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27 April 2013


There has been widespread criticism directed at many of the new Cairns Non-Regional Councillors, who've shown little interest in public opinion on issues like the CBD overhaul.  The LNP stumped up two candidates who've shown loyalty only to their LNP masters in Brisbane.  And the federal party has a leader who thinks Australia ends at Rockhampton and a local member who failed at getting any projects across the line when the Howard government was flush with cash.  His chance in a new Coalition government?  

Which leads us to Councillor John Schilling's appearance on the Cueball hour this past Friday.

The first called was Raj Patel, who argued that the CBD upgrades should be paid for by the CBD traders in higher rates!  His idiotic argument?  That the upgrade will force property values up "thru the roof".  As many of the CBD properties are in fact charging rents higher than areas of Sydney or Melbourne, even if this DID occur, the properties would be paying higher rates as a result of higher valuations.  And then either way, the property owners (many of whom are non-Cairns-based investors happy to use negative gearing to keep their buildings empty) will pass everything on to the businesses and then on to the shoppers and tourists.  Who leave Cairns and tell everyone horror stories of overpriced restaurants and shops now.


But ol' John Schilling, he's got his hat a little too tight apparently.  His response to this idiot?  "It's something we certainly can investigate, we're going to that sort of phase of the budget at the moment, we're looking at the rates across council, and we're certainly trying to keep rates down to the minimum we can, but it's something I'll put to our rates people and see what they can come up with . . .we may need to look at a special levy or something in that area."

I think that's called killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, Schilling.  

Residents right around the city are noticing that council services are in steep decline.  A caller from Gordonvale confronted Schilling with Manning Council policy that's decreased mowing of parkland to  six weeks or more from the previous standard.  Schilling played dumb.  The Bruce and Cook Highways have seen contract terms changed with decreased mowing on those highways as well, to the shock of tourists.  Neighbourhoods right around the city have illegal squatters, cars for sale crowd the roundabouts and roadside verges. Parking chaos in the CBD ensues, new areas of town don't get bus shelters built or park amenities installed.   We're told that the ALP governments have spent too much money and now we've got to cut back, with Bob "Sleepy" Manning boasting that "big cuts" are being made in the budget.

Curiously, John Schilling then "spilled the beans" on the Manning Council fiscal policy.  For those who thought they were voting for lower rates and fiscal discipline, John Schilling sets us all straight:

"We're already looking to be about $2.5, $2.7 million (in savings) ahead of where they thought - rather than the $5M that we saved we've got another $2.6, $2.7M, I think that we look like we've saved.  NOW OBVIOUSLY THAT'S MONEY THAT WE CAN SPEND IN OTHER AREAS IN THE NEXT FINANCIAL YEAR"

So like Campbell Newman, this has nothing to do with saving
money for the taxpayer.  It's just a different group of charlatans who kill off one set of programs, only to start up a different set, greasing a different set of palms with taxpayer money.  Someone asked "what happened to the $38M promised to the Cairns CBD Upgrade"?  Newman's spent it on a $1 Billion dollar new state office building in the Brisbane CBD.

And as John Schilling is all too happy to confirm, we've killed off a replacement theater, cut back on a whole basket of council-provided services - not to lower rates, but to allow the (dis)Unity team to splash the money in a different direction despite attacks on previous council of a budget deficit (that Bob Manning has expanded, not diminished).  Frankly, there aren't any politicians that are going to stop digging ever deeper into our wallets.  

So you tell me - what's the fucking difference between the political parties?  We all still cop it sweet, despite whatever party is running the show! The political ideology is now all the same - spend, spend, spend!

(Schilling still claims to be owner/director of Mac Constructions (NQ), but the QBSA shows the actual company name to be different altogether.  According to the records he's continued to act as a contractor while getting a big pay packet from the ratepayers as a full-time councillor.)


Ed in Edge Hill said...

Sadly, while I disagree with much of what is written here, you're right on target today. I too thought that electing Bob Manning and his team would mean fiscal responsibility. But it has been anything but responsible. The council budget is still in deficit, and they've given millions in "gifts" to developers who would have started these projects anyway. And millions more to build infrastructure that the developers should have done. At least with Val Schier we would have had a great new project, something to show for it. It's a pity we don't have the ability to recall elected officials like they can do in other democracies.

Anonymous said...

I am actually stunned that anyone seriously voted Bob Manning in thinking he would do anything fiscally responsible! Unfortunately, fiscal responsibility in Cairns (and Queensland) has equated to removing anything and everything of any possible value (in a community, health or well-being sense) from anyone that lives here. Along with consultation, fair-play, honesty, transparency or generally giving-a-shit about anyone.
The current council sucks ass and should be ashamed of themselves, but then of course they don't give a fuck about anyone anyway so they probably won't be ashamed.

ruby said...

So old Bob is going back to the State Government AND the Federal Government with an "innovative strategy" which he is keeping "tight lipped" about (Cairns Post 25/4/2013) for funding for the CBD make-over.
Yet further on in the article it goes, "Cairns MP Gavin King yesterday said the Newman Government's coffers may not be flush enough to fund more of the CBD upgrade than the $5 MILLION it has already committed."

So, Manning won't get anything from Newman so what's he going to do?
The article in The Cairns Post tells us what Manning is going to do to get funding for the CBD..

"He said CRC would present the project to Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese when political leaders descend on Cairns in June....".

So...let's sum up what happened..

1. $38 million was given to the CRC in the State Budget for 2011/2012 by Anna Bligh after representations from Val Schier and Desley Boyle then Member for Cairns.
2. After his election and on 13/6/2012, King appears on the Mackenzie program saying there was no money and it was all a "figment of Anna Bligh's imagination."
3. Hillbilly Watch revealed a secret email between King, Manning and James dated 29/6/2012 in which King said:
"The $38 million that many people were concerned about losing is staying in FNQ." (SO KING LIED.)
He went on to say in the email, "$3 million would be given for Lake Street/City Place, and $32 million would be spent to improve flood immunity on two bridges on the Bruce Highway."
No more was heard about the $38 million after this until Manning pops up on 25/4/2013 as mentioned above.

So the money has been given back to the State Government, and now Manning is playing politics and going to the Federal Government.
I hope Albanese refuses and asks Manning what the hell happened to the $38 million given to the CRC by Anna Bligh.
We would all like to know where all these millions have disappeared to.

JETHRO said...

ruby, I think the $38 million has been grabbed by Gavin King, as evidenced by the "secret" email on 29/6/2012, (and which Hillbilly Watch published for us all to see), and returned to Campbell Newman, probably as an under the table deal of some sort. The $57.3 million of State funds for the Entertainment Precinct was also grabbed by King and sent back to Newman. I'm only guessing here, but King has demonstrated a grim determination to climb the greasy pole as high as he can go, so the "deal" I believe, was to deliberately curry favour with Newman with the goal of getting himself a nice cushy Ministerial portfolio. King wouldn't hesitate to shit all over Cairns in order to get ahead.
Manning has demonstrated he is as weak as piss and also doesn't have the interests of Cairns and region at heart.
Like yourself I hope Albanese asks Manning what happened to the $102.3million funded for the Entertainment Precinct and the $38 million funded by the State for the CBD upgrade and why should the Federal Government be asked to cough up when he has returned the State funding?
Manning would then be left up the proverbial shitters creek with nO paddle, which is exactly where he is right now with a new performing arts theatre.

Anonymous said...

With regular guests on the LNP Talkback Radio Show how come the host isn't asking all the above questions. The pre-arranged piss-ant ones by their regular stooges are getting a bit obvious and downright bloody stupid.

jim-bob jnr said...

I agree. Albanese would be wise to be very wary of what Manning would do with the $30 million he reckons would be used in upgrading the CBD. Manning has demonstrated he doesnt give a root what he does with government funding. The $30 million could well end up as a gift to Freebodys Water Park with Manning then gathering up the LNP to scream and rant that Julia doesn't give Cairns anything. We've seen them being outright dishonest over the Bligh funding of the $38 million for the CBD, we've heard Entsch telling lies about the funding for the Entertainment Precinct and frankly I wouldn't trust them at all with another $30 million. I mean how the fuck do we know for sure that the $38 million funded by the Bligh Government hasnt been bloody embezzled and squirreled away in some offshore bank account? Its all well and good to say the little man Newman in the Premiers seat has grabbed the money to build himself a towering stiffy dick of a building as a monument to his little man ego but how do we know for sure?
I reckon the LNP are shapeing this matter of funding for the CBD to be a Federal election issue.

Anonymous said...


KitchenSlut said...

Note: Re the comments by Poor Old Raj on a levy for CBD properties. Poor Old Raj has again Googled an irrelevant factoid and posted this time a special levy by Coffs Harbour Council to fund "CBD" works in Coffs.

Perhaps Raj should have opened the booklet that comes with his rates notice and observed that Commercial Cat D is a separate zone for Cairns inner city and already charges a higher rate. In fact higher relative to suburban commercial that Coffs Harbour!

Poor old Raj!

Anon No. 4 said...

Apologies for going totally off-topic, but on page 34 (food) of Cairns Eye, the Compost's freebie rag, they give up all pretence of being a local newspaper.

In the tear-sheet of the main pix, it is suggested that we all pop down to the local deli in Fortitude Valley to pick up our fungi.

And by the way, dickheads, fungi is a plural noun and therefore takes a plural verb.

Horrie said...

I agree with you jim-bob. I reckon Albanese should chuck old Bob the bird when he puts his hand out for $30 million for the CBD. After all old Bob dropped his duds and chucked Cairns and district his big brown eye over getting a new theatre. What'd he say, "My wife and I travel to Sydney and Brisbane to see shows." Yeah, fucken says it all doesnt it. And this selfish turd of a bastard reckons he is a Mayor?? No bloody wonder the Federal Government are going to give funding to Townsville for a new theatre. Anyway I reckon Manning has got Buckleys chance of getting any dough for the CBD. He's driven himself and Cairns right up shits creek with his stuffing and fluffing around.

Seth said...

The Manning Council can't be trusted with government funding thats for sure. They're not going to get anything off the Newman Government, not with Gavin King religiously supporting Campbell Newman and refusing to do his job which is lobbying for funding for the city. Not a bloody bean. Manning is only interested in playing politics and has no interest in the city, which is why he will never put pressure on King to do his job.This is why Manning has swung on his heels and is looking at the Federal Government. You can bet your life he is going to turn the funding for the CBD and theatre into federal political issues. In which case it wont matter what the Federal Government does because it would never be enough. Albanese should just refuse and give everything to Townsville. At least Townsville uses their funds.

Anonymous said...

So grandad Manning is left trying to find money for a new theatre , a new carpark and to extend the convention centre and now trying to find money to rebuild the CBD. I guess the good old ratepayer can fund the CBD. Manning doesnt give a stuff he wont be standing next election will he. Hes been full of bullshit ever since he campaigned and hes still full of bullshit.

Tony Hillier said...

According to the Courier-Mail, 55 schools across Queensland have been earmarked for closure by the Newman Government — 2 in the South East and
14 schools in the Far North Queensland region. Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

See where Newman is going to sell off 55 schools across Queensland. Wonder what ever happened to his election promise of getting a mandate from the people before he sells off State assets??

Anonymous said...

Just listening to all this gushing slavering praise from the people at Kuranda to Michael Trout, over the Boot Camp, on the Mackenzie Program. So while the Kuranda people are phoning up praising Michael Trout, I heard word the new Boot Camp is to be situated at YORKEYS KNOB. Also a residential area.

ECKERS said...

You posters above are all correct. King, Manning and James all decided to disperse the original funding of $38 million for the CBD onto bridges and the James Cook University bus shelter with only $3 million given to the CBD, so how do we know that Manning will use the $30 million hes after for the right purpose this time? It could all end up given to some Chinese developers for headworks while Entsch races around and accuses Julia of lying about the funding just like King did with the Bligh Governments funding. You are all correct. Manning is a bad risk.

JETHRO said...

More coming from the Newman Government about privatising our free hospital scheme as well. Jesus Christ, we're living in a bloody nightmare. Pinch me quick.
Yes Tony Hillier, Newman is just starting on the Education Department. The 55 schools to close down are just the start of the slash and burning of the Education Department.

Anonymous said...

McKenzie is working overtime to turn the bootcamp fiasco into a personal victory for Trout somehow, while King is laying low, hoping it will all blow over. McKemzie is continuing the lie that this is all somehow the fault of Brisbane based public servants. In other words the AG does not have control of his own department ? It was King who promoted the bootcamp and it was his stuff up. Why is he being let off the hook ? The whole concept is flawed, not just the location.

Bob R. said...

Why didn't Manning and James fight for the $38 million for the CBD? It all points to the fact that Manning is controlled by Gavin King. What a weak, effete phoney of a Mayor, Manning is. Weak as piss and obviously past it. He's running around here, there, hither and thither gunna do this, gunna do that, round and round in circles, but hasnt achieved anything except to give millions of ratepayers monies in HANDOUTS to developers.

Anonymous said...

hallelujah!!! We have been saved! Glory to god! Raj is currently telling mckenzie how to solve the problem of our need for a theatre/entertainment centre. All we have to do is expand our already "fabulous" theatre, no need to spend $100m! Just add onto the existing one and by the way we can get a 500 seat airconditioned tanks for a mere $10m!
And fuckwit mckenzie hangs on every word. a five year old could shoot this dimwit Raj down with a couple of very simple questions. Knowing that these callers are more often than not staged it makes one wonder what mckenzies agenda is now.
Several councils have looked at the option of upgrading the existing theatre and all have said its not viable. So is this the first shot fired to muddy the waters as sleepy bob at last opens the can of worms he has created by knocking back the funding last year. This mornings post says it will cost $94m but fails to add the cost of the land and the cost to relocate the existing ports north building and staff. In the current economic climate getting money out of state or federal govts will need some very effective lobbying. Cant see sleepy bob and his backward bunch of retards having the skills to get a penny out of them.

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie is praising Trout as a local hero alright, for closing the Boot Camp down in Kuranda, but where the hell is it going to go now? I have heard people are looking at Yorkeys Knob. Whatever because they want the kids to go to a school at Redlynch it is going to be placed in either Barron River, Trouty's electorate, of King's electorate of Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Newman did a backflip on the NDIS today and now is supporting it. Call me a cynic but could it be that he now knows Abbott won't be supporting it when he is elected in September because fucking us over for a 'surplus' is more important to him