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26 September 2013


Corruption in Papua New Guinea, and the resultant flow of dirty money back to Australia via Cairns, has been the subject of recent programs on Seven (two weeks ago) and this week's 4 Corners story on the ABC.

It was quite odd that Cueball MacKenzie reported the Cairns link to the story with a mixture of surprise and shock.  Shocked and surprised that corrupt money had found its way to Cairns, when even MacKenzie's program and radio station have links to the "corruption facilitators" around Cairns.

One such PNG investor was the Petroleum Minister William
Duma, who paid cash for a Cairns property purchased from agent Shane Trimby.  Trimby himself admits surprise at the speed of the cash transaction and wondered where the money came for - but did nothing to inquire with the AFP.  

Of note is that a large number of the PNG government workers invested in Cairns are in and around the energy business.  Duma was at the heart of the Exxon projects in PNG, as was former Cairns mayor Kevin Byrne, who joined the LPG project as a "program manager".  Byrne has deep ties in PNG - he's also been associated with Interoil projects there, and is currently Chairman of Omega Group - who's big achievement to date looks to be a solar-powered wind sock at the Aurukun Council airstrip.  Byrne's partner in the Omega operation is Dennis Crossley, a expat Brit who's a real estate agent as is Crossley's wife, Helen.  Both were associated with LJ Hooker Commercial in Cairns until recently, when they both moved to Ray White Commercial.

Both LJ Hooker and Ray White have been agents involved in the sale of property to PNG nationals in Cairns.  As is the Rex Theater heritage-destructor Robert Smith, who we've previously shown spruiking Cairns property to PNG audiences, despite his sordid past in Cairns.

And all have been advertisers on 4CA.

In his discussion of the story, Cueball ordered up an interview with former mayor Byrne - or maybe Kevin ordered it up, trying to get in front of an issue that involves him on many levels.  Byrne, who claims to all that he's an "expert" and PNG insider, refused to go the extra mile and name PNG officials he knows to be laundering ill-gotten gains in Cairns.  In addition to his energy connections, Byrne continues to operate "Pacific Asia Solutions", an influence-peddling operation (despite the fact that he's taken down the website at the reported objection from InterOil management).

What's clear from the 4 Corners report is the key to the continued corruption is an apparent corrupt legal and judicial system.  Like the Mafia in the 1930's and 1940's, the criminals have realised that they can ignore auditors, prosecutors, and other impediments placed by the government.  Owning the judges makes the rest of them irrelevant.  As 4 Corners reported, even REPORTS produced about corruption can be immediately suppressed, protecting the criminals.

Eremas Wartoto, a PNG businessman connected to many of the politicians was under indictment there for some time. He was hiding in Cairns using a 457 visa, applied for by his car rental agency and issued by the Gillard government, as a "skilled worker" in general company management.  Who's local signature was on this 457 visa application?

It's hard to believe that a talkshow host in Cairns for as long as MacKenzie isn't aware of the "trophy" properties purchased by PNG investors in Cairns - especially as so many of the real estate deals are being done by his mates and advertisers.  This has been going on for years and years, and the reasons are all-too clear.  So who's he protecting? 

With the Billion$ in mining and petroleum royalties pouring into PNG, these people should be living lives of luxury.  Instead PNG is near the top of the world's poorest people.  Such government corruption inevitably triggers social unrest.     


Anonymous said...

Good one Hillbilly. Some Cairns developers have made themselves a nice tidy packet out of PNG corruption over the years. Of course Mackenzie would know about it. So too would the LNP hoi polloi.

Anonymous said...

6 asylum seekers (from Western Province) apparently crossed over to the Torres Strait recently. Not a whisper about it from McKenzie. No outraged Entsch spitting into his handset, total silence by King. No roll call of outraged, racist rednecks spearheaded by "Chops".Watoto's visa was canceled by the way and I believe he is back in PNG.

Anonymous said...

Unreal isn't it, but typical of Cairns. Corrupt PNG monies finds its way here and equally shady Cairns entrepreneurs make their fortunes and no-one says anything, but some desperate asylum seekers try to get here, and Mackenzie and company whip up hysteria.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the local media about the 4 Corners program. So much for local investigatory reporting. You bet there are people in Cairns who have made themselves wealthy with stolen PNG money. Notice how The Cairns Post is today just full of soft fluffy stories?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile,someone on Christmas Island is ignoring the present government censureship blackout and is keeping the proper media informed on boat arrivals.Re PNG.If a previous mayor and local shock jock are involved it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

mickwow said...

I see that wanker McKenzie most SATURDAY
mornings at Coles Cairns Central between
10.and 11 doing his shopping.He makes me
laugh,always with the same clobber
on,white shorts,white shirt and white
shoes...a real throwback to the 70's.He
does however seem to enjoy me saying
HELLO MR HILLBILLY as i walk past

shangai said...

mate I was sweating bricks this morning when I saw the cns post this morning my tours do not go to that establishment it a matter of ethics and pride and non payment of commission to me but don't you worry their in my crosshair ps there is one burly miner who asks for wazza to scratch his itch ??? apparently an avid reader of hbw

Sleuth said...

Have noticed a new estate agent sign around "D J Smith" or should it be "D J Tennie Smith" or should it be "Australian Realty"?
Beware investors or those who want to be on the gravy train real estate, all this talk of aquis is utter bull and this kind of development will be the wrecking ball of this region and tourism let alone the environment.
The only winners will be the estate agents grabbing commission on the way up and then the way down, wake up folks or you will not be able to afford to live here.

Disgusted said...

Isn't it just bloody amazing how unequal justice is? Here are Cairns people all fired up with stopping welfare payments to families if their kids don't go to school which would mean no bloody food in the house, yet this white collar crime where those in the know are ripping off millions from Ppapua New Guinea, get away scott free because no policing agency will investigate it.