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08 August 2013


One positive change to Queensland Police operations since the LNP took office has been the wider dispersion of crime information to the community.  This is a critical crime-fighting tool.  Embracing the public in the information flow can only increase the efficiency of the QPS, as well as give the public the ability to protect themselves.

Sadly, the crime information is still not freely available, as it is in most other countries (the local "crime blotter" is a feature in newspapers around the USA, for example).

And the QPS is releasing much of this information in a such unhelpful manner, you've got to wonder if they really want to solve these crimes or not.

We were emailed this notice today.  Nice drawing of the suspect.

Wouldn't it have been more useful to the public if we had this information when the incident happened in February?  It's pretty worthless six months later.  We've reviewed several dozen emails from QPS over the last month, and many of them are untimely - a week to a month old, or more.

We've asked QPS staff this question.  They are not assisting with our inquiries.


Anonymous said...

Well done Campbell Newman and the LNP team ...

. Highest GSP last quarter
. Unemployment falling from 6.3 to 5.9

I think it was Royal Brisbane Hospital recently that has dropped it's wait in the emergency dept. dramatically. Not bad considering the nurses have been up in arms against Can Do.

And Queensland Rail has achieved its best quarterly on-time running result in more than a decade with 97.42 per cent of services arriving on time.

Well done Can Do and your team.

Source: http://www.mysunshinecoast.com.au/articles/article-display/train-on-time-running-continues-to-exceed-targets,30838

Anonymous said...

Re Well done Campbell Newman.
You should be proud and not be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cambell Clone. Thanks to this wonderful government of yours the trains probably run on time due to less passengers because (a) they can't afford the daily cost or (b) they no longer have a job with our now poorly serviced government departments like Qld Health.
By the way, apart from pie in the sky promises for the past eighteen months, what are you doing about the unemployment here in the Deep North?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Mussolini who bragged about making the trains run on time ? Well, we all know what happened to him...

Anonymous said...

Gosh yes Anon 1, unemployment fell- by a stunning 0.0023%. What that actually translates to is better explained here by Grog's Gamut http://grogsgamut.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/election-2013-day-5-or-how-to-put-spin.html
Making up shit is a common habit with your mob?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 21.59 WTF you have to be a stich up with people now not able to buy food for their familys and unemployment in Cairns at record levels king has personaly caused grief pain and massive hard ship to young familys read todays CP you fool

Anonymous said...

The sacked workers probablyl left Q'ld and not claim unemployment benefits here! We certainly don't need Abbot & Look No Policies dominating this Country.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy old fart, Silverbeet from Park Ridge is posting bitter and twisted comments in the Compost again. First, putting shit on cyclists and then bleating on about the judiciary, namely separation of powers. He should be deported to North Korea to live his wishes. Methinks he's a disgruntled ex copper, given his hatred of our legal system. What do others think?

Anonymous said...

Judging by the large amount of bile filled comments made by this individual in the Cairns Post he would appear to be a bitter and twisted old man realising his own mortality and that his days are numbered for spleen venting and is deluded in thinking that somebody is interested in what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

There was a similar guy who used to post endless venom in the "letters to the editor" before social media and online newspapers.He was also a regular on McKenzie's whinge show. He ended up topping himself !! Silverbeet is typical of a rapidly diminishing group of sad old-timers (like Tenni) who hanker after the good old 50's and just haven't been able to keep up with change. He is an irrelevant jerk, like most of the regular callers who frequent McKenzie's show.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone including HBW explain what those Penguins from the Cairns Safer Streets Program are doing? Its probably like a scene from Happy Feet at their office, no real KPI's, getting around casually talking to people, coffee breaks, watching their bank balances grow, Penguins I say Penguins. I wonder if you can train a Penguin to work?

Russ Parker said...

Russ Parker of Cairns Police said:

Hi HBW. I don't normally weigh into reader comments however I thought that on this occasion I should do so in order to try and clear up any misconceptions.

There are all sorts of reasons from an investigative perspective as to why there are sometimes delays between the commission of an offence and the publication of material pursuant to the investigation.

Whilst I cannot elaborate on this particular incident for fear of divulging privileged information, I have spoken with the investigating officer and can confirm that suspect image was created, approved and published at the earliest possible opportunity.

Whilst any delay is not desirable in ideal circumstances, every investigation is different and sometimes these delays are simply unavoidable due to factors beyond the control of police.


Russell Parker
Sen Const 7437

Anonymous said...

Russell, any comments on the Penguins?

Russ Parker said...

Hi anonymous,

If the 'Penguins' reference relates to the Cairns Safer Streets Task force project, hopefully I can be of some assistance!

The CSSTF came about through the efforts of Far Northern District Chief Superintendent Paul Taylor. He identified that there were numerous youth welfare agencies and organisations, both government and NGO's, that came under the youth justice/welfare umbrella.

His concern was that whilst there was a lot of excellent work being done by the individual entities, a more coordinated approach was the logical way forward.

The CSSTF was formed in order to enhance cooperation between agencies and to promote a more holistic approach to managing youth justice and welfare issues.

I guess it's a case of identifying a set of problems and using a different tack to come up with workable and practical solutions. It's an extremely cost-effective strategy because obviously the funded resources are already in place, so it's a matter of ensuring inter-agency cooperation and ultimately working smarter.

As a police service we obviously need to try to identify and adapt to changing situations and demographics. As you know the world is totally different place to what it was thirty years ago.

Whilst it's still very much early days, hopefully we'll begin to see some benefits in the not too distant future.


Russ Parker
Cairns Police

Anonymous said...


A little while ago HBW referred to the members of the CSSTF as Penguins. If you scroll down you will see the photo and the comment. It is good to see you advocating strongly for the Penguins. Russ, as you know the world is a different to what it was last week. Until such time as Tony Wan Chung builds Fung Beach formerly known as Yorkey's Knob, the Penguins will have to deal with the delicate balancing act between Cairns two biggest industries, tourism and welfare/healthcare. Happy Feet for the Penguins, Russ, Happy Feet

Anonymous said...

QLD Police especially the traffic branch in Cairns has been given a mandate to turn Cairns and Far North Qld that matter, into an User Friendly, police state revenue raising utopia for a Fucked Up Corrupt Govt on the take for a bunch of fuck wits who are highly trained morons who enforce the law by stealth and deception and corruption technology the average motorist has no chance against or even has dreamed of.

Now in the hands of these morons with badges, if his or her only motivation for being on these fucked roads in cairns along with every other fuckwit out there .... Is to get to where ever they are going with out being singled out like a cow in an abattoir, for mental retrainment and Fining.

They are hell bent on turning this part of Australia into Australia's first Surveillance State. Every time you see a cop car now just remember their only motive on the road now days is to book you with whatever it takes to write that fucking ticket Period.

They couldn't give a flying fuck for public safety, Just so long as that misconception is a deeply rooted public political ruse and backed by the law which in turn is back by fuckwits who vote for fuckwits and then becomes law which protects them and their revenue raising cowardice as they go about their Hitler-isque Day Dream of a JOB.

I am fucking sick of it ... and whats more commonly known throughout history as Communism.

Russ Parker said...

Thank you very much for your valuable input into this thread anonymous 23:52.

I've taken your comments on board and am pleased to report that I have a sure fire solution to your situation:

Pour a generous serving of muesli and stewed prunes into a bowl, top it up with an extra pint of prune juice and you'll be as right as rain in the morning.