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02 October 2013


Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, Member for MacKenzie, spent ten minutes this morning patting himself on the back for projects he had nothing to do with.

He then announced he was ordering a "review of the building height restrictions in the Cairns CBD", claiming that builders can't make any money with the current standard.  Has the MP taken over from Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning again?  

He then announced that, 'whatever happens, Cairns is going to see several hundred thousand new residents in the upcoming years'.


Maybe privy to the LNP's migration plans for Mainland Chinese?



CBD said...

I heard this comment about sleaze-o King too - and even McKenzie was stunned at the prediction. But he didn't dare contradict King now.

Anonymous said...

Gives me and friends I know one more reason never to vote an lnp government.

Anonymous said...

Gavin almost choked with excitement when he announced all this. Those thousands of workers MUST be housed in high rises in the CBD. Yes, forget about the Southern suburbs, although, no, they will live there as well, but we must have a mature debate about the height limits in the CBD and we won't be like the Gold Coast, but we will have very high, high rises to house the thousands of people that will be streaming into the city.And it is all due the LNP and Gavin himself. So why don't we put some high rises in the burbs Gavin ?

Anonymous said...

This desperate race to turn Cairns into a mirror image and tackiness of the gold coast seems to be all the LNP is capable off. Where is the talk and promise of the needed infrastructure we need to support it. Did you know that by law every spar has to be emptied and refilled after every quest leaves and to ask tourists to save water while on holidays would be like asking a pollie to admit they have no intention of carrying out a promise after an election,re can do,abbott etc. Where are the new dams, expressways etc for this employment utophia.the end

Anonymous said...

I think it is a given that Cairns is destined to become a second rate Gold Coast after giving the green light to the LNP and their mates. It could have been different. Look what is happening at Airlie Beach. It is a rising star compared to Cairns because it has so much more to offer than just a destination for shitfaced backpackers, hookers and overseas gamblers. The uniqueness that Cairns had to offer has gone forever now we are selling out to our foreign overlords, but at least I'll get a good price on my property when I eventually sell.

Anonymous said...

Several hundred thousand new residents? Obviously a lot of those are going to be the Chinese workers on the AQUIS resort, Benny Wu's Double Island resort and the Port Douglas Mirage Resort. Oh and a few other complexes in the city now bought by the Chinese. These people will all want Chinese grocers, restaurants, doctors, dentists and so on, so these people will come as well. While Kking is marvelling at how clever he is in getting a massive population increase in Cairns, has he thought about the need to get us another dam, some more electricity sub-stations, more ambulances, more child minding centres, schools, health facilities etc etc etc

Second Anonymous said...

He is not taking over from Sleepy Bob - King just wants to be the first in the media to announce LNP intentions. And this time he beat Entsch.

King has the most to lose. Manning will never run for Mayor again and Entsch will not run for House of Reps again.

Makes you wonder what role Brett Moller is being groomed for... and King.

Anonymous said...

Does Gavein King realize that the City of Cairns in in the flight path to our Airport?

Anonymous said...

Dont' you realise Anonymous 22.13 that no problem is insurmountable.

Yes, Cairns City is in the flight path, and if we want to build 27 storeys for Aquis, we will simply move the airport.

To move the airport, we will have simply upgrade the Gillies or the Kuranda Range.


Cairns City currently has a population of about 165,000 residents and is growing.

So doubling our population on a narrow coastal strip, only leaves, going up.

Gold Coast here we come!

Anonymous said...

I was remembering when once upon a time everyone said, "Oh don't turn Cairns into another Gold Coast." Nowadays you never hear it said at all. Instead we only hear, "Oh people come here to see our beautiful rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef."

Anonymous said...

Yeah the airport will be shifted up to Mareeba and half the Kuranda range hacked down to widen the freeway going up and down. Not enough lanes as it is I hear people screech. By then housing estates will have sprung up all through the range and hills around Cairns. Cairns will probably have to be renamed as the area will be fully developed between Daintree and Innisfail. Cairns city itself will just be a suburb of a sweeping conurbation of a population of between two and three million.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed how many tattoo parlours have sprung up in the CBD in the last 12-18 months?

I have counted at least 11. There seems to be at least one in every street and sometimes two.

We are morphing into the Gold Coast very quickly.

I wonder if we too will soon have issues with bikies.

That will be interesting won't it? The Chinese triads versus bikie gang warfare in the streets of Cairns??

Perhaps the bikies are getting in first!