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17 January 2013


It started innocently enough.

A regular hillbilly caller from Brinsmead, bitching about Gavin King's abject failure on the crime issue, casually mentioned to John "Cueball" MacKenzie that the Premier would be in Cairns on Tuesday.

MacKenzie, obviously shocked, said "they haven't notified me" - in his arrogant way that tells his rapidly declining (and dying) listeners that "this Premier knows who's arse gets kissed when he comes to Cairns".  Even MacKenzie's mate Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King came in for a flogging by Cueball, with callers now being allowed and even encouraged to attack the poor performance of the Member for Cairns MacKenzie.  

So then when the Premier blew into Cairns on Tuesday for a day of media events, interviews, and public events, John MacKenzie and his little radio show were left sucking hind teat with the radio work being given to Zinc105.  No public callers invited.  And given the high levels of public anger with Joh Bjelke Newman's announcements, he ducked the public in Townsville as well.  Media and message management can no longer be guaranteed on the MacKenzie show, so he was off the list - and so is the public's ability to question this Premier.

Then on Wednesday, all hell broke loose.  With David Kempton making a radio appearance, callers to him included a guy who said the proposed Emerald wind farm should be replaced with a coal-fired power plant, and another who was concerned the police were turning into a paramilitary force.  Kempton handled the wackjobs with quiet aplomb, but he was quickly shown the door when he insisted on defending the alcohol management plans in the Cape.  MacKenzie was clearly miffed - another LNP member who isn't doing what he's been told.  

Then Gavin King spent the better part of an hour getting the shit beat out of him.  A stunned mullet never had it so good.  MacKenzie had earlier announced that King had a "new secret crime control plan" that they had spoken about during a "long phone call" the night before.  This after Friday's cat fight, which King ascribed to "being on holiday".    

Martin Tenni, angry that King and LNP mates haven't figured out a way to get the judges to do his bidding, suggested that it was time that the "Separation of Powers" doctrine had a good look so we could "fix up" the judges to "do what we want".  Scary shit.  Tenni has been increasingly unhappy with the LNP performance in Cairns because he thinks he has all the answers.  He's a powder keg getting ready to blow.

DJ Hunt, who has been the subject of a sleazy Gavin King "innuendo campaign" for some months, then gave King a serve he won't soon forget.  Hunt outlined the facts surrounding his medical retirement from the QPS, and then challenged King to agree with these facts or put his charges on the table.  Like a stuttering schoolboy, King was cornered.  He confessed to running this sleazy campaign, and seeing no out he reluctantly apologised and agreed to remove these statements from his Facebook page.  But we have little doubt this doesn't end the subject.

With the Suncorp Survey of the "most family friendly cities to live" putting Cairns near the bottom (with a shitty inadequate theatre, bad and overpriced transit, poor schools, high living costs, and little sport infrastructure investment), the best Sleepy Manning and King could come up with as a response was "we're going to call Suncorp to complain".  

Real men of action, these two.  We await Suncorp's response to it.  Don't hold your breath.

King closed his defence of the poor policing of Cairns with the statement "We don't live in utopia, unfortunately".  

We predict this will be Gavin King's 2015 campaign slogan.


Anonymous said...

The sad reality is that King truly believed he had all the answers and he could perform all sorts of miracles. So too, did some of his fanatical supporters.
I wonder now if King is reflecting back on the problems his predecessors had with policing and crime? All King did as a journalist was to abuse and flog the former Members publicly over the "law and order" issue, and here he is now in the exact same place with no quck fix solution in place and with people hammering away at him.
Serves the arrogant, know it all, know everything young fool right!

jim-bob snr said...

Yeah, I heard Tenni and his comment about Separation of Powers on yesterdays program of dills and simpletons. On a previous program King actually said something about sacking Judges. King isn't doing anything to inform people about the independence of the judiciary and why it is independent like Desley Boyle used to do. There is something brewing down in the LNP cabinet, I can just sense it.
Time will tell.

T.Asquith said...

Quote: "we're going to call Suncorp to complain". That's the solution Bob; shoot the messenger.

Anonymous said...

King saw everything as having a simple solution. Just like getting Cairns Base Hospital designated a Tier One hospital. He thought it just a matter of chucking it some dough and all would be hunky dory mate. Its far more complex than that you have to look at specialists specialist nursing staff numbers of patients equippment and so forth. So then he thought getting rid of crime would be simple too. So did his idiot supporters who buoyed him along. So now the boy wonder is starting to understand that problems arent always so simple and easy to fix. They can be so complicated and complex it takes years to unravel. Some are so problematic that there is just no solution. PROBLEMATIC King? Do you understand that word? Bah how did we ever end up with a mug like King.

Bazza said...

Now springboard and bob norman are trying to blame the fed gov for taking dollars out of the health system. Apparently there was an agreement between the states and territories as to the per head of population funding and the Qld population has decreased so now this disorganised rabble are doing their best to cover up their inabilities, what would norman & cochrane know about running a hospital.

ruby said...

Oh hahahahaha. Did you all hear the nervousness and creeping panic in King's voice as he reacted to the assertiveness of Darren Hunt on rugnuts program yesterday? Oh, it was good! We all know King cannot deal with confrontation, but yesterday he clearly revealed he can't handle assertiveness either.

Hey Gavin King, picture this:-

ONE WOMAN standing up on a stage, no friends alongside her, facing a hostile audience of around 150 people, catcalling, yelling, hurtling abuse, threatening.
THAT ONE WOMAN calm, self-controlled, facing the angry crowd, explaining and answering questions, comporting herself with dignity and composure.
WHO?? VAL SCHIER, Gavin King, thats who. You know the woman whose character and reputation you ripped to shreds? The woman you mocked, jeered, villifed and persecuted for years in the company of your mate Mackenzie.

And you cannot even cope with a polite but assertive Darren Hunt demanding an apology, without your becoming agitated and stammering nervously like a weasel!

What a limp dick you are!

Bob R. said...

King again demonstrated how gutless he is.
He talks loftily about all these "tough" decisions he and the LNP are making, in the safety of a radio station studio, but he has yet to face the people affected by these "tough" decisions.
Compare and contrast the actions of ALP politicians -

*GRAHAM RICHARDSON surrounded by angry timber workers at Ravenshoe when he went to explain FACE TO FACE why the Federal Government was introducing World Heritage listing and the Rvenshoe workers would lose their jobs.
Yep, Richo went up there himself. He didnt hide behind a bloody radio program.
*JASON OBRIEN - personally attended a very angry meeting at Port Douglas over the amalgamation of Councils. He didn't hide behind a radio program to talk loftily about making "tough" decisions. He went and confronted face to face the anger of the residents involved.
*JIM TURNOUR - Who can forget the people of BlueWater screaming and taking it out on Jim for the State Government's decision to build a public housing complex in their suburb?
*VAL SCHIER - last, not not least. Val also faced her opponents and detractors at public meetings with courage and dignity as ruby has described.

King continues to demonstrate he is a gutless sook and unfit to be a representative of the people.

Anonymous said...

Lots of State Gov big spending commitments in Tsv this week.

Visiting Tsv yesterday Newman committed to funding the new Super stadium and convention centre in the Tsv CBD by selling off some state gov assets.

Also, the Port of Townsville corp (State Gov) is developing a new waterfront precinct to rival Brisbane's south bank. This is to compliment the $85 million cruiseship upgrade currently underway.

And we get $175,000 for some Chinese lessons.

Second Anonymous said...

Gavs comment that "the Magistrates are not doing what the LNP expects of them" requires more explanation.

Loved it when when he tried to wriggle out of the DJ Hunt call by saying it was a bad phone line and he couldn't hear him - because all 300 listeners to the show could hear DJ loud and clear. To Cueballs credit he kept the call going - 6 months ago he would have protected Gav and cut the call.

The times they are a changin'.

Anna Namiss said...

My guess is next week Gavvy will have a prior appointment and not be free to talk with Macca!

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous, a few crumbs to Cairns and the cake to Townsville.

Jethro said...

Second Anonymous 09.37, I was actually quite surprised that Mackenzie allowed Hunt on the program at all. Mackenzie has protected, coddled and nurtured King in a totally unprecedented manner like some sort of political mentor or svengali, much to our disgust. Is he letting the training straps out?

Anonymous said...

The criticism of King continues unabated today. McKenzie is obviously allowing it until King toes the line. Despite the fact that King has publicly stated several times that Mckenzie and Tenni do not represent his views, he found it necessary yesterday to offer a groveling apology to Tenni for telling him off last Friday. Full credit to Darren Hunt for sticking it to him. King's response was so pathetically weak, it was excruciating to listen to.

Anonymous said...

It was so easy to harp from the sidelines as a second rate journo but reality now bites.Who was it who said the LNP couldn't organize a chook raffle,or that the Chinese were slant eyed weirdo's.Thats right,our so called local member not to long ago.Trouble with all mp's,no matter what the brand is before the election they were MR or MRS nobody.The day they are elected they are experts on everything and people like cueballs supporters hang on their every utterance.Maybe Cairns will soon realize that maybe,just maybe Val,Anna and co really did achieve a lot when the current council and state lot only ever talk about stuff but never actually get around to doing anything and wipe out the dreams of 14000 odd QLD'S while they go about it.

Bob R. said...

Anonymus 09.32, we all knew that our funding for the Entertainment Precinct would be given to Townsville or the Gold Coast. Been there, done that before. Mackenzie led the usual hysterical screaming public uproar over Keith deLaceys offer of a brand new hospital for Cairns in 1995, so the government withdrew its offer and gave it to Townsville too. Once the new hospital in Townsville was built in 2000 or thereabouts Mackenzie got the people here all fired up with indignation that Cairns wasn't given a new hospital. Yeah, true.

Anonymous said...

Noticed Entsch is back in favour while Mckenzie is "sorting out a few issues with Gavin" (his words). He's kept a low profile since his DIU conviction. Unless he hardens up, I can't see him last the distance. Even his most loyal groupies are now bagging him.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else pick up King's promise to Pearl on radio yesterday? He promised her that the Boot Camp would NOT be in Wangetti -we will now await another broken promise perhaps?? altho the Boot Camp project seems to have disappeared off the radar.

Terry Pritchard said...


"... putting Cairns near the bottom (with a shitty inadequate theatre, bad and overpriced transit, poor schools, high living costs, and little sport infrastructure investment)"

This should be a separate issue, as your statement is not representative of the results.

Why not start a new thread and let's debate the results.

One issue in particular, where Cairns was 25th out of thirty, was education. They divided the number of pupils by the number of schools, that's it, nothing to do with class sizes or the standard of education. So your 'poor schools' comment is wrong.

As for 'little sport infrastructure investment', that wasn't mentioned at all.

What you should have concentrated on was the different reactions of the Mayors, the Gold Coast mayor, for instance, Tom Tate, said "I am very shocked. I am going to make a note of where we sit and I will use it as a yardstick for our long-term planning. At the end of my term I want to see our figures have improved."

A far cry from Mannering!

Realo the Clown said...

Anonymous at 09:23 said “Bah how did we ever end up with a mug like King.”

It started with a Labor government that grew arrogant to about the same degree it became incompetent and inefficient (Health payroll as epitome). For a while it could cover-up by paying-off the powerful interest groups (remember how so many former ministers became ‘lobbyists’?). Then it ran out of money. All it had left was a pitiful rump of MLAs whose chief qualification was unquestioning obedience to the factional bosses. Desley Boyle poisoned the well in Cairns with her attitude towards constituents.

The LNP is no better as a political force, with two electoral exceptions: It became Brisbane focussed with a leader acceptable to metropolitan voters, and most of its candidates were young and relatively unknown so they could ride on the leaders campaign.

By itself LNP victory was a hard ask in Cairns, and King won because:

He had profile, his name was known;

The child candidate Lesina was less well known, and as a non-performer on CRC, one tainted by association with Val Schier;

Hunt was a very successful KAP candidate who bled Labor votes away from Lesina, without managing to run second in the primary votes.

Gavin King ran a very good campaign in media, in social media, and in door-knocking and shopping centre appearances. Lesina couldn’t or wouldn’t get her hands dirty meeting the common people.

That’s how it happened anonymous old chook. I wonder what’s going to happen next time (apart from an LNP victory statewide of course, which is a foregone conclusion).

Extremely Frustrated said...

Townsville continues to speak with one voice and do what is best for Townsville while Cairns continues to be split by factions and incompetence. Cairns elected representatives have always been about what is best for the ALP,LNP,the Greens or various factions in Council- never what's best for Cairns.
Tom Pyne was ALP to the bootlaces but he always did what was best for Cairns and had the unique ability to deal with all groups and achieve results- this is often referred to as leadership.
The main factor in all levels of Gov decisions should be what's best for Cairns.
I am just so sick and tired and frustrated by the poor performance of elected reps at all levels.

Vi L. Schumm said...

I agree with Terry Pritchard that the Suncorp survey deserves a new thread. There is so much on Gavin King's Facebook that deserves a comment. Recently he stated that it was 'the best place in the world for raising children'. This entry seems to have been removed, but it does lead one to question his life experience and how much of the world he has actually seen. He admitted a few days ago that he had not been to Singapore.

If Cairns is really such a fantastic place (and it does have its charms) why has he been bagging it so much in recent years. Think of all the columns criticising public safety and the hospital system for example. I'm sure others contributors remember more examples.

Now he is saying that it is time to stop 'whining'. Weren't many of his columns exactly that? And after all the money that Cairns has lost since the LNP took power, I wonder that there is not more whining.

Anonymous said...

Agree Extremely Frustrated. It is a very bad political culture and King is making it worse. Lesina not sure if she was right, maybe too inexperienced, or because Gavin was the press it was so biased and his poor journalistic integrity ruled out her chances.

The press, the elected officials have failed Cairns. Val Schier was persecuted for being a female by a band of creepy vile men scared a female may make them look like idiots, but they managed to do that for themselves. Disgraceful spectacle. Even Liberal females are nowhere to be found as women are scorned whatever side of the political fence they may sit on.

Still Schier obviously failed to unite even though a far harder job when dealing with scum. I guess if you want a fair go as a female do not move to a town fully of loser men.

And that is a huge issue in Cairns. Losers are attracted here like bees to honey. Can't make it anywhere try a backwater where there is less competition. King would not be here if he had a chance at sucess anywhere else.

This is where we need to separate the self centred opportunist from those that truly love Cairns. Not many of the latter sad to say and is why we will continue to be the backwater as it suits those that would fail if Cairns was actually going places, and therefore attract talented people who would push them out of the limelight.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true Anon 16:51 The rapid advances in infrastructure being made in Townsville, a lot of it probably at our expense due to the pathetic partisan decisions made by our current batch of useless local leaders only serves to underline your comments that Cairns really is the end of the line backwater of North Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but have a cynical laugh when I overheard King talking about "dredging". Oh we all remember when "dredging" was going to save Cairns from certain extinction. Manning repeatedly kept on saying the land the Entertainment Precinct was to be built on was "absolutely critical" for the future of shipping in Cairns. Well we haven't heard anything about the block of land in question since he got his arse into the well paid seat. As for "dredging" now King and Mackenzie are saying "Oh, we won't now for a couple of years at least, and bear in mind that large ships won't be able to come in...".
So it's now the big put down, talking it down so that very soon people will forget about it.

jim-bob jnr said...

So Townsville gets a heap of funds thrown its way for a cruiseship upgrade. And we get flung a few measly fucken peanuts for some tourist operators to learn a few fucken Mandarin phrases.
As for the "rapid advances in infrastructure" in Townsville -
if it wasnt for the fucken LNP we would have: -

* a brand new state of the art hospital
* a brand new performing arts theatre
*a brand new multi storey car park on the old Australia Post site
*extensions to our Convention Centre
*a public plaza
*a regional museum
*a regional Police Station

So, what do we have now??
A Mayor who is GUNNA get us government funding for a new theatre, a multi storey car park and extensions to the convention centre.
Then he is GUNNA look at getting government funding for Freebodys waterpark at Smithfield.
Next he is GUNNA get government funding to dredge Trinity Inlet.
Then he is GUNNA get government funding for the 20,000 seat footie stadium.
Bring on the heavy artillery, mate.
We got ourselves a "GUNNA".

Miss Chief said...

It's always amusing to watch a bully finally get his comeuppance. I would have loved to have seen King and Newman run from the ETU blokes. King looks tired and downtrodden. Poor petal. I bet he can't wait to get ejected at the next state election. It's a shame we can't put him out of his misery sooner.

Destiny Prophet said...

I was thinking we could put on a show to raise money for a new theatre with local (cough) dignitaries playing roles - a tribute to the Carry On movies.


Hattie Jacques, The Matron: Macca

Sid James: Wazza

Barbara Windsor: Gazza

and a special cameo appearance by Captain Mainwearing as Captain Mainwearing.

Faceless extras can be recruited from north of the Barron.

Anonymous said...

HBW - Let me say that this posting is a bit long but I totally agree with Bob R (0925) and Extremenly Frustrated (1521) and I offer the following considered comments to this forum.
Every now and then you will read a comment in the CP critical of Advance Cairns and comparing AC to Townsville Enterprises. The only difference betwween AC and TE is that TTNQ is a seperate enterprise whereas in TE the Tourism industry is part of TE. I don't have a problem with TTNQ operating seperately as it does. Our Tourism business is so much bigger with many many more operators in our area than there is in Townsville. The big difference between AC and Te is that in Townsville their is no in fighting on project proposals. In Townsville the LNP do not obstruct/stop/complain/carry on with bull shit with the ALP project and the ALP do not do the same to the LNP projects. In the end they support each other and consequently the Government of the day finish up financially support the Infrastructure projects in Townsville. The funding approved in Townsville earlier this week by Bejelke Newman confirm this as his announcement of funding was originally a Labor project. in the end every citizen in Townsville will benefit from this project where as in Cairns we don't have any projects as the LNP both state and local here have ensured we have lost over $195 million dollars. Thanks Gavein and Sleeply Bob, I hope our citizens remember this next time they visit the ballot box. Cueball and the LNP have totalled rubbished every Labor proposal and have decried every Labor representative who put up a meaning proposal to benefit Cairns and the citizens of FNQ. Look at the money we were promised that has now been withdrawn. The LNP Federally, State and Local along with their card carrying members are responsible for this. Lets not forget the hatred some of the LNP members expressed in regard to these projects. Literally they have blood on their hands as it will take Cairns and FNQ years to recover from the loss of these infrastructure projects. I still remember Cueball telling his listeners when we lost the funding for a new hospital in Cairns that the sea air enjoyed by hospital patients on the esplanade cured their cancers and menacing ilnesses and made patients feel great.
I support the dreding proposal but I cannot honestly see the benefit that will come to Cairns and FNQ at the present time when the LNP are telling us that this is the best proposal to get Cairns on the map again. I cannot see any improvement after spending $120 million in the immediate future. We have already been told that a lot of Cruise vessels will still need to anchor off Yorkeys Knob because they will still be too big for our expanded channel.
Dredging itself will not add value to our economy. The firm engaged to dredge will not come from Australia. We don't have dredges capable of doing this. The dredge will come from overseas along with their overseas crew and overtseas technology. The Navy have recently indicated they are pulling away from expanding HMAS Cairns so I'm not sure that after spending $120 million there will be any real benefit to the citizens of Cairns and FNQ. Makes you thing how many businesses and citizens would have benefited from the building the EP. The Business people in Cairns totally supported the EP as was shown by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce survey and why their Chairman came out and rattled the sabre only to be shot down by the Mayor and his Deputy. In reality KIng Manning & Cueball and their supporters have totally fucked up the future development of our once great City. It will take years for us to catch up with what these people have caused us to loose. Charlie

Anonymous said...

Townsville is going for a "super" stadium. Wonder how that is going to affect our chances of getting funding for our 20,000 seat stadium? Id say we have buckley's.

Anonymous said...

Latest news from CRC...jobs for the boys....Manning has directly appointed Peter Tabulo to the CEO role without advertising the job on the open market like all reputable Councils do.

Anonymous said...

With the LNP adopting the previous governments policy of pouring money into what is obviously the capital city of FNQ(Townsville)The banana heads(Pearl,Mackenzie and co) look right D#@%^&*$heads for encouraging other banana heads to reject the free 110 million which is gone forever.With the council going into debt instead of raising rates not only will they have to raise rates this year to repay it but also find 110 million for a new civic centre.Townsvilles new water front, stadium upgrade and hospital could have been ours.

jim-bob jnr said...

Anonymous 04.48, I take you to task on that. Labor poured a hell of a lot of money into Cairns from the redevelopment of the Cairns Esplanade, (which cost a fucken fortune) to building new government offices such as the McCormack building, a new courthouse and police station, huge hospital extensions (and NO, the airport was NOT sold to "build a new hospital" as Mackenzie lied..if you read Anna Bligh and Desley Boyles statements on line, you will clearly see the airport was sold to "buy land for a new hospital and to upgrade the existing hospital.") new schools and health centres and finally the funding for the Entertainment Precinct. Not forgetting Labor gave us our Regional Police Service with appropriate staffing.
We did very well under a Labor Government.
I agree however that the stuffing around and politicking the LNP have done, has rooted Cairns.

Jethro said...

Realo the Clown, you have missed a hell of a lot out haven't you? You have glibly passed over the unprecedented and vicious hate campaign waged by Mackenzie and King against Val Schier, which has now resulted in our Entertainment Precinct funding being given to Townsville for a similar type of project, while we get peanuts. This campaign affected Kirsten Lesina as a State candidate. You have passed over the fact that King used the Mackenzie program to campaign for almost a year free of charge before the election while ALP candidates were banned from the program. You have passed over the fact that when King was "Editor" of The Cairns Post, we couldn't get our letters published outlining just what Desley Boyle did achieve for Cairns. No! They were all ditched. You have passed over on all the glib, oily lies which spewed from the LNP mouth. Lies such as getting the Base Hospital made a "Tier One" level, lies and exaggerations about dredging the inlet, lies about the level of Queensland debt, lies about the Entertainment Precinct, and lies about the job security of public servants.
Yes, King did have a public profile. He used his position at The Cairns Post to sell himself and sell an LNP agenda, the minute he arrived in town.
King won because he had a stranglehold on the local media and was able to use it for pure self serving purposes. Goebbels would have been proud!

ruby, still laughing said...

jim-bob jnr, the post you made about the 'GUNNA' Mayor, is just brilliant. I haven't heard that phrase in years. "Bring on the heavy artillery, here come the gunnas!" ROFL ROFL.
Yep, Manning is the classic "gunna" prototype alright. He knocked back the funding for the Entertainment Precinct, so he could then say HE was "gunna" get it back. He's "gunna" get funding for the car park, he's "gunna" get funding for a new theatre, he's "gunna" get funding for extentions to the Convention Centre, he's "gunna" get funding for the Water Park, he's "gunna" get funding for dredging. Then he's "gunna" get funding for the 20,000 seat stadium. I wonder if he is "gunna" get funding for Entsch's fountain?? I suppose that will also be on the "gunna" list.
Gunna, gunna, gunna, gunna. With such heavy artillery as Manning, no bloody wonder Townsville continues to zoom ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23.12. That was a lengthy but very well written post. Just a salient point you made. The ALP and the LNP do work together in Townsville for the benefit of the city, which is why the city is moving and evolving.
Recall the meeting which King had last year in which he banned the ALP representatives from attending because he said, "Labor cannot be trusted." ??? This is in stark contrast to what happens in Townsville and is a cause of the malaise which has dragged Cairns backwards. A bird flies with two wings. Cairns is trying to fly with one wing only and we are plummeting downwards.

Anonymous said...

Dredging may have been to appease a few mates as it will not be much use to the rest of us.

T. Asquith said...

There are small men running this city at present. Not small in stature, that is irrelevant. No, I mean small in mind, small in intellect, and small in vision. Consider King and consider Manning; almost a year into their tenure, they have displayed themselves to be intellectual pygmies compared to out previous mayor. They are small minded men who consider their Machiavellian agendas of settling old scores, of maintaining the status quo (as they perceive it to be), to be more important than pursuing a vision for this city and its residents. They are small men who would rather allow hard won funds for major infrastructure projects to be lost to the city rather than have to acknowledge and give credit to the hard-working and visionary person who fought so hard for them in the first place . These are men who promised better, alternative visions, but once in power; they had nothing. They bought an election on a lie.

ron said...

Hahahaha. gunna gunna gunna.
Lets all heckle Manning and King with catcalls of gunna gunna, gunna if they ever get out at a public meeting. Theyre the heavy artillery of Cairns allright hey.
GUNNA GUNNA GUNNA GUNNA this cracked me right up hey. You ought to do a photo of it hillbilly, some big guns with captain Mannering and King sitting up there GUNNING.

Anonymous said...

T. Asquith, that's because they are the "gunnas" as jim-bob describes. Everyone knows a "gunna" in their circle of friends and relatives. They talk endlessly about all the things they are "gunna" do, but do very little apart from yak yak yak. The pity is they fool a lot of people for a while anyway.

Second Anonymous said...

Destiny Prophet - love the idea of a local theatrical political revue. There is just so much material to work with. I suggest Gav should play the Kenneth Williams character.

Anonymous said...

The Minister for Nepotism, Roz Hinze Bates is being given a chance to restore her credibility on the hillbilly hour today. She raves about bringing ballet etc. to regional areas. Pity we don't have a decent theatre. Of course no hard questions will be asked.

Tony Hillier said...

Ron, I fear the opportunities to heckle Manning, King and the other intellectual pygmies that have ensured backwoods status for Cairns - while Townsville goes from strength to strength - will be few and far between. Unlike the previous mayor and State member for Cairns, they are rarely seen at public functions and forums. Val Schier rarely missed an event of significance and, as has already been acknowledged in HBW, had the guts to face her detractors. Manning and King are a liability for the region.

Anonymous said...

Tony Hillier, any chance you or some other musos could write a little ditty about our illustrious "leaders" along the lines of jim-bobs astute description, ie "gunnas"?

Something like -

"Cairns has got the gunnas, who're gunna get this, gunna get that gunna gunna gunna gunna, yeah we got the heavy artillery."

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that unlike Cairns, Townsville has a vital,intelligent woman Mayor? and no dastardly Shockcock on radio -that could explain the widening difference in outcomes. Might up sticks and move south!

Realo the Clown said...

Jethro, why are you so narky about King's media exposure?

He came to Cairns in 2007 to take up a job with the Cairns Post (hate hate hate)as business editor, and it can't be any surprise that he developed a set of contacts in the (yes, you guessed it) business world of Cairns.

Of course, as any active person knows, he made as many enemies as friends. His use of the media was knowing, but so was DJ Hunt's. If the ALP are too stupid to build and use media contacts/knowledge, well, you know, they don't deserve to win.

Behind the ALP's failure lies just plain unwillingness to serve the people's needs. Val Schier ditched her promises about community involvement in seconds flat, and sucked up to the same bunch of second rate suits (TTNQ, Advance, Chamber) that she'd criticised in the election.

I appreciate the hate campaign being waged against the LNP now, and like all such, it's having an effect. Labor might retain 2 or even 3 seats federally. Then it's the long dry desert of despair for labor types. maybe they'll put it to good use, but I doubt it.

Terry Pritchard said...

@ Realo ... "Val Schier ditched her promises about community involvement in seconds flat,"

In regards to what?

I attended several meetings, along with other members of the public, especially regarding the CEP.

Are you speaking from experience or listening to the radio, like the rest of the rednecks?

Anonymous said...

Townsville doesn't have a poor man's Alan Jones like we have with Cueball. All this negative talk over the years has now taken it's toll. Sorry Cairns, you allowed it to happen.

Jethro said...

Are you on the piss there Realo the Clown? "Val Schier ditched her promises about community involvement in seconds flat...". What shit! We never ever had so much community consultation from any previous Mayor and that is a fact.
As for your comment, "If the ALP are too stupid to build and use media contacts", that bit of venom from you is typical of an LNPer wanking away in glee at excluding all ALP people from the media.
For the record I know media releases from Desley Boyle's office were not published, nor from Jim Turnour's office when Gavin King was at The Cairns Post. Also my own letters acknowledging that it was Turnour whose efforts got us the Liz Plummer Centre funding, while Entsch sat on his arse and just blamed the State Government, were not published.
Mate you can take your gloating acrimony, your biased and flawed arguments and shove them.

jim-bob jnr said...

Realo said the ALP weren't "serving the peoples needs".
What utter shit. From redeveloping the Cairns Esplanade, to more police, schools, huge expansion of the TAFE, huge upgrades of the base hospital (ALP even tried to give us a brand new one, but Mackenzie got everyone all hysterical, so it was given to Townsville), to Val with her all-in-one proposal for the Entertainment Precinct providing *extensions to ConventionCentre *multi-story car park *new performing arts theatre *public plaza *museum , all of which the community had been agitating for, for YEARS. These are just some of the things which have been provided, or would have.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous. Mackenzie has been a toxic and negative influence over Cairns for years.

Anonymous said...

Re Theatrical Revue - HBW can play Syd James.

ruby said...

Realo the Clown, we don't refer to King as "The Member for Mackenzie" for no reason. It is reprehensible that a politician is so under the influence and control of a radio shock jock. I never want to see a Labor politician dancing away on the end of a piece of string, like King dances for Mackenzie. He's at Mackenzie's beck and call, even phoning him from the sittings in Parliament House and spends most of his time doing what Mackenzie wants or suggests.

Anonymous said...

jim-bob jnr and ruby, you have forgotten one more "gunna" of Manning's. He is also "gunna" get funding for the proposed aquarium.
Yes, Im laughing too. gunna, gunna, gunna, gunna. Grandad Mannering and his artillery, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

yeah ruby, just who is the Member for Cairns, Id like to know? Mackenzie has some powerful control over King, that you don't see with Entch.

Tony Hillier said...

And Capt Mannering's gunna get rid of the bats 'cos they're pesky "birds", and they don't like it up 'em!

Anonymous said...

Gunna, gunna, gunna, sums it up. Read in todays Cairns Post (Saturday 19) that King reckons the Government is going to sell off State land in Cairns to pay for a new performing arts theatre and a new rectangular stadium. Townsville of course was just given funding recently for a new "super" stadium, so ours will eventually be a white elephant.

Seth said...

gunna gunna gunna sums it up. But for a politician to be successful, he doesnt have to actually achieve anything, but be SEEN to be doing something so the bullshit artists like Manning Entsch and King all do very well here. All they have to do is yakka yakka yakka and say they are gunna gunna gunna and voters cream their jeans big time.

Anonymous said...

As long as they're spruiking about all their "gunnas" the voters will be happy.

Anonymous said...

Better not sell the land the CEP was going to be built on that they sell, that is for a working port :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 19/1/13 10:50, you should have added that the money being infused into Townsville, will be almost dollar for dollar equivalent to the amount Manning/King have lost for Cairns. It couldn't have gone worse