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13 February 2013


Rumours are swirling today that the Cairns Base Hospital board, led by Un-sir Bob Norman, will announce massive staff cuts on behalf of the LNP government, as ordered.  With a rally called for 4:30 PM today by the nurses, we can be sure of one thing - there won't be a single LNP MP there to cop the heat and defend the indefensible.

With State Parliament underway for the second year of the Joh Bjelke Newman government, we thought we'd take a look at how Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King performed in his first year as parliamentarian for Cairns.

When Gavin King was a loudmouth columnist at the Cairns Post he was never short of words, or indeed expressing his views on any issue - using abrasive and community-devisive language.

We are all familiar with how since his election to the state parliament he has, to use his own words, become a politician "manufactured on conveyor belts and forced to act like performing parrots to spread a unified party message".  He's become what he loathes.  How do you explain such gutter ethics to your young children?

A hallmark of King's election as shown here previously are the millions of dollars in lost government funding to Cairns since his election.  And the real unexpected blow has been the loss of jobs and regional government offices.

So the average voter would have expected, or hoped, to find Gavin fighting for us in the Parliament, because as he's often told us as a columnist, THAT'S HIS JOB!  Sadly however, he's done nothing of the sort.

So what did Gavin King do for Cairns in his first year of Parliamentary sittings?

Last year the LNP Parliament sat for a total of 34 days.
And King spoke only eight times - in this his opportunity to educate his LNP colleagues about what he continually claims are "special issues" and the uniqueness of Cairns, he took the microphone only eight times.

And four of those speeches were less than five minutes long!

His total speaking time through the year was just 65 minutes.  Hardly enough to get thru the Parliamentary platitudes of arse kissing his eminence and the rest of the front bench.

By contrast in 1998, Desley' Boyle's first year in state Parliament, she made 18 speeches over the 35 sitting days.

Even more revealing is the word analysis of the King speeches using the popular and powerful Tag Crowd software.  It reveals that instead of talking about the needs of our community to his LNP mates, he spends most of his time playing politics, attacking the Labor Party, and sucking up to the boss.

The Tag Analysis shows:

• Of the top 20 words he uses, the third most used word by Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King in his Parliamentary speeches is "Labor" - mentioning it 58 times.  That's seven times per speech!  Funny, but isn't his government the LNP?  
•  If you exclude the words "Cairns" and "government", "Labor" is his most uttered word in these speeches.
•  "Labor" is mentioned nearly twice as many times as "health", "community", and "tourism" - despite the fact he's the Assistant Tourism Minister!
•  Notably absent from his vocabulary are "education", "jobs", "employment", "transport", "environment", "families", "welfare", "law & order", "police", "infrastructure", "roads", and "housing".

Clearly the order from Newman to King is simple:  Attack Labor, mate.  Attack the Labor record.  Forget your constituents and Cairns if you want to get ahead, and do what a good LNP lackey does.

What a dud.  We didn't expect anything from this turkey, but we're getting even less.  With only eight attempts to represent Cairns to Parliament in a year by instead playing petty party politics to please his boss, is in any wonder Cairns is losing out under this LNP government and King's "representation" of us?

Something for the nurses to keep in mind today when they rally for the community's health needs.  King will be in hiding, his promises for "Tier 1 Hospital Funding" swept under the LNP rug of failed government as the LNP wrecking ball continues its swing thru Cairns.


JIm Cavill said...

that is i have re named Gavin "GIVIN" King, not just plain Givin King

Luigi said...

I got a idea give, Mr Newman and Mr King a nurse uniform and let them do some real work for the community. Health Restructuring Just goes hand in hands with our sinking economy. Carries on like this, Cairns will not have a work force left. Where are our politician and think thanker??????

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! He's worse than I thought! 8 speeches in a whole year. It would be a joke if it wasn't meaning Cairns lossing out!

Jethro said...

I read where Newman has cancelled Question Time in this weeks sitting of State Parliament. I also read where members of the public must now have a written invitation inviting them to attend the sittings, instead of following Western democratic practices that attending the parliamentary sittings is a basic right. If these are correct, then we are on the road to a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Cairns has the weakest representation we have ever had. But that aside, Queenslanders gave the Newman Government the greatest majority ever in an Australian election, with scarcely any opposition left to ensure accountability and transparency of Government. Newman was given carte blanche, the right to do whatever he wanted. There does come a time when you have to look at the voters and what they have willingly done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:37. It was clear prior to the vote that Tier 1 was a farce and that they really offered nothing for Cairns. Chinese are flocking to Australian cities in great numbers so that is not their doing if a few stop here. I read one flight had 60 passengers from a capacity of over 200.!

We have lost a lot of projects but also no new projects are discussed. After years of airport upgrades, hospital upgrades, Bruce Highway upgrades, Plummer centre, Cleaner Seas we only have dredging on the horizon and due to massive shortfall in funding that will not happen anytime soon.

I was in the camp that thought Labor was not doing enough but they seemed so busy now in retrospect.

If they vote Liberal federally we will lose the NBN but seems that will happen. They voted against it last election.

Cairns is possible getting what it deserves. Not the smartest of towns. Votes against it's own best interests.

Anonymous said...

Wowee Chowee! Keep givin it to King and Newman. You are heroes, and all your hard work and knowledge will surely be reflected on September 14. Go hard.

Anonymous said...

10:37 it wasn't Queenslanders fault for LNP having such a big win, it was QLD ALP for not listening to Queenslanders when in power.

KitchenSlut said...

BTW there is a recent post at the excellent Commonwealth Parliamentary Library blog on health funding http://parliamentflagpost.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/the-missing-billion-revisions-to-health.html

Anonymous said...

Lets build a new addition to the hospital and leave it unstaffed as we have no budget for staff to work in it

ruby said...

Big tunrout at the rally this afternoon The Hospital Board is refusing to tell the unions how many staff are expected to lose their jobs. Morale is understandably very low.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm now in Cairns since the stinky corrupt Labor Dogs were given the boot.
I have noticed a new spirit in the community even though a few rusted on labor supporters still whinge and whine on these blog and in ineffectual protests.
Where are all the previous laid off public sector workers?
The unemployment numbers in Queensland and Cairns are dropping.
So where's these 20000 poor sacked public workers?

Anonymous said...


Unemployment has actually risen compared to same time last year

Anonymous said...

Gee with your head stuffed so far up your arse Anon 19:16 I can understand why you don't see what has been happening in Cairns and indeed the rest of Queensland. You most certainly be one of the lucky people who won't have to face diminished services at our local hospital, or power outages due to less FNQEB front line workers or larger classes for your children. Once the pain finally hits you you might be singing a different song and you may not have as many sheep voting with you at the next election for a party with economic principles and policies from early last century.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment rate for QLD is 23% above decade average so there is ZERO proof to say LNP has reduced unemployment. Certainly nowhere near the 4% level they promised.

Anonymous said...

Once Givein King was elected as a LNP Member of the Queensland Parliment he was given a list of do's and don'ts as set out below by a well known local LNP Official whose job it is to keep the local elected LNP Members under control.

1. Ignore the wishes of the people.
2. Do not attend rallies or meetings where you can face questions withoiut notice.
3. Obey your leader at all times.
4. Wreck the whole infrastructure of Health and Education.
5. Do not make any promises without your leaders permission.
6. Do not appear on any forums where you may have to answer questions. However, it is OK to go on the Cueball Show as often as you like. This washed up radio jerk won't ask you anything embaressing.
7. Make sure your press releases are worded exactly as the your leader dictates and suck up to the Compost.
8. Go back on every promises you made before the election(You had no right to make them in the first place).
9. Waste parliamentary time by slinging off at the Labor Party at every opportunity and do nothing about looking after the electors of Cairns and Queensland.
10. Obey your leader at all times.

Your role models are Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott.

Anonymous said...

The ALP is God! Julia Gillard is her Pope! Whining is much better than prayer. Kneel down now and whine to Gillard. She'll fix us.

Bob R. said...

Anonymous 19.16, I don't know what weed you're on, but obviously you are up in lala land. The mood around Cairns is one of simmering rage, lots of emotion stirring beneath the surface. The aged and the disabled have been booted up their arses by the LNP with cutbacks to the services like Home and Community Care which make their lives easier. From your comment you obviously get a hard on thinking about how the frail aged and disabled will have to try and shower and dress themselves. People are disgusted with the cruelty and depravity of the LNP for targetting the weak and vulnerable. You're far worse than hyenas. We're standing up for what is right and decent. A decent society cares for its vulnerable people. Now go back to your weed, you creep.

Anonymous said...

The only crane visible in the CBD is the one at Cairns Base Hospital. Thanks to ALP and ANNA. Nothing else to talk about anywhere.

jim-bob snr said...

Well said Bob R. We are standing up for a decent society, one which provides services for the frail, the sick and the disabled. The LNP with their "user pays" philosophy believe in survival of the fittest, a philosophy which is anathema to any decent human being. The Hospital Board has shown its true colours of despotism in that they won't communicate with the unions over just how many Hospital staff are going to be sacked. This bunch of LNP bastards on the Hospital Board are well paid by the taxpayer and they can't do their jobs properly but instead take their orders from Newman and then hide themselves away behind locked doors.

Anonymous said...

On the point of Give Me A Sling, I Want to Buy more Bling King...his involvement with the rat David Jackson and Team Wild and there attempts to secure the bootcamp monies are about to come back and haunt him.

There can be no hiding from the fact the bootcamp process has not achieved anything and more sooner than later the LNP will be asked. How is this so? How did a stakeholder win a $2,000,000.00 tender when they didnt have access to a facility or staff. Taxpayers have a right to the truth about tenders that affect the quality of their lives

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the support by commenters given to the online story in the T'ville Post today of the staff protest at the CBH yesterday. Only Dennis Silverman once again praising his wonderful LNP was standing out in opposition. Looks like his mates have woken up to what is being done to Far North Queensland even if poor ol' Dennis can't.

Sir Cus said...

So the smart opportunist hasn't risen to the occasion on one single issue facing Cairns. Not even Givein can keep saying Yes Sir for 2 more years.

Gawain Bling, Dishonourable Member for Mackenzie said...

You're all so mean and cruel to me. You never pick on Trouty or Kempton. No, only me. It's all Labors fault what is happening. You can't blame me for this. Labor stuffs things up by spend, spend, spend and then we have to go in and bring some fiscal sanity to the State and bring the books back into the blue. Not that Labor ever did a thing for Cairns in all the years they held the seat either. Nothing. It has all been left to me to bring the Base Hospital up to modern expectations. In fact everything has been left to me. It really has. Just me, like running street festivals and organising the CBD and selling off city assets and welcoming our Chinese visitors. You all know I am the best thing that ever happened to Cairns since the father of one of my best friends and admirers arrived in Cairns in 1941 or 1942 and bought up all these houses which the stupid people of Cairns sold for a song as they fled the town thinking the Japanese were going to invade. ROFL. Geez, I think of that a lot. Awesome! He made himself a mint when they all returned and he sold their houses back to them with a nice profit margin attached. Awesome! My kind of man! A man who was one of the real business leaders of this city and I'm proud, proud, proud to be associated with his kin. We need more people with outstanding business acumen like him. Awesome!
Oh yes, I'm now very much a part of the movers and shakers in this city who recognise in me their own sterling personal qualities. So whatever you smalltown hicks and ALP dogs say in these comments doesn't worry me in the least. I'm on the way to getting my Knighthood. Toodle pips for now except for ruby, who doesn't deserve any of my special toodle pips. Nor Bob R who gives me the pips, the runny sort. ROFL, gee I crack myself up at times with my wit. I really do. Awesome!


2030 -
The Cairns Base Hospital renamed the Gavin King Memorial Hospital is unrecognisable by todays remembrance. Surrounded by heavily armed security guards and a high fence, it was sold off to an American corporation in 2015. Queenslanders no longer remember when the State had a free hospital system. The State's entire hospital and community welfare systems were all privatised by the Newman LNP Government during the years 2013 to 2016 and the health system subsequently modelled itself on that of the USA. A "User pays" philosophy has ensured the Health Corporations maintain a very healthy profit and their CEOs are amongst the highest paid in Australia. Patients are stringently checked on their capacity to pay before any admittance and computer systems link into peoples tax and financial records to confirm eligibility. Those people deemed unable to pay are escorted away by security guards who have the full authority to shoot to kill if the rejected people become too agitated. The Hospital Board maintain that their first priority is to ensure the well being and peace of mind of their clients, not the general public and they pride themselves on delivery of their client service. Patients are given meals cooked by chefs with excellent reputations. Beds are sheeted with the most expensive linen found in the world. Exclusive contracts with many of the global pharmaceutical companies means the hospital can boast leading edge medicines and Doctors enthusiastically inform clients that they are often the very first to try new drugs, and stress how very fortunate they are.
Meanwhile, an ever shrinking population of Cairns and regional people can no longer afford health care. Tuberculosis, polio, typhoid and venereal diseases are rife amongst the poorer population. Doctors still in private practice have left the State in droves and those who remain are worked to breaking point, tryng to obtain illegal supplies of pain killers, antibiotics and medicines which save lives. It is increasingly difficult for them, so women die in childbirth, there is a high infant mortality rate amongst the poor, and cancer patients die in agony without medical assistance. The elderly struggle on with many dying from age related illnesses or starvation from not being able to feed themselves. Hospital staff are secured from Asian countries where wage expectations were much lower than Australian expectations. Asians were also less likely to unionise, something which the Health Corporations have banned outright in their workplaces.
The hospital was named for a former LNP Member for Cairns, the late Gavin King whose strenuous efforts and support for privatisation of the previously State owned and free service hospital paid off in 2015 when it was sold to an American corporation. Following his defeat at a subsequent State Election, Mr King departed Cairns for his home State of New South Wales where he unfortunately passed away in 2028.

Seth at Port said...

We could be seeing the Americanisation of our free hospital system. It's a fucken scarey bloody thought.

Anonymous said...

Cairns isn't the only place losing funding for essential health services.
http://mobile.news.com.au/national/protesters-rally-against-health-cuts-in-wynnum-but-lnp-representatives-skip-the-show/story-fndo4ckr-1226579357930 This tower Campbell is building in Brisbane had better be worth it!