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27 March 2013


In July of 2007, the Kevin Byrne "Development at All Cost" Council approved a project at Hillside Close and Vulcan Streets in Aeroglen that has resulted in millions lost to ratepayers.  With maybe a million to go.

The Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne years saw scores of developments in Cairns that were poorly sited, overly large, and caused environmental damage to virtually every neighbourhood.  This development "strategy" was overseen by one Peter Tabulo.  Tabulo is the "Sno Bonneau" of Cairns government.  Most will get the reference.

This project was clearly a dodgy risk - jamming a few extra houses on a piece of land that looks to be a drainage gully.  The Development Approval clearly indicates the risks, and imposes conditions on the developer and engineer Valmadre Development Consultants.  Did the developer and their engineer follow thru?  Apparently not.  But did the Council perform their required oversight, with milestones clearly shown in the approval?  Also apparently not.  Under the Byrne and now Manning policy, developers are allowed to run amok.  

Apparently none of the warnings were heeded, and after the first heavy rain it was clear that the required drainage was woefully inadequate.  This challenge, created by Byrne, was being paid for by the Schier Council.

While many advised the new landowners they needed to get legal advice and deal with the problem themselves, the damage to the neighbourhood was so great that Mayor Schier instigated an emergency plan to completely restructure the drainage on this private property.

So now Bob "Sleepy" Manning is taking legal advice and going after the developer, Tom Calcagno and Valmadre Development Consultants.

And General Manager Peter Tabulo?  PROMOTED to what is likely almost $300K a year!  Many in the community have long wanted Tabulo to be sacked for the damage his department has caused.

Recent changes made by this new "pro development" Council have put in place similar unchecked development on the Foley Road hillside above Palm Cove - a steep hillside area that but for a fluke would be off-limits for any development.

New Approval #1 (additions to existing house built WITHOUT PERMITS)
New Approval #2
New Approval #3 (subdivision ABOVE the destructive Phil Hartwig fiasco - which has been devoid of activity since approved by Peter Tabulo and Kevin Byrne)

Do any council management, highly paid as professionals, ever get the boot for these kinds of gross errors that just cost the ratepayers money?

And why has Manning spent $2M on repairing this fuck-up, while several areas in the city (admittedly less upscale locations) have had flooding problems for YEARS??  This after he promised he wouldn't be using the courts as the process was "too costly". . . .apparently not when defending the mistakes of your new CEO.


CBD Warrior said...

Now why doesn't the Cairns Post do this kind of REAL reporting? Daniel Studwick is only just rewriting press releases while HBW gives us the full story.

And you're right about Tabulo, he's the ultimate chameleon, just like Bonneau.

Vi L. Schumm said...

Quite off topic, but we were intrigued this morning to hear McKenzie blaming the crocodiles which are threatening our tourism industry and menacing us every time we step outside the door on 'that American woman', with emphasis on 'American' as if they were the the world's worst people. Terri Irwin was not named of course but Australia Zoo was.
And this is not the first time those Americans have worked against our tourism industry. Apparently they prevented an entire fleet of enthusiastic Japanese from coming here in 1942!
Well, gotta go and see whether there's a saltie in my pool.

Anonymous said...

Saw the fat Mr and Mrs Byrne at the airport the other day, a great ad for weight watchers. On another note, Silverbeet, from the anoxic and toxic heights of Park Rydge, has obviously stopped taking his anti-psychosis medications, as he realises that there is not such a big difference between the ALP and LNP, as he pushes what he calls the 3rd alternative, namely the KAP. His rantings on the LNP Compost keep getting worse! Maybe he will burst an artery? Where is Creepy Clem from Koah? I miss him.

Anonymous said...

It is important that the proposed airport redevelopment be properly analysed by local media. There are significant implications in building a business park on the present general aviation site. The impact of that on the CBD retailers is likely to be devastating. This is yet another bad planning decision that is based on purely commercial considerations rather than the public interest.

Clifton Watcher said...

Whilst Manning is at it, he can fix another drainage issue at Clifton Cottages Captain Cook Highway, Clifton. Another Sno and Kevin approval in the mid 2000s.

This time, because of the overdevelopment of the site, there was no room for drainage apparently and the site has no storm water connection.

Hard to believe but true. Instead they have a number of sumps (read holes in the ground with rocks). As the soil underneath is mostly clay, come wet season, the sumps fill up and overflow causing massive flooding of downstairs units and neighbour's backyards.

CRC solution (some smart arsed engineer by the name of Rankine), cheerfully suggested to adjoining residents that they spend up to $40,000 to build a wall to block the water onto the Clifton Cottages property. Another hard to believe but true story!!!!!

At least one resident had to resort to this strategy after failing to get the CRC to fix the problem and they literally were getting a 1m of water in their backyard come rain.

We hear that many of the units at Clifton Cottages are full of white ants.


Another Clifton resident said...

And while council are about it, they could get hold of the Clifton Views Body Corporate and have them clean up the creek - sorry drainage easement - as the Body Corp are required to maintain this area as per their development approval. The residents can thank theirlucky stars that we have not had a wet season this year, otherwise the drainage easement would be flowing through their units.