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26 September 2013


With the election of the LNP Queensland government last year, we were told by Colin "Dugagman" Riddell and John MacKenzie that turtle and dugong hunting would be stopped.  But typically, the LNP and local member Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King kicked the can down the road.  The best Riddell could get out of the LNP was an order that these animals could only be hunted in compliance with existing animal welfare laws.  

In other words, a big fat nothing.  Hunting of these animals (a right guaranteed to the aboriginal community) has continued unabated.  

Riddell had been reported to be seething with anger, wondering how he didn't feel Gavin King's arm shoved up his arse serving as an LNP election hand puppet.  And Riddell and his step-daddy Bob Irwin have been persona non grata on the 4CA show, as both logically oppose any hunting of crocodiles.  And with crocs serving as the current MacKenzie "crisis", neither has been heard or seen on any subject since.

Yesterday in a stunning beatdown, we now can see that newly elected Member for Blogs Warren Entsch too has failed to deliver on his promises to Riddell.

Federal Turtle and Dugong Minister Greg Hunt interviewed yesterday was asked about the changes to legislation that might be made by him as Minister.  In a careful parsing of words ignored by MacKenzie but apparent to anyone with an IQ greater than 60, Hunt said that he had ordered a "tripling of the penalty" for the POACHING of turtles and dugongs.  Note the word POACHING.  Most of the turtle and dugong killings are NOT POACHING, but legal under the Aboriginal Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering Rights act.

In short - the aboriginal hunting of turtle and dugongs EVEN AT GREEN ISLAND in full view of the tourists (HORROR OF HORRORS!) will continue under the Federal LNP government.

So now Colin Riddell has been politically sodomised by BOTH the State LNP, and now the Federal LNP.  They won't do anything to stop this hunting because they're spineless, and they NEED THE VOTES of the indigenous community a lot more than Dugagman and his couple dozen radical acolytes.

Sorry Colin, you've been dudded AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

Not really sure what the point of this story is, other than to denigrate a couple of men who have their hearts in the right place. Indigenous communities for the most part have codes of practice for hunting, and it is a few ratbags who poach, often in a neighbouring community's waters, then sell the meat or trade it for drugs. Moves to control poaching are to be applauded and it pleases me to see that action is being taken based on information from local communities. As to making sure any traditional uses are humane, well that too is just common sense. I am fairly sure that no sane person would want to listen to Mackenzie, let alone go on his show, so I am sure Colin and Bob are not exactly crying over that. I think the only people who listen are the bloggers here....

Anonymous said...

you forgot that Colin had also been sodomized by the last ALP government, prior to his departure to the other political side. Colin changes colours politically more than the green cane ant. Maybe one day colin should look into the lettuces for some inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I know colin and he and bob actually boycott 4ca.He is also on weekend sunrise. This saturday on crocodiles. He gets things done.print this if you dare

NYM said...

I dunno why you're bothering Hillbilly. Colnwhocares has had his day in the limelight. He hasn't achieved much but I suspect it was more about big noting himself anyway. Relegate him to the dregs of history puh-leeeze!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome page... keep it up... will post to FB