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02 October 2013


On Monday, the Cairns Post highlighted a report from the Queensland Prostitution Authority and made a veiled attack against a licensed brothel known as "Oriental Dolls".

The hypocrisy of the ComPost is stunning, with their half-page of hooker ads (many of which do not conform to the Hooker Ad Guidelines) known to be responsible for much of the illegal trade in Cairns.  Despite requirements that sole-operating prostitutes place their advertising "in person" to minimise fraud, the Cairns Post allows the pimps to place the ads along with photos with no verification provided at all.  Queensland Police have refused to act on complaints for law violations, with the only known enforcement done as a "get square" and not a serious attempt at law enforcement.

Complaints have been lodged against the Cairns Post by customers with the Department of Fair Trading, who've refused to act against the Post for these ads.  Additional complaints have been filed by Japanese counsellor staff on similar grounds.  Apparently paid fucking is exempt from "Truth in Advertising", with Chinese prostitutes routinely advertising as Korean, Japanese, and other Asian ethnicities deemed to be "higher in service quality" than the Chinese.

And tourist residences in town have become "defacto"
brothels, with girls on fraudulently obtained "Student Visas" being trafficked around Australia from place to place by organised professionals - the vast majority from Mainland China.  These reports are across the internet, where much of our potential tourism looks for information.

The ALP federal government has been well aware of the huge misuse of student visas by pimping organisations, and did nothing.  So far the LNP government looks to be following the same path.

It's quite clear the massive increase in prostitution across Australia is the product of the lax enforcement of visa rules along with the Queensland Prostitution Authority.  Spear-rattling against a legal brothel would look to be a waste of time, when accommodation houses all across the Cairns CBD along with the Cairns Post being the real facilitators of the prostitution trafficking in Cairns.


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely disgusting the growth of prostitution in Cairns. Entsch has done nothing.

TAS said...

What do The Cairns Post/News Limited and Senator Brandis have in common: both are exposed as complete hypocrites.
The Cairns Post is living off immoral earnings - and has been doing so for years.
Their pursuit of revenue from these advertisements promotes and encourages the sexual abuse and exploitation of Asian females no less than the buyers of child porn promotes the abuse and exploitation of children.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the Compost. Make head lines of Prostitution as a profession and not commment on and run away from reporting the truth when Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King prostitutes the truth everytime he issues a press release.

Anon No. 4 said...

I protested about this to the Cairns Post years ago, and never even received a reply.

The advertising it permits - indeed encourages - is for the most part entirely illegal.

But that's Rupert Murdoch for you. Living off immoral earnings.

The other thing is that it fits Gavin Don't Rape Me's attitudes perfectly:

They're only women. Probably drunk. Deserve everything they get.