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22 March 2013


The uptick in Chinese visitors to Cairns, who tend to travel in "organised" groups, has seen an influx of tour buses around the CBD trying to stop and/or park.  During the Grafton Street closure at Chinese New Year in fact saw one fistfight between a coach driver and a tradie ute illegally parked in a marked coach parking area.  An area that parking rangers ignore.

Despite repeated complaints voiced directly to vice mayor Terry James, parking rangers have told CBD merchants that enforcement activities have been cut-back by our Bob "Sleepy" Manning "zero tolerance" council.  There are also indications that some streets are being given the "soft touch" as political payback to some merchants.

Several CBD areas in particular exhibit the chaos that this council is doing nothing to address.  One of these areas is around the courthouse and state office buildings on Sheridan Street.  These buildings, like all state projects, are exempt from meeting local standards - which means that the ALP government that built these projects stuck hundreds of employees in this area with virtually no parking available.  The LNP is continuing with this fine tradition, BTW.  To address this shortfall, Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning touted the expansion of the parking station on Hartley Street, at a cost of over $200,000, as one of their first projects.


It's an abject failure.  On a daily basis, this huge expansion sits empty, while people desperate to avoid paid parking jam up neighbourhood streets that have no regulations, and empty roadside allotments
As any sensible city planner knows, successful parking strategies require three things.  A "carrot"-reasonably priced parking around the CBD perimeter, with higher-priced parking in the core.  A "stick"-strict aggressive enforcement of meter violations, merchants and staff who abuse short-term parking by space-hopping, and keeping special zones clear of miscreants.  And the third?  A well-run, free circulator bus system to move people around the CBD without their cars.

None of this is being done by this council, despite even most recent consultant reports giving the the hint.  Instead we have a mayor setting no policy direction, and staff demoralised and ignored.
The hospital area is another chaotic area.  Hospital workers, hospital tradies, and other long-term parkers are filling the street-side spaces.  So much so that the oceanside carpark (a patently illegal car park which will become parkland after the hospital construction is finished) routinely has the public parking on the parkland itself!  
And Manning has directed NO enforcement of this area be done.  This has pushed the elderly and others trying to access their doctor's office into untenable situations.  And hospital-area parking shortfalls are going to get even more impossible as we await the plans for the so-called Cairns Aquarium, which is proposed for what is clearly a too-small site adjacent to the Novotel Bat Sanctuary.  Insiders at council have sighted plans short 150 spaces - more cars to be shoved into the streets, damaging CBD traders who's customers need convenient street parking to survive.

With even Martin Tenni today blasting Mayor Manning for council workers that are liars and ratbags, it would be interesting to find out what service cuts are being made by the "razor gang" and their $5 Million cut in services - cuts that Council refuse to detail to the public.


Jan from Kewarra said...

If a worker works full time and wants to use the new Hartly street extended parking area, it will cost $20 per week or $1040 per year.

I don't know anyone who can afford a thousand dollars a year for parking!! How obsurd??

Before Christmas, motorists were happy to pay $2 for outdoor parking. In January, the fees went up 100% to $4.00.

Motorists are voting against this increased fee by parking for free in nearby streets!! After all, if we are going to pay $4 we would all go and park undercover in the convention centre!

A silly decision by a silly Council!

Anonymous said...

Val Schier's Entertainment Precinct included funding for a multi storey car park on the old Post Office site, and Manning of course gave the money for this back to Newman when he was elected. Fool!

KitchenSlut said...

Parking around the hospital has never been worse and continues to deteriorate. Parking fees do make a difference and a big surge was noted some years ago when the Major (third degree) Burns council hiked parking fees which then led to CBD workers parking further from town and walking to work so competing with the hospital area for free space.

As a resident in the area council officers have responded to recent calls and promptly ticketed vehicles parked dangerously for traffic and restricting access to properties!

A sleeper is the current Esplanade tennis courts. Hillbilly has noted that the status of the Esplanade trust lands, however the tennis courts are a separate land parcel. Major Burns was opposed to lease renewal in 2007 but after lobbying a 10yr lease was subsequently renewed.

Perhaps Raj can convince council to put a netball court there rather than a carpark? Watch that space!

Tony Hillier said...

With due deference to the immortal Joni Mitchell:-

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
With a decaying theatre, an aquarium and a free wi-fi spot

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They dumped Mayor Val for Manning's clueless lot

They took all the trees and put up a parking lot
Then they charged the people four dollars
just to park in 'em

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They dumped Mayor Val for Manning's clueless lot

Late last night the screen door slam
And a black & white taxi took away the old man

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They dumped Mayor Val for Manning's clueless lot
( chorus (x 3 followed by raucous laughter)

Hoof Hearted said...

Bullocks to you HBW. All this parking mess occurred when the Schier lead dysfunctional council allowed Cairns Central to charge for parking. Until that happened there was no problem.

Anonymous said...

After hearing that fool Raj on frenzies lnp show the sooner he leaves town the better Cairns will be

jim-bob jnr said...

Yeah what's Manning doing about the multi storey carpark on the old Post Office site? NOTHING. Like he's doing fuck all about anything, just mumbling away while having his ego stroked by old aunty Mackenzie on his crap show. What's the betting he passes it all on to the next mayor like hes obviously going to do with the performing arts theatre? Hes a lazy sly lying bastard.

JETHRO said...

I think parking around the entire CBD has continued to deteriorate yet Manning is oblivious to it all. The Cairns Post wont take him to task and Mackenzie fawns and slobbers all over him when hes on his show. Wonder if the city is going to have enough parking space when the G20 is on? Dont suppose any of the CRC councillors have thought about that yet.

Bus.Op. said...

HoofHearted, no bastard could ever get a park at Cairns Central when all the office workers around the CBD parked there all day, every day, for free. You reckon that was fair on the traders at Cairns Central and the public??
Val Schier's Council had planned and obtained the funding for the multi story car park at the old Australia Post site, when Manning and his Unity Team knocked it all back. Dont forget that.

Anonymous said...

The answer is not more parking, it's getting people onto bikes and buses. The Lake St buses running through the centre will mean buses from the Southern suburbs will finish near the hospital, northern suburbs buses will finish somewhere near the Council office area. This will solve the supposed need for a circulatory bus also as everything will be within a 200-300m walk of all bus routes, north and south. Rather than park on the periphery of the CBD, walk to the bus stop and catch the bus. Cities are not made to be parked in. The more the CBD grows, the more congested the roads and the less parking spaces should be available. It's the way of all modern cities and the way Cairns should be headed.

CBD Warrior said...

Say Mr. Hoof Hearted,

Are you saying that a council and order a private landowner to provide "free parking" to all comers? You do recognise we live in a (sometimes very marginal) democracy, and not a dictatorship?

Quite a stretch to continue to go after Mayor Schier.

jim cavill said...

mm cost on parking ,,if you want the privilege of driving one way in an out the city to work and not use the car for 8 hours our so pay for it or get the bus may that get us better service from demand

ruby said...

Love your songs, Tony. I particularly liked someone's version of "Minnie the Moocher" viz:
"He's a sook, sook, sookie
neener neener neener"
LOL, I forget the rest. I think it was about King.

Vi L. Schumm said...

Don't worry about car parking at the hospital. Telephone surveys indicate that the State Government is planning to privatise the hospitals, along with other services. That way, only the wealthy will be able to afford to go to to hospital, and they can have their chauffeurs drop them off! And this from a Government that rode to power opposing privatisation.

Bob R. said...

Only the very stupid would have believed the LNP oppose privatisation. One of their core beliefs is "USER PAYS". Read history, read the old Hansards and read where the Conservative Partys have always opposed government ownership and control which is called SOCIALISM. The LNP is opposed to socialism! Our free hospital scheme is on its last legs, thanks to the idiocy of the Queensland voter.

Anonymous said...

You're right Vi L. Schumm. The LNP have already started privatising Queensland's hospitals, with two underway at the moment. Give it a few years and no-one will bother about parking spaces around the hospital. It will be surrounded by a high fence and stationed with numerous security guards to keep the poor out. The nurses and doctors brought over from the Phillipines or India will all take buses into the hospital because they won't be able to afford individual cars. The rich will be able to get their chauffeurs to park their limos, be helped into motorised wheelchairs and be assisted into the hospital. Some will probably take their own private chefs into the hospital with them, as well as their own personal trainer, make-up artist etc. There will be plenty of spare rooms for the servants to sleep in once the riff-raff no longer can afford medical care. It will be like a "home away from home" only broken by the sound of cries when the security guards occasionally shoot some riffraff trying to get medical help.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hoof Hearted and for those that don't get it...Who farted...its' Bollocks you moron and another thing...Far Cough...

Hoof Hearted said...

I love it Anonymous 17:49. I can't wait till Campbell privatises the police force. Then we will get real protection from the riff-raff. Bring it on LNP!

Anonymous said...

Then, like the Joh days, we WILL have the best police force money can buy anon. 10:49 You're right, we will have protection from riff raff. As long as they get their brown paper bags in time.

Whale oil beef hooked! said...

Hey anonymous 09:37 l love it "far cough"- haha.

Car Park Watcher said...

New addition to the new car park off Hartly street.

A new street light has gone in with a wind turbine on top and a solar panel.

How much did that cost and do the Council realise that no one (and I mean no one) has parked in that car park for at least 6 weeks now!!!

It the car park you have when you have no cars!!!!