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27 May 2013


Not a week goes by that we don't read, or hear, another story about a tragic death at the hands of a drink driver.  Our recent Tanya Roneberg murder is just one in a string that cripples entire Australian families for decades.  

And almost always, a multiple-offender drink driver.

Today's story from the Herald Sun demonstrates every area of failure in the system.

A young couple was ploughed into by a drunken woman, killing their unborn child in March of 2011.  The victim has just had his 10th operation to repair broken vertebre in his back.   

The drink driver, Cheryl Armstrong, had two previous convictions for drink-driving as well as numerous convictions for driving unlicenced and unqualified.  Instead of magistrates seeing these for what they are - warning signs by a future killer, the court imposed fines, community service orders, and even short jail sentences.  THAT WERE WHOLLY SUSPENDED.  Cheryl walked out of court free, time and time again.  A time bomb waiting to kill. 


In the United States, Mothers Against Drink Driving (MADD) was started by Texan Candy Lightner, after her 13 year old daughter was killed by a reoffending drink driver.  The organisation has managed to toughen US laws on drink driving.  These laws were in 1980 already stronger than what we have in Australia.  

There are many things that should be done TODAY to start an get these drivers off the roads.

Like pedophiles, the community needs to know where the drink drivers are, for their own safety.  If you had a convicted child killer living on your street, you'd take extra care when you kids went out.  THAT'S WHAT THESE REPEAT DRINK DRIVERS ARE - KILLERS!

In the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, indeed almost all western countries, any drink driving conviction at any range gets immediate stiff increases in car insurance rates.  I was gobsmacked when I first heard this!  In some cases, car insurance TRIPLES immediately on conviction for drink driving!  

I know repeat drink drivers in Cairns that boast "Rating One for Life" car insurance rates.  Isn't insurance supposed to be priced based on risk?  What can be more risky than someone who thinks driving a 1200kg machine drunk is OK?

Get caught driving while suspended, go to jail.

Learning to walk to work the equivalent of drink-driver "boot camp".

Australian culture encourages and rewards drunken behaviour.  We're not going to change that.  We just need to keep them off the road so they don't kill the rest of us.

We suggest a red "K" attached to car, front and rear.

Nothing focuses the mind on community expectations more than some time in the Graybar Hotel.

Sure, why not.  We tend to think it's a fucking waste of time - drink drivers look for any excuse to justify their aberrant behaviour:  'I hadn't eaten all day and assumed three glasses of wine would be under the limit':  Warren Entsch, Minister for Blogs

The key concept in all of these items?  MANDATORY!  It's plain
to see that the judges in Australia have been co-opted.  Despite hard evidence that the "hand slap" doesn't work, our judges and magistrates haven't gotten the message.  And since these jobs aren't subject to a vote of the electorate (like in many countries), forget the carrot.  We need a stick.  MANDATORY PUNISHMENTS.


V said...

I have to agree that more needs to be done to combat drink driving. Many of the options you suggest are worth considering. Another options is a drivers boot camp! However, these suggestions are more a matter for governments than for magistrates, who have limited options and are fully aware of the overcrowded state of our prisons. More prison sentences and more driver education programs require more funding and our current 'law-and-order'government is reluctant to actually spend the money needed to address the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have just posted part of this to my Facebook page and I hope it will be shared and eventually get to thousands more people!

Emma Chisit said...

Isn't this a job for our local member? Doesn't the State make laws which judges and magistrates are then obliged to carry out? Can we suggest that Mr King puts up a Private Members Bill demanding tougher penalties for drink driving, especially when a fatality is involved. A car should be regarded as a weapon in the hands of someone off their face with drugs/alcohol. It would be too ironic to suggest that Wazza puts up the Bill!

Jethro said...

Can't understand why governments haven't cottoned onto the heavier fine bit. After all, government revenue is declining, they need to raise it somehow. Far stiffer fines and having your license taken away for a length of time, jail time if you contravene the penalty, sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but why the fuck should the paper boy get paid an extra $50,000 for doing absolutely jack shit for Cairns. It should be paid on performance, and in that case the paper boy should be paying us.

Anonymous said...

I know that HBW is no fan of Peter Roggenkamp, but Peter makes perfect sense on this subject. It is all about driver education, driver attitude and suitable deterrents for those who flaunt the rules. There are very few "accidents" , but here is plenty of driver error or driver negligence. Many so called accidents happen at intersections, stop lights and roundabouts where there is absolutely no reason for a collision and where one driver is clearly at fault. Any "accident' where people are badly hurt or killed should be treated as potential manslaughter.

ruby said...

Agreed Anonymous 13.52. King has lost us over $100 million in State and Federal funding, lost hundreds of people their jobs, hasn't achieved one single building or piece of infrastructure for Cairns, stuffed up the Boot Camp initiative, gets confused over whether he is the Mayor of Cairns or the Member, gets Nannied on the local radio station, won't confront face to face angry constituents, has breached his Oath of Office - on and on it goes. The worst Member for Cairns, ever. Yet here he is giving himself a whopping $50,000 a year payrise, after he and his LNP Government gave themselves a hefty rise as soon as they got into government.

Anonymous said...

For once a really well written piece which highlights valid points without too much bitterness and profanity. I concur completely. Is it a lack of this bitterness that sees only 5 comments? Or is it that many of the usual repugnant commenters are feeling too guilty? Sad that only 4 people could be bothered commenting with another simply using the forum as a means to make more wild accusations about an elected member. Why the moderator allowed it is anyone's guess....
More stories like this and less of the vile disrespect and name calling and this blog might become relevant and a conduit for genuine debate come election time!

Anonymous said...

When he reads this blog article,(and he will), Warren Stench should resign immediately!
There is no place for a fat drunken fat fucker fat convicted drink driver in Parliament representing Cairns.

shanghai said...

fuck punish the crime !fuck got a love letter from the ato we must be going broke yes Australia us ..pay up now or we fuck you yes we condone bullying in schools but if you owe us that's different I pay alcohol and tobacco excise fuel tax gst when i shop 10% of betting goes to tax get a license of some sought bang and speed cameras elect ricing up sorry shanghai your evading tax how can I not Australia I love you but your taxing my patience

Bob R. said...

I fully agree with you HBW! We need stronger drink driving deterrents. A car in the control of a drunk is a killing machine. Why governments haven't woken up to the fact that heavier fines would help boost the government coffers at a time when they need more revenue, I don't know. Whacking huge fines on people plus taking their licenses away would put the fear of God into them.
What do you mean Anonymous 17.47, about "wild accusations against an elected member"? I thought ruby was pretty well spot on there about King. He would have to be the most inept dud of an MP Cairns has ever had. Hope to Christ he just slithers back to cockroachland after the next election.

jim-bob jnr said...

Anonymous 17.47, just who do you mean are "the usual repugnant commenters"? You mustnt find us too repulsive if you keep on coming in here hey. Good comment there shanghai old china plate. You were as clear as mud, mate. Bewdy.

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai! - did you say you were losing your patients?

Anonymous said...

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shanghai said...

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Dean said...

I think you're overlooking a few facts. The first is that drink driving limits are higher in much of the United States, usually the ones with harsher penalties.

The standard range is somewhere around 0.80. In the 80s it was 0.10% BAC as opposed to our 0.05%.

A healthy 25 yr old adult male at 0.05% will have better reaction and spatial awareness skills than a sober 60 year old man. The 25 yr old will be unlikely to perceive his BAC because his skills will be not as diminished as a 60 yr old or 19 yr old.

IMO the answer is much greater enforcement, in terms of catching more people and more preventative measures (such as interlocks being mandatory for any drink driver's car.)

Car impounds and number plates are punitive measures with no real basis in facts for effectiveness. Even greater monetary penalties have no impact if the drivers have no real expectation of being caught. Time after time, studies show people react more if you increase the risk of being caught rather than the penalty. Even licence suspensions are pointless, as how often to people ever get pulled over?

Jail time is absolutely necessary for repeat offenders, but only a poor judicial and policing system would allow so many repeat offenders through the system.

This article was written with good intentions and some good ideas, but with little to no knowledge of the way the world actually works. Unfortunately many victims of crime insist they're an expert on some things simply because they've been impacted directly by it.

Anonymous said...

To the LNP troll @ 17.47, if you need to read a fairy tale before beddy bys...read Wan Kings fakebook page.. As per usual Ruby and Jim Bob and Jethro....u are keeping the bastards honest.....

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