Crisafulli, who's allocated state money to councils for graffiti clean-up programs.  Not good enough for Cueball, who said the programs were nonsense and the justice system "needs to do something".   He voiced skepticism in Brett Moller's plans to "fast track" the dredging of the Trinity Inlet, with their "clever plans" to act like the Navy needs it - knowing full well the $120M cost can't be justified by a few extra cruise ships.  And Cueball is clearly angry that the "extra policing" in the CBD is coming to an end without having incarcerated all the "ratbags" and "ferals".  No one at the LNP or Cairns Council is the least bit interested in his ideas. 

Giddy with excitement at 9:10, he announced that he was to have the environment Minister Andrew Powell on to make an announcement about the crocodile policy.  But then he cautioned that maybe this guy too has fallen "prey to the environment department public servants", who he blames for protecting the killer crocodiles - previously letting windbag Martin Tenni accuse the department of "wanting children dead".  It's outrageous! 

The psychotic "get square" campaign by Cr. Terry James would seem to be sputtering to an end with the reconfigured Esplanade bike path "reverse-in parking" looking to be a gross error by the pollies over the professionals.  Already businesses are reporting traffic backed up past the RSL as Cairns drivers (most of whom can't even parallel park) are now being expected to do the impossible.  Even Marge Cochrane was trotted out to comment, and she wouldn't endorse it, either.  And like a stunned mullet, MacKenzie can't fathom why Bob "Sleepy" Manning has ordered Macleod Street to remain at two lanes despite the years of campaigning by MacKenzie and his pet parrot Pete Roggenkamp (a program sponsor).  

When Andrew Powell made his "big announcement", MacKenzie was gobsmacked, and he became more irate as the day went on.  He demanded to know why everything from Cairns to Wonga Beach wasn't in the exclusion zone, and angrily insisted that the minister do what he was told.  He then arrogantly told the minister "this isn't the final plan, you're going to have to extend it, you're going to have to deal with the Barron River" where MacKenzie shockingly said "30 to 40 of the damn things (crocs) were living just a few meters from people's front yards and back yards where children are playing"!  Another fact pulled from his butt.  Cueball then repeated the number 40 several more times - where does he get this shit?    

MacKenzie, feeling dudded, had dutifully organised the nodders to speak.  Col Sparks from Surf Lifesavers called it "a first step" even after collecting his new LNP-provided equipment,  and Cook Shire's mayor Peter Scott didn't even know anything about the plan!  But when he heard the LNP plan he was clearly angry.   And as the reality of his disenfranchisement sunk in, with the "MacKenzie Plan" rejected by the Minister, Cueball called it "10% of what we need".  However in typical gutless style, he made this charge after the Minister had left the studio. 

Unanswered was the bigger question: what happens to these "trapped" crocs?  Bob Irwin wants them put on the dole and sent to state schools. Colin Riddell (who will see dugongs slaughtered after his LNP mates approved the Ella Bay development) wants them "relocated" despite everyone knowing full well that the damn things will swim right back to where they were taken.    

Then after 11, MacKenzie continued his attempts to gin up support for Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, with polls showing he would easily be rolled in an election after his pathetic performance.  King however "doubled down" on his support of bad decisions.  With the needed CBD overhaul money stripped by King and his LNP mates, his half-arsed plan that doesn't deal with the buses, doesn't deal with the lack of CBD circulator transit, and doesn't do one thing to clean up this cesspool, is being punted back to the CRC.  King abused a woman caller "Georgia" from Redlynch by claiming that a Cairns Post poll was not "statistically relevant".  This despite the fact that he's been spruiking even less-relevant MacKenzie polls to kill the Entertainment Precinct for years!  And then a Cow Bay jackass called to get "the ferals removed from the Cow Bay reserve"(a code we all know) and when the local councillor Julia Leu was mentioned, King was at his misogynist best claiming "I don't have a particularly good relationship with Julia Leu given some of the antics she's been involved in".  

What antics are those, Mr. King?  Representing her constituents?  The fact that you sit listening to racist callers talk "in LNP code" about our fellow citizens in such a manner is abhorrent.   

And what came first, the "ferals" (otherwise known as the original inhabitants of Cow Bay) or the reserve?

Clearly John MacKenzie has had zero effect on policy at either the state or council levels despite devoting his entire program to getting these guys elected.  We wonder if the lunch with King @ Barnacle Bill's afterwards was really the appropriate place to argue about it in front of tables of tourists. . . .  . .   


Tony Hillier said...

Dog eats dog at Barnacle Bill's. Wish I'd had a ringside seat!

Anonymous said...

A question to the 'guardian of various views' and others...is King on the nose with the premier? Or doesn't the premier care about King or Cairns?

T.Asquith said...

Irrelevance is nigh. Commercially, it must be time to pull the plug on this tired old fossil.

Anonymous said...

A dinosaur hack on dinosaur radio.I can't imagine there would be too many radios still around that can receive the outdated AM signal. I'd say the majority of his listeners (the other three) must listen online on one of those new fangled socialist/ feral/ stop the boats/ and crocodiles computer thingies.

CairnsCynic said...

King was never supposed to be elected in the first place. He was put up as a second choice in a seat that the LNP and Newman weren't concerned about - let's face it, Cairns is further from Brisbane than Sydney....work it out...

Bob R. said...

Anonymous 07.22, the cold fact is the seat of Cairns isn't vital to a Premier with the greatest seat majority in Australian history. Newman can easily afford to lose Cairns next election, ditto 30 other electorates or so and still hold government. Had the election resulted in a close Parliament, King would have had greater bargaining power for the people of Cairns. That's the way it is. King could try and curry favour as much as possible with Newman but nothing can change the reality that many seats are "expendable". It's just the way politics is, mate. Queenslanders have not done themselves any great favours in voting the way they did.

Anonymous said...

Get used to reverse angle parking. Many work sites and business as part of workplace health and safety require employees to reverse in to parking as it is more dangerous to reverse out of parking than to reverse into. Think of how much vision you have reversing when parked next to a 4wd or van.
It's my guess that due to these safety concerns in our litigious society all parking will eventually require you to reverse in.

Anonymous said...

Word from the LNP itself Cynic was that Paul Freebody was not expected to win the pre-selection.

Anonymous said...

But CairnsCynic, as bad as King is, can you imagine that vile piece of humanity, Freebody, as our representative? As bad as anything is, it could always have been worse.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Assistant Minster for Defunding Cairns was shouting his hateful bitter Dark Lord some over priced fish at the Taxpayer's expense.

Anonymous said...

One day these idiots will find out that apart from a few houses across the road from the Baron River at Machans Beach the river has no houses with back or front yards fronting it as it runs through isolated cane fields.As for the barriers to stop crocs getting up stream,I hope they remember to remove them when the wet season arrives as they will make great dams with debris floating down!

Destiny Prophet said...

Forgive my ignorance but are they proposing to build barriers to stop crocs getting upstream?

Do these people know anything about crocodiles?

There are barriers between Trinity Bay and Centenary Lakes but more than one croc has worked out he could walk around them in the past.

Anonymous said...

wanking has no reports on the public service revolt against the lnp and newman on his fakebook see the courier mail they told them to shove it up their ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE it is about to happen the cracks are showing should be fun in 2013

Bob R. said...

Word has it that there are now blowouts in waiting times in some of the public services as the diminished ranks of front line staff try and cope with increasig demands.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought about the crocs. Years ago when we all used to go swimming on week-ends and in the school holidays, there would be hundreds of people out at Crystal Cascades, Kamerunga, Goldsborough and those places. Lots of kids and adults swimming, dozens of canoes, hundreds of cars tearing up and down the river banks. It wasn't unusual to see people picnicking or swimming there during the weekdays either. Maybe it was the presence of so many people and the actions of so many cars that kept the crocs away. Just a thought.

Vi L. Schumm said...

The minimal piece of cycle path left opposite Tradewinds and Holiday Inn is too narrow to be safe at any time, but there is another problem which make it worse. When cars parked next to it open their driver's door, instant collision hazard! How soon before a cyclist collides with a door, or a driver?

CairnsCynic said...

Yes, anomymous you are right about Freebody too.....Can't Do had no interest in Cairns to start with and has maintained his position....Has he even been to Cape York yet?

The only good to come from the 2012 debacle is that Can't Do's popularity is plummeting and word on the street is that he won't see Easter in the big chair....now wouldn't that be a great Easter present!

Destiny Prophet said...

Anonymous 07:10

Depends how many years ago. :) Doubt there'd be too many crocs interested in Crystal Cascades - no great depth to hide in - basically clear fast running water - not their cup of tea.
I remember my first visit to Cairns in 1974 for my Aunts wedding and the waterhole at Freshwater was almost entirely surrounded by figs with swing ropes and, as you say, hundreds of people there. (I also remember a pet shop in Abbott St with great big scrub pythons slithering around one window display and crocs in the other - it seemed so exotic and exciting to a kid from outback southern Queensland.)

Crocs were apparently almost a threatened species until they were protected by, from memory,Federal Environment Minister in the Whitlam government, Moss Cass in 1974.

The aforementioned Martin Tenni used to say he would not be happy till there were no crocs in his electorate of Barron River. When he was Minister for the Environment we used to joke that his policy was 'If it moves, shoot it - if it doesn't, log it!'

Croc numbers rebounded strongly after they were protected and after some deaths Tenni as Queensland Environment Minister, unable to overrule federal law and sanction culling, introduced legislation so that any crocs considered a threat to human life could be captured and moved to an educational facility.(sensible policy actually)

Australian Bird Park in Tenni's electorate (and where Warren Entsch worked) was given a permit to remove and display the crocs. They bought the land next door and displayed the crocs there with Entsch as manager.

I met Tenni in the nineties when he came to my workplace soliciting donations for the National Party from my boss.

While waiting for my boss - he chatted - he was very pleasant and rational in private, as opposed to his public persona and after all the jokes I'd told about him in Brisbane cabaret's I felt a little guilty - but not for long.

He told me how the land where the crocodiles were now housed had been part of an American base during World War 2. The reptile park area had been home to concealed hangers for the flying boats which would, on their return from bombing raids to Okinawa, land between Double Island and Clifton Beach, then slip into the creeks which had been dug out for hosing off the salt water (explains why those creeks suddenly deepen dramatically once they cross the highway) and then put away in the hidden hangers.

Martin knew all about the history of that particular block, because he was the prior owner of the land.

For years I've meant to look up whether he sold the land directly to the bird park, or perhaps he had sold it to someone else well before the land became useful because of legislation and permits under his jurisdiction, but I've never gotten around to it.

Jethro said...

Destiny Prophet, you are correct that there was some connection between Tenni and the Bird Park, but alas no matter how much I try, I just can't dredge the details up from the sludge of my old memory banks.

Destiny Prophet said...

I do know there would have been no dishonesty on the part of the owners of the bird park - they were the most honest business people I've ever known in my life.

They'd bought the place from a guy who'd been closed down there because it was full of illegally obtained birds. Apparently he had many more macaws alone than there had been permits issued for the entire country. National Parks went in, put tarps over the aviaries, and gassed everything. (to protect both our wildlife and poultry industry).

Stupidly they would then not give permits for new birds to the new owners, who had never done anything wrong, because of the history of the premise.

The story I was always told was that Martin then got Joh up to do an official opening. He was surprised that a 'bird park' had little more than budgies. Martin explained what had happened and Joh instructed the owners to go to National Parks on the following Monday. They were then given all the permits they wanted including to take cassowaries from the wild. (This worked out okay in the long run as they later developed a successful captive breeding programme.)

Now there is nothing wrong with how things turned out - but it is typical of how Joh and the LNP did things that rather than just follow simple, sensible rules, honest and decent business people needed to curry favour with the local LNP member and Joh in order to conduct their legal business. (Of course Joh would have needed to be be sure they were staunch and loyal supporters - I saw an interview with his pilot where she reminisced that whenever they needed to get him away from any businessman who he was too interested in talking to, they simply gave him a sign that the guy was a Labor supporter.)

Anonymous said...

It is starting to come back now Destiny. Yes, there was someone here who had illegal birds and there was a fear of "Newcastle disease". I had forgotten that the birds were killed. What a dreadful thing to do.