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28 March 2013


What was it that dropped out of the Cairns Post this morning?

A nice, 26 page booklet - the "Events Guide".


Seeing that the FNQ hillbillies in Cairns now are NEVER going to do anything about a new theater, they've rushed into the breach promoting all the events they'll be having in THEIR theatre(s)!

So what's happened to the Unity Team's PROMISE to quickly move forward on an alternative plan after their campaign of lies and hatred for the previous, completely funded proposal?

•  Bob "Sleepy" Manning has been sitting on the report - finding out that his "alternative site" and scaling back has resulted in no cost savings - in fact a blowout to $150 Million!  
•  The Cairns Non-Regional Council has removed the head of the current Civic Theater, and gutted all marketing funding.  This means that no one is out actively soliciting shows for our community which is already resulting in long dark periods in the theater.
•  We are instead planning on two new sporting stadiums despite having no professional teams.

Bob Manning and his collection of dimwits tore up contracts for a new theater, and $100M in funding, on a whim and now have no clue of how to recover any shred of dignity for Cairns.  

And on the CBD upgrade funding, Manning confirmed last week that any proposed works won't be done in time for the G-20 Finance Minister's Conference, but joked "maybe we'll have the work started so that they can see SOMETHING is happening here".

Bob, you're a fuckwit.

And with the media abandoning any pretense of being "local" to Cairns - the Cairns Post now clearly being run from Townsville, and even last night's "Seven Local News" report on the Cairns flying foxes being done by a reporter standing up IN TOWNSVILLE, is no one minding the store???

More soon. . . .


Anonymous said...

Must be something to do with the CP's current "We're for Cairns" promotion http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2013/03/25/240529_local-news.html "that aims to shine the light on what makes our city and the Far North so great"

So I guess that the best thing about Cairns these days is that it's not far to drive to a real city that's on the move - Townsville.

Tony Hillier said...

The Post, as always, has got it back-to-front. It should be shining a light on what's wrong with our city ... and that starts with a pathetically ineffectual and visionless local council. Mind you, I hear morale among the staff left in the ivory tower in Abbott Street is at an all-time low. That's hardly surprisingly, given that it is virtually the Townsville Times these days!

Anonymous said...

Tony. Pathetically ineffectual and visionless local council, not a truer word said.

BOB R. said...

Manning never had any intention of building a new performing arts theatre. At the end of his term he will hand it over to the incoming Council like a poison chalice knowing full well that it will AGAIN be used as a political weapon against any Council which dares to go ahead and build one. The antagonists will of course be the LNP as they were when the Crathern Council built the first Civic Theatre in 1972 and the Schier Council tried to build the Entertainment Precinct in 2011/2012. So I predict it will be all on again if any Labor type Council decide to go ahead and build one.

jim-bob snr said...

It won't be long before the whinging and whining starts. "Townsville gets everything, we get NUTHIN." I agree with Bob R. above. Manning has no intention of doing anything, but if there is a change of Council next election, what's the betting the pressure will be put on the incoming Mayor to "do something about the Civic Theatre!" It's going to be on again. And what's the betting that Mackenzie will be leading the charge?

Alison Alloway said...

Angela Lansbury is starring in "Driving Miss Daisy" the stage show in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this year. Also "King Kong" the animatronic musical is also showing in the capital cities. Thanks to King, Manning, Mackenzie and the LNP, we don't have a hope of ever seeing anything like these, here in Cairns, not for a very long time.