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06 September 2013


The first sign that Kevin '07 Rudd was presiding over the wholesale destruction of Australian democracy was his organising the "2020 Summit" shortly after the 2007 election.  1000 of the "nation's best and brightest thinkers" gave Rudd a rock star ovation as this forum began.  What a fine example of advancing democracy, giving the public direct access to the levers of power.

What a crock of shit it turned out to be - the most self-masturbatory politician in Australian history threw this distinguished 1000 under the bus of Rudd's speeding ego.  Ignoring ideas that could have propelled Australia into a new decade as economic powerhouse along with increased governmental transparency.  Instead we got panicky, half-baked policies like the pink batts.  

Rudd and the ALP only actually honoured two of the promises they made at the 2007 election - the "apology to the stolen generation" which was turned into Rudd Theater Absurdium, and the imposition of Fair Work Australia.  This boondoggle has been the proximate cause of the collapse of Australian retail business as well as rendering the hospitality business among the least hospitable in the tourism world.

The reality is that Rudd has only Rudd in mind.  His self-interest and delusions of grandeur saw Prime Minister as only a stepping-stone to international politics where he's tried to position himself as the modern world leader.  So sure was he of reelection he picked September 7 for the election believing he would be standing at the G20 Summit to the accolades of the world.  Only as his campaign collapsed did he cancel these ludicrous plans, leaving Foreign Minister Bob Carr holding the bag.  Pity, he's a nice man.

Julia Gillard continued the political collapse by assuming the political leadership on the back of a political hit-and-run.  And then showing she had fully embraced the "New Democracy", she lied like a drunken sailor during the 2010 campaign (including the infamous "no carbon tax") and then did what she was told.  Her biggest fault is that she's a horrible liar, which the public figured out albeit too late.

The Gillard win also saw the independents show their lack of any moral core, as two members elected by some of the most conservative electorates in the country aligned themselves with the Gillard ALP minority government.  This confirmed the "pollies before voters" policy has cut across the full spectrum of politics.  Both of these gutless cowards refused to stand for another term this year knowing full well they would be turfed out.  And the leftie independent Andrew Wilkie who offered up support to the minority government based on only his anti-gambling initiatives couldn't summon up any moral courage when he got dudded by Gillard on his one and only policy.  Nor did he have the moral integrity to resign.

In a final act of bastardry breathtaking for those who followed
it this week, Rudd and his poisonous ALP showed how little respect they have for even the process of governing as they blatantly and knowingly lied to the public about the role of the public service in "costing" the LNP programs.  Standing alongside him were Chris Bowen and Penny Wong, conspirators in what they all knew was a stinky pack of lies.  So incensed were the bureaucrats at Finance and Treasury they did the unthinkable and issued a press release denouncing Rudd and his henchmen.  

So the collapse in democratic governmental ethics is complete.  No respect for the voters.  No respect for the public servants.  Self-interest is now the linchpin of Australian Democracy.  And a little top up of my super, thank you very much.  Oh, and lifetime free air travel.  Whoever thought that one up should get the Nobel Sleaze Prize.

This Saturday's election, jettisoning the psychoegocentric Rudd into oblivion for good will not however rectify the damage his methodology has done to the entire political process.  And the biggest victims in this new political dynamic continue to be the upstart regional areas of Australia like Cairns.

Bob "we ain't got no queers here" Katter in one moment of profound stupidity showed his "Katter Australia Party" was operating with the same lack of ethics as the rest of them.  His preference deal with Labor has been roundly criticised by those he claims to be helping.  Bullshit Bob, you're no better than the rest of 'em - trading your ethics for a few more sips from the chalice of power, constituents be damned.
So will we be better off with the change of government coming this Saturday?  Not bloody likely.  The LNP and Tony Abbott have embraced this new political dynamic, which can be summarised as "tell the voters any old crap and then do what you want".  Would Campbell Newman have had such a blowout win in Queensland if he had actually told the public what he was planning to do?  Even on what would seem to be simple issues like removal of crocodiles, all the hectoring in the world by John MacKenzie hasn't been able to get MP Michael "hide the backhoe" Trout to stop saying the phrase "problem croc".

And while the local pollies trumpet the expansion of "Neighbourhood Watch" to business, essentially shifting the burden of crime fighting from the police to the public, without a fix to the sentencing problems and the shortage of "beds for crims", this too is more akin to political theatre. 

And win or lose, we have one final word for the Minister for Blogs, Warren Entsch.  
Go Fuck Yourself.  (Sorry, that's three).  But we love the link!


Anonymous said...

It looks like at least 48% of the Australian voters don't agree with your analysis and are going to vote labour. Hardly a landslide to Abbott and with a double dissolution election early next year on the cards I wonder how people will vote next time.Someone had to save the Australian economy during the GFC and Labour used the piggy bank left by Costello to keep us out of the mess the world is in today.The end.

Grumpy said...

Maybe some of your opinion is correct but the action taken re the GFC worked well for this country, the pink bats only became a debacle because of the shonks taking illegal shortcuts and I would guess they were conservative supporters as history shows conservatives are rip offs, freeloaders and parasites.
A vote for the lnp will send this country back and the whingers in business will rip off the consumer big time, no doubt there will be less services and so on, a lnp gov will hand tax dollars to business at the expense of the everyday consumer. There was bipartisan on ETS and a carbon tax is only different because it is a set price which was only for 3 years.
Sadly in this election people have taken too much notice of opinions of journo's and shock jocks in particular Murdoch owned, there has not been a balanced reporting as there is still plenty of scandal, bad policy etc on the conservative side that has not been hammered to the electorate.
I don't totally blame the press for sending this country into a backward step, I think more of the blame is you who vote lnp. You are either nieve or don't care about others or greedy or the whole lot.

Ivor said...

Anybody with pink batts in the roof will tell you they keep the house cooler,hence less electricity needs to be used, some shonky installers didn't do the right thing,similar school buildings etc.Shame small business men shame

Anonymous said...

Vote PUP
Vote Palmer
Then we will see some "real" titanic action.
Geoff - you are a beauty mate!

Tory Tom said...

It does look like Abbott will coast in to victory tomorrow night. The LNP's policy on boat people is for the ADF not to release details of refugee boats to the public, so that issue is well resolved. If the public don't know about them, then it isn't an issue. A very effective and well executed plan by the LNP. Then the LNP spokesman has said they will introduce an internet filter, despite opposing it when Conroy wanted a filter. So once again a very effective policy will be put in place. How long will your blog last HBW after the filter I put in? All up, a sensible idea. The ALP and non LNP parties are not allowed on talk-back radio, are restricted in what they can say in the print and television media, the last bastion to shut them up is the internet. Good one.

Alison Alloway said...

I think of how I approached Jim Turnour and asked him to attend a COUCH meeting at the Pacific Hotel while explaining to him how we urgently needed radiotherapy facilities in Cairns. Professor Baume, a professor oncology had sent a damning report to the Howard Government pointing out that people in country areas were dying needlessly because of lack of radiotherapy facilities. I had previously asked Warren Entsch to get off his arse and lobby for the facility to be built here in Cairns, Entsch replied that it was all the State Government's fault, which I knew was wrong. The initial funding had to come from the Federal Government. Jim Turnour promised to seek Federal funding for radiotherapy facilities if elected. This he did and the Liz Plummer Centre is now a reality. People in Cairns and surrounding district no longer have to die needlessly because of lack of cancer fighting machines.
This is just ONE example of GOOD REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. You may sneer and jeer at this and get all fired up with rage, Hillbilly Watch, but that machines have saved lives. I point out, it was the Rudd Government which provided the funds for those machines.
The Rudd Government also supplied the funding for a Dental College at James Cook University which is now treating pensioners and low income people for smaller fees.
The Rudd Government also gave us the funding for the roadworks currently in operation at the approaches to Cairns. All examples of representative government.
Lastly, as a multiple cancer survivor, I am just disgusted at the way you have contemptuously dismissed the actions by Labor in providing this region with radiotherapy facilities. Take yourself on a walk to our local cemetaries and crematorium and have a look at the people who died because their LNP representative was only interested in playing politics for his own gain. For shame.

Anonymous said...

ROFL I think a good result might be to see Abbott win the House of Reps but with PUP, the GREENS and KAP holding the balance of power in the Senate. Oh hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Johnson said...

Ivor - I agree with you. The insulation program wasn't the problem nor were the majority of installers. It was simply that a few unscrupulous people saw a chance to get rich quick and took shortcuts and then tried to shift the blame to the program managers. But then again, Abbott seems to think climate change is all crap and BS, so therefore keeping homes cooler, reducing the need for a/c and thereby reducing carbon outputs isn't a consideration.

Vote for real change! Vote for Palmer!

Anonymous said...

Personally after seeing the virtual LNP dictatorship we have here in Qld I think another hung parliament would be a great outcome. Statistically more bills were passed in this present govt. than previous parliaments and politicians were made more accountable.
I hope it continues in both the reps and the senate.

Hamish Krint said...

The way everyone writes, makes it seem that only 1 person controls each major party. This is not so. Decision making is a collective activity, whether it be in the party room, in caucus, in cabinet, or in parliament. As yet, Australia is not a dictatorship, like Tanzania. So, when you vote, think collective responsibility. I do agree with other writers that the in the Senate (the house of review) it would be nice to have a mix of parties, like Katter, Palmer, Greens etc. to provide a broader decision making base, and to stop the major party in the Reps running rampant for 3 years. You'll get the government you deserve tomorrow....vote with wisdom, and try to think for yourself, rather than to be swayed by the mob....

Liz said...

Alison, that is a classic example mentioning the provision of radiotherapy facilities for the North, of genuine representative government at its finest. You are correct. People died needlessly without them. Jim Turnour was a damned good representative for Leichhardt. Yet look at HBW's article? Does he care that you and other people have had their lives saved by Jim's actions? No. Instead he gives you all the finger. He really couldn't give a crap about the people who have filled the crematoriums and cemetaries because it didn't affect HIM personally. This has intensely angered him. His tax monies went into saving the lives of you and people he doesn't know or care about. Your lives mean nothing to him. So to him, and this is the clear message of his angry spiel, the provision of the much needed radiotherapy facilities, is NOT representative government. It only affects people with cancer. Not him. Not HBW. HBW's article is a very crystal clear analysis that most people today only think in terms of "What is in it for ME personally." This is all they look at when voting and like HBW, they are intensely angered when politicians like Jim look at public needs.

Anonymous said...

Bye gee criky hillbilly you've hit a raw nerve, all your followers thought you were a stanch commo and you have disappointed them. Your now on the outer you tratter keep up the good work Hillbilly your the man.

k. nevill said...

I have been an avid HBW follower for some time. As such i am aware there are more than one person writng for HBW. At times some articles have not been in sinc with the general thrust of the HBW writings. This article is a disgrace. Has murdochs fuckwit biased journos infiltrated this website?? HBW have obviously not proof read this article before going to press. This article could have been written by good old macca or even stench...if he was sober and could spell. I am disgusted with main stream media for the bias and lack of investigative journalism and have always held HBW in the highest esteem for the quality of your work. Not this time. A bloody rant with little respect for the truth of what has actually happened in federal politics. Bitterly disapointed you have allowed such crap to denigrate the name of HBW. The only event that will disappoint me more is if this comment is not printed, a la cairns post.


So where did *THAT* come from, Liz. Jim Turnour proves the thesis, that politicians who show genuine empathy with what the public needs and wants get tossed out, to be replaced by another in-it-for-myself Entsch. The fact is that Cairns went over 12 years in need of the radiotherapy system, ignored by Entsch and the leadership in BOTH parties. That's until the public rose up and demanded it for exactly the reasons you cite. Turnour couldn't have done it without the public furore.

Somehow you've missed the point entirely.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

I don't see anything in the HBW commentary about paying for radiation machines. Who can dispute that government has a necessary and important function. Support of those at the bottom is one of those - but not blind support. The pendulum has swung too far IMHO when the ALP decides to PAY parents for having children and then PAYING them to send them to school and then PAYING them to put them in sport. When did this become a public function? You want to breed, you have certain responsibilities. I would guess none of the people reading this blog had parents who got paid to have them and send them to school. Nope, people did that on their own under the guise of personal responsibility.

The Jefferson quote is exactly correct, apparently some here can't read. It refers to people WILLING to work and those UNWILLING to work. A big difference from people UNABLE to work, which as I read American history Jefferson had compassion for. But we're raising a generation of those who are UNWILLING to do their part, assuming a government will do it.

I think this HBW commentary is one of their best.

Anonymous said...

You forgot something Ed in Edge Hill -Costello's baby bonus that paid parents $5000 to buy plasma screen TVs from Harvey Norman on the birth of a baby.

CBD Warrior said...

While the shortage of cancer radiation machines was apparent during the Howard government, blame for any "killings" belongs squarely on Warren Entsch. He's the member that was elected to represent us. And keep in mind the hospitals are primarily a state government function - meaning Peter Beattie is a murderer, too.

See how idiotic the whole thing becomes?

Liz said...

You disgust me Hillbilly. Your hatred of Labor is apparent. But on rereading, I'm starting to see your point - that the politics have so deteriorated to make trust in either party impossible. I agree it's time for a period of more personal responsibility and less reliance on the government for everything. There can never be enough money to satisfy all the whims of Gen X and Gen Y. Let's hope personal responsibility is the new mantra of the LNP as they take power.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz why so vitriolic?? We HBW readers/contributors need to stick together! My huge beef at the moment is the narrow decision by the Council to REMOVE THE BATS by cutting down the trees by the Library!!! Get angry about THAT.

Anonymous said...

Come sunday morning the aussie media will have a real problem because they won't have anyone to crucify anymore. Like Howard, Abbott will have a clear unbiased run for a year maybe before Turnbull kicks him out. That foreigner Murdock will have to report proper news for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Ed in Edge Hill .. and now, if the polls predict correctly, we are going to pay those who 'choose' to have children their full salaries up to 150K pa.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Wazza has another three years of inaction at the taxpayer's expense while he prances around yet again in Canberra as the PM Abbott's piss bucket boy. Well done Far North Queensland

KitchenSlut said...

How Tony started his victory speech and term as PM:

"I can inform you that the government of Australia has changed for just the seventh time in 60yrs".

Ummm, actually Tony that would be the 6th time!

Anonymous said...

Australia's heart got a little colder after last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I have already attended a function where Entsch showed up and yes there was free red wine and food. The circus has arrived in Cairns again.

Hamish Krint said...

Why does a millionaire like Rudd stay in parliament? Because he can have something money can't buy - power! Will he tread back on the international stage? If the govt. was smart, they'd give him a nice job at the UN, and it would be a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!