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26 August 2013


Many recall the butchering Mayor Val Schier took at the hands of the MacKenzie hillbillies when a bicycle bridge was purchased, via a Queensland State purchasing office, from Germany.  Despite it being the best price and better workmanship than that available locally, John MacKenzie was Jenny-on-the-spot, stirring up trouble.

'Why aren't we buying local', he howled!

Speaking at the launch of Cairns Festival, unRegional Council Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning said - "This year's festival is for the Cairns Community".  So it's a real mystery why the Manning Council has spent over $25,000 on this year's Cairns Festival float - FROM A VENDOR OUTSIDE OF CAIRNS!

So much for supporting the local builders, of which there are several.

Why in the world would they need to buy this thing from outside the city?  In many communities, the Council provides money for materials and lets the community provide volunteers to put the float together.  An exercise in community cohesion and pride.

But Manning instead writes a cheque to a southern vendor, who we understand may have been organised via Events NQ.  A company owned by the Manning family.  Screw the community.  Maybe we can get an answer from Events NQ Managing Director, Claire Manning.

It was Events Cairns that also put on the recent Trinity Luncheon that was devoid of any but white faces.  A fact that makes the shortcomings all the more abhorrent.   

We understand the primary culprit in this purchase may be Robyn Holmes, as the float was procured via the Corporate Communications budget.  Robyn's sketchy history is easily Googled.

Good job, Bob!  We look forward to your protecting local jobs at the $4B Aquis.


Anonymous said...

Good one HBW but the headline of the day that will have Macca salivating is on News.com "Croc eats man at Birthday Party". He will really go to town on this one judging by past history!

Anonymous said...

So much for local sustainbility!
The Council Inner- Fercility also hired the service of a Brisbane-based carnival rides supplied for Saturdays nights festivities, (and several more events on the festival calendar). Thanks council, one local amusement bussiness has just loss the revenue to even consider purchasing new rides for the area and a dozen locals sit on there bum on saturday and line up for centerlink today, whilist out of town employee take their work in our town.
There simply needs to be a full internal audit done on council and their vested interests in their chosen suppliers.

Anonymous said...

An interesting revelation Hillbilly. Perhaps there is someone out there who can confirm that Events NQ have their fingerprints on this. If so, it's true to the Unity MO.

Anonymous said...

It's all in the family with the Mannings.

Anonymous said...

We do not have political leadership in Cairns. We pay for it but get nothing.

Anonymous said...

The political "leaders" were elected to look after themselves mate. And they're doing just that.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it McKenzie was disappointed when no one was mauled by a croc during recent marathon events.He could have made his point.

Anonymous said...

Dang, and not to mention the fact that these folks ask local business that they do engage to slash their costs to such a degree that they make a losses. But who would know that his event is even happening at the moment? Events NQ will end up running this bad boy before long

NYM said...

Yet another example of Mackenzie's double standards. Yeah I heard again some people saying that Mackenzie denounced the Schier proposal for something new to invigorate Cairns as a white elephant and a monument to an ego, but he is full of praise for the AQUIS proposal.
Good to hear people talking and getting suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Yes the AQUIS proposal has eroded Mackenzie's credibility even further with more people saying why did he bag the Entertainment Precinct as a white elephant and yet is full of praise for AQUIS which is about 100 times bigger than the Entertainment Precinct.

Anonymous said...

Did Cairns Festival happen this year?