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11 September 2013


This blog as well as other media outlets are being bombarded with negative source material gleaned from amateurish Google searches, somehow under the misconception that nothing gets vetted.
Much of the negative material is being generated by a website called ArchieButterfly, authors unknown.  Despite the sensationalist headlines ("Tony Fung and the People's Liberation Army", "The Great Barrier Reef Swindle"), there is little of substance in any of the stories.

In one, the machinations of several companies including one owned by the PLA are outlined, with nothing out of place but the story filled with innuendo.  And it was in the late 1990's, a time when the Chinese Government by necessity was assuming investor positions in key Hong Kong companies prior to the 1997 hardback to Beijing.  If this transaction seems dishevelled, it probably was.  As were thousands of similar transactions in Hong Kong at the time.

What the unregistered lobbyists are showing is their profound ignorance about how things work in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  SURPRISE!  They don't work like here.  So what?  

Will there be PLA and Zhongnanhai money in Aquis?  Undoubtably yes.  So what?  

ArchieButterfly makes it clear what their views are in a mostly hidden commentary.  "The proposed development is a national disgrace in the making, harbinging (sic) the potential ruination of parts of the reef. .  . It cannot be allowed. . .all patriotic Australians who care about our country. . . stop these vandals from ruining the Know and our Barrier Reef"

We've also been sent numerous copies of a story that screams a headline "Tony Fung branded untruthful and evasive by Hong Kong Court", with an inference that a fine of $105M was paid.  The reality in the story seems to be a typical business dispute, with the $105M figure actually in Hong Kong dollars.  The amount in Australian currency wouldn't be nearly as shocking.  

The fact of ArchieButterfly is that THEY'VE GOT NOTHING. Business disputes and innuendo.  What a pathetic effort, Mr. Archie.

Readers of HBW are aware of our generally pragmatic positions.  Anyone familiar with the Chinese casino situation in the region knows it was only a matter of time before Cairns showed up on someone's radar.  

We don't believe it can be stopped, it was inevitable the day Paul Keating made Australia part of Asia.  The Aquis project is poised to create huge impacts on Cairns across virtually every aspect of life.  Health, education, environment, transport, existing business operations to name just a few.   

We're going to be concentrating on realistic and required infrastructure upgrades to the city as a result of the project impacts.  This includes our previously outlined Aquis - CNS Airport - City Light Rail project, which we have been advised has been discussed at very high ministerial levels in Queensland already.

Ensuring balance in this project is a worthwhile public activity.  Writing stories that are only filled with innuendo is wasted effort.  HBW has been doing the hard work, chasing colleagues of the Fung family, and stories written in the Chinese press.  Not near has easy as reading a handful of Fung-family press clippings.  We choose the former, positive method forward.


Ivor said...

Archies against,you are for it, so what.Ask Aquis about solar panels or environment friendly systems and they'll tell you there are NONE planned for the entire project.Stop bending down and opening your cheeks to 'em

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this HBW. We need a development like this to provide jobs for our future job seekers and the growth of the Cairns population will provide benefits to all that we don't have at the moment. On the light rail, I actually think it should run from Gordonvale to TAS to Cairns Jockey Club to the City & Convention Centre & Esplanade to the Airport to Yorkeys Knob to JCU and finally to Palm Cove. Think of the benefits that will come with something like this. The Fung Family and putting in heaps and good on them but I'd also like to see our Council and State Government add to this development for the benefit of the whole area.

Anonymous said...

I note on Archie's blog, a donation to Linda Cooper's Council election campaign fund by one Brian McCarty.

Linda you're a smelly dog !!!

Is that why you became a turncoat and supported Val's volcano?

NYM said...

You might have done a little more prodding on this one HBW before your knee jerk reaction and shooting off from the hip. The story was not the result of some obscure bloggers fertile imagination. To all investors, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Archiebutterfly's web site is indeed full of innuendo and conspiracy thinking.

There's nothing wrong with doing your research and being critical, but Archiebutterfly does not seem to have any understanding of the Chinese business, legal and social climate, yet is trying to spread fear based on a layman's interpretation - and the pulling out of context - of internet information. Same goes for a lot of other postings on the web site.

Archiebutterfly is trying to create hype about the most trivial bits of information. Such as indeed a business dispute or Council campaign donations. Two clicks on the Council web site and you can read about it for yourself if you're interested. That information has been on there, easy to find, for about a year!

I wonder if Archiebutterfly is the same person as this bush poet named Archiebutterfly on YouTube? It certainly wouldn't surprise me.


Anonymous said...

rofl NYM you reckon any redneck prick here with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in their eyes is going to understand CAVEAT EMPTOR?

Dean said...

Haha, Light Rail between the Airport and Yorkeys Knob. Gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was about openness, points of view and discussion when the media in cairns is LNP/Murodch the foreigner/Mackenzie censored and spin orientated. Personnally and it is MY OPINION if I wanted to live near an ugly resort that will dominate the skyline I would move to the Gold Coast. But that is just me. Wonderful thing opinion's aren't they. Now print this or we will have a hint of this blogs true leanings