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07 February 2013


Like right-wing shock radio, right-wing bloggers tend to the extreme and gutter side of politics.

A post yesterday from Raj Cairns Report shows that Cairns sadly suffers from the same malady.  This is especially sad coming from a migrant.


Destiny Prophet said...

I see KS has picked up on where Patel found this nonsense.

I remember Pickering from his fleeting fame as a cartoonist years ago.

He used to put out a calendar each year with nude politicians.

I read an interview with him where they asked if the anatomy was correct and he said yes, he'd had to spend a bit of time researching at urinals, but it had gotten to the stage where politicians just came and dropped their dicks out in front of him.

So here we have a man who says he loves women, not just loves them but LOVES them, really, really, really, cross my fingers and hope to die LOVES them, who chose to make a living out of the study of powerful men's dicks, and hates a female PM.

Tells me something.

Jethro said...

Where does all this dubious information come from? Why are the women copping so much abuse? No-one threw all this shit at Neville Bonner who had a reputation as a bit of a boozer when he was nominated by the Liberal Party for the Senate seat. He soon after tossed his first aboriginal wife and married a white woman and spurned his Palm Island roots. What about Eric Deeral, the former National Party member for Cook? He was endorsed after the National Party took a chance on a black candidate and dumped the then endorsed candidate, some white cop. Deeral couldn't research and write speeches so the National Party had someone in his office to write all his speeches and do his work for him. Why is all this malice and vindictiveness being directed at a black female candidate?

ruby said...

Raj has sucked up the KoolAid big time. He says nothing about the LNP endorsing Paul Freebody, then disendorsing him, but then comes out with this shit.
He rants and raves about Julia Gillard knifing Rudd, but says nothing about Mike Ahern knifing Bjelke Petersen, Billy McMahon knifing Gorton and so on.
He used to be on Mackenze week after week abusing Val Schier and ranting about the Entertaiment Precinct.
He's another vile woman hating moron who approves of the behaviour of anything with a cock while he continues to abuse and villify anything with a vagina. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Folk who vote anything but Labor are vile scum! Nuff sed.

jim-bob snr said...

I recall the election of Eric Deeral in 1974, Jethro. He wasn't dumped by the National Party. They ran with two candidates, thinking that the white candidate who was a cop, would win. Deeral was endorsed only to gain the black vote. However Deeral picked up more of the primary vote much to the astonishment of the National Party who then had to find someone to do the work for him. If Raj bothered to open up his mind and start researching Australian history he would find plenty of precedents where political parties have endorsed candidates, then disendorsed them in favour of a more populist figure, endorsed black candidates or Greek candidates or whatever in the hope of maximising their vote, or even endorsed unsavoury type characters. All the political parties have done it. Raj is over-idealizing the LNP and setting himself up for a huge disappointment.

What the....? said...

Do we really need to comment on Raj and his blog of crap?
The bloke is a complete fruitcake.
There are more important issues requiring debate by rational people.
Raj -you aren't one of them

Anonymous said...

Deny this fruit-loop oxygen!

KitchenSlut said...

The version posted by the poor lamentable Raj is lifted straight from Larry Pickering's facebook (posted on Tuesday) including the disclaimmer about being from a contributor. Raj has a habit of such posts without attribution.

There is also an email circulating where the last item differs and reads "* is an arrogant bitch with expectations of living off
the public purse." Raj maybe a sad irrelevancy but at times seems to have a tendency to be used by others for dog whistling issues.

Disturbingly however Larry Pickering seems to have quite a following of rabid believers who then manage to get such stuff circulated by people who should know better, including apparently in Cairns. Veteran business journo Michael Pascoe posted a (politically balanced)reminder last year of Pickerings background as a scamster and conman:

BTW if anyone is curious about the nude Nova Peris there is a link still to the art-photography B&W series of 1996 Olympians which also includes such as Sam Riley (The Atlanta Dream: A photographic tribute). A copy of this is also held in the National Library. The similar 2000 Olympic series includes Grant Hackett and Cadel Evans so I hope they are not planning political careers? It is less revealing than Tony Abbott in speedos and far more tasteful!

When it comes to the people passing this kind of stuff around in our community I think the final sentence from Michael Pascoe in that link says it well: "The stink of Pickering remains on the hands of those passing his material on."

Anonymous said...

Sounds much like how the ALP do things so whats differant, if its good enough for ex union hacks its good for all.

Anonymous said...

We also shouldn't forget that this is the DH(raj) who complained bitterly that the fed gov never gives Cairns anything,forgetting in his warped sense of uneducated swill that the feds and the state government gave us 110 million but mackenzie,pearl and the rednecks didn't want it and helped con the people of Cairns as such.The man is a moron and needs to get the poster of Abbott of the back of his toilet door,leave the room and join the real world.

Anonymous said...

Well people on the left/centre can hate individuals, the far right though wing pigeonhole groups of people for persecution. Us and them, the others, those people. Divide and rule.... the far right major trait. Bound together by common enemy rather than things in common. It is attempt supremacy be it over women, a race, a religion, a refugee, a publc servant, a union member but never much to do with rational policy.

It does read like pure misogyny rather than a personal hatred of Novis. Men are not subject to same standards as women, No doubt. Only weak men and jealous women stoop so low though.

Anonymous said...

So you condone this crap do you anonymous? Obvious to see what part of the political cesspool your views come from.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you raving on about 18:09 you sound like Shanghia.

Anon No. 4 said...

When Raj ws runn ing his sweat shop printing business, all staff did was complain about the conditions.

The front reception area was a pigsty, with bricks and old phone books propping the door open, tatty old posters on the walls, dirty floor and windows, and a desk crammed with third-hand computers.

I hate to think what the rest of the place was like - a Bombay slum?.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4

He still has the printing business. He just moved.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a large percentage of the racist redneck hillbillies that abound in this part of the world identify with the rants of ill informed loons like this. They are the reason why we have the Tories - taking us back to the 'good ol' days' of mid last century- currently representing us in FNQ at all levels of government.