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16 February 2013


John MacKenzie could hardly contain himself.  No less than three times on Friday he was positively orgasmic over a speech given to Parliament by Member for MacKenzie Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King last Wednesday.  Ol' Cueball was hostile and angry that the Cairns Post put the news in a small story on page 4.  Cueball hailed this speech as "finally someone has the guts to tell the truth" about Cairns, claiming that this is the first time in 20 years that someone told the truth about Cairns' crime situation.

The reality is of course substantially less than mooted by MacKenzie.  We too wonder why this was a page 4 story - it should have been on page 20, for all the value the King statement had.

Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, in the dead of night (9:19 PM), slinks to the microphone and delivers this "ground-breaking statement".  It takes barely two minutes, and is delivered to a virtually empty Parliamentary chamber.  Even the deputy speaker in the chair is nodding off.  Such is the interest that any government shows in what's going on in Cairns - the ALP "leaders" previously did the same kind of crapola to us.  A real leader for Cairns would have demanded prime time to educate his fellow Parliamentarians on the (so-called) "plight" of crime in Cairns.  But here we have the ineffectual King sucking hind tit again.  It's clear he didn't even pen this speech.  

And even this little two minute speech was the usual King bullshit.  Titled "Cairns, Homelessness" it says nothing about crime in Cairns but instead ironically documents the year of inaction by the LNP government to tackle these problems. Yes, we did have the mostly-PR QPS gauntlet "Operation Escalate" which was used to run the homeless out of the CBD, as well as rotate southern officers in and out of our holiday spot fully paid.  But crime is running at a fair clip in the suburbs, and there is obviously nothing being done to address it.  This speech is a chronicle of another State government failure in Cairns, where the number of rough sleepers is double those Brisbane, per capita!

In fact the failures to Cairns from King and Michael "Backhoe" Trout are now being exhibited for all to see.  Talk at a CBD newsagent yesterday was the obvious discontinuation of grass mowing on the Cook Highway by Main Roads.  Some areas like the intersection in Smithfield with the Cook Highway haven't been mowed in a year!  And this department, run by the now sacked Michael Catalbiano, will have paid him over $700K for less than a year as department chief!    

And then today's (yawn!) headline - another Minister in the Campbell "Joh Bjelke" Newman government has run screaming into the night as more improper conduct comes to light.  Ros Bates has exhibited breathtaking incompetence for almost a year, is now revealed to have installed an incompetent mate to the Screen Queensland board - a body that has systematically worked against Cairns when filmmakers want to use our region for lucrative production activities.  She shoved a Gold Coast bank teller into the position as a reward, with the result that any alternative business activity in Cairns is further eroded.

• Why hasn't a permanent solution to Cairns crime problem been implemented?
 Why hasn't any action been taken on the liquor bans in Cape York?
 Why hasn't any funding been arranged for the needed detox and rehab services?
 What's happened to the "boot camps" - and why was a $2M contract given to a company with no facility?
 How long is the LNP-appointed Hospital Board going to keep staff "swinging in the wind" about their jobs?
 Why didn't King even fix the smoking problem outside the Base Hospital?
•  When does some kind of crocodile management strategy get off the ground?
•  Who do we need to talk to about our unmown State Highways?

With the LNP Queensland Government now in what looks to be an accelerating meltdown, Gavin King's speech to an empty Parliament chamber sadly typifies the dire situation facing Far North Queensland.


ruby said...

I am really amused when people like Mackenzie and King keep on saying the problem of indigenous homelessness is only 20 years old. I have a friend who started working at the old Customs Office (next to the Casino) in the early 1960s. She tells me that one of her jobs every morning was to clean up the refuse left in the small alleyway next to the building leading to Anzac Park. The refuse from alcohol and bodily wastes was the result of the homeless who regularly camped in that area at night. So homelessness in the CBD is at LEAST 50 years old.

jim cavill said...

mmmm more crap from Givin King, can we arrange bus this idiot ,,it said we may be able people ask governor to dismiss fool too.

Jethro said...

In King's own words - "It will take years of great determination, co-operationand relentless energy to tackle it."
So Gavin King, you now admit it is problematic and that there is no quick, easy fix? Funny, you used to bore it up Desley Boyle when you were writing for The Cairns Post and accused Desley again and again of "doing nothing."
Yet Desley Boyle did exactly the same things which you are talking about. Transport was arranged to take people straight back to the communities after hospitalisation or following release from prison. Diversionary centres were established, ATSI police liasion officers established. Yet still many indigenous fell through the cracks or more and more arrived.
I have my own thoughts on what should happen, which I will keep to myself. Basically, this is not an easy problem to solve and I am glad Gavin King that you finally seem to understand this.
Oh and by the way there were homeless people camping down the Malay end of town when I was a kid.

Bob R. said...

The answer to all your questions Hillbilly is :
A government or politician must be SEEN to be doing something, not necessarily ACTUALLY doing it. So we will get a lot of jabber, jabber, jabber. Mackenzie will swing in and praise praise praise to the rooftops, but nothing is being done or achieved.
So, a good proportion of the public are fooled. "Oh gee," I can hear them say, "Gavin King is cleaning up the homeless people."

Anonymous said...

Someone should point out to mackenzie and king and anyone else who complains about the "camp" at Portsmouth that the land it is on is actually owned by the Aboriginal Land Corporation.I know,because in my previous job I had to conduct a title search of that strip of land adjacent to Ray Jones Drive.They aren't hurting anyone except themselves so get over it.

Anonymous said...

I agree 11:44, Also Gavin has no clue. You cannot even get anyone to argue for him anymore.

Anna Namiss said...

Did you notice King is getting a new office! Wonder what this will cost us taxpayers. The old office seemed to suit Desley Boyle ok and she was even a minister! Looks like he's moving, wait for it, one whole block down Spence St towards more coffee shops.

Perhaps this is part of his move to solve the homeless issue.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who works in the Homeless Health Outreach Team. She says they visit equal numbers of blacks and whites. Perhaps Gav only wants to tackle black homelessness.

John said...

King's solution is to go over the same grounds established by Desley Boyle. The difference being Mackenzie will praise King to heaven and back while he just abused Boyle.

Anonymous said...

Where will King's new office be exactly? Does it lend itself to some jolly good old fashioned loud public protests?

Anon No.4 said...

You have to understand the real meaning of the words "so complex", "intractable" and "take years".

They're weasel words - arse-covering from a pathetic bullshit artist who doesn't have a clue himself what to do, and has no intention of taking any serious action to solve the problem.

The other thing about the speech is that it was consigned to the hours of the dead - a sure sign that no one else in the party is the slightest bit interested in what Gobshite has to say.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it sure as fucks sake will take years to tackle now that funding cuts and staff sackings have occured in many of the organisations trying to deal with it. Yeah fucken good one gobsnot King. Why would Newman be interested in anything King says or Trout says or Kempton says. Hes not interested in them or their electrates because Newman doesnt need them to keep Government.

ruby said...

I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to claim the LNP is "imploding" yet. However, with a huge unprecedented majority of young ambitious ego-driven backbenchers, some will have already started their numbers game, doing quid pro quo deals, plotting, scheming and strategising. All the things greasy pole climbers do. Ambition and ego are lethal qualities. Beady critical eyes will be watching the Ministers and Assistant Ministers for any weakness and tale bearing will be rife. Frankly, Parliament would be starting to resemble a vipers nest. Give it a bit more time yet. The vipers move when conditions are ripe.

mickwow said...

I still have not seen an aspiring A.L.P.candidate calling out King's bullshit ststements on a regular basis,i would have thought this would be a good time to attack him and his government while they are sacking all these incompetent members and are on the back foot.

Seth said...

mickwow, you're right. So far there has only been Darren Hunt and a couple of suspected Labor supporters making the odd comment. King has had an easy ride despite all his colossal blunders and obvious ineptitude.

Anonymous said...

The ALP should have started the day after the election. Hopelessly lazy and disorganised.

Anonymous said...

mickwow, I reckon Stewie Traill is doing a good job of keeping King on his toes.

Bob R. said...

More disorganised Anonymous 15.22, but bear in mind the hostility of the local media machine as well. Also it isn't a bad strategy to allow King a fair bit of rope ----and just sit back and wait -----

D.J.HUNT said...

Thanks Seth I tried to comment in the Cairns Post on this story but funnily enough they won't print what I said which was-The amount of people has not been an influx from the cape because of AMP's or being 'booted out', they were there before they come in, will be there for more to come.There has been no new funding, just re-hashed announcements. He claims they are working on mental health and re-hab services,staff and department cuts suggest otherwise. If it is such a problem in the Cape causing such an "influx" why doesn't King/Kempton demand more re-hab services in the Cape communities themselves? Why have the police been directed to "crack down on high profile drinking spots"? Wasn't that what Operation Escalate was supposed to do? Did that not work? What happened to all the money they spent on it? Gavin you dill you can hardly have a "greater collaboration and co-ordination of state departments and NGOs in a true, whole-of-government and community approach" when you axed them all, relocated regional departments and their heads to Townsville and no longer have the staff to deliver the services required.

Anonymous said...

The ALP deathwish continues. Why on earth would they endorse a local candidate who has organised a petition to replace the PM with the egotistical, self serving, manic ratbag Rudd? (who is doing his best to undermine the PM every day on national TV). Shame on you ALP -who the hell do I vote for now?

Anonymous said...

Following the last election, I thought it would be best to just sit back, relax and let this lot of in-experienced LNP mess everything up. They go from bad to worse each day. I was right.

Bob R. said...

I doubt many ALP people will sign the petition Anonymous 07.27, if it exists at all. I haven't heard a peep about it. As for "death wish", this is the Murdoch media machine going into overdrive again inventing leadership "crises" because two Ministers resign in an election year blah blah. Then they are putting all their energies into fabricating a fight to the death between Gillard and Rudd. Absolute crap.

ruby said...

Well done D J Hunt for taking King to task for his deceit. All he is doing is yakka yakka yakka while cutting services, sacking staff and taking government money out of Cairns. It really pissed me off to see where the women of Cape York were not asked for their opinions on altering the Alcohol Management Plans. However this is symptomatic of the LNP where women are regarded as nothing more than a pair of hands and a vagina.

Anonymous said...

You were right above there ruby. 08.43 Ros Bates has gone and it looks pretty well what you said there. Someone has snitched on her doing a below the table deal with an IT firm. As if others aren't doing similar deals hey. The overcrowding in the LNP backbench is going to cause big problems allright. Yeah your right ego and amition are lethal qualities. I reckon all we got to do is just sit back hey and watch the circus.

ruby's valentino said...

Love it when ruby takes her love to town. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Look at the swollen members last paragraph above in the parliament speech, 'I will do everything i can with NGO and state departments to help this longstanding problem' just like he did with the rat David Jackson and Team Wild...where is the bootcamp..How did someone win a $2,000,000.00 competitive tender with no project staff or a facility?

The Rat king

Anonymous said...

Anon 18/2/13 11:15 That is a good question and clearly shows flaws in the tender process. I am not sure what Team Wild have to do with your comment though as they didnt win the tender nor is it my understanding the contract was worth $2,000,000.00. It seems that you are probably either Team Wild or other disgruntled tenderer who didnt win it. More and more I am seeing poorly constructed comments on here and I am afraid this only serves to prove those who speak against us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18/2/13 1600. It appears my observation of the situation re the boot camp is a little more clearer than yours.

Firstly it is the theory of some stakeholders in the human services sector that team wild had no legitimate right to be short listed for a multi million $ contract. It is also theorised by the same stakeholders the government was going to award the tender to team wild.

Due to some heat being applied to the attorney general and the department about Jackson and team wild, the government pick someone else.

The question to you is, how did a company win a $2,000,000.00 tender without a project manager, senior staff and a facility to deliver the services?

The answer is because they were never going to get the tender. It was all about Jackson and team wild.

One last question maestro, why does a company who wins a multi million contract outsource the major employment roles back to a government funded program?

It is a mystery to some, but not all.

Anonymous said...

anon 18/2/13 20:26
Well yopu just cleared up who you are. Time to let go Todd the contract was issued and you didnt get it. I do agree there is a lot of questions unanswered including for your organisation.

Anonymous said...

The look on the "womens "face says it all.Holy shit batman.This being a poli is actually hard work.I have to actually do stuff,get out of bed in the morning,pretend at the very least that I'm an expert on everything.It's all labours fault,they left work behind for me to do.I'm not well.I haven't had a holiday for at least a month.My wine fridge is empty blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

anon 19/2/13 07;41 you are right in that who ever missed out on the boot camp should move on...at the same time this forum provides comment from people who have issues regarding the behaviour of the government and the fact people make informed conscious decisions to live in fnq and deserve better than what we are currently afforded from the 3 lnp members and some government decisions.

Go in peace