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14 March 2013


Prime Minister Julia Gillard stupidly announced the next election for the 14th of September, giving away what most believed was a key advantage the government has over an opposition.  So of course we're now seeing the candidate slates filled-out.  And like it or not, campaigning American-style is underway.

The FNQ Greens announced their new candidate for loser in the seat of Leichhardt.  Cynical?  They don't even bother nominating someone with a snowball's chance in hell, which seems odd in this environment where any reasonable off-party candidate might be just what Cairns needs.  Think of the attention Cairns would get from the government-of-the-day if we had an Andrew Wilkie or Tony Windsor instead of our Member for Blogs Warren Entsch!  

The Greens candidate is Johanna Kloot, a typical greenie hippie societal dropout from Bramston Beach.   She has a raft of comments and commentary on her Facebook Page - nothing about the Cairns area, but all just repeated Green Party bullshit. 

And in a close campaign, a proper candidate for Leichhardt from the Greens could help tip the seat to the Labor party.  So they've pissed away a second chance by preselecting a cipher.

Why do the Greens waste our time?  It's disrespectful to Cairns voters, and makes the Green Party all the more irrelevant.  They throw this woman at the community as a candidate who has NO record of any community engagement and NO record of public participation, and then expect anyone to vote for her?  She likes traveling with her dogs.  Big fucking deal.  It's a joke.  

What kind of idiot would vote for her?  Oh, sorry.  Yup.  A Green.


TAS said...

You're missing the point HBW. No one votes for the Greens in Leichardt in the expectation that they will win, they vote to give their first preference a message of where their vote came from. As for the 'suitability' of the candidate you complain of, how many people do you think are queuing up to run an unwinnable contest for the Greens? I would have thought that the fact that this candidate has offered her considerable time to contest the unwinnable speaks volumes for her commitment. Could you envisage the lazy Enstch with that level of commitment? Not even in office.

Anonymous said...

An amazing thing happened on 4 CA today. MacKenzie told "Bill from Brinsmead" to shove it and hung up on him. Now Bill is a particularly virulent character whose nasty rants have been tolerated and encouraged by MacKenzie for years. His attacks on Val Schier were exceptionally nasty and he must be one of the rudest persons in the Far North. A lot of his stuff is borderline racist and misogynist, all tolerated by a sniggering MacKenzie. So how did Bill transgress today ? Well, he has been complaining about King's performance for a while and he was at it again today. King cannot handle criticism and obviously MacKenzie has been told that on-air criticism is no longer allowed. Now if he applied the same standard to his other regular callers. a blissful silence would descend.

Good Bye Greens said...

How could anyone vote for a party led by Christine Milne
The party is full of loonies and left wing nut jobs. Have a look at their national policies. Basically no one will have a job and we will all live off the Government.
They are heading for a bigger wipeout than the ALP

Anonymous said...

The greens won't exist after the next federal election. Not many will vote labour and the libs/nats will have a landslide win as a result of a dummy spit from the voting illiterate,i.e. about 90% of the population who remain to this day better off than the rest of the world thanks to policy,good or bad.If you think Newman was cruel with his sackings wait until Abbott gets into federal public servants.There are hundreds of thousands of them.If Abbott doesn't get his way with the senate and the scrapping of labour's policies we will back to the polls by January for a double dissolution election.

Anonymous said...

The Far North Greens were poisoned over the last decade by some very boring middle-aged whitefellas who lived for praise from the local ALP. You could see them every Labour Day looking for head pats.

A key strategy from this couple was to kick out anyone who wanted a branch meeting, or who wanted decisions made democratically. That’s why most candidates have been the calibre of last year’s candidate for Mulgrave.

The sad fact is that in 2012, a properly managed Greens campaign (commenced in mid-2011) could have seen the Greens win (yes WIN) Cairns and Barron River, just as Leichhardt could have been won in the election coming up. It would have taken nous, heart, and hard work but the Far North Greens seem to prefer gossip and conflict instead.

That’s why they have such a lacklustre candidate, and their primary vote will go backwards on September 14. It’s like the old Breakfast Creek Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight (Queensland Labor in the 70s). They might not win an election, but the mediocrities in charge ruled the puddle.

74 said...

Anonymous 12.25 the double dissolution could work nicely... If TA wins in September, JG would likely cease to be leader (working on the theory that talk of spills is NewsCorpse hoping). With a less disliked ALP leader, TA may have a very short reign if he goes for the DD.

Personally I haven't decided if I will stick with my recent pattern of doing exactly as mentioned in the first comment - Green 1, ALP 2, in order to guide Labor to the left.

Anonymous said...

fucken hell she( johanna ) looks like she has balls.

TAS said...

As you are moderating this site HBW, could I suggest the (16:15) comment above would have been better straight to the trash. A stupid remark which adds neither information nor humour to the debate.

Ivor said...

Give her a go HBW,shes threw her hat in the ring.
If you had the guts you'd do the same instead of sniping from the sideline

Anonymous said...

I agree with TAS above. Not sure whether the comment is misogynist or transphobic but it is certainly irrelevant, stupid and nasty. Surely if primary school students are allowed to comment on the blog they should still be kept to at least a Grade 3 level of intellect?