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12 March 2013


 With Douglas now gone (as predicted here weeks before), along with Karin "Pearl Necklace" Pollard and her macaw-like singing, ratepayers are faced with being dudded in both locations by shifty politicians.

Cairns Non-Regional Councillors are paid based on a "tribunal", established by politicians, to ensure other politicians get pay raises like clockwork - no matter what the financial condition of the country.  It's a neat scam, with everyone passing the responsibility to others, with our Mayor and council then saying "we're just doing what the tribunal has ordered".

In 2004, Cairns City councillors were paid 50% of the salary paid to a member of the Queensland Parliament.  About $51,000 per year.  After amalgamation, councillors were given an amalgamation loading (i.e. "gift") because of all the extra work STAFF had to do.  Former Mayor Schier set a good example by rejecting automatic pay rises during her tenure. An example that no other pollie in Cairns has taken up.

Plus the usual other pollie perks - cars for some, an extra percentage for travel (does your employer pay your travel costs?), computers, mobile phones, regular phones, etc.  We all know the drill.  To which Council says:

  • These perks are justified by the Council in their "Principals for Remuneration" statement.  It says "Cairns Non-Regional Council Elected Members are called upon by the demand of their office to attend civic duties requiring a commitment on their time equivalent, or average, to at least standard working hours".
  • "The Council considers that the calling of local government councillors requires, by its very nature, extensive evening and weekend work. . "
  • "Cairns Non-Regional Council Elected Members are called upon by the demands of their office to attend to civic duties on up to a full-time basis"

We wonder how this squares with the voluminous reports of community meetings where this current council refuses to send anyone out to the community.  Virtually all of the current DisUnity Team have been "missing in action" at community events - this includes the Mayor, who's been ordered by Mrs. Mayor not to attend any Sunday functions so that he could mow the yard.

Next time you have a Neighbourhood Watch meeting and Jessie Richardson or Greg Fennel don't appear, ask them why they're taking this level of "full time" consultation when they're not meeting the Principals of their remuneration.

The current Cairns Non-Regional Councillor is being paid over $91,000 per year - with no indication that this will be reduced as the duties are lessened with the de-amalgamation.   

Have you had a 56% increase in your salary over nine years?  Of course you haven't!  In Cairns, the average wage has increased only 27% in this same period.  It's no wonder we've got marginal car salesman, with no community experience, putting their hand up for a ratepayer job with short hours and guaranteed raises. 

Other costs are going to be incurred by the Cairns ratepayer for allowing the Douglas dilettantes out of our Council (a temporary change, we're quite sure).  Just the changes in signage and letterhead is going to cost a bloody fortune - costs that should be born by the Newman government.  

We would advise however that all the replaced Cairns Regional Council materials be held in storage for when the ratepayers in Douglas scream "uncle".


Anon No. 4 said...

I understand that some of these parasites also work regular jobs. Name them and their salaries, please.

Anonymous said...

The LNP have just re-created a new shire in Douglas. Smaller in population than one division in CRC and it will have a mayor and how many councillors?

Anonymous said...

So the CRC puts up a sham argument against airconditioning one of the most popular arts venues in Cairns with a ridiculous cost of 2.2 million, the Cairns Civic Theatre is apparently embroiled in a battle for appropriate funding also(well worth investigating Hillbilly) thanks to this neanderthal DisUnity Council. Cairns continues its march backwards while down the road Townsville continues to surge forward as the state's northern capital using the funding lost by our local/state/federal government representatives. Maybe the Douglas de amalgamation makes more sense than we realised.

Anonymous said...

Buy in Douglas and run for office. Get on the gravy train early. No incumbent opposition, no expectations, juts high rates.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anonymous 15:41 ...

It's all the LNP's fault is it?

All the LNP did was allow the people of the ex-Dougals Shire to have a vote on whether they wanted their Shire back.

And guess what ... they did!

Democracy lives - hallelujah !!!

Bob R. said...

We should see the salary of the CRC Mayor and Councillors drop now that they will have less work after de-amalgamation. Funny how quiet they all are on it hey?

TAS said...

I think this plebiscite was allowed to take place by the state LNP government with the almost certain belief that it would result in a majority vote to remain unified. It hasn't. And the de-amalgamation of these councils by popular vote now makes their viability more tenuous than it was before amalgamation.
If/when these municipalities fail under the economic burden they will now face, it will not be enough to blame ratepayers for their ill-chosen decision. It's going to become a state government problem. It could have so easily been avoided.

Jethro said...

Crisafulli's comment in The Cairns Post, March 11...Page 5 is worthwhile remembering:-
"People made the decision to put their money where their hearts are."
If they don't understand what this means, then they sure as hell are going to find out.

Johnno Nixon said...

Well the "smart" winners have won nothing other than higher rates. They have shit in their own nest.

Anonymous said...

They have also shat in Pearl's nest, which gives me great pleasure.

Anonymous said...

You lot in Cairns have obviously got no friggin idea how much financial shit you are in...thank goodness we are getting our own shire back...and if it takes some short term financial pain it will be worth being away from the black hole of financial disaster you lot are in for. Maybe HBW or one of you should take a wee look at CRC financials! Oh, and did you know CRC are planning on hiring a senior financial GM for about 250 K per annum...councillor salaries pale into insignificance!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 21.17 The Cairns Regional Council was travelling really well under the Management of Val even though we had to pay plenty to fix up your water scheme. When the Hillbillies voted Val out of Office the CRC debt was a meagre $2 million after heaps had been spent in the old Douglas Shire. It would be interesting to see what the CRC debt is now but I suspect the debt in the new reconstituted Douglas Shire will be even worse. I hope you and your fellow Hillbillies enjoy paying it off.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:31...I suggest you take a peek at some annual reports...they are all public documents readily available on the CRC web site. CRC debt was 58 million at the time of amalgamation...it is now around 92 million. I don't think even the most stupid of commentators can blame the additional 34 million on the Douglas Shire!

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:31 please go have a read of some annual reports. They are all public documents and readily available on the CRC web site. Cairns debt was $58 million in 2008 at the time of amalgamation. It is now somewhere in the region of $92 million. Even the most informed of commentators on this blog would be hard pushed trying to attribute the increase of $34 million to Douglas.

Anonymous said...

Its not right about a CRC payrise,I asked Cr Rob Pyne and he said there has been no pay rise and his pay has actually gone down