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18 May 2013


On March 21, 2013 the HBW reported on extensive plans by the Chinese to expand the Palm Cove jetty as demanded by Double Island's new Chinese owners.  We were attacked for publication of this story, with one whinger complaining that "you don't have a clue what's really going on".


Today, the the Cairns Post got around to publishing about HALF the story, confirming we had the information almost TWO MONTHS AGO.   Double Island has asked for construction of TWO breakwaters and enlarging the pier to accommodate these Double Island boats.  Along with a "small 80-berth boating facility".  

Who's paying the $10M tab?  No one has a clue. . . .

Nothing has yet been said in the Cairns Post about the REAL plan - to bring tender boats from parked cruiseliners directly to Double Island, bypassing the tour daytrip vendors as well as the Cairns CBD.  

Didn't see that coming, did you Elvis Ashwell?

So to the whingers who said "we didn't have a clue"- go fuck yourselves.  


Bob R. said...

King and Trout will stump up to the solution and get a $10 million gift from Newman for the Chinese, no worries. They'll announce it all in hushed, breathless tones of giving a bit of money out and encouraging "investment" by the Chinese, in order for the local business community to receive big returns. They won't give a shit about the environmental impact on the nearby beaches if two breakwaters are built on Double Island. There sure as shit smells won't be any environmental impact studies done either. So the Chinese will then be able to cream off all the thousands of passengers arriving by cruise liners onto their cruise island paradise hey? And the big costs will be born by the Queensland taxpayer. The Chinese are right to strike at the moment. We have a dill of a regional Mayor, a Federal Member who seems more interested in his bottle than anything else, and some state members of parliament who are too naive to understand the aggressiveness of the Chinese business culture.

Anonymous said...

Why not built a bridge from Palm Cove to Double Island. It would have less impact environmentally. Hey where's Warren when you need someone to suggest a tunnel. Newman loves funding those.

Global Citizen said...

Can you tell me which cruise lines exactly are planning to tender to double island?

Anonymous said...

King will be still creaming his pants over Julie Bishop and Trout will still be thinking about it, as for Captain Morgan alias Warren Entsch he will be trying to dock Michelle Rowlands pay, to take any notice. It will probably take Elvis Ashwell to bring it to the attention of Cue ball. Seems Elvis is the only one in Cairns that takes an interest in what goes on in this shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Elvis Ashwell is a dick. Dont take anything he says seriously. Stick to driving your H.I.S bus and keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

Clifton Beach resident said...

Apparently the breakwaters are going to be Palm Cove's salvation. Double Island visitors will be able to pop across to Palm Cove to shop,the cruise liners will be able to send the tenders to Palm Cove instead of Yorkeys Knob. The reef boats will be able to call in to Palm Cove and pick up and drop off reef visitors. It goes on and on. However, first of all the breakwaters have to be built and that won't happen overnight. Just how are the rocks going to get to Palm Cove? Will it will be trucks toing and froing into Palm Cove, barges bringing in the spoil to dump there. Do they think Palm Cove will keep its sand once the breakwaters are in or will the sand disapear and mangroves and mud replace it. I am sure all Palm Cove residents will be happy to have a levy on their rates to assist with the cost. Or maybe the funds are in Mayor Mannings "bucket of gold under the pollies desks". If the new ownersof Double Island are going to assist with funding then
I suspect there will be a plan to build a lot more units on Double Island.

Anon No. 4 said...

Anybody got any white shoe-shine?

There's another laughable story in this week's CrapRag. Damon "I worked for Gobshite" Guppy rattles on about a name change for our hospital when the real story is his "former" boss's failure to stump up the dough to make it a tier one hospital.

Ex Clifton Beach Resident said...

And just imagine Clifton Beach resident, the effects of all this development and truck movements and on what lies adjacent to the current jetty???

The revamped lovely peaceful Gold Finch Caravan Park which is usually about 90% occupancy, with one road down to the jetty.

It doesn't bear thinking about.....

Perhaps the Park will have to be closed for the duration as no one could put up with the constant noise from the big earth moving equipment or the generated dust for such an extended period of time.

Anyone who lived near the beachfront at Clifton will tell you what hell it was when the trucks were bringing rocks for their rock wall.

Even now if you go down to the smaller rock wall at the northern end of Trinity Beach which was built about 2 years ago, there is earth moving equipment there now, stabilising the wall again, and Clifton also has had stability works done since completion so the maintenance never stops.

shanghai said...

please do not think the chinese are unable to build road / bridge to double island after all they built new port for Shanghai 30 kms off shore dual carriage road out to sea reclaim land between the islands and presto new port ! we are flat out making the bruce hwy flood proof fuck wake up Australia

Anonymous said...

So we can enjoy the same pristine environment as the Chinese do Shanhai?

Anonymous said...

On another subject, some opinion has been formed that Damon Guppy who was provided with detailed information on the planned arrangement between king and Jackson for the bootcamp tender for the purpose of a story was in fact the one who alerted king to the information on Jackson and kings relationship with him.

Again the opinion formed was the government made a decision to scrap their plans of funding Jackson and hurriedly chose a tenderer who was squeaky clean from a criminal background check. The consequence of that knee jerk reaction was they chose a tenderer with no local staff, no local experience and no facility. The result was 3 people held were held up and had their safety compromised by the decision made by the government to house the facility in the leafy Kuranda suburb.

The decision making of the boot camp tender process came down to the attorney general, two long serving public servant and three local men on a panel. Outside of those persons 1 departmental staff member has resigned and 1 other has taken stress leave as a result of their involvement.

It will not be long before one or more of the integral six decision makers speaks out to save themselves from being made the scapegoat.

The 7:30 Report is now investigating the concerns that have been raised for a long time about the tender process.

Mark Davis said...

When I was a journalist - before becoming a political and business media consultant - no media outlet would ever employ anyone who had been in public relations, much less political public relations.

Bob R. said...

King will wriggle his way out of it by blaming the public servants.

jim-bob snr said...

There's still one woman standing you know. So it was all JOOOOOOOLIAR'S fault! I'm sure King and Guppy can both put a bit of spin on this and twist it round so that it looks like the Federal Government withheld funding/interfered/lied/rode roughshod all over poor lil King. Just like Stench is now blaming Julia for Cairns losing out on his rectangular stadium.

shanghai said...

I was only talking about their engineering proses their shockers on the environment but slowly the people are worried and that's why they love here fresh air clear skies clean water ....to me a healthy croc population means our rivers are in good shape a pristine environment a product of good management by every one sorry macca I think we should agree to disagree

KC said...

Dear Ex-Clifton Beach resident.

Think you may have hit the nail on the head!

More than likely, Cairns Regional Councillors have the land which Palm Cove's Caravan Park occupies earmarked for sale to the Chinese so there will be no noise and/or dust complaints from park visitors.

Over and over in my head, I keep thinking about the amount of parking needed for the vehicles and trailers of local boaties, for the marina berth owners or the person(s) renting the berth from owners, and for the transportation on Chinese cruise liner passengers.......And, the same realisation is reached, a shipload of parking! Where will parking be for this project? There's this tiniest sick feeling in my stomach that a revamp of Palm Coves sees the Council-owned caravan making way for a parking lot. I hope like crazy that this will not be the case.

My second fear for this project is that the nearsighted advantage of a wind-protected, safe boat ramp at Palm Cove may come at the cost of the Cove's landscape being scarred so as to generate Chinese-earned, tourism dollars.

Whether it be farmland or coastline, how much Australian soil is being sold in a buyers' market to foreign investors?

Jan from Kewarra said...

Check out this


Gives the story of Chinese investment in Australia since 2007 in real estate, mining, agriculture etc.

A sobering insight......

Watch White Horse Investments....already purchased Lindeman Island.