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19 April 2013


John MacKenzie.  We all know and loathe him.  He's been known to say the the most mysoginstic and bigoted things on the radio, and still he's allowed to speak on the public airwaves.

He's finally gone too far today.

While talking about the "Crocodile Crisis", for some reason he's gone on a rant against our Asian tourist visitors.  

MacKenzie (9:44 AM) 

"OUR lives are precious, we've got to see it that way, we can't fall back to that - - - The situation you see in some Asian countries, obviously human life does not have such a value as we put on it here". . .

Which Asian countries do you refer, you racist scumbag?  A crocodile attack on a Chinese, or Japanese, or Malaysian tourist isn't cause for croc removal, but our little Aussie kids are precious??  Maybe they'd like to send THEIR little yellow kids up here to be food for our crocs, eh?  They don't mind, "THEY DON'T VALUE HUMAN LIFE LIKE WE DO"! 

What about what MacKenzie calls our "little Aussie ratbags" from the "communities" that are stealing "our" cars and breaking into "our" homes.  We know the code words, Macca.    

It isn't the crocs or bad restaurant service killing Cairns' Asian tourism business.  It's our racist talk show fueling and excusing our local bigots.  This isn't good for business -- when do community leaders stand up against such vile depiction of our Cairns community??? 

Complaints should go to:  mediawatch@your.abc.net.au   



当地一名议员的议会和贸易,Member for MacKenzie Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King 的助理部长,对中国人的仇恨和恶心的意见。他称为中国的“畸形和变态”,并鼓励社会各界拒绝购买中国食品,呼吁他们“食之无味,是不道德的和令人厌恶的”。



凯恩斯欢迎您 中国人 畸形和变态

(Chinese language courtesy Cairns Post Chinese "Word of the Day")


Anonymous said...

Remind me again how many people have been taken by crocs?? Maybe we close all the beaches to those dumb asian tourists coz if they manage to survive the sharks and stingers they will only drown anyway. Who needs tourists?? Maybe John can join the LNP as they are running short of shit for brains candidates as they all steadily self destruct & disappear up their own asses.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone has lodged a complaint to the relevant broadcasting authorities. Not that they will respond. But with enough public pressure they might.

Anonymous said...

I always figured this fool would eventually stuff up, and here we have it! He needs sacking now, no more excuses! I visit Townsville regularly and you don't get this vile behaviour from their talk back host. You get local stuff of course and politicians from across the spectrum on air for proper community consultation. HBW, please set up an online petition to get this piece of scum kicked off the airwaves for good. Our tourist industry should be very concerned about what was said today, and demand Mackenzie's balls on a platter.

Anonymous said...

What a croc of sh!t he said on air.

Gary Russell said...

Thankfully in Victoria we do not have to be subjected to Redneck Radio.

You would have to feel shame wouldn't you, if you were and nobody did anything about it.

Anonymous said...

This was the same show where a caller said today that Trouty was "the nigger" in the woodpile. Now I am not overly "politically correct", but I think it is downright insensitive and wrong to use this type of expression on radio. Like Martin "brown bag" Tenni's"working like a nigger" comment.

This crocodile hysteria is getting out of hand. it seems Maccas and his mates are almost wishing for a child to be taken to prove their point.

Do you want to make some sort of political statement without any evidence to back it up. Just say ; " a child might get hurt " and no one will dare to argue with you.

The loathsome Pearl rang yesterday to report that she had spotted a croc at Wangatti, about 50 metres from the beach. She was walking her dog. Crocs are attracted by dogs. Most locals know this.

In today's chat with sleepy Bob this had escalated. She now had narrowly escaped a croc attack ! Thanks God she was not walking on the beach with a small child. The croc would surely have robbed and raped Pearl, before devouring the child.

Anonymous said...

what else could you expect from that piece of crap frenzie mackenzie the lnp are imploding just look at driscoll and the rest of that mob joh days here we go again

Anonymous said...

The only piece of crap is this so called translation that this blog is not prepared too publish.
I'll try again ... please publish to allow some balance.

(So-called "translation" deleted - you can't just run Chinese thru Google Translate and expect to get a proper translation).


Johnno Nixon said...

I reckon this LNP Talkback Radio Show is great. Mackenzie gets his 6 regulars on rotation with their pre-arranged shit to go on about. Then there are the big shots like Wazza sounding half pissed and Gav always blaming the previous Gov, for everything bloody thing he can think of. Bit of a laugh really.

Tony Hillier said...

Mackenzie's rhetoric is illogical and totally offensive. It belongs to a bygone and unlamented era of ockerism and general red-necked toxicity. He is a profound embarrassment to all intelligent Cairns residents, and should be taken off the airwaves before he does the region any more damage.

Second Anonymous said...

Er, Johnno - I don't think he is half pissed - he is just old, spitty and overweight and should think about retiring...again. Freebody could take his place and could share a flat in Canberra with his mate, soon to be Senator, Barry O'Sullivan.

TAS said...

Here is an interesting analysis on where the print media - and that's primarily Murdoch - is going.
Mckenzie and his nasty racist little show is all but dead, and The Cairns Post is not far behind him.
Bring it on!

Bob R. said...

ROFL Second Anonymous. Freebody sharing a flat with O'Sullivan, ROFL. Hehehehehe.

Sir Cus. said...

Agree Johnno a joke at best, embarrassing biased heap of crap at worst.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Channel 7 showing his grossly deformed head on TV. He must be cheap, that's all I can think & nobody watches evening local news in Cairns anyway they are just fulfilling their obligation to producing local content. Channel 7: Get someone, anyone to replace this ugly, racist, pee-brained, dipshit, arsehole, fuckwit quickly.

Yarrum said...

Let us hope that the LNP has more sense than to send O'Sulliuvan to the Senate. To do so would make Caligula's appointment of his horse as a Consul more rational by comparison!


Anonymous said...

Kuranda Resort under siege. Some comments have come from down the range to our crime free city that the two guests of the Kuranda Boot Resort used knifepoint to escape the luxurious reward over the weekend. They fled by stealing a car.

holdthemtoaccount2012 said...

Complaint and suggestions sent to media watch @ ABC, now to see what fallout or response is forthcoming.
Not holding my breath though.

bundahberg said...

You know what? He is right.

In fact, statistics can put specific dollar values on human life.

VSL stands for Value of Statistical Life, and represents how much money people will pay to save 1 persons life.

In Malaysia, for example, its an average 610,000 dollars.
Whereas in Australia its 2.6 million dollaars.

The science is clear.

Anonymous said...

stuff frenzy he is like cando, no he is a carnt