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20 May 2013


Paul Freebody.  Just utter the name in an Esplanade coffee
shop and listen for the chuckles from the knowing locals.  Cairns' own version of a low IQ Christopher Skase, his big mouth and arrogant, un-Christianlike persona work to undermine what might have been good ideas.

A case in point is his Adventure Waters waterpark proposal.  Business leaders around Cairns have long hoped for a waterpark project to proceed - tourists need additional entertainment infrastructure.  But the Freebody group plans suffered from three insurmountable problems:

1.  Paul Freebody
2.  Dodgy, worthless site
3.  Kim Freebody

Sleepy Manning included the waterpark plan for Council's "fee waiver" program.  And Freebody piled into the China business trip again confident that wealthy Chinese businessmen would fight over his plans.

Freebody's offices at Trilogy are now closed.  Freebody's business acumen, responsible for the wildly successful Adventure Waters Car Wash, have again proven to be built on a foundation of dud business skills.

We now look forward to a real businessman with real business skills selecting a proper location for this kind of attraction.  No one want to be anywhere near the "touch of gold" held by Paul and Kim Freebody.


Paul Eff said...

Those interfering witches and bitches ... sent it all pear-shaped ...
PS: Well irrigated cane property for sale.
Contact owner.

Anonymous said...

i bet all those who commented in the post like silverbeet and co are all wiping egg off their faces, but then they are all Wan kings groupies

Anna Namiss said...

Sorry Paul Eff- that spellink es two gud two bee ewe.

ruby said...

Yes, those interfering witches and bitches wanted a first class performing arts theatre and a modern museum as infrastructure entertainment for locals and overseas and domestic tourists. God job the LNP were onto them screaming that it would be a "white elephant". Tourists and locals wouldnt want to go and see a first class show like "Driving Miss Daisy" in Cairns, would they?

Anonymous said...

Off subject -but -I see that the boot camp operators have had their contract torn up by the AG. Does the appearance of two rather burly blokes in black "Team Wild" tshirts seen in the City yesterday tell us something?

Anonymous said...

Hey, i saw 2 guys wandering around in pale blue dept of communities shirts yesterday in town myself.....i figure that tells me something.....yes, department of communities has at least 2 staff that wear the same shirts oh and that team wild haven't let the haters get to them.....

Anonymous said...

Freebody has also cancelled his mowing contractors on his house and business as he can't afford to pay them .... He has also cancel alarm monitoring his adventure waters and Carwash site and responds to alarms at odd hours himself.. I guess he is desperate if that will save him!