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29 July 2013


Clearly, most who went to yesterday's Swisse Color Run in Cairns were motivated by their being told the money raised "was for charity".  In this case, the FNQ Hospital Foundation.

HBW staff were at the event and asked several dozen participants why they had decided to participate.  ALL said that the charitable nature was a key motivator - and something that "anonymous" Facebook and Twitter advertising always mentioned.  Some said they were told it was "money for the Liz Plummer Cancer Centre".  Some said it was for "leukemia", or "child diseases".  ALL were shocked when the facts about the Color Run were explained to them. 

Attendees and Cairns ratepayers were therefore stunned to discover yesterday that only a pittance will see its way from Color Run Pty Ltd and Swisse to the hospital.  Less than 2%, based on their past performance.

A raft of pro-Color Run comments to the HBW blog were identified as coming from Color Run staff and have not been published.  We're not as gullible as the Cairns Post.

The attached story was just one of the many appearing in the Cairns Post "promoting" this clearly commercial event.  Why didn't the Cairns Post charge Color Run for the advertisement?  BECAUSE THEY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WERE DUPED!  This Saturday morning story even continues the Color Run ruse at the bottom - "The race starts at 9:30am with funds to the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation"
A similar announcement appeared on the Cairns
Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page (a site run BY THE QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE):  "Color Run Charity Event"

The Cairns Rydges Hotel used its website to advise that not only were THEY duped (sending employees along as a group to the event), but they repeated the "charity" lie to their own guests!

The whole Color Run concept is actually "stolen" from an event called Holi that originated in Gujirat, India some 800 years ago.  Clearly, the concept is being used and promoted for its "charitable component", relying on the gullibility and ignorance about most people.  And social media is obviously being manipulated, likely by the marketers running this event.  Even some of the worst charities in Australia tip back 40-50% of their income.  We'll be lucky if we see 2%. 

But this doesn't explain why the lamestream media isn't questioning the event and the missing $Million$.  Nor does it explain why Cairns nonRegional Council didn't do any investigating before handing over our Esplanade for a private company to commercially rape Cairns.  Nor why the QPS is using their own website to promote what clearly IS NOT a charity event!

The Swisse Color Run is NOT a charity event!  Communities considering public donations of time & services should be on notice that this is a commercial operation raking in $Million$ by clever misleading marketing, social media, and the trusting nature of most people.  

Now, we return you to our regularly scheduled programme - a screening of the wonderful 1962 musical, The Music Man.


Johnno Nixon. said...

This is freaking unbelievable and inexcusable for someone in authority not to have checked these con artists out. As a rate payer and family in the frigging event I am pretty well pissed off!!And look at all the other mob,where does the money go????? I am always giving to some mentioned, even with a monthly direct debet!!!!

Emma Chisit said...

Great investigative journalism HBW! I see in today's CP that they are planning to come back next year for a repeat ripoff -they will hate social media after this exposee. Waiting to see if CP comments reflect your outing of the scam of the year. Does anyone know where they are planning to go next? (V clever link to Music Man!)

Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong on reading the table you posted. The table shows how much raised and how much it cost the charity to raise those funds, not how much eventually went to the charity.

Mike F said...

I have posted a comment on the online Cairns Post article about the color run (www.cairns.com.au) and it will be interesting to see if the CP moderator allows it through. You should all post to that and also to Letters to the Editor, otherwise this might not get the exposure it deserves! The organisers are already promising to return next year!

Tony Hillier said...

This gives a whole new connotation to the term: 'take the money and run'.

Anonymous said...

Old sleepy could not care , I would rather have had that money used to build a floating walkway pontoon at the cairns sugar terminal boat ramp , no wait that could be of use to the thousands of cairns residents that use that facility 24/7/365 ,

Steven Nowakowski said...

Hello HBW, it shouldn't be too hard to do a search and find out exactly who is the 'Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation' through the Office of Fair Trading. If this Foundation is not Incorporated then it does not exist?

Anonymous said...

The hospital foundation prostitute themselves to 'who ever has the money for them'. They don't care what consequences occur to get it, as long as they get it.

Mike F said...

The FNQ Hospital Foundation is a genuine charity that works hard to raise funds for the Hospital..they run the Cafe at the hospital. They are honest volunteers, just a little naive maybe. Ont the other hand, the Swisse Color Run knows exactly what they are doing...making a LOT of money for their own pockets!!!