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24 June 2013


Tony Abbott, reading from notes prepared by the Shadow Minister for Blogs Warren Entsch, this weekend proclaimed the Cairns CBD "the most beautiful, majestic, and magnificent business district in the southern hemisphere - except for that bullshit City Place". 

He then confirmed that Coalition Policy for the Regional Areas is described internally as "Screw the Hillbillies", with Commonwealth money in a Coalition government to be shared only with big cities, big business, and big mates.  Never mind that people from across this country sent this money to Canberra.  We're not getting a bloody shilling, thanks to the effectiveness of the Member for Leichhardt, who has ably represented our large contingent of convicted drink drivers.  

Abbott then did confirm that he fully supported previous
Coalition policy to upgrade the Bruce Highway
, a policy first made by Robert Menzies in 1941 and a cornerstone of both Liberal and Labor Party candidates in North Queensland since then.  They don't have to actually FOLLOW THRU with the policy!

After posing for photos with "The Worst Opposition Whip in Australian History", Abbott retreated to the airport to get the hell out of here before Cairns Mayor Bob Manning woke up.

Meanwhile, Entsch DID unveil a great new initiative for the arts, and our artistic young people in Cairns.  Called the "Creative Young Stars" program, it provides grants to young people in the arts who wish to take part in eisteddfods, competitions, and other cultural, artistic, and academic events.

Entsch said 'Leichhardt is full of young people who have a whole range of talents.  These grants give them the chance to develop their talents further, and can be spent on a range of airfares and bus transfers that will take them to a community down south somewhere that gives a shit about the arts.'  Grants of up to $3000 are available to groups of six or more.  'That should clear out all the artsy-fartsy Gen Y's and other fruitcakes so we can get on with building more sports stadiums', said Entsch. 


Insurance reform
CBD Upgrade
Civic Theater Renewal
Bruce Highway Weatherproofing
Defence for Torres Strait Island Flooding
Ship-building for Australian Navy
Petrol Prices
Electricity Pricing
Expansion of HMAS Cairns
Upgrade of Sheraton Mirage
Tunnel to East Trinity
Tunnel and Four-laning of Kennedy Highway


KitchenSlut said...

Has anyone told Cory Bernadi that there are grants available to groups of 6 or more?

Tony Hillier said...

Makes you wonder why The Mad Monk deigned to pay us a flying visit. Maybe the the PM-in-waiting [sadly] has already written off the Member for Leichhardt retaining his voluminous seat.

shanhgai said...

I cant wait to see the soccerroos training at barlow park pre world cup boot camp oh um cmon if 10% of our population can go see souths and titans nrl match surely Entsch's coliseum is the go

Second Anonymous said...

The Cairns Post is running a competition to be guest Editor for a day - HBW, please nominate yourself.

Anonymous said...

HBW You know when both the Federal and State LNP Leaders tell us that there is no funding for the renewal of our City Centre, they are really telling our Sleeply Mayor that the Ratepayers have to pay for these improvements. No doubt we will see this being paid for out of our rate increase to be announced to-day.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the Creative Young Stars program is a Fed Govt program and certainly no initiative of fatguts Entsch.
Nice of him to spruik it though.

Emma Chisit said...

Can't agree Tony H -I think Wazza will win with an increased margin, (sadly)The good folk of Cairns can't see past opinions of the local shockjock aided by the Murdoch press.The other Tony's IPA meeting with Gina,Rupert and Pell says it all really.So sing along with me -"we're on the road to nowhere" (with apologies to whoever sang it first).

Tony Hillier said...

I know the Compost is desperate to arrest its plummeting circulation and that staff morale is at an all-time low, but I never thought they'd be desperate enough to throw the editorship open to all-comers.

Anonymous said...

The only way forward for Cairns and the people of this region is to vote out stench at September, then the paperboy and the fisherman and then throb man and his dickophants.

If the people of Cairns and this region don't vote them out, then sufferers have the right to blame their neighbours and any other short sighted dummy who vote for these useless money grabbers

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghia did you say, Entsch thinks he's a titan and needs a coliseum to put his boots on and can't play soccer.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how fat guts can survive another term without some major coronary episode. Has anyone seen him lately? He is a walking time bomb.

Vi L. Schumm said...

Having been in tree-lined Melbourne for a while, I was shocked on returning to Cairns to see all the new and unnecessary parking in Lake Street and the vandalising of the formerly tree-lined front of Stratford shops. As Joni Mitchell sang, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot".

Do our tourists come to visit paradise of a parking lot?

Can't this Council do anything more than build parking lots? And what happened to Manning'pledge to consult on matters affecting the community?

Argus Tuft said...

According to Rb PYNE this council budget is about robbing Martyn St ( civic works ) to pay Spence (bloated management. What was their election platform again?

shanghai said...

emma darling it was talking heads who sang that and good to see council thinking about joining lake st and airport drive but I guess it still wont happen I just hope the sun will still rise from the east on sept 15

ruby said...

Manning will take all the credit for revitalising the City Place and leave the bill to the next Council to pay off. Once they then increase rates to help pay the devt, Manning will be on Mackenzie saying how HE NEVER had to increase rates. That is Manning's style. Im wondering if Manning didnt hand over the original $38 million given by the Bligh Government to renovate City Place to Newman in the hope of getting himself a Knighthood. Either that or King handed it over in the hope of getting a Ministerial portfolio. Whatever, they both shit all over Cairns when they gave back that funding. There cannot be any doubt that they wanted something for themselves out of handing back the money.

Anonymous said...

Last week, e received Stench's lastest news letter. As soon as I saw the doctored photo of him on the front page, I threw it in the bin. What is the sense of reading it if he doctors his own photo. Makes you think he's doctored all of his stories as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Would have to be the most ineffective member for Leichardt ever, a real bullshit artist at best.

Bob R. said...

Bullshit artists are successful Anonymous above. Look at Manning and all the bullshit he sprouted in his slimy quest to climb the greasy pole of public office. Who can forget his promise to build a new Entertainment Precinct for a lot less than the Schier proposal? After he was elected,he changed his tune and the entire precinct changed to just one building, the performing arts theatre. After handing back all the funding now he's going from pillar to post and back again trying to find funding. We all know darn well he and his Unity Team of inept geriatric sycophants have no intention of building a new theatre, but will hand it over to the next Council like a poison chalice. As ruby noted above, if the next Council decide to go ahead and build a new theatre, Manning will be on Mackenzie spewing criticism and undermining the Council as much as he can. Its his style.
Of course Entsch is also a bullshit artist, but the people get sucked in by it. Look at King and all the bullshit he sprouted about the CBD, so what does he do when he gets elected? Gives back the $38 million fought for by Desley Boyle to revitalise the CBD and city place. That is of course, if the money wasn't handed back and isn't stowed away in some offshore account somewhere. Since there is no accountability with this Newman Government, Christ only knows where that money went to. Summing up, people love the bullshit artist and vote for them.

Anonymous said...

The bins at the post office are full of Stench's useless newsletters and fridge calendars. What a waste of money..

Anonymous said...

I agree Bob R. People are easily and effortlessly sucked in by bullshit artists. They're like children, going off to bed happy that Santa is coming in the night or the tooth fairy or whatever great wanking lie they want to believe. Read through Entsch's newsletter and see where the "achievements" he claims are nothing more than socialising or attending the results of someone elses hard work.

Anonymous said...

Now we have both the State and Federal LNP Leaders telling us that our City Centr is great and they won't be giving us any money for Improvements. Obviously our local Feneral Member(Stench) and our local State Members(King & Trout) have not been telling their leaders what the real situation is in our City is or the Federal and State LNP Leaders are not taking any notice of their local members. If they are not listening to our local Members it just shows that they are not thought very well of.
The Business owners;City Leaders and Property owners have been screeming out for renewal especially in Lake Street for years. Even Gavein King was seeking Federal Monies to brighten up the City for the G20 Conference. After listening to the Locals Desley Boyle campaigned successfully to get $30million for the City Renewalonly to have it taken away by the LNP to be spent in Townsville and Brisbane. Jim Tourner got $40million for the Entertainment Precinct and the good citizens of Cairns lost this money when the LNP Councillors(including Cocky) stopped it and gave it back to Government. Val Schier managed to get in excess of $100million for the Entertainment Precinct but it was lost because of LNP Politics.
I find it very difficult to think of more than one project that Stench has secured in all the time he has been our Representative for Leichhardt.In all of the time Stench has represented us in Canberra, I cannot think of one worthwhile project where he has been successful in bringing money and jobs into this Region.

shanghai said...

wtf the council has no money to mow nature strips but they have money to cut down trees to remove the cbd bats cmon tourists come and enjoy our concrete good one idiots it would be ironic if the bats relocated to the trees outside the council chambers then what ? cut the trees down ? I suppose with all concrete going down at the moment its easier for the tumbleweed cairns a city in a garden proudly brought to you by pioneer concrete

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai !!!

Did you say the bats are going to sit outside Manning's office and do bat poo all over the Unity Councillors?

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai did you say? WTF did you say.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Trout on local news. Not really that bright is he? But still a rocket scientist when compared with the intelligence of the hillbillies that voted for him. Private enterprise will do a cheaper job killing off our 'problem crocs' especially when they are mates of yours.

Liz said...

Desley Boyle secured $38 million for the revitalisation of the CBD in her last year in office. Gavin King wrote about it and acknowledged the money in one of his columns, however as soon as he was electred he claimed on the Mackenzie Show that "there is no money". Hillbilly Watch kindly revealed details of the SECRET furtive and sly emails going between Manning and King over the $38 million in which King clearly stated the "money was staying in the North." (HBW can you repost that email so new readers can see it?) We know $5 million of that $38 million was given to the Cairns Regional Council for the CBD, but the rest of the money seems to have disappeared into thin air, never to have been heard of again.
WHERE IS IT? Yes, the huge question is was it offered up to Campbell Newman for self-serving purposes? Did someone hope for a Ministerial portfolio or maybe even a Knighthood, by pissing all over Cairns? It wouldn't be the first time a self-serving, egotistical political aspirant has tried to buy their way up the greasy pole, and Manning seems to me to be exactly the type of man to want others to defer to him as "Sir" while tugging their forelocks and lifting their caps. Like King, he has a grossly exaggerated sense of self-worth.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Toowoomba has Campbell's seal of approval for its extensive CBD upgrade. Hope our most useless head hillbillies King and Manning have contacted their counterparts down there to find out how to run a city.

Anonymous said...

You blog entry "Abbott retreated to the airport to get the hell out of here before Cairns Mayor Bob Manning woke up.". What a load of crap you are insinuating. Once again a half-truth that suits your political rant!

Tony Abbott was in town - as was the waste of space redhead for the opening of the Avenue of Honour at Yungaburra.

No sneaking to town; no retreating to the airport, and of course Mayor Manning knew he was here.

Anonymous said...

We know what the Federal Govt has given us. We can see it as we drive into Cairns on the Southside with the road development there. We can see it as we drive past the new extension on the CBHospital. We would have seen it near the Convention Centre with a CEP except the LNP luvvies didn't want the money.We know your political slant too anonymous in the way you insult our Prime Minister at that time. I'm sure we would love to know what policies your fearless speedoed leader has for Far North Queensland, indeed for Australia, but he slinks away, even when challenged by the current PM to a public debate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23.14 another lnp groupie