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21 May 2013


The Cairns Post has been front and centre on the Tanya Roneberg story since she was murdered on May 11th by a drink-driving P-plater.  

But instead of channeling the anger in the community into worthwhile legal and political steps, the Cairns Post has instead given us a Gavin King-inspired "feel good" campaign.  The equivalent of the ridiculous "lightning bolt" tourism time-waster.  Community political masturbation.

To launch their campaign, they've gotten Glenys Duncombe from the FNQ Hospital Foundation to blather:  "It's all about sharing the road".  Sorry Glenys, that's bullshit.  Sharing the road has little to do with our particular problems.

The Far North has had more bicycle fatalities the last eight years than any other region of Queensland - 13.  This includes the South Eastern (Brisbane) Region, which saw 8 bicyclist deaths in the same period.  A region with hundreds of thousands more cars, and a higher rate of bicycle usage.

Let's start dealing with the real problems, shall we?  

Drink driving.  Tanya Roneberg couldn't have done any more road sharing if she had tried.  This alleged murderer, on a virtually empty four lane carriageway, careened into a guardrail and then Ms. Roneberg while loaded.  Why?  Because driving while hammered is somehow an Australian human right, with little shame and less punishment attached.

In part the police secrecy policies serve to anaesthetise the public as to the depth of the problem.  Every arrest for drink driving should be made available to the public, and published in the newspaper.  They have the statistics, which they share to generate "aggregated reports" without names.  But individual cases are swept under the rug, and even requests for release of the information is denied by the QPS.  A case in point is the single-car, early morning accident that took the life of Jeff "Hoppy" Hopgood, founder of the Taipans who has a section of Cazaly's named for him.  The word on the street at the time was that ol' Hoppy was hammered prior to his drive up the twisty Gold Coast mountain highway.  Statistically, single-car accidents at night have alcohol as an element.  Was alcohol part of the Jeff Hopgood traffic death?  Who knows, THE POLICE WON'T SAY.  But I won't be taking an impressionable son thru this entrance at Cazaly's anytime soon.

And I would guess alcohol has played a part in most of the car/bicycle accidents in FNQ.  And I don't mean just the car drivers, either.  We have adequate evidence that bicyclists are driving hammered, too. 

But government and alcohol are co-conspiritors in this highway carnage.  Governments generate huge taxes from alcohol.  And look what happens when the politicians get caught?  Tony Abbott fronts up to protect his chief-of-staff Peta Credlin, the latest in a series of Parliamentary drinking incidents.  Even Warren "Run for the Door" Entsch was caught, and received the barest of punishments - $200 fine and a month off the roads.  His excuse?  He hadn't eaten all day when he was launching the "Palm Cove Reef Feast" festival.  Like anyone believes this fat fucker has ever missed a meal.  We have a culture where alcohol consumption is celebrated, and the public reaction low.

"SHARE THE ROAD" doesn't solve this problem.  

Shitty Roads.  One of the reasons for the low fatality rate in the SE corner is the continual rate of investment in grade-separated bicycle paths in Brisbane.  No expense too great to cater to the bicyclists, including bridges and tunnels for bicycles (and the errant pedestrian).  Money spent on just this bridges and tunnels?  Sit down, you won't believe it.  Over $150,000,000!  

And in Cairns we saw the hillbillies organised by John Cueball MacKenzie to scream about a $6M bikeway from Aeroglen to the CBD.  Had this bikeway been properly completed to the Northern Beaches, we wouldn't be "remembering" Tanya Roneberg, as she'd be alive and well.

The lack of dedicated bikeways in conjunction with the substandard roads built by both Council and Main Roads over decades mean that bicyclists in much of the city have little chance.

BAD BICYCLISTS:  The bicyclist in Cairns has the same
mentality as the average driver in Cairns.  They do as they please, ignoring every road regulation they would follow if driving a car.  Stop signs?  Invisible.  Driving on wrong side of road?  Who cares!  Red light?  Not for me, mate.  Darting across traffic lanes?  Get outta my way, Mr. Polluter!  Cairns Police routinely target every other road user, but give virtually no infringements to bicycles.  In most foreign countries, bicyclists are held to the same standard as other road users, including having to signal turns.  

"SHARE THE ROAD"?  Nonsense.  Let's work for REAL solutions, not empty slogans from do-nothing politicians.  It takes real work to solve problems.


Anonymous said...

HBW I'm sure you could have made your point without the reference to Jeff Hopgood who brought a lot to Cairns and was such a wonderful, genuinely good man. Poor form HBW. Not in the least bit impressed. That's where I stopped reading your analysis. I'll get to the rest once I've got over my feeling of disgust.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Cueball took 2 calls from anti-cyclist rednecks complaining about how they witnessed cyclists doing the wrong thing. Good one Macca, lets spread the hate. I know for a fact that one of Cueball's regular callees hates cyclists with a passion. Tip for getting a say on Cueball's show; tell his admin you are anti-Labor, anti-cyclist and a woman hater, you will get regular calls, from him, asking if you want to have a say on the latest topic.

Anonymous said...

You won't get any satisfaction from that fat drunk stench, neither that paper boy that is so far up Newman's arse he has no time for his constituents, and is in hiding. Him and his failed boot camp and his beloved inner-city over hall is still in the headlines and knows that he's being found out that he's just a fucken Newman puppet and how much he doesn't know about anything.


I'm disgusted too, Mr. Anonymous. I am aware that REAL reporters at the Cairns Post demanded to be allowed access to the police and coroner reports. They were knocked back. No one disputes Hopgood did good deeds all over the state and was a "genuinely good" man. But this doesn't justify a pass on drink driving. What if another driver or pedestrian had been killed? If Hopgood was truly sober, you'd think the family would have long ago released these reports in order to preserve his memory. The Hopgood incident is reflective of the acceptance of drink driving in the culture, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Never a truer word said HBW

Anonymous said...

HBW alerted the readers to the boot business fiasco some time ago and now there is evidence the decision makers did not do right. Keep on em HBW

Anonymous said...

Just listened to 4LNP and rugnut told Ken the crabby cabby, that you can't talk about drunks killing cyclists, as my Chubby Buddy Stench is a Drink Driver.

Second Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to get access to Gavin King?

Phone him and get voicemail, email and get an auto reply. Try to see him in person but you cant find his bloody office because there is no signage.

He is obviously avoiding contact with people.

Does anyone have his mobile or home phone number which can be published on this site to make it a bit easier for people to get access to their local member?

Anonymous said...

Second Anon

Try harder

Anonymous said...

See Abbott's Chief of Staff ( and a woman) has been hit with a drink/drive fine. It must be in LNP DNA. Mind you, having no policies would drive you to drink!

Tony Hillier said...

King is an endangered species. The only time I've spotted our cream-faced loon of a local State member has been, surprisingly, at Kick Arts exhibition openings. I've never really thought of him as an aesthete .. a vulture, yes ... but not a culture vulture!

Anonymous said...

Try and post on his FaceBook ! He seems to spend a lot of time on there.

He is now blaming the Feds for the CBD disaster. Like Stench he is constantly pointing the finger at McLucas. Who will he blame come September ? Will Stench and Tony get him the funding (Manning's hidden pots of gold...)? The money they lost in the first place.

And how has he managed to stay clear of this bootcamp fiasco ? He was going one and on about it before and after the election and suddenly it has nothing to do with him. Even the hillbillies on 4 CA are getting more and more critical of this fool. Is that why he doesn't go on that show anymore ? Until recently he was at Macca's beck and call...

Anyway, back to the topic. What we need is much better driver education, much higher penalties for causing death and injury and totally separate bikeways. You cannot have bikes on a highway.

Some time ago a mother and a child were killed on Newell st. They were waiting on a traffic island, minding their own business. The guy who killed them walked away with a fine. It was not an "accident". It was manslaughter, caused by an impatient fool, who rushed across busy Mulgrave Rd. without taken proper care, was hit by another car and subsequently killed 2 innocent people. And he walked away scott free...

There have been numerous "accidents" at the same spot since with exactly the same cause...

ruby said...

Well said HBW. We need tougher deterrents for drink driving if we want safer roads. I don't like the way The Cairns Post has turned the death of this poor girl into a cause celebre.

Anonymous said...

It's gone! This morning I read online where Cando said that the Cairns CBD was bloody marvellous and didn;t need fixing and anyway there is no money. He seemed to be taking a big swipe at King. I have just had a look at the Post online and it has disappeared - sounds like censorship to me!

Anonymous said...

Second Anonymous 1150.... why would you bother wanting to talk to that useless paperboy, as all he'll do is spin you a lot of bullshit and then get back to what he does best which is jack shit, then climb back into Newman's arse.

mick wow said...

There appears to be two types of bike riders, those who enjoy a relaxing pedal in the great outdoors and those lycra clad loonies that think they are in the Tour de Cairns every time time they don the lycra.The latter types are usually rude,alpha types who spend thousands on their choice of sport and appear to flout every traffic law om their quest to reduce their P.B's and brag about it at the coffee shop. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

How DARE wan king blame the feds for the loss of state funds for the cbd how Dare he when is this piss weak excuse for a man going to stand up and say i fucked up never because he has no backbone, morals and fuck all else but hide behind his office door and throw crap at everybody but his beloved master and brainless groupies geez this prick and frenzy has fucked Cairns bigtime, time to get out

Anonymous said...

No anon 16:54 it's still there. Here's the link http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2013/05/21/242656_local-news.html

I think the near non existent comments are now heavily censored though.

Anonymous said...

One looks around Cairns and sees the works underway and near completion of previous Labour members.The new southern traffic system upgrade etc.Cairns base hospital and what was that worth,some $460 million.What has king achieved or his bum mate warren.Lost $110 million funding because pearl didn't like the colour scheme.Totally screwed up the boothouse concept.I won't mention the dredging or CBD upgrade as they were con jobs to get elected.But he did get a stop smoking sign erected at the hospital so he has made a start.It all confirms the mentality of a lot of voters who elected these fools.

Anonymous said...

King has dodged 2 bullets, Boot camp and the city revival both he has gotten away with, not a whisper of blame by the media.

Dean said...

You really missed the mark here HBW.

Firstly, the reason cars are prosecuted more than bicycles is because police target crimes which have the most impact on society. It is actually extremely rare that a cyclist doing the wrong thing ends up severely injured.

Police could spend all their time fining people for all sorts of things, or they could target the crimes with the greatest impact first. And those are well and truly drivers of motor vehicles.

A day's blitz on bikes would be much better spent on drink drivers. As you seem to point out, then miss the point.

The share the road campaign is perhaps one of the few positive things to happen for cyclists of late (besides the Southern Cycleway). Perhaps now the regular Compost commenters about registration and cyclists riding two abreast might actually learn the rules or be a bit more understanding and give cyclists a wider berth. It could only be positive.

You can't rely on King or Trout to do anything, as we all well know by now. Apparently Newman thinks the place is just hunky dory and doesn't need any extra funding for anything. If you read the committee minutes on the Council website you will see that the Southern Cycleway is behind the original time frame because they were worried the state would pull the funding for that as well.

Second Anonymous said...

Anonymous 13.02 and 16.57

Just humour me and phone or send an email. Or try looking for his office.

You have more chance getting access when he is in safe territory at 4LNP-CA by phoning in saying you want tougher sentencing, bring back the death penalty, offenders should be placed in the stocks in City Place and we throw eggs/stones/rotten vegetables at them, no work for women, kids don't need education just thrash them and they will learn, and send the traditional owners back to where they came from (whatever that actually means).

74 said...

Second Anonymous.... King was spotted fleeing to Brisbane on Sunday morning. My wife was glad she changed her flight and thus didn't have to share his. The bloodshed would have been nasty.

Dean.... I agree that Share The Road isn't a bad thing in itself - however the danger with this is thinking that a simple but true slogan is the WHOLE solution. It is a start, nothing more.

I know of someone who was knocked off their bike not long before Tanya's incident. Why was he on a bike late at night? Lost his licence for drink-driving. Oh the irony! I'm sick of the excuses, drink driving can never be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Being a grog-monster should not be seen as a good thing.

Seth said...

Abbott boasts of being a "grog monster" but of course he too is getting away with it.

Anonymous said...

The bootcamp might still end up in Wangetti. Pearl will be rapt. She still hasn't moved to NSW, even after Newman publicly humiliated her on 4CA.

Destiny Prophet said...

Intending drink drivers park in two main spots while they go clubbing - down near the Convention Centre so they can scoot out via the southern access or along Abbott, from Shields to Florence, and up beside the library, to head north - a few resources devoted there would see results.

Steven Nowakowski said...

Hillbilly is exactly right. No amount of sharing the road would have helped when a drunk bowled over Tanya. The campaign should be aimed at naming and shaming drink drivers nothing more and nothing less.

Dean said...

Awareness of cyclists and the space they require is a massive problem. Larger than infrastructure deficiencies (of which there are many) larger than drink driving (which is a big problem, but not specific to cyclists except in this one case).

This crash highlighted both awareness of cyclists and drink driving.

But, of the 4 cyclist fatalities I can recall, 3 of them have been vehicles under 'complete control' encroaching into bicycle space and killing the cyclist. The fact that none of the culprits was charged speaks volumes. More cyclists means more awareness which means less crashes.

The more people know and speak about cycle safety, the better.

Talking about infrastructure and drink driving ignores the fact that it is completely legal for a cyclist to ride in a road lane (as long as there is no cycle lane) at whatever pace and for however long they like. This fact is completely ignored by possibly the majority of drivers in Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Some alcoholics will keep driving after they have had their licence suspended. Devices fitted to cars that require the driver to be breath tested before the car will start, have been available for years, why haven't our local members been pushing this barrow? Also, fines for drink driving are way too low, should start at $5000 for 0.05 and go up from there. The current policies are not working, the laws need to get tougher, instead of pushing the fatal 5 bullshit campaign.

Ron E Joggles said...

Cycling is a great way to keep fit, and a cheap way to get around town - but I'm frightened to ride in Cairns, too many motorists are either reckless or incompetent. Police efforts to discourage drink driving are undermined by lenient treatment of "VIP's" like Entsch and by leaders like Tony Abbott speaking as apologists for drink drivers, and by the policy of not naming those charged. I don't favour mandatory prison for any offence, but magistrates and judges are clearly out of touch with community standards, and I'd be happy to join a campaign to name and shame judges and magistrates who treat drunk killers leniently. I'll wager that Tanya Roneberg's killer will say how desperately sorry he is, and not serve a day in prison. Our community's attitude to alcohol generally is wildly out of whack - young people think getting totally smashed is the normal way to have fun, and our govt licenses clubs to serve grog till 5am, with little or no monitoring of whether drunks are still being served.

Anonymous said...

The Townsville post are side stepping the real problem, and that is it was a drunk driver that killed Tanya. As long as they continue to go on about cycle safety the real issue is being pushed aside and that is Drink driving. In the USA its not tolerated and its Jail time that simple.

Anonymous said...

It's not only a problem here apparently. See this article from the SMH :

No logic to cycle of abuse on roads


Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/no-logic-to-cycle-of-abuse-on-roads-20130522-2k13s.html#ixzz2U6PBNyGY

Anonymous said...

It would be a very brave pollie who found a spine and introduced legislation similar to some European countries. First offence - 12 months suspension of licence and $5000 fine. Second offence - 12 months jail and $10,000 fine. Anyone caught driving while under suspension of licence - 2 years jail. This would put a big dent into the pub and clubs scene. After midnight all pubs and clubs and even on the city streets should all be forced to play Barry Manilow over the speakers. That would cut down on the acidents.

Anonymous said...

In Scandinavia : first drink driving offence : 3 weeks jail, massive fine, loss of licence. To regain licence after ban has expired : compulsory driving training and new exam at huge expense. Not many people drink drive.

Also in most Northern European countries, if a car hits a pedestrian or cyclist, the driver of the car is at fault by definition. It makes people very cautious.

The problem here is with the lack of proper training. People should be made to take professional driving lessons, including a compulsory defensive driving course.

Children should be taught at a young age how to behave on the road both on bikes and later on in cars. The bad attitude so many road users have is half the problem.

In Cairns we need separate two way bike lanes from Gordonvale to Palm Cove and along all main thoroughfares in the CBD and suburbs and no cyclists on any highways. Let the developers pay for it in their headwork charges instead of giving them huge discounts.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Cueball is the original Troll. Way before the internet was invented the ghastly, cowardly, low-brow maggot has been insighting hatred towards any one or group that doesn't support the extreme right-wing LNP way of thinking. If you don't agree with him you will never get a say on his alleged "Talk Show". More needs to be done to remove this festering sore from the media and back into the cave from whence he came. Sieg Heil Macca.

Anonymous said...

I tried to talk to Rugnut the other day when the paper boy was on, when Janelle asked what about I told her regarding his lack of hearing, and he should visit the Audio Health people that advertise on your station, she said what do you mean , I said his not listening to his Constituents and she hung up on me.

Anonymous said...

He has done more damage to Cairns tourism and put the fear into listeners minds, it is sickening. We need a media person who will talk the truth and start building up confidence in this fantastic City. A poor man's Alan Jones is what we don't need.

Steven Hambleton said...

@Mick Wow: That's completely false. I don lycra and train on the roads for the Cairns to Cooktown. I don't break the law and look after my own safety. I was almost killed when a ute cut me off turning left when I was already on the roundabout by JCU. Cairns needs to be more progressive when it comes to cycle infrastructure and driver training. How about flying in a delegation from Scandinavia or Holland where they seem to understand road infrastructure. As for bad behaviour in Cairns CBD, the lack of clearly defined bike infrastructure means it's too freestyle and open to freethinking cyclists which are unpredictable and dangerous. How about cycle Police to maintain those sections (should they be built)?

Anonymous said...

Share the road ! ??? huh?

What happened to the dedicated bike lanes all around town? , if the guys and girls on bikes complied with the law there would be less problems, we all see bike riders riding 3 abreast or more alot,

Lanes, paths and crossings

Riding in a bicycle lane on a road (s247)

You should:

always use a bicycle lane where provided, unless it is impracticable to do so
never ride in a bicycle lane on the wrong side of the road (travelling towards oncoming traffic).
Riding on or across a continuous white edge line (riding on the road shoulder) (s150)


are allowed to cross a continuous white-edge line in order to ride along the road shoulder
must give way to vehicles on the roadway when moving back onto the road across the continuous white edge line.


btw: i ride every weekend and drive also !