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30 January 2013


Idiots walk the earth.  That's been a fact since the beginning of time (and some of these idiots claim that this "time" has only been 6,000 years).  This chattering class has always had wrong-headed, wackjob opinions that disregard and denigrate science.  

Sadly, in the age of "publication equality", wackjob opinions have gained equal status with science.  All information is equal.  Science is deprecated.  Being an "expert" is denigrated and attacked and seen as shameful.  The pyramid has been turned upside down. The flat-earth society rules.
Here we've desperately tried to stay away from the fluoride argument.  We don't believe Kennedy was killed in a conspiracy.  Harold Holt isn't hiding in China.  The CIA didn't knock down the World Trade Centre.  Joseph Smith didn't find any golden plates. Barack Obama wasn't born in Saudi Arabia.  Princess Diana wasn't killled by the royal family.  

Such is the fluoride argument, and today the spineless, gutless, ignorance and hillbilly laziness of the Cairns Regional Council was on full display.  The Bob "Sleepy" Manning team voted to disconnect the fluoridation in our water as a sop to the wackjobs and under the public pablum of "common sense".

We understand that one Brain-dead councillor compared fluoride to "forced drug testing of soldiers in Africa" during WWII.  It's no more "forced medication" than the alcoholic stupor Australians are expected to engage in weekly as part of our culture.  Use of fluoride is settled science.  

More than anything, the public deserves intelligent, thoughtful government.  But under the banner called "common sense", government is devolving into the lowest common denominator with now poorly educated local councillors making decisions on the health in their community.  

And sadly it doesn't stop at fluoride.  The same wackjob "internet scientists" aren't immunising their children, and Australia is seeing increases in what many thought were eradicated diseases.  We'll be seeing cases of polio again soon, with the massive lifetime cost foisted on the community.  With no TB screening at the time we're seeing huge growth in the Chinese tourism market, we'll be seeing huge increases in drug-reistant tuberculosis soon.  Measles, mumps, chicken pox - all making a comeback.  Gutless government does nothing. 

And as the wackjobs are emboldened, we'll soon see "imported Chinese chlorine" attacked as "forced medication".  (This was exactly the argument run by this crowd in Douglas when they installed their "no chlorine" water system, and then pumped the water into disease carrying pipes). And with the level of intelligent, thoughtful government we now have at the Cairns Regional Council, we'll be Bangladesh before we know it.


In the Cairns Post "letters to the editor" today, one Eric Mullner in Earlville writes:

"Sanity has prevailed and our council will stop putting this poison fluoride in our drinking water.  Now please use that money for "fogging" to combat a real danger to our health - dengue fever".

Hey Eric, you're an idiot.  10 seconds on the internet and you can find a raft of discussions on the "dangers of mosquito fogging".  


Julia Gillard announced the federal election today with the statement:  "I know that we have it within us to ensure the next generation of Australians is stronger, fairer, and smarter".  

Not in North Queensland.  Meh.


ruby said...

Has the CRC really "disconnected" us from fluoride?

Anonymous said...

There were 7 horse's arses that voted no to it, who was the jocky that voted yes, and that prick with ears and his arse fuck King were almost in tears on that shit radio show, when fuc,king read his text to say there was going to be no fluride, then they both blew kiss'es to each other.

Dean said...

At the risk of sounding like a hillbilly, I've never been convinced that the dental benefits of flouridated water weighted against the cost is all that cost-effective. When you go to the dentist, they ask if you've been brushing, not if you've been drinking water from the mains supply or a tank. And I've never noticed a difference between my friends on tank water than those on town supply.

Anonymous said...

What on earth is Cairns coming to??? This is crazy, uninformed decision making. Did the Unity team go to the elections with this as their policy? if not, they have no mandate to proceed.
Where is the public consultation? Did they get a full briefing from the local dental practitioners?

Anonymous said...

How many teeth do hillbillies really need? As the saying goes, three's a crowd.

Anonymous said...

OK ... so Julia Leu, Rob Pyne and Linda Cooper are now classified by HBW as "braindead whackjobs".
It wasn't just the Unity crowd (except Bates) that agreed that the forced drug injection into our drinking water was wrong.
Surprised that King and MacKenzie are not being blamed for this sensible decision.
If people want fluoride then let them buy fluoride toothpaste.

Anonymous said...

Julia voted for this? I thought she was supposed to be smart? Just another Daintree hippy with bad teeth it would seem?

Meanwhile, progressive Townsville will keep fluoridation going, having adopted it nearly 30 years ago. Their children's dental health was always way ahead of Cairns until we introduced fluoridation. JCU's Dental School are going to be busy in coming years.

KitchenSlut said...

I should perhaps be circumspect given a sibling with some profile in the dental profession.

However, related to the above the comments from Dean are somewhat confusing? Dean, mate, please explain the methodology of your assessment of your associates teeth? Was it closely personal or somewhat more technical?

Bear in mind that if this comment relates to Cairns fluoridation has somewhat limited history? So there can be no basis for Deans observation on his partners teeth!

Here is where we may have a problem as the Hillbilly community may have a following who decry climate change denialism while damning the fluoridation conspiracy!

Perhaps that should be observed as a hopelessly conflicted position?

Ed in Edge HIll said...


People think "anecdotal" information trumps science. There's no getting past what they think they know of the world from their little orbit.

And for the "use fluoride toothpaste" crowd - it's the systemic levels of fluoride in the body (especially in the fetus and infants) that protects the permanent teeth "seeds" from decay. Topical fluoride has some benefit, but not the population-wide benefit we need.

Ed in Edge HIll said...


People think "anecdotal" information trumps science. There's no getting past what they think they know of the world from their little orbit.

And for the "use fluoride toothpaste" crowd - it's the systemic levels of fluoride in the body (especially in the fetus and infants) that protects the permanent teeth "seeds" from decay. Topical fluoride has some benefit, but not the population-wide benefit we need.

JMacA said...

Well well well....once again the CRC manages to take away without consultation something that is of large benefit to the community. I know that Sleepy and his razor gang are out to save a buck but seriously the bottom line of the CRC balance sheet(which is f@#ked and far from home) vs people's long term future dental health....brother can you spare a dime.

shanghai said...

does no mass medication include polio shots ????

T.Asquith said...

When your constituency is primarily hillbilly, you play to their sensibilities. That's Cairns and the Far North at this present time. It IS changing - albeit at slow pace. A new generation is coming through with more open minds, and inevitably their views will be formulated more by intelligent sources outside of Cairns than by the neanderthals within (think NBN and the easy access to universal knowledge it will bring - concepts that Mackenzie and his Pearl's of this town will never ever grasp). In a short twenty years, the likes of Mackenzie will have gone never to be replaced, as will will that most parochial of rags; The Cairns Post. Manning will be reduced to a photo in the town hall gallery. No one will remember him, but then why should they! Cairns will morph into the 21st century, it will just be a few decades after the rest of the country did so. Thanks to HBW for the light on the hill. Long may it shine.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghia, something about playing polio while on medecation and having mass shots of alcohole while having a Chiness wrist burn.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob Pyne missed the meeting. Smart move if he did, why go to answer a stupid question?

The councils should have forced the decision back on the state government.

As it stands does this I mean I can sue the council for posioning me the last 2 years? They admit they have.

Why experts have to make decisions. Agree with them or not they back up their findings.

If the science is questionable surely they can get enough dental experts to support no flouride. Either way councillors should have expert witness for their decision, not "the internet told me".

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:23 could not stop laughing.

I had trouble getting work and commnetd to a friend. Their advice was to knock out a few teeth to look local.

Anon No.4 said...

On that idiotic premise, we have to remove all health additives from bread, for example, and end all public health programs in schools that involve medication such as measles, TB or triple-antigen shots.

You can bet the dentists will remain silent for fear of the usual Hillbilly revenge tactics (most of them will be LNP Hillbillies anyway).

Heaven help our children.

ruby said...

T. Asquith, as a fourth generation "local", I maintain that many of the hillbillies and bogans in the area have moved here in the phenomenal population growth since the 1980s. It has been estimated by someone that less than 10% of the population in Cairns are "locals", born and raised here. I have often lamented that because of the overwhelming proportion of newcomers to the area, our community knowledge has been lost. The decisions we made as a community back in the 1960s, the 1970s, and 1980s have all been lost. Gavin King for example campaigned that he would be the first "non Labor Member for Cairns in a hundred years." Locals knew this was an outrageous lie as descendents of the Barnes family still live in the area. On the issue of fluoride, there actually was a survey of residents done in the 1970s as to whether Cairns residents wanted fluoride in the water supply. Residents then overwhelmingly said "No." There have been so many lies, so much mis-information and because people don't read the historical literature we have available, they believe the fiction spruiked to them by the likes of Mackenzie and King. Meanwhile our past, the way we have walked and struggled, the reasons why things occurred, the rationale behind decision making, is lost. A classic example of this is "dredging" the inlet where King, Mackenzie and Manning were able to use it as an election carrot, successfully manipulating the newcomers in the area while not telling them the reasons why dredging ceased in the 1980s.

Jethro said...

There is a general fear among the population because of the abundance of chemicals and poisons in food. So many people I come across now tell me they are intolerant to gluten or dairy, this and that, blah blah. You can't blame people for being very wary of having yet another substance to ingest. It is a symptom of the times we live in when capitalism is unregulated and providing us with foodstuffs which make us sick, very sick.

G. O'R. said...

Well said there ruby. HBW discussed this before when looking at how Manning and King are dragging the city around in circles. I read in The Cairns Post a couple of days ago where Manning reckons he is going to sit down with the State Government to get funding for a new theatre. Didn't Val Schier do that years ago? Round and round we go, making lots of noise but going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

So here's what the CRC Meeting papers on fluoride said on its benefits:

"Queensland Health and other areas of the scientific community state that fluoridation:
 Evidence of improvements in oral health within five years of implementation;
 Recent reviews of water fluoridation found an average of 2.25 less decayed teeth
per child.
 For each $1 invested in water fluoridation, the estimated saving for an individual
is between $12.60-$80.00, with greatest benefit to the most disadvantaged;
 More than 150 major health organisations including the World Health
Organisation, the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and the Australian
Dental Association (ADA) support water fluoridation;
 Every person of every age benefits from drinking fluoridated water throughout
their life. Children benefit as soon as their teeth are formed and elderly people
keep their teeth longer – fluoride reduces their chances of developing tooth


"Consultation was undertaken with the Acting Manager Infrastructure & relevant Project
Consultation has also been undertaken with Queensland Health"

Note the community was NOT consulted despite noting this in the meeting papers:

"An outsourced, structured and independently managed telephone poll would
accurately gauge the community feedback on fluoridation."

If ever anyone was in any doubt the Cairns Council is a bunch of luddites, just read the Council meeting papers and watch the decisions they make.

T.Asquith said...

ruby - Less than 10% are locals in Cairns? I doubt it. Think schools: There would be far more than 10% in local schools, and more than 90% of them would be locally born. Yes, a huge influx in the 80's and early 90's, but they've been a fertile lot, and another new generation of 'locally born' is fast coming through. That's the generational change which, educated in modern 'connected' environments, will have different mindsets which will sweep away the parochialism that holds this town back. Mackenzie, Manning et al are fossils.

Anonymous said...

For T.Asquith and Ruby .... according to 2011 ABS figures of a total population of approx 208,000 in teh Cairsn region more than 63,000 indicated that they were not living in Cairns 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see leftwingers who support climate science do not support dental science. You either accept expert findings or not.

I quickly googled some of their claims and many were as easily dismissed as climate change deniers.

One is European fluoride. I see no great opposition to it, some neither for or against so apathy more than opposition. Some have naturally occuring fluoridation in the water so why add any? Switzerland adds it to salt. France uses it in salt and also has naturally occuring fluoridation. England add it to milk. Yet we get thrown facts about WATER additive to prove NOTHING.

So really we can now say it is ok for government to deny climate change if it suits them to.

Bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ruby - what the fuck have King and MacKenzie and dredging got to do with the fluoride discussion.
Remember it was the Beattie Bligh Labour government that "forced" councils to flurodate.
No consultation - Qld Health think it's good so ratepayers you gotta do it!

ruby said...

Anonymous 12.43, try 20 years or even 30 years ago. I think you would find the majority of the population were not here then.

Jethro said...

Gosh I can remember when the population of Cairns was around 26,000 sometime in the early 1970s. There wouldn't be too many of us left who can recall say the Crathern Labor Council building the current Civic Theatre. Or the old tin shed which was the Cairns Airport. For the record, yes, we did have a survey done in the 1970s about putting fluoride in the water supply. I think the survey was undertaken by the Ron Davis Council. People said "No way".
As ruby said, all of this is community knowledge which has been lost.


Several "comments' have been received that haven't been, and won't be published. In addition to the usual abusive ones, several are long diatribes of so-called "facts" related to the dangers of fluoride.

We're not going to have this blog turned into a "source" for the flat-earthers, and so we decline to publish these comments.

Anonymous said...

I bet Werner was one.

KitchenSlut said...

Always wise when considering science and public policy to recall a quote from Albert Einstein:

"This world is a strange madhouse. Currently every coachman and every waiter is debating whether relativity theory is correct. Belief in this matter depends on political affiliation."

Anonymous said...

Too many Google researchers out there, like the stupid young mother from Edge Hill that was in the Compost late last year stating the vaccinations can cause autism. Real research would have shown that that theory was debunked years ago. Too much non-peer reviewed research on the Internet on topics ranging from vaccinations, abortion causing breast cancer, fluoride being toxic, anthropogenic climate change being a conspiracy, etc. Why do Australians have so much disrespect for our scientists? Tall Poppy Syndrome?

Anonymous said...

Regarding our "well I saw it on the internet, so there!" researchers reminded me of a quote (can't remember the author) that went along the lines of "the only thing worse than the unread person is the person who believes everything they read"

Anon No.4 said...

Now we have a health minister prepared to sacrifice public health because he is too lazy and too stupid and to politically motivated to defend science against the views of utter fools.

Jan from Kewarra said...

The problem with scientists, is that even they disagree eg. climate change and the fluoride debate are just two examples, which is then not particularly helpful.

As a human, I think we also judge the validity of information on experience as well as political affiliation (Einstein's theory).

Met a lady recently who was convinced that her recent heart problems were caused by fluoride as she came from down south where fluoride has been in the water for decades.

Many think that the recent widespread devastating fires and flooding are due to climate change? No?

Anonymous said...

What percentage disagree Jan?

Jane said...

Jan highlights the problem of confusion about voter role in decision making. The science is not a multiple choice. They may think they can vote on the science behind climate change or fluoridation but they cannot.

Facts are facts and we do not have the power to change them with a vote.

Climate change science is accepted by parliament because they cannot change facts. The debate is about how they confront it and how much to spend on it, but never have they debated whether the science is real because that is beyond their limitations. So it is ETS or Carbon Tax arguments but not whether it is real or not. They leave that for unaccountable radio shock jocks to speculate on.

So we cannot refute the science behind fluoridation. We must accept the facts, then debate should be regarding cost benefit analysis, best interest of the people, ways to make flouride available etc etc so many different response but no official response can question the science.

If it is then we have government that is not accountable to the people, corrupt and/or dysfunctional. Certainly one selling out to populism.

So rejection of fluoridation MUST read..... We accept the science BUT..... and the reason MUST be in the best interest of the majority whether popular or not and be supported with rational argument.

If anyone does dispute the science then the debate should be with scientists, not the next door neighbour or the lady who said it gave her shingles.

The strength of our democracy has been due to INFORMED decisions, not populism. It is far less divisive as well.

Second Anonymous said...

The LNP wants to take us so far back into the past that soon they will be easy to spot - after they devolve and stop walking on two legs.

jim-bob snr said...

Christ or mighty don't people get their dags into knots over this fluoride bizzo. Take a bit of a wander through any bloody supermarket and look at the labels on all the canned foods and see what other chemicals you're all stuffing down yourselves day after day. Overall it doesnt bloody matter whether you have fluoride or not.

Anonymous said...

I questioned an acquaintance who was shrilly proclaiming that removing fluoride was the best thing this council has done about why he drank 2 litres of diet coke each day. His response- it was his choice and there was no choice in fluoride. And yes, he is from generation me.

I moved to Cairns in my late 20s, around 10 years ago, with no fillings. Maintaining the same dental hygiene, I now have 5 fillings. My dentist reports similar cases in other southerners and blames lack of fluoridation. But what would a dentist who is doing these fillings day in day out know?

Anonymous said...

Shit, diet coke is about the worst thing any fool could drink. He's probably addicted to it by this.

Anonymous said...

I arrived in Cairns 30 years ago, so I guess that makes me a blow in (not having been born under a log in the top paddock). I haven't required a filling in all that time. Anonymous 17:06 is correct; diet coke (any coke) is one of the worst things any fool could drink, along with so called "energy drinks".

The problem these days is the sugar and caffeine in all these drinks. Caffeine dehydrates which turns saliva acidic enough to eat away at the enamel. At the very least, everyone should be rinsing their mouths with water after consuming these drinks. Better yet, give them away completely. They're poison.

I'm anti-flouride - in the water - I'm not anti-flouride tablets. I am also.... dun, dun, dun... a dental professional.

As the commercial used to say - "Brusha brusha brusha"!

Bob R. said...

Second Anonymous 10.37, they've already stopped walking mate, they slither.

shanghai said...

dear hbw i dont know why all my comments are deleted i give a different point of view and i certaintly dont know the person running me down and i dont make sense of it either its just garbage that doesnt bother me but my censorship does is this china ???

Gawain Bling, Member for Mackenzie said...

Who said diet coke is bad? You don't want to believe everything you see and hear. It's awesome. I love the stuff and drink two cans each for brekky, lunch and dinner. I really love drinking it with a couple of Mentos! Awesome! I have a carton in my electorate office and a couple of cartons at home. Awesome! Yes we in the LNP Government gave the decision to fluoridate or not to the Councils to make. All the ratbags in the world can then turn on the Councils and not on us. Awesome!
Well toodle-pips for now, I have a cold can of diet-coke and a Mentos waiting for brekky. Tooroo.

Lawrence said...

You should be ashamed of this blog. Your censorship of comments and insulting prose quite clearly place you as a coward who hides in you anonimity. This blog used to be funny, it is now a disgrace. Little wonder the Liberals are slaughtering Labor Australia wide with people like you around. If you want Labor back act with integrity and demand the same of Labor, it is simple really. If you keep up you moronic attitude that only you are right due to your supposed education (most would call in indoctrination) the Libs will prosper,as you are the epitomy of the arrogant useless Labor Pollie.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lawrence, you really do have some pent up frustrations don't you. Do I detect an underlying anxiety complex? My suggestion to you would be to stick to what you want to hear and read before you do yourself an injury by broadening your views. Obviously what you see here does not appeal to your political desires so the next move is up to you. *hint* It involves using your mouse.

T. Asquith said...

This blog, Lawrence, is a conduit for its owners views (take them or leave them) with provision for reader comments. Not all opinions and not all comments are agreeable to all, that's a given.
Instead of getting on your moral high-horse about the quality of content, why don't you consider contributing to the debate in a polite, considerate and thoughtful manner in the hope that it encourages others to do likewise. Perhaps good manners begets good manners. Alternatively, you can start your own blog where you can be your own blog comment moderator.
As for HBW being a coward hiding behind anonymity, well, who exactly are you Lawrence?

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghia, was it something to do with driving a garbage truck in China, and running someone down because they deleted you for watching uncensored points of views.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence, I do not see this blog as Labor as but as centrist. Labor probably closer to the centre at the moment so may seem that way. Flouride in the water was supported by both LNP and Labor government and also science. It was opposed by many Labor supportes and council. Nothing Liberal or Labor about it.

Bazza said...

Saw an apt quote on wicked van this morning. "Why is it those with closed minds always open their mouths".

Anonymous said...

^^^^^and leave comments....

Bob R. said...

Woooooooo Lawrence, and who are you to moralise?? Get a bit ruffled at the funny Gawain Bling piece did you?? Hmm? We all like Gawain and his odd appearances on HBW, squeezed in between quaffing a few reds with his very close friend Alan Jones at intimate little soirees. So you reckon it's only Labor indulging in "insulting prose" hey? Well, Lawrence, you delicate little thang, the worst, vindictive and most vicious hate campaign ever witnessed here in North Queensland was that undertaken by the LNP against the first ever female Mayor of Cairns.
Nothing ever written on HBW can ever match the years and years of abuse hurled at Val Schier.

ruby said...

Does fluoride kill giardia in the water supply? Some of us were wondering that the other day as we haven't heard of anyone with giardia for quite some time. It used to be very prevalent in Cairns a few years back. Almost every newcomer to Cairns seemed to get it. Anyone know?? I know a few drops of iodine in a jug of water will kill it, but I wonder about fluoride??

Destiny Prophet said...

"Sadly, in the age of "publication equality", wackjob opinions have gained equal status with science. All information is equal. Science is deprecated. Being an "expert" is denigrated and attacked and seen as shameful. The pyramid has been turned upside down. The flat-earth society rules."

Always enjoy Hillbilly, but this is particularly insightful. I have noticed Hillbilly has become more serious, probably because he, she or they face such an uphill battle.

How can you be satirical about a mob who just get more ridiculous by the day?

How do you make jokes about a bloke who claims his council can't afford to be given millions of dollars, and then, when the outstretched hand is compliantly withdrawn, turns around some months later and says, 'By the way, do you still have those millions stashed somewhere? I think I may have a plan, or one day I may have a plan'

What is funny about people who elected to lead who instead run round all day trying to shut up the noisiest chooks in the pen?

I fucking despair.

But at least Lawrence provided some light relief.

Anonymous said...

Says it all Bob R, says it all ...

Anonymous said...

Bling, you raving ratbag, you crack me up! Toodles, old cock!

Lawrence said...

Just for the record....I took Fluoride as a child, and give it to my own child IN A CAREFULLY MEASURED DOSE. I supported Val Schier to and was disgusted with the lies and mud hurled at her. That is EXACTLY WHY I am making the author of this blog aware of my feelings as I have done to others in the past. Are you suggesting that we go back to an eye for an eye? My child says "but he did it Daddy'. The blog in general is dismissive of the rights of the voters and even the blog's supporters are happy to call anyone who disagrees wackjobs. Your credibilty is sullied by you rudeness, which is a pity because some points made in this blog are very relevant. As to Fluoride in the water, I would have thought that you had all read 1984 by Orwell. If you want Fluoride, go buy it and dose yourself correctly. Does it kill Giardia, no.....the Chlorine in the water does that!
Guess i will be lucky to have this publised as the moderator does not seem to like replies that cahllenge, another bad sign in my view....
Oh and try to repsond without being condascending and/or using insults....it can be done.

Bob R. said...

Im damned if I know what you're upset about Lawrence. This blog is political satire and is meant to be taken whichever way you want. As for those of us who post comments, well Blingy is a bit of a sick puppy I reckon but he can have his funny moments. I reckon that is shanghai's mate too who takes the mickey out of him. Just chill out Lawrence, ignore the parts you dislike and enjoy the content you like. The blog is just too valuable to give it up because you think some parts might go too far.

Destiny Prophet said...


You complain Hillbilly is no longer funny, but are so serious yourself.

I occasionally have gasped at Hillbilly's coarseness, despite my own foul mouth, and have often been amazed at how far the blog will go, but as well as informing and entertaining, the author has to be true to themselves, and also be mindful to create enough stir to get readers.

There is no point exposing what is happening, if there's no one to see. I imagine it's a difficult balance.

I really admire that Hillbilly just comes out and says exactly what they think, without bothering to be PC or polite, or worrying about social sensibilities. We get to see a transparent thought process.

Most of us have similar thoughts but word our public utterances so as not to offend.

Hillbilly is a very different kettle of fish to the crazed villagers chasing Val with their pitchforks. He/She/They is not just hurling insults, but mocking people for what are seen as foolish words and actions that affect us all. Nothing wrong with that.

It's been educational for me to spend time away from home and discover how differently I see things when my instinctive gut reaction to automatically defend Cairns is a little dulled. One becomes very saddened by what is happening to such a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

I think a photoshopped picture of John Schilling holding a gun with the caption of him executing a ratepayer lacks any humour.
In fact, if I were John Schilling I would be preparing to sue.
The picture caption association is possibly libeleous.
If this is the standard of this HBW blog then the supporters should have a long look at themselves.
Like Lawrence, I don't expect this post will be published.

ruby said...

Yeah Destiny, when you see Townsville powering on with their Waterfront Precinct, you realise the enormity of the con job the LNP did over the people of Cairns in killing the Entertainment Precinct. Just saw where the great Chinese dancer "Mao's Last Dancer" has joined the Queensland Ballet. Thanks to the power drunk neanderthals of the LNP like Manning, King and Entsch, we will never see this great dancer ever in Cairns. Oooh silly me, Manning and his wife fly to Brissie to see shows like that! "Up yours, everyone!" he says.

CBD Warrior said...

Destiny Prophet said...
"Sadly, in the age of "publication equality", wackjob opinions have gained equal status with science. All information is equal. Science is deprecated. Being an "expert" is denigrated and attacked and seen as shameful. The pyramid has been turned upside down. The flat-earth society rules."

Like you Destiny, I am speechless at the quality of prose that is occasionally present on this blog. This paragraph you've cited is a stroke of genius. I wonder how many had to look up the word "deprecated".

And Anonymous 13:10, you're way off base. That ain't no photoshop job - Schilling was "posing" for this picture at I think the last Cairns show. Several were taking photos as he posed, and tastefully HBW left out what he was really "jokingly" aiming at. Pull your head in, mate.

Destiny Prophet said...

CBD Warrior

The great thing about that word is that in addition to it's own meaning it reminds you of both depreciated and defecated, which adds a bit of extra colour when it's used as Hillbilly has.

Ivor said...

Its ok to ejaculate too Destiny

Anonymous said...

an odd forum,..Flouride and water.I prefer clean water.Was wondering what is it you don't like about natural water.Or is it ,you're so convinced adding a drug for ,.err.our teeth.(birth till death)is more important.I'd like to talk but mate ,whoever you are,.You have no idea.I'll now buy a filter system and you can f..king drown in ya poison you know so little about.Not once did you mention any independent data,.All corrupted crap which is normal these days.Suggest put your pathetic mind into sugar management etc,.Cairns has a very high level of use etc..There's a good boy ,.off ya go.