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05 August 2013


We've been speaking with leaders and business people across the city this weekend about the only topic of interest or concern.  Aquis.

(We're hoping they think about a name change).

Most we spoke with were cautious - no one likes to get too far in front of the bus - that's how people get mowed down.  But the caution was tinged with resignation.  Virtually everyone agrees that "secret planning" has been underway for some time and that it probably can't be stopped (although no one suggests it SHOULD be stopped).

Most of the negativity surrounding the project turns around the "real" economic benefit for the region.  The most pessimistic locals said things like "everything will be Chinese - the airlines that bring them here,the buses that collect them from the airport, the largely 457 visa staff at the resort, the restaurants, the reef boats.  We're not going to see shit from these people".  (If Qantas/Jetstar/Virgin are too stupid to take advantage of this project on behalf of their companies, they deserve to fail).

Everyone we spoke to however voiced sentiments from concern to anger that our MP's and City Council members have been busy negotiating - not for US, but for THEM.  And while Bob "Sleepy" Manning moved to assure business leaders that there would be "consultation", we know what that means.  Some big meeting where a couple dozen of biggest blockheads get up to harangue the Council, to no result.

We need something better.
We need something more concrete.


With John Mackenzie and our various government representatives genuflecting and kow-towing to the developers, some have said making and demands on the project will "send them looking somewhere else".  Bullshit.  Mega-casino projects around the world face special and tough demands on them from the sites where they've been located.  If we want to protect Cairns and protect our PROVEN SUCCESSFUL tourism product, we've got to get our demands on the table, not just some nonsensical consultation.

We KNOW the State is going to get their cut.  There won't be any gaming licence without it.  And you can bet they'll have THAT in writing!

Michael Trout, Minister for Tourism Jann Stuckey, and Mayor Manning along with representatives from TTNQ, the Chamber, and other parties, need to start addressing our issues, and negotiating for US.  (It's clear Gavin King has been shut out - no doubt calling Chinese "freaks and weirdos" hasn't positioned him well).


In Singapore, the city/state leaders, wary of the issues surrounding mega-resort casinos, linked the casino licences to specific performance targets - in part, requiring the developers to develop and enhance the local non-gambling related attractions.  Under the Singapore mandate, the two casino operators have added theme parks, museums, and theaters for the public.  These mandates were made part of the Singapore Casino Control Act.  Singapore and the casinos there both agree that promotion of Singapore as a "family resort" and not just a gaming resort is the future of their marketing.

In Macau, the tourism boards of China and Macau have signed and expanded tourism pacts as the casino business expanded in Macau.  It outlawed corrupt practices that have begun to plague the Chinese tourism to Cairns - included "forced shopping" in Chinese-owned stores with inflated prices.  

There is adequate precedent for a Cairns Tourism Pact between Aquis and the Cairns tourism industry. A whole range of issues are being raised by the existing Cairns businesses, and I've already heard firsthand Michael Trout responding "well, we'll take care of that".  A letter to Chamber members from their CEO has claimed that a "collaborative approach" would be established.  

But no one believes anecdotal nonsense.  We need it in writing.  If Queensland is going to be "a leader and innovator in tourism investment", we need an agreement that delineates what Aquis can do, so that other investors can come into the region confident that they will be able to share in the bonanza.


Ultimately,  the goal is to make Tony Fung's vision work in harmony with Cairns, not in conflict with it.  That does no one any good.  

However these issues need to be put on the table and dealt with as part of the planning process, not as part of the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" North Queensland way of doing things.

Who's going to put their hand up and start negotiations on behalf of US???


CBD Warrior said...

Man, I love reading this blog! You've absolutely hit the nail on the head, HBW. Our leaders need to start working for us. And the idea of a "pact" is one I was mulling over the weekend. It's good to read that these kind of "special conditions" are the norm for mega-casino projects.

Time for Manning and the rest of them to stop acting like small-town rubes and get some testosterone.

KitchenSlut said...

I think it can be said that this is already a done deal so whether you like it or not doesn't really matter. I have a mixed opinion which will be retained for further consideration and suspect the post construction benefits are likely over-ramped which is sort of what has been discussed here. There WILL be social costs. Many comments insisting on local preference are misguided but those are mostly related to construction phase where, sorry, local preference would likely make the local community worse off. There are still many issues that are unclear and have not been addressed and potential dislocations during the years ahead. Whether current casino expansion in SE Asia is sustainable is also questionable with reported recent weakness in operator profit expectations recently out of Macau. I suspect the outcome in ten years time will reflect neither what the supporters or opponents expect and opinion will be mixed on whether Cairns is a better lifestyle location. If I had to make a crystal ball prediction it would be that the operation phase may actually feel like a hangover after the construction? Meanwhile reflect that the gambling saviour did nothing to save Atlantic City and that this IS a business subject to high risk for the communities and not just at the gaming table or for casino operators! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/06/11/atlantic-city-casinos-money-squandered/2412791/

CBD Tarzan said...

Ok fair suck of the sauce bottle did MP Michael Trout sell this land the Casino is proposed to be built on. ?
What a clever lad.
Wonder what real estate Gavking.com has on the go?
Be able to see it clearly form over Stratford way too which will be nice aye CBD Warrior

jim-bob snr said...

Oh well said Hillbilly Watch. Yes indeed, who is going to go in to bat for US, the poor suckers who live here. Yes, the LNP have been negotiating this in SECRET for years, and I have no doubts this is behind their concerted vicious bullying of the previous Mayor, Val Schier who if she had been re-elected may have knocked this proposal on the head. That is why the sly, devious and corrupt LNP got rid of her with the help of their highly paid mighty mouth and chief propagandist, Herr Goebbels John Mackenzie. I wonder what his share of the $$$ is, for psyching up the Cairns bogans and hillbillies with his pussy hatred? Enough to finance many more of his pleasure trips to Thailand no doubt.
So the LNP are going to ramrod this through without giving a fuck as to what the yokels in Yorkeys Knob think. Typical again of the style of the LNP.
As for Manning having the interests of the people at heart, what a fucking laugh! Manning has only ever been about Manning and his ego. Trout is only in it for the $$$$$$ and doesn't give a shit about his electors. He's demonstrated that when he is prepared to change the name from Yorkeys Knob to something the Chinese can pronounce.
King is pissweak and a timorous arselicker and can't even negotiate to get more funding for the Cairns Hospital let alone take the concerns of Cairns people to the Chinese.
Entsch can't seem to cope without a bottle of red beside him and seems only interested in the hordes of boat refugees who are going to pour down from PNG and not the tens of thousands of Chinese coming here from a country with one of the highest rates of tuberculosis in the world.
So who the fuck are we going to get to do our negotiations?

Neil said...

I'd like to see someone from the Federal Police talk about the triads in Australia and weigh up our chances that they end up in Cairns. No, they won't cause the ordinary Cairns person any worries, but the local business fraternity would be worried. I don't believe we can open our doors wide open like this, without some discussion on the possibility the triads will come in.

ruby said...

I just had a gander at the ABC news comment site and what do you know? Lots of comments from Cairns people, indicating cautious reservation showing they are weighing things up and want more information and discussion, but there amongst them is Boy Boyo Boydy Boy Boy whatever his name is doing his usual thuggery. Just like we saw with the Entertainment Precinct, the LNP will send in the attack dogs to flood any opposition and to harass those with the strongest cases.

Alison Alloway said...

Look forward to reading future comments from you KitchenSlut.

Anonymous said...

How bout tony provide the entertainment precinct in stages as he stages his development. The CEP would be on the waterfromt as originally planned before it was decided we could not afford it. Now with shipping at Yorkeys there will be less demand for the Port CEP land. WIN / WIN

Anonymous said...

Cosultation...pacts...? .Don't you worry about that ! The LNP are experts in dealing with gambling and prositutes.

Anonymous said...

We got the Big Pineapple in Nambour and the Big Bull in Rocky. Cairns could have the Big Brown Paper Bag.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck you lot !!!
Here is a real opportunity for Cairns to be a mega place and all you can do is whinge whinge whinge about King, Entsch and Manning.
Grow up and smell the roses!!!

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to live in a " mega place" I'd move to one of the state capitals. Roses, what roses ? People are asking legitimate questions but of course the LNP prefers to rule by decree. Their cronies are probably already lining up to get the cream of the contracts. Management fees, consultancy fees, there will be lots of money for those with the right connections. And where do you think all the workers for something that big will come from ?

NYM said...

Damned right, some people will make heaps of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The LNP will have gotten their cronies lined up already for the contracts. Don't forget this has been in the pipeline for years. It isn't something which just came up overnight. As for the worker making money from it. Sure the construction workers will. Once the complex is up and running, there will be stuff all for the workers of Cairns. But never mind. Those who will make big $$$$$$$$$ from the initial contracts will be out there screaming JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS over and over. Mackenzie will be chanting it over and over. Here we go fpr another great big scam on the simpletons of Cairns. Its just another ColorRun but with a different name. A few crumbs flung to the local yokels but mega bucks to a few scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

Triads? The people of Cairns are too simple minded and trusting to know anything about them so don't worry. The LNP will only scoff and sneer at any suggestion of their menace and the simple folks will believe them. That's all there is to it.

Crystal Ball-Gazer said...


by Da Man Puppy

The North's Chief Police Superintendent, Luke Brkcich-Shnaultzer-Brown today strenuously denied any involvement of the Hong Kong based Xing Xang triad in the arson of the Cairns Pacific Hotel at a media conference yesterday.

The Superintendent was adamant that triads in the area were the result of "people's fertile imaginations only" and a result of "innate prejudices against the Chinese people."

"People alleged the Hotel International was fired by the Xing Xang triad, yet our investigations revealed it was faulty wiring," explained the Superintendent.

"Then there is the ridiculous claim that fire bombs were thrown by Xing Xang into the stadium at Cazaly's during a football match."

"This is utterly ridiculous," said the Police Superintendent. "We have found the culprits, some young Islander boys who decided to have a bit of what they saw as fun."

The Superintendent denied that Cazaly's had subsequently been sold to a Hong Kong corporation for a low figure as a result of triad activity.

"That isn't our concern as Police,
he said. "That is entirely a business matter. Yes we are aware that many Hong Kong and Chinese corporations have bought out Cairns businesses and properties, but that is the nature of business itself, not the results of any criminal activity."

Allegations of a white slave traffic organised by the triads were also dismissed by the Police Superintendent. "A load of rubbish," he said. "People have always gone missing from Far North Queensland. It isn't something new. It's just because a few young girls have disappeared and everyone puts one and one together and comes up with some utterly ridiculous conclusion."

"Yes I know there was a Cairns girl who popped up somewhere in Hong Kong who claimed over the internet that she had been drugged and kidnapped while attending a concert at the AQUIS Resort in Cairns, and then used as a prostitute at a Hong Kong establishment, but I've had experts tell me the girl is a psychotic liar, probably a drug addict looking to make money for her drug habit by telling these outrageous lies."

The Police Superintendent refused to be drawn into any further discussion on allegations of a white slave traffic operating in North Queensland. "Parents need to realise their daughters may not be the perfect, nice little girls they think," he said. "They need to watch their daughters more carefully, that's the issue here."

When asked whether the questionable death of the former ALP member for Barron River, Bob Smith, was the work of the triads, the Police Superintendent had only scorn. "We believe his death was suicide, not murder at the hands of a triad assassin, as some people with too much imagination are saying."

"Bob Smith was a very determined man, we all know that. In fact he was so determined to kill himself, that he was able to use poison, a garrotte and then shoot himself before tying bricks to his legs and throwing himself into Copperlode Falls Dam. He was a very determined man indeed. The idea he was a victim of the triads is just pure fantasy. "
The Superintendent left his last comments for allegations he was in the payroll of the triads. "It's a monstrous, slanderous lie," he said angrily. "My wife and I have made quite a lot of money by investing wisely over the few years I have been Chief Police Superintendent in the region. Sure, we are now quite wealthy, I can't deny that, but we made it honestly through intelligent investments."

The Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman was contacted by The Cairns Post following the media conference with the Chief Police Superintendent. The Premier told The Cairns Post that the Far North had one of the best and finest police officers ever. "He has my full support" said Mr Newman.

Tony Hillier said...

The Newman government has flagged changes to the Right to Information Act (2009) which would help mask nepotism, jobs for the boys. Shades of "Don't you worry about that ..." eh?? Living in Queensland these days brings on strong feelings of deja vu.

Anonymous said...

What goes with a mega place.
mega crime, mega corruption, mega filth, mega drugs, mega prostitution, mega violence, mega poverty.

Anonymous said...

Post from Crystal Ball-Gazer has strong racial overtones !

Anonymous said...

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mickwow said...

The Chinese way of doing business is
vastly different to the Australian
way,they like to make the most if not
all of the profit from business dealings
with others.Iknow of Chinese owned coach
companies in Cairns that pay drivers
overtime in cash in a trade off for
lower than award wages.Have a look at a
lot of Chinese businesses in Cairns
where cash only signs are actually on
display.Are we ready to turn Cairns into
a huge money making pit with all the
shit that comes with it.?

Jethro said...

Anonymous 18.53. Racial overtones, bullshit. Triads are for the most part Chinese and they are attracted to huge business like blowflies to fresh meat. Hillbilly Watch has made the point that no-one is watching out for US, the public, in this mega deal with the Hong Kong billionaire and his huge complex. The local LNP boyos running the show have demonstrated they couldn't give a stuff about us. First they went and snuck a bootcamp in a residential area without any community consultation, then we find out our hospitals are being secretly privatised, next we find that this huge AQUIS development is going ahead without once again, any public consultation or community debate. Crystal Ball-Gazer has at least raised one concern, and using a bit of imagination has drawn a worst case scenario of triad operations. Someone, somebody, somehow has to get this sort of thing out there. Someone has to sound the alarm that opening our doors wide open to tens of thousands of Chinese may let through some very unpleasant Chinese. We need to be at least, at the very least, prepared for it.

Anonymous said...

As long as they are not Muslims, John MCKenzie and the Hillbillies will have no objection. McKenzie was already talking up real estate on the Norther Beaches with one of his sponsors. Has anyone ever wondered why one of his other major sponsors sells hearing aids ? Since he is promoting it there is a fairly good chance that it is a crappy product, like just about every other business he is flogging.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 18.53.
There are disturbing racial overtones in the post referred to.
It's a bit like listening to Tenni go off on the Macca show.
I thought HBW was above that.

CBD Tarzan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

So it is "racist" to mention "triads" is it? Geez, no wonder this city gets done over time and time again like a mutts dinner. Go off and push your case then, Anonymous 07.38, and 18.53. Mackenzie will take that up with a roar of indignation and outrage that anyone should be so evil and racist to even mention the word "triad". You will have the Bills and the Pearls all fall over themselves in furious agreement that any mention of "triads" is evil. In fact Mackenzie will probably take it up as a long running crusade.

Anonymous said...

I knew some Triads when I was living abroad, am I a racist? I need to know where I stand, it is so confusing. Someone please answer me. By the way the Triads knew a black guy I knew as well, they referred to him as a black guy, maybe they are racists.

Anonymous said...

The issue is "the goal is to make Tony Fung's development work in harmony with Cairns" so who is going to negotiate for us? Who is going to:-

1. Ensure the environment is protected?
2. Ensure that local companies win tenders for the development?
3. Ensure that local workers are employed at Australian wages and conditions on the project.
4. Ensure that Australian staff are employed at the complex once it is established, and that they receive Australian wages and conditions of employment.
5. Ensure that Chinese tourists to Cairns are able to stay in other hotels, eat at other restaurants outside the Fung complex.
6. Ensure that Chinese tourists are not coerced into all of Fung's tours.

This is a huge project and will require a lot of negotiation.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Chops on the LNP 4CA Radio Show today? Cue ball is really dredging the bottom of the barrel. This guy is an even bigger fuckwit than Bill from Brinsmead. I pissed myself listening to his crap. Now the election is on where's Boydy Boydy Boyo? I really enjoy listening to his bullshit....

Anonymous said...

The likes of Chops and Bill the Baboon will be demanding a Singapore justice system to go with it. Public floggings and hangings at the YK roundabout to s are off all McKenzies "vile creatures". He very quickly skipped over the news that yet another LNP grub had disgraced himself through unethical and depraved behaviour. Funny that. Even Pearl had nothing to say about it, but maybe she gets off on that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

The fact that we have had this monstrous development lumped on us without any prior warning or public consultation is the direct result of having a government with a huge majority, no political opposition and a compliant media machine. The Queensland LNP don't have to worry about being accountable or transparent. They have such a huge majority, it is unlikely they will be voted out for at least another two terms. Frankly, Queenslanders get the government they deserve. Every week we see where more people are being sacked, more government functions are being outsourced overseas, more government assets being sold off. This government is doing just what it likes because it can. That's what you all voted for. CAN DO. Newman can do what he likes.

nym said...

I always believed the Chinese Government refused to have casinos on the Chinese mainland not just because of the dangers of gambling but also because of the dangers of the triads. Does this mean the Chinese government are racist?

Anonymous said...

Santa lined the streets with gold ,no monies
Will stay in cairns unless , a plan is divised.
Also hillbilly When are we going to see with
A Federal election some money sent our
Way ?? . And not given back to state thanks
Sleepy, don't rape me king n Hide the backo Trout !

Anonymous said...

Boydy Boydy Boy Boyo Boysy blowfly or whatever he's called is too busy drumming up support for the AQUIS Project and slamming anyone who dares offer up some concerns over the project, on the Cairns Post site. He's in his usual role as a foot soldier for the LNP.

Geoff Holland said...

We don't need a pact. We need a year of informed and widespread public debate, and then we need an electronic referendum.

In my view, this project is monstrous and grotesque, and has nothing to do with enhancing the Quality of Life in Cairns (or Yorkeys Knob!) and nothing to do with sustainable development.

Cairns residents need to assume control of our own destiny and development - not leave it in the hands of property developers whose only interest is to make a lot of money.

We just give up saying "it's been in the planning a long time already. It is inevitable." Nonsense!

The idea that all this $4.2 billion 'investment' will be good for the Cairns economy... Well first it will undermine existing businesses including Tjapukai, city hotels etc. Why will tourists go anywhere else when they can enjoy the reef right at their doorsteps? Self-contained. Ridiculous. We are not Dubai nor aspire to be.

John S. said...

Well Geoff, Cairns residents have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in their eyes and are being artfully seduced with the idea of plentiful jobs, rising real estate and quick money. Like donkeys rearing away after a carrot on a string, they won't be stopped now they have the scent of $$$$$$$$$$.
Another ColorRun for Cairns?