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15 March 2013


Closed and locked rooms.  Fancy dress guards.  Secret ballots and palace intrigue.

Yesterday, two secret societies used a closed, undemocratic system to elect leaders that will have impact on two of the biggest populations in the world - a total of almost 2.6 BILLION people.  

There are striking similarities, and dramatic differences.  But both can wield enormous power, and both can impact on Australia's future.


Lots of fancy uniforms and ceremony

Elected in secret by a bunch of unaccountable old men

Elected to govern in secret with little accountability

Lives locked up with all appearances rigidly controlled

Expensive tailored clothing and terrific hats

Most used word - "Amen"

Unarmed Swiss Guards 

Has long open history of wonderful relationship 
with his people

After election, is greeted in St. Peter's Square by over a million screaming and cheering people to whom he speaks

Has little influence or impact on economy of 
Australia and Cairns


Lots of fancy uniforms and ceremony

Elected in secret by a bunch of unaccountable old men, and a few token women

Elected to govern in secret with little accountability

Lives locked up with all appearances tightly controlled

Expensive tailored clothing and the highest use of 
black hair dye in the world

Most favourite word - "guanxi" (关系)

3 million troops, plus ships, planes, and nuclear weapons 
at his disposal

Has secret history in party and no associations with 
"regular" people

After election, only people in Tiananmen Square are police keeping people away - speaks to no one

XI JINPING is the most important person to the Australian and Cairns economy - More than any Prime Minister, Wayne Swan, or even Clive Palmer

Think about it.


Anonymous said...

That's got me worried. But surely Xi Jinpin couldn't damage the Cairns economy as effectively as Manning and King already have?

Anonymous said...

China, with almost religious fervour has already made huge inroads into our country, buying into sugar mills, grazing properties and mining interests. Eventually they will be able to cut out the 'middle man' completely. One very small plus is at least our new economic overlords don't peddle religious extremism from either side.

Seer said...

3 million ships! Where do they park them all?

HBW for Pope.

Anonymous said...

Its called being paranoid, pass me the bong.

King Gavvy said...

Freaks and weirdos the lot of them.

Johnno Nixon said...

So are you suggesting a billion + Catholics vote for their leader and what's the connection with ratbag NK.?

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be anywhere on earth that has more public financed bludgers per square metre than the vatican city.

Anonymous said...

Who said the Chinese aren't taking over Australia.Staff at the Shangri-La,right here in Cairns are about to have to sign in each day with their fingerprints on a pad.Those that don't want to participate in this wide spread practice in China can find alternative employment.I hope there is a document management sign that says the prints will be destroyed when the employee leaves the job.

Anonymous said...

There has been finger print sign in
at Woolworths Earlville for at least 10 years! Woolworths never destroy the finger prints. They keep them on file even after you leave the company. They are the property of Woolworths.

Bob R. said...

Im sick and tired of hearing Cairns people after returning from a tourist trip of China declare excitedly, "Oh, they are JUST LIKE us now, exactly like us!" Goes to demonstrate that there are fuckwits out there who equate consumerism with democracy. More proof our democracy is weakening because people with the intelligence of dog turds don't understand what it is apart from buying coke, cheap shoes, CDs and stuffing your stomach. Bloody sad.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaay Anonymous 11.26? You bet Xi Jinpin can fuck the Cairtns economy, big time. China has the worlds largest population of multi drug resistant tuberculosis sufferers. Yet here we are falling over our feet ready to lick the feet and arses of Chinese tourists, developers, investors, backpackers and what have you with no-one in government worried about t.b.

ruby said...

Consumerism is destroying our society. Every time I go through the big shopping centres I see warehouses ful of cheap, tacky goods. Shops full of cheap clothing, junky shoes, and knick knacks and I think of how the Chinese are seducing us into surrendering our sovereignity in much the same way we whites seduced the indigenous peoples with beads and mirrors over two hundred years ago.

Anonymous said...

Ruby most of the time i like reading your crap, but here you go on how we white Aussies caused the Aboriginal to except us, but what you are doing by saying the rubbish that you have written is that they didn't have the brains not to buy what we were selling.