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16 July 2013


Prime Minister Kevin "KRudd" Rudd orchestrated a blow-thru the Cairns CBD on Sunday, using the opportunity to throw some PM "pocket lint" at the Cairns nonRegional Council.  With Sleepy Bob Manning no where to be seen (apparently KRudd wasn't briefed on Manning's "No Work Sundays), KRudd announced $4.6M (or is it $4.8M - even the PM's Office doesn't know!) for work in the CBD.  No public consultation necessary.

The last time a PM KRudd was in Cairns was in December of 2009.  During that visit, KRudd promised changes to Australian aviation regulations that would require new flights to Sydney or Melbourne include "triangulated" service with Cairns.   The Cairns airport manager Stephen Gregg gleefully said this change "dramatically strengthened the Far North's appeal to new carriers".  Gregg went on to say that Cairns was entering "A golden period".  Isn't it rich?  Isn't it queer?  Losing my timing this late in my career?  Send in the Clowns.  

With three more years of continued downturn that followed, KRudd and his acolytes again were selling fool's gold.  No such triangulation ever occurred, despite at least five new carriers from Asia entering the Sydney and Melbourne markets.  And Cairns unemployment continued up, business closures continued up, tourism numbers continued down, and post-election visits from KRudd and his assassin Julia Gillard disappeared.

The KRudd event was timed to gut the "campaign launch" by the Shadow Minister of Blogs, Warren Entsch.  For this big campaign launch, we didn't get to see Tony, nor Julie Bishop.  Surely Malcolm came to support his friend?  Nope.  Instead, Entsch got Bronwyn Bishop, Shadow Minister for Seniors.  Send in the Clowns.

With Entsch known to be on Abbott's shit list, this "campaign launch" shows how ineffectual he has become and how worthless he is to the voters of Leichhardt.  A member who has failed to deliver in this ALP government, and who delivered little as John Howard's FNQ bootlicker.  A blowhard with laughable grandiose plans and the disdain of his colleagues and peers.  But where are the clowns?  Send in the Clowns.  

The handful of LNP loyalists that turned out to this Entsch launch were flat and uninspired, with one remarking to a friend "maybe we can get down to Rusty's to see the PM!".


With the PM's plane refueled he "had to zip", motorcade speeding past a scowling Entsch loading wine bottle partials into his car.

Don't you love farce?  Our fault, I fear.  
I thought that you'd want what I want - sorry my dear.
Send in the Clowns.

Federal Politics in Cairns.  No wonder we're in the crapper.

Don't bother.  They're here.


Johnno Nixon said...

We're "in the crapper" everywhere simply because everyone wants everything and there are NOT enough tax payers in good old Aus, to pick up the tab. We have the tax havens,dodgers,grants,breaks, concessions, refunds, trusts, whatever. Then whinge there is no surplus. Well if everyone paid their fair share instead of trying to dodge it everyone would be better off.

Anonymous said...

Nearly split a gut this morning with your intertwining our weekend with a terrific song. Keep up the good work!

CBD Tarzan said...

Thanks Hillbilly Ive got a new song to sing as I drink this bottle of rum and sharpen my wit.

Anonymous said...

HBW...you sound like Abbott and Stench. Who cares if it is 4.6 or 4.8 it is investment into this city.

Emma Chisit said...

Billy Gordon was there -did anyone notice? The Cairns Post and the "local" TV news didn't mention him either -for goodness sakes Labor Party people, get his face somewhere! Voters need to know the local Labor Party candidate and so far he is kept totally under wraps. WHY? Is this the fault of a biased media?

Tony Hillier said...

The lyrics of another smash hit also spring to mind:
Clowns to the left, / Jokers to the right, here I am, / Stuck in the middle with you. / Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you.

Jethro said...

At least Rudd has said we will be getting SOMETHING for the CBD and after King and Manning gave back the $32 MILLION given to us by the Bligh Government, that is something.

Bob R. said...

Just who are the clowns? Hey? We had Anna Bligh, through the efforts of Desley Boyle, give us $32 million to upgrade the Cairns Business District. King and Manning dispersed the lot of it apart from $5 million, details of which were in a leaked "secret" email between King and Manning. Then King started whinging that upgrading the CBD should be the responsibility of the Federal Government because of the forthcoming G20 Finance Ministers Conference. Entsch did fuck all except to skoll a few more cases of red and get himself remarried. So now Rudd has given us a few more million, no doubt through the efforts of Billy Gordon, the ALP Federal Candidate.
The clowns, Hillbilly, in this instance, are not the ALP, but the LNP, in particular Manning, King and Entsch who have done fuck all to obtain funding for the heart of our city.

Anonymous said...

Emma Chisit, what the hell do you think happened to Jim Turnour during his term in office? His staff told me they spent considerable energy trying to get photos, publicity, press releases published, but the media stayed away and gave it all to Entsch.

Tony Hillier said...

Anonymous 10:53. The men who dominate the meedya up here in Kens have always had a heavy bias towards conservative parties and politicians. They identify with corpulent, inebriated loud mouths. Intelligent, free thinking women scare the shit out of them!

Anonymous said...

Manning was on 4CA trying to explain the CBD upgrade. He sounded terribly confused and kept correcting himself. Apparently we now have 15 million to do Lake Street (City Place ?) and fix some rusty pipes etc. Macca had to keep prompting him as he kept wandering off and it was not exactly clear what's happening or if anything is happening at all. According to Wazza it is all smoke and mirrors, but he won't commit to anything himself. All the people who turned up at Rusty's to mob Rudd were apparently ALP supporters in disguise (they were told not to wear their Kevin07 shirts according to Stench who obviously has a mole in ALP HQ's). So everybody is lying and blaming someone else. A circus indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yes Emma Chisit - Compost routinely ignores Labor and gives LNP free kicks. Entsch notorious for bullying Compost in the past for any favourable mentions of Turnour, McLucas etc. That was why their whack on King's offer for comment for a soft PNG story was such a surprise. btw Manning was seen turning up at Jan McLucas's office on Sunday presumably to meet Rudd. He was wearing shorts and daggy shirt. Just the sort of amateurish look you would want from a Mayor making representation to the Prime Minister. What a disgraceful incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Manning this morning was a joke. Listening to him was painful. He and mckenzie could not add up 2 and 2 let alone come up with the figures for the money that is available for the city upgrade. manning was convinced he had $21million, but the numbers did not add up to that. Laughable interview...and we are paying for this fucking dimwit!?!
The council staff must lurch from tears of laughter at this idiot to tears of despair at his incompetence!

Seth said...

Johnno Nixon, you're correct in saying that a hell of a lot of money is not paid into general revenue through taxation here in Australia I read recently where the Tax Office was engaged in one of the biggest exercises in detecting tax evasion of individuals and companies who had deposited sums in offshore banks. However I haven't read anything since about it.

Anonymous said...

Boyd Scotty Boydy is back! LNP must ge getting scared. As usual, he writes crap. Will he be taking over from Wazza? From the Compost:

Same old rust-ons are rapt that the empty coffers of the Federal Treasury, emptied by none other
than Rudd & Co, will somehow provide almost $5 million dollars for our totally super-ceded City
Square. Just like a magic pudding, our favourite rockstar PM will find the money to waste, yet
again. The Esplanade is Cairns cultural/leisure area for the masses, local and visitors alike and is
in awesome shape. Get over the need for an old fashioned town square and live in the now. Federal
debt: $240 BILLION and climbing rapidly....
Posted by: boyd scotty scott of cairns/mission beach 3:45pm Monday

Anonymous said...

Boydy deserves an economics masters degree in lieu of a brain. Like most FNQ redneck conservatives he wouldn't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

I must confess I am confused, I went to the markets as usual to get produce and saw the prime minister. Does that mean I support Labor or regularly shop at the markets to get produce.

Emma Chisit said...

On a lighter note and totally off topic -WHERE HAVE ALL THE FROGS GONE? It has been raining for days and we have not once heard a frog anywhere. Can someone enlighten us please?
(This train of thought is for those who are up to "here" with politics.)

ruby said...

Boyd boydy boy boyo scot scotty scat likes nothing better than to show how big a man he is by abusing women. It is his favourite past time. Mind, just like Tony Abbott, Gavin King and Warren Entsch, he's not so strong when it comes to dishing out the abuse to men. There's a noticeable sort of reluctance.

Anonymous said...

FROGS !!! the're still in France I believe

Miss Chief said...

All the frogs have been eaten up by all the LNP snakes up here.

Anonymous said...

Frogs used to be a great restaurant in Kuranda. But no more. Coincidence? I think not!!!