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14 August 2013


After the first failed boot-camp was hurriedly installed, then removed from an upscale suburban Kuranda neighbourhood, Attorney Mini-General Jarrod Bleijie vowed to get a second process right.

The second process closed with Expressions of Interest submitted to the government in June.  

We've now been advised that no qualified operator has been found, despite continual lobbying in support of one company by the Member for MacKenzie.  Insiders confirm that Bleijie has been annoyed at the continual interference in the process by all three FNQ members.  

It's unclear now where this leaves the government.

But it leaves Cairns with no punishment or rehabilitation options for growing youth crime. 

More soon. . . . .


Anonymous said...

Utterly pathetic. Wonder if Mackenzie will shut up now. No doubt the LNP members here will tell him to.

Anonymous said...

McKenzie did not mention the bootcamp and his little mate King wasn't available for comment either. But he finally got someone to come on air to have a confused, ignorant rant about refugees, muslims and 457 visas. Apparently Iraqis and Iranians should go back to Saudi Arabia, because that is their mother country ??? "I am not xenophobic, but...No Kelly, you probably are not xenophobic, you are just a confused, ill-informed and nasty bigot.
McKenzie of course encouraged her to carry on regardless.

"Chops'" fawning praise of McKenzies interview with Fung was so fawning and nauseating that I nearly threw up...

Good on ya DJ Hunt for taking Stench to task about his disgraceful appearance on 4 CA yesterday !!

Bob R. said...

Kelly most likely doesn't know what caused the huge Iraqi refugee crisis, nor would he or she know the difference between Sunni and Shia muslims. Ignorant racists.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the paperboy and David Jackson and the useless lying Safe Pathways mob we are left with more money leaving the city and juveniles laughing at the state government for showing them up.

Anonymous said...

Kelly stated that Iraq and Iran didn't come into being until 1922 and were once part of Saudi Arabia. Therefore Iraqi and Iranian refugees should be returned to Saudi Arabia.Mckenzie made no attempt to correct her twisted logic and there was no mention of the war that Australia is involved in. Kelly is an ignorant racist idiot who probably gets all her information from vile, racist websites.Mckenzie is actively soliciting this type of vermin to spout their ignorance on his show.

CairnsCynic said...

Actually Anon @ 13:29, the money is leaving the city because the locally elected dim whits can't get their act together and lobby appropriately for the region. I think you will find that Safe Pathways and David Jackson had NOTHING to do with money leaving this city. If anything, blame the people who developed the process and then make decisions.

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai did you say. Where's Shanghai

jim-bob jnr said...

Jeeezuz Anonymous 14.09, that Kelly sounds like she's on ganga and out of her tree. I wonder if the moron has ever heard of Persia, Babylon etc? Obviously she doesn't know her geography. No of course Mackenzie wouldn't correct her. He wouldn't know anything himself.

pistolwhipped said...

boot camp farout what a fuckin joke...as if these crettins give a flynn f... !

Anonymous said...

Just FYI

"The Attorney-General has decided, in accordance with Section 151(3A)(b) of the Youth Justice Act 1992, to advise that an appropriate Boot Camp centre provider is not presently available.

This in effect suspends the availability of a Boot Camp Order as a sentencing option until there is a new Service Provider that is operational."

Section 151:
If the court is considering
making a boot camp order against
the child, the court must request
that the report contain the

b) advice from the chief executive on whether an
appropriate boot camp centre
provider is available on
the child’s release under a
boot camp order and the
details of the boot camp program

Iva Biggen said...

Clearly Todd Hartley bogan operator of choice and cultural place which accessed government funding for his personal company while using the charity choice is becoming anxious about the boot camp announcement, please someone show me where it is said the Cairns Boot camp has been axed.

CairnsCynic said...

Oh and if the inference that the AG is "annoyed by interference in process" then maybe he needs to put his big boy pants on and tell them to butt out, not simply pick up his bat and ball and go home....what a child!

Anonymous said...

Pearl musta had a word or 2.
Enda story

Anonymous said...

The LNP are a complete joke, riddle me this how is it that Bobby Toleafoa the fuckwit who designed and ran the safe pathways scoot camp is now re-employed, that's right re-employed with the department of youth justice. It appears that not only did the local youth justice office screw over capable organisations so that one of their own could get the gig they have now re-employed him. Here is the punchline he is the Cairns Programs manager, yep things are lookin on the improve...NOT. All join me in chorus now can we say FUCKWITS?

Anonymous said...

What a colossal stuff up. Oh well Mackenzie will shut up and the issue will just die down. Mackenzie has the "boat people" to rant on about now anyway of and Mr Tony Fung to wet his pants over.