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05 June 2013



Australia is facing a crisis in leadership on a massive scale, crippling government at all levels and frustrating an electorate that have by and large caused the crisis.

Last week, Tony Abbott, the leader-in-waiting, backed down from a bipartisan agreement that would have gone a long way to removing the influence of "big money" from our elections.  Instead of manning up and selling the agreement to the voters, this man of little leadership instead got rolled by shallow populist arguments from his own backbench.  Abbott again revealed himself to be a liar and dimwit.  So it's fitting we reward him with our highest elected office.

But he's no bigger a liar and dimwit then the current PM.  

Think back to the first days of the Rudd Government.  Kevin
'07 promised to throw open the doors to a new generation, and to harness this enthusiasm he set up a weekend "2020 Summit" to hear ideas from the best and brightest Australians.

Which were summarily disregarded and ignored - the 2020 Summit was a PR hoodwink of massive proportions.  And from there began the slide into mediocrity.  Otherwise called the search for "Common Sense" government.

John "Cueball" MacKenzie genuflects everytime he hears the name Paul Pisasale.  Pisasale, the mayor for Ipswich, is seen by much of the community as a true leader - on this we agree.  And leadership means doing the RIGHT thing, not the "politic" thing, nor the "easiest to explain" thing.  "Common Sense" means common.  I don't want my leaders doing the common.  I want them doing the uncommon, the groundbreaking, the unique.   

Cairns & Ipswich are both growing cities.  Pisasale knows that one lever of growth is public spending.  He knows his city won't grow if they don't have what people are looking for in a community.  Jobs, housing, good roads and public transport, arts & entertainment, sport, and good public service.  

As a councillor in Ipswich since 1991, Pisasale led the city into huge spending budgets, financed by debt.  Debt is the lubricant in the engine of growth.  Somehow somewhere, shifty politicians are now equating debt with "bad government".  Big mouth Martin Tenni screams about it regularly, despite being a minister in the Joh government that spent like drunken sailors, resulting in huge growth across Queensland.  

Ipswich has over $418M in debt - $1480 per resident.  Cairns is carrying $102M in debt, less than $750 per resident.  This is why attacks on the Val Schier council for "overspending" were baseless.  We're a growing community, with growing community needs.  This is what debt is for, why debt is available.  If not for debt, only the top 5% would own their own homes.  Australia as a country is nowhere near a dangerous amount of debt.  And choking off debt means choking off the future.  A dismal future in a high-growth area like Cairns.

It should be noted that Paul Pisasale did one campaign appearance in Cairns - on behalf of Val Schier, the obvious leader.  

But "leadership" has been hijacked by the anti-leaders, guys like Bob "Sleepy" Manning.  Over a year after an election where all sides agreed we need a new theater, Manning has failed to lead and instead lets chaos reign.  And with a council that is so obviously dysfunctional, why would any state government hand over money to this place?  Campbell Newman was attacked for daring to say that the Cairns CBD "looked marvelous to him".  The shameful part is that two elected leaders, Bob Manning and Gavin "Don't Rape Me"
King didn't even have the cajones to disagree with the Premier. Indeed the spineless wonder that is our Member for MacKenzie Gavin King looked foolish blaming the federal government for Cairns woes - especially when he meekly rolled over as his LNP mates picked our pockets for $100M in commitments.  So gutted is Gavin King now he rarely ventures out of his office and won't even take calls on the radio any longer.  The opposite of a leader?  A toxic Gavin King.  And our federal member thinks leadership is dreaming up the most senseless expenditure of money that a few glasses of wine have lubricated into words.  "Tunnel to East Trinity" and "40,000 seat rectangular stadium" are just two of these idiocies.

Joh Bjelke Newman is governing Queensland using "common sense", and he's now starting to realize how stupid and expensive that can be.  "Common Sense" told him that Queensland would save lots of money by firing 14,000 public workers.  Many of these jobs are now being done by temps and contract workers at much greater cost.  UnSir Bob Norman used his LNP "Common Sense" to eliminate the "paper pushers" at the hospital - but they're now finding out that this paperwork is actually vital in running a health care system.  

And Bob Manning has a whole council of "Common Sense" councillors who rarely challenge Manning's position, and in fact have ordered that reports to councillors be streamlined so they don't have so many details to read.  

Two of our good 'ol boy Common Sense councillors are now actively engaged in sexual harassment of the female professional staff at council, keeping management busy with counseling a growing number of disaffected staff.  One of these boys thought the awarding of council grants entitled him to a kiss from all the females there to accept the council support.  One of them made it quite clear that she'd not be smooching this councillor, grant or no grant.  It's only time before the actions of these two councillors results in sexual harassment lawsuits, according to one insider.  That's if they're 

We're now going into a federal election that seems to be devoid of any leadership whatsoever.  Julia Gillard has already proven to be leadership-agnostic.  And Tony Abbott is proving to be no better, with a devious streak to boot, and we're preparing to reward him for his lack of leadership with the expectation he might in fact have some ticker.

None of this bodes well for a 21st Century Australia.  


mickwow said...
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Anonymous said...

HBW we shouldn't forget that Mayor Paul Pisasale came to Cairns at his own expense to support Val Shier and spoke of the fantastic job she was doing as Mayor of Cairns. Media reports were nil regarding this, just the usual hounding her throughout the campaign. Look what we ended up with! This city is boring.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you,Mickwow, but there's a huge space beneath your comment. You been using invisible ink?

Anonymous said...

Good to see Bob newma..er.. Norman - yet another great hypocrite LNP suck showing his leadershit skills by blaming the federal gov for job losses in FNQ while exalting the progress of the new Labor funded hospital extensions. Add to that the spectacular skills in attempting to fast track previously funded hospital equipment in an attempt to stump up (his flagging member)Gavin King.

Second Anonymous said...

Hillbilly, I think you are being a tad too harsh on Federal ALP. In 6 years good legislation has been passed. The problem is we now have news outlets in this country that do not accurately inform the public on political debate - you can draw a bow and say that this has happened since or soon after ALP came to government.

Tony Abbott saying 'No, no, no' in a sound bite followed by a 6 second slogan has become a standard for political coverage.

Our media has been dumbed down in much the way Clive James used to satirise US media on the ABC/BBC all those years ago.

Certainly the Federal ALP government has not been without it's problems but news outlets have failed to report all the positive initiatives that have been passed - even during a hung parliament. And with new political parties in the mix, that may very well be our future. Maybe we can learn something from out NZ neighbours.

In the meantime our media will continue to make a mockery of the legislative process because it is an easy target with no backlash to the proprietors.

ruby said...

Meanwhile at the Base Hospital, the Admissions Centre has closed or is about to close, there is such a shortage of administrative staff that outstanding debts from overseas patients can't be followed up, there is talk of asking patients requiring surgery to travel to Townsville, and more talk yet again of privatisation of the pharmaceutical business of the hospital.

Hoof Hearted said...
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Anonymous said...

Wan king will not be there come next election but the damage he will do to Cairns and its familys will be on his head ,why has he lied to all the mums and Dads of Cairns just to get a job, makes you want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

If things are as bad as you say, why don't any of you whining anonymous sad sacks stand up & run for council or parliament?

Crystal Ball- Gazer said...



by Dimman Puppy

Campbell Newman has claimed victory in Saturday's election and announced the voters of Queensland have given their unqualified and overwhelming approval for the complete privatisation of the State's hospitals and schools.

Speaking from his electorate office on the Gold Coast, Newman said Queenslanders had demonstrated they wanted a new era in the way previously government funded services such as health and education were administered. "We now have a full mandate to privatise all our schools," Mr Newman said, "and we intend to do so without delay."

When questioned about the deaths of many Queenslanders turned away from the private hositals because of inability to pay, Mr Newman said it was "unfortunate" but that previous Labor Governments had instilled in many people the belief that health care was a right and not a privilege. "We are fighting that same silly outdated idea now with education," the Premier said. "However Queenslanders have now given us a clear, unobstructed mandate to go ahead. It's full steam ahead!"

The results of Queensland's election which was held four years after the last election, saw the LNP returned with an overall vote of 34% of first preferences. A breakdown of voting revealed:

LNP = 34%
ALP = 32%
KAP = 20%
UAP = 8%

There is little change in the composition of the Legislative Assembly, with three new ALP members reclaiming the Labor seats of Lytton, Everton and Cairns.

The former Member for Cairns, Gavin King told The Cairns Post in an exclusive interview that "dirty tricks and smear" had won the seat for the ALP. "I was under siege from the day I was elected," said a visibly angry Mr King, who was the only LNP member to lose his seat North of Brisbane. "The way they carried on when a few aboriginal people died because the hospital refused to provide them with kidney dialysis treatments for free." Mr King said the ALP "went ballistic" and it was "indicative of their dangerous mindsets".
"We have aboriginal community leaders like Dum Waggy-Tail-Johns who fully agree with us that the days of a free lunch are over, and if they can't afford to pay for their medical care, like everyone else, then that's their problem. Dum Waggy-Tail-Johns, and other aboriginal leaders have been saying for decades that all the problems of the aboriginal people are because they accept all these freebies and handouts. I'm proud, proud, proud that the LNP has put a comlete stop to it," Mr King said.

When asked if the deaths of women attempting to give birth at a free birthing clinic established by some former midwives, to assist women from lower icome groups, had affected his chances of re-election, Mr King vigorously denied it.
"Once again this was the vicious work of the ALP", he said. "Our mothers to be today, thanks to the LNP, have beautiful birthing centres with first class chefs, designer theatre gowns, nannies on the spot to care for the bubs, hairdressing salons located within the maternity section and so on. It is just the most beautiful experience because you know we in the LNP believe that giving birth should be the most beautiful experience."

KAP Party leader Bob Katter told "The Cairns Post" that whilst he was disappointed the KAP did not gain an extra seat, he was thrilled and delighted with the solid 20% vote his party received. "We are achieving what we set out to do," he said.

The Cairns Post was unable to reach the newly elected ALP Member for Cairns, nor could it reach the State ALP Leader.

Anonymous said...

Hoof you fart. Silly me. I thought most reasonably intelligent people would realise I meant Labor government. Any way remind us, what are your current mates in government offering us?

Anonymous said...

Warren "Jabba the Hutt" Stench will probably be re-elected again. SIGH.

Jethro said...

Im afraid you're well out there with your figures Crystal Ballgazer old chum. In the 2012 election Queenslanders gave the LNP 49.7% of the primary vote, so if you reckon there is going to be a swing of 15% against them next election, and a swing of 6% to the ALP, then quite a few LNP seats would fall to the ALP other than the three you mentioned. I agree however with the points you made, Queensland will be a very different place after several years of the Newman Government. Life will become very hard for a good proportion of Queenslanders.

jim-bob jnr said...

Yeah Crystal ball sounds just like the Cairns Post. Unable to reach the ALP Member. that'd be right. We can all expect that while Dimmon Puppy sidles up to King for an exclusive interview. I doubt the Cairns Post would ever mention anything about people dying because the privatised hospitals refused them treatment either. Instead they would write a fluffy piece about how brilliant Bob Norman was and how greateful everyone should be.

Bob R. said...

See where one of Abbott's promises is to "turn the boats back" which of course is very popular with a certain section of the Australian community, who don't bother to listen to what the Indonesian Government has said about this. I very much doubt Abbott would risk the ire of the Indonesians in using the Australian Navy to force the overloaded and often unseaworthy boats back into Indonesian waters, but then again, flushed with electoral success and backed by the Murdoch media, he could be just reckless enough to try and do it. We would therefore see an angry and hostile Indonesian Government and history tells us the Indonesians are very touchy. It is doubtful that Abbott ("Shit happens!") would possess the diplomacy skills necessary to defuse rising tensions either. Looking at Asia as a whole, I can't see "turning the boats back" receiving much support there either.

ruby said...

Interesting bit of goss there HBW. Two sexy rexys amongst the Councillors. Wonder what's going on in their heads? I mean none of them look remotely like Brad Pitt now do they? What is it, old age has brought on sex obsessed dementia? Do they think all those bags of money they earn doing fuck all makes them attractive? Allow me, as a discerning female to express my feelings:-


My advice to Council female staff. Just boot them up the balls as hard as you can and scream "Sexual harassment" loud and long.

Seth said...

Good point there Bob R. I think Abbott is telling a heap of bullshit about "turning the boats back". The rednecks and uneducated will suck it up however and it is a vote catcher.
Gillard is in my estimation the better Prime Minister, because of her demonstrated skills in negotiation, but I believe she falls short on statesmanship. As does Abbott who is way way short. Abbott's lack of tact and diplomacy, his habit of putting his foot fair in his mouth could well see us quickly at loggerheads with Indonesia. Frankly, I don't want to see some sort of stand off between boats from the Indonesian navy and the Australian navy or whatever while Abbott blunders away.

Hoof Hearted said...

"Queensland will be a very different place after several years of the Newman Government. Life will become very hard for a good proportion of Queenslanders."

At least we won't be broke !!!

Anonymous said...

Hoof Hearted, we will be sold out to the Chinese and Queenslanders will be the their coolies.

Anonymous said...

We won't be broke Hoof Hearted, but all our State's assets will be sold to overseas interests or privatised to a cabal of greedy LNP hacks. The State will have precious few assets left from which to be able to provide for future generations. On top of this we could well see a population ravaged by several contagions with its hospital system unable to cope. As years roll on, a large swathe of our population will be uneducated, and without any health services.

Hoof Hearted said...

It's called "leveling the playing field".
For years Asia was the poor downtrodden region.
Then they got smart while the West remained complacent.
If the roles reverse - so be it!
It's time they had their chance.

Anonymous said...

One bright star on the horizon is that it looks like Murdoch is starting the paywall process on the Courier Wail which should free up the independent media to have a share. Add to that we now have an Australian edition of the Guardian so all we need now is an alternate voice to the local Murdoch mouthpiece.

Jethro said...

Hoooray for the Guardian!! Can't wait to actually buy a copy and have it in my hands. Hoof Hearted, you sound insane to me, mate.

Observer said...

Gillard and Labor have done a pretty fair job with the economy. We are only one of a few countries to have that coveted AAA credit rating, and our level of debt is very small compared to most other countries. We have a low inflation rate and low interest rate. We also are seeing a growth economy. Gillard has had enormous difficulties confronting her, not the least of which is a hostile media machine. All up I am impressed with her strength and her dignity under pressure.
Gillard is good Prime Minister material. However I believe the Murdoch media will create a shitstorm around some over sensationalised scandal just before the election. Im guessing it will be one manufactured simply to fire up the voters emotions just before they go down and vote, so that they cast an emotional rather than considered vote. I have no doubts this is going to happen and Gillard and Labor will be tossed out. Our country is at the mercy of the Murdoch media machine and Queenslanders, half our State's voting population have demonstrated what can happen.

Anonymous said...

"At least we won't be broke!" Hoof hearted said. Oh yes, the mantra of the LNP...must have a surplus budget, must have a surplus budget. The only imperative of government is to have a surplus, just like a corporation according to the LNP. So the LNP want us to have a population under-educated and in ill health, the State with no assets, and all previously public utilities and services owned by overseas corporations with multi million dollar salaried CEOs and foreign shareholders screaming for higher dividends. People will die, children starve to death on the streets, but hey, the State will have a "surplus budget". The State in fact will lose its sovereignity as more and more foreign ownership takes over. Our future doesnt look too good under the LNP.

John said...

I think Gillard has demonstrated she is probably the best leader we have at this point in time. No, she isn't the best we have ever had, don't get me wrong, but as I said, for these times she is about the best we can get I reckon. I just cant see Abbott dealing with a minority government and I reckon we could well see another minority government elected after September.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jethro but the Guardian is only online and free! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I got to confess I really want to see Abbott pull off his miracle in turning the boats back. It would be a bit like Moses parting the sea I reckon. Abbott will stride out into the ocean and raise his hands to the heavens and in a stern voice order the boats to turn back. Yeah lots of Australians think he is some sort of prophet like that. He can perform miracles.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it the local community radio station has finally discovered the 21st century and is now streaming online. All we need now is for intelligent, interested people to weed out the dinosaurs firmly entrenched there and we might re-establish once again a decent source of independent media in Cairns.

Miss Chief said...

There has been a call put out via social media for witnesses to an incident that occurred recently in a Canberra restaurant. It seems a very senior Lib MP has some explaining to do and could very well be the game changer. I can't wait for this to be splashed across the front pages once the story gets out.

Anonymous said...

It just won't happen Miss Chief. The LNP are a protected species in this town and if happened last week no-one would care.

Bob R said...

LOL Miss Chief, I found that somewhere as well. Do you really think that incident will "get out" in the mainstream media? Seems to me as if one of the LNP boys got pissed as a parrot and behaved like a neanderthal at a restaurant. So what's new?