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08 July 2013


On July 5th, Bob "Sleepy" Manning officially reneged on his and the disUnity Team election promise to "deliver a new performing arts centre, appropriately costed and sited, in the first term".

William in Brinsmead called into the Cueball show Friday, and again claimed that no one wants to consider refurbishment of the existing Civic Center.  William said he has plans that increase the Civic Center from 670 to 1400, despite the numerous reports to Council about the inadequacies of the Civic Theater, and the inability to expand it.

Manning then claims he "indicated to the state and federal governments" that his Council would prepare plans for a new theater complex and present it to them for funding - a misleading statement that ignores his agreement with the LNP government to cancel the existing signed contracts for $97 million. Manning then says "it will be very hard to get funding from them".  And Council insiders report that banks engaged in Public-Private Partnership funding have laughed at the model proposed by Manning. There will be no PPP funding.

Planners at Cairns Ports have also noted the inability to sell the rump site to a hotel developer - it's far too small for this use.

Manning then delivers the shocker - refurbishment of the Civic Center is likely the only thing left for Council to consider!  He then delivers the most enormous load of bullshit to justify his views, a stumbling and bumbling explanation about theaters in Europe that have been remodeled many times over the years to accommodate changes in productions.  The absurdity of such an explanation is apparent to anyone with an ounce of common sense - when you start with a world-class building, of course you can upgrade it.  We own a concrete shed.

Manning then repeats the disUnity Team "big lie":  "we would never even consider building it on the wharf area cause (sic) that area is needed for the future of the port".  Despite the fact that his own report done when he was CEO of Cairns Ports showed the land as surplus, unneeded port land.

The NSW Government in their most recent budget set aside $14M to prepare a Master Plan to refurbish the Opera House - estimated at over $1,000,000,000.00.  Cost to refurbish the St. James Theater in Auckland are estimated at over $50M.  In 1980, a Perth theater was refurbished at a cost of $11M - over $50M after inflation.  Manning then said refurb of the Civic Center would be done "at a quarter of the cost" of the current proposal - meaning $26M, Bob.  That's likely the size of the cost overrun on a Civic Center refurb.

What's clear is that Sleepy Bob isn't interested in spending any more management time on this community problem.  He's prepared to blame it on anyone and everyone, the economy, the government, blah, blah, blah.  Meanwhile Cairns continues to be the fastest-growing regional area in Australia and we've got far bigger problems to solve.  Crocodiles and bats, for example.  Neither can bitch at Bob Manning.


ruby said...

I always said Manning had no intention of doing anything about a new theatre. He and Clare fly down to Sydney or Melbourne and it's two fingers up in the air for anyone else. He couldn't give a shit. He's got his huge salary and helped himself to even more. He will bring in the Chinese into Cairns however with the casino at Yorkeys Knob and the Double Island development. That will change out city forever and it won't all be good.

Alison Alloway said...

I'd like to know what was going through the minds of Manning and King when they gave all the funding for the Entertainment Precinct PLUS the missing $38 million given to revamp the CBD back to Campbell Newman. Ambitious back benchers have done similar things in the past in order to ingratiate themselves with a Premier and gain a Ministerial portfolio. Was this the motivation? Perhaps a Knighthood for Manning? Whatever, their actions are unprecedented here in the Far North and will never be forgotten.

Emma Chisit said...

This whole scenario is like a bad Homicide TV script!!! Do you realise that Manning gets a bigger salary than King?? Can you just imagine his fury -maybe we can divide and conquer. You are spot on Alison -we just need to find out what happened to the $38mil -maybe King will spill the beans to get back at Manning (remember the email?) -I can see blood on the floor! Bring it on (as they say in another TV horror).

Second Anonymous said...

Allison and Emma,

The $38M earmarked by the previous government for City Place was explained by King in his leaked email to the Mayor 29-06-2012, previously published on this blog.

"The $38M that many people were concerned about "losing" is staying in FNQ. The break (pending council approval/support) will be: $3M for Lake St/City Place, $3M for JCU bus stop, $32M to significantly improve flood immunity on two bridges on the Bruce Highway between Cairns and Ingham."

Why the hell he would want to divert $32M in state funds to a federally funded road outside his electorate is another of those awkward questions that King needs to answer...if only someone in the media would ask.

Anonymous said...

McKenzie, one of the main saboteurs of Val Schier's magnificent project, keeps avoiding the issue and never asks any hard questions about it. He must have a good giggle with Manning how they managed to manipulate the electorate, as soon as the microphone is switched off. So much easier to rant about crocs and bats instead. He is now reduced to 4 days a week, apparently because his employer wants him to use up outstanding leave entitlements.Maybe he could use the extra day to research some important local issues instead of just being a LNP mouthpiece and focusing on the irrelevant comments of some know-all taxi drivers, the deluded rants of climate change denier "the Black Adder" and Pearl's vomit inducing, sycophantic blabbering. What really baffles me is that people in Cairns are not up in arms about this blatant deceit.They should be throwing rocks at the mongrel dogs who pissed all over them and who couldn't care less about the welfare of this city.

Anonymous said...

I heard this interview and happened to have visitors from Melbourne in the car listening at the same time. Not that I always listen to McKenzie, but wanted to hear what the Mayor had to say about rate rises, entertainment precinct, CBD development etc. He really is a mumbling old fool who couldn't put two words together and the Melbourne guests could not believe that this is who we have as our City leader. A total sham. When can we have demonstrations in the street and a vote of no confidence regarding this situation?

Anonymous said...

The "interview" was painful to listen to. The old fool seemed to be drifting off at times and was struggling to put together any coherent sentences. Who's pulling his strings I wonder ? How do people like that manage to get themselves elected ? I hope Maaarge is proud of the result of her white-anting and backstabbing of the previous Mayor, whose deputy she was supposed to be.Great outcome , Maaarge. You wanted her job so much that you were happy to sell your soul to Macca and the other wreckers. You didn't get the job and Cairns lost out to the tune of many millions in lost funding and projects.Thanks for nothing.

Second Anonymous said...

Poor Cairns - we a stuck with something based on 1970's thinking with limited audience capacity.

Just about sums up Cueball's program AND the Civic Theatre.

Bob R. said...

Tom Pyne, Kev Byrne and Val Schier all looked at renovating the old Civic Theatre and decided it wasn't possible. I believe there would have to be significant work on the foundations for a start and to bring it up to a reasonable standard for todays expectations would be extremely expensive. Whatever, three previous Mayors rejected it. This seems another of Manning's bullshitting.

Alison Alloway said...

Second Anonymous 10.35, I am well aware of the leaked SECRET email between Manning and King, concerning the $38 million, and King's response concerning $32 million going towards improving flood immunity on two bridges on the Bruce Highway. However this was not confirmed in a follow up by the Transport Minister. In fact I have found no reference to it whatsoever following the furtive and secretive dispersement of OUR City Place funding by both the Mayor and the State Member. Frankly, it is all very disturbing. The funding was given after years of lobbying by the community in which King himself, even as a Johnny come lately, joined in as an exercise in promoting himself.
We did not give permission to the Mayor and the State Member to disperse of this hard won funding however they wanted. We did not give the Mayor permission to sit back like an enfeebled baby having his lollies taken off him, only to see him involved in a further embarrassing spectacle of dithering from pillar to post wondering where in hell he would be getting funding for revamping the CBD in time for the G20 Finance Ministers Summit.
We expect when hard won funding is given to our region, that the Mayor has the ability and competence to hold on to it.
As for exactly where that $32 million went, that is what the local media machine should be asking, even if it is to get a detailed response from the Minister for Transport. In conclusion, I have my own suspicions about where that huge sum of money disappeared to.

CBD Warrior said...

Well, this brings the Entertainment Precinct discussion full circle. Bob-o can't put it where the Cairns Port offices are, he's trapped in his lies about the site where the Schier council had decided on, and he's now promoting a rehab of the Civic Theater that does bugger all to provide additional space to the Convention Centre. Remember the Convention Centre eh Bob? It's not very fulfilling being Mayor with Kevin Byrne's hand shoved up your arse, is it?

jim-bob jnr said...

After bullshitting and conning the voters of Cairns, aided and abetted by the local media machine, how do we know that $38 million hasn't been secretly swindled and is sitting in someone's offshore bank account? I mean, just think about it. The media aren't asking where has it gone to. Fucken King and Manning aren't going to say anything. They are both bullshit artists who only got into their positions through bullying and abusing the former Mayor of Cairns and telling filthy lies about the Entertainment Precint. So where the fuck is this money?????? Is someone or some people hoping to fuck off in a couple of years time, and live the bloody good life, lots of ganga, booze, sex on tap and whatever else they want? Coo thanks Cairns, you bunch of fuckwits. Bwaha hahahaha hahahahahahah.

mickwow said...

it's time for some good old fashioned
civil unrest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bob what the hell happened to extending the Convention Centre? Hey? Remember Val Schier's plan, for the convention centre to be linked up to the performing arts theatre so that extra space could be provided if needed in the future? Hey? It was a visionary idea giving us the building and space for all sorts of conventions and international events. But what did you and Mackenzie and King all say to that? Hey, you deadshits. "It was a white elephant", yeah how could we forget it. You pea brains.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately Macca has more important issues to deal with. From bats and crocs we are now back to refugee bashing, always a popular subject with talk-back audiences. Pearl chipped in as well. She has found another issue to bitch about; illegal camping on a beach in her neighbourhood. She is continuing her crusade against Julia Leu.Apparently it is all her fault. She won't take it up to Manning or James of course. They are blokes, after all. With Gillard and Bligh have gone, Julia is the only remaining female target for Pearl. Soon she will be no longer in the CRC, so let's hope she takes her bitching and moaning elsewhere. Please put the boot camp in Wangetti !!!

Seth at Port said...

It must be glaringly obvious to all now that Manning has no intention of doing anything about a new theatre. It will be handed over, as someone in here once said as a poison chalice to the next Council. Whoever does decide to go ahead with building a new theatre will cop the exact same shit that Val Schier did. Knocking a performing arts theatre gains the approval of the rednecks and is a successful vote catcher. It has proven its success. Therefore I don't believe Cairns will see another new theatre for decades to come, even if the current one just falls to the ground. Cochrane, Blake, Manning, King and Mackenzie can all take the credit. Frankly I think people need to get over it. It has gone.

Second Anonymous said...

Alison, please apply for the guest editor for a day at the Cairns Post competition. If you are successful it would be the best edition in years.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

My work brings me in contact with management at the Cairns Convention Centre. I pointed out your commentary, noting to CCC management that they've apparently lost the additional space they were hoping for.

First they heard of it. So much for consultation.

Another group dudded by Mayor Screwdriver.

Alison Alloway said...

Coo ta for the compliment, Second Anonymous. I did write for The Cairns Post, eons ago. I did brave what was then unpopular topics, ie sexual harassment, the need for an anti-discrimination act, research into mandatory child maintenance. All of these are now ho hum and history, but at the time of writing, didn't go down well with some of the rednecks.
Perhaps if I took over as Editor for one day, I'd explore what impact the proposed Chinese developments would have on Cairns and region? How would they change us? Are we prepared for it?

Johnno Nixon. said...

So why doesn't Sleepy Bob become Bullshit Bob?.

And the Mackenzie thing simply be the LNP Radio Show because that's exactly what it is.