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08 October 2013


Aussie patriot and businessman Dick Smith recently has noted that "Australia is moving closer to the point where everything will be foreign owned".  


Even prior to the Aquis announcement, the Cairns tourism industry was experiencing huge interest in businesses (tourism and otherwise) by Mainland Chinese.  Most of the Cairns tourist coach operators have been replaced by Chinese owners in the last few years, for example.

The interest now has turned into a flood of property sales as Cairns business owners succumb to the Chinese proffers.  Some of the most iconic businesses have been sold, or are in the process of being sold, by investors in Cairns who apparently see prefer fast bucks to Australian ownership.

We now know that the only way the Sheraton Mirage rehab could get underway is under full Chinese ownership.  Convicted criminal David Marriner is out.  

In the last few weeks the Palm Cove Novotel has been sold to the Chinese.

Sean Howard, who (along with partner MP Malcolm Turnbull) sold Ozemail for over $500M, purchased both Double Island and the Kewarra Beach Resort almost seven years ago, professing his "love for Cairns", has sold both assets to the Chinese, an investor that Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning has taken great pride in courting, Benny Wu.  Actually, Benny Wu is a front man for a man named Huang Ping (Owen Huang), who claims to have been a post-graduate business student at Deakin University in an online CV that goes back only 18 months.

He along with his "investor-friends" group own all these Sean Howard assets, along with the Acacia Court Hotel on the Esplanade and Whitfield House (sold off by Dr. Henry Glennie).

One has to wonder why Mr. Huang needs to have a "shill" (Benny Wu) claim ownership to the media - and if Mayor Manning and Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King are aware that the man they've been spruiking is really just a front-man for someone else?  

Insiders indicate that the Huang group's recent purchase of the Kewarra Beach Resort hinges on promises made by the Mayor to ensure occupancy can be increased from the current 44 rooms to a rumoured 250.  This plan is said to reduce the size of the approved retirement community that stretches from the resort to the Cook Highway, the start of which Howard has consistently stalled.  The Kewarra Retirement Village website has lied "head office has been working out new designs which are now being costed".  The long list of anxious potential residents is now SOL, as will be Kewarra Beach residents if the hotel is blown out to 250 rooms!

Now let's look at the CBD. 

The Acacia Court hotel was mentioned earlier.  Word is deals are about to be announced for the Cairns Hilton and the Holiday Inn, both owned by Darwinite Lloyd Berger's BG Investment Holdings P/L.  The Novotel Cairns Oasis and Rydges Plaza are also in play.

In the next few months we're likely to see fully 1/2 of the Cairns hotel rooms in Chinese hands (this of course excludes "holiday letting" apartments, which the Chinese tourists shun.  Who wants to cook on a holiday?)

On the tourist business front we understand that the Chapman family has been considering a Chinese offer for Skyrail, and staff at the Cairns office of Queensland Rail routinely explain to Chinese callers that the Kuranda rail line is not for sale (although with the LNP running Queensland, who can tell?)

Shops have been changing hands in the CBD from Australian to Chinese ownership.  This includes one newsagent and several fast food operations, including two on the Esplanade "golden block".

Gavin King, who continually spruiks the "Buy Locally" mantra, keeps claiming Cairns is now in a period of "positive contagion".  Don't come running to us when everything is owned by the Chinese.  It's our fellow Australians that are selling us out.


Anonymous said...

We have seen the enemy and he is us.

Anonymous said...

With the LNP in government at every level and NO local political opposition allowed, it is open slather for the Chinese. COME ON IN, BUY UP BIG, EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE. Let's look at our so called "community leaders"...
WARREN ENTSCH LNP Federal Member - only in for one more term to top up his lucrative superannuation, then he will piss off down South where he owns several properties.
GAVIN KING LNP State Member for Cairns. A fool who wants to see Cairns outbuild the Gold Coast. He knows he is likely to be defeated next election and will also piss off down South.
BOB MANNING, LNP Mayor of Cairns. A stooge who only ran to stop the Entertaiment Precinct which was Tony Fung's only competition. Manning is also only serving one term after which he too is likely to piss off down South for a luxurious retirement.
Hence we have "community leaders" who don't give a rats shit about Cairns and its future, only their own wealth. They are selling out Cairns as fast as they can to the Chinese. Next we will find the Chinese will be financing the LNP while of course dictating to them as to what they want.

Mad as hell said...

You wonder how long it will take before the Chinese control the Council and have a few of the Councillors in their pockets. I don't have much faith in the integrity and honesty of the Unity Team. Then with what we know of the Triads, they work on getting public officials and the police force in their pockets. I dare say that will also happen once the Triads arrive. Cairns has got piss poor leadership, the old boys club only interested in lining their own pockets and to hell with Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Very racist of you HBW.
I think the Chinese are lovely peaceful people, far more so than the drunken fucken bogans that have lived around here for the last 100 years.
Time for a Cultural change eh what!


Bloody pissed off said...

There is no fucken leadership in Cairns. Manning is only in it for the bucks and to strut around big noting himself. He never had any vision for Cairns, unlike his predecessor Val Schier. What about the Unity Councillors? Anyone ever heard a PEEP out of whatzisname, Greg Fennell since he as elected? Anyone? Has he ever done anything? Anything at all? What about O'Halloran and Brain? Sure they show up at footie matches and can blah blah blah yadda yadda about footie. And what about the Councillor for the Division which takes in Yorkeys Knob, Jessie Richardson? I mean, is she still alive or did she expire upon winning office? What is she doing to listen to residents concerns out there at Yorkeys about the Fung proposal? Anything? Anything at all? What a bunch of inept, incompetent frauds they all are. The city needs direction and leadership and instead we have a group of self serving incompetents who only manage for the day and not the future, because they don't give a shit about Cairns. The future of Cairns looks bleak to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Thanks hbw Very bleak , couldn't even get v8 supercars , don't have a football team!

Pissed off as well said...

They do have a vision Bloody Pissed Off. Their vision for Cairns is that it will quickly become the Northern frontier for Chinese expansion in Australia. That has been their sole singular vision all along. Thanks to Hillbilly, we now have some idea of the rapid pace with which the Chinese are getting their hands on our ONLY viable industry here in Cairns. How long will it be before they completely dominate and can control the tourist industry? How long before the city starts filling up with thousands of Chinese here on "temporary work visas" (which as we know, easily become permanent) and the city undergoes a dramatic transformation in culture and ambience? As for controlling the Council, that is normal business practice in China where corrupt officials are in every layer of government. I have no hesitation in saying that any wealthy Chinese entrepreneur wouldn't have any difficulty in finding a money hungry, corrupt to the core councillor, to put right in his pocket. As you said above there Bloody Pissed Off, who the hell are these people we have on our Council, like Fennell, O'Halloran, Brain and Richardson? I have never heard of Fennell saying or doing anything, nor Richardson. Are they alive?

Second Anonymous said...

Off topic - I note that on King's facebook today he says he is a passionate advocate for vegie gardening.

Nowhere does he mention the community garden in Spence street he put a stop to.

Anonymous said...

China presents tough demands to the Coalition for any potential free-trade agreement to be signed, Chinese demand for relaxed restrictions on foreign investment present a significant challenge for the Coalition after Tony Abbott went to an election promising a tougher threshold for the Foreign Investment Review Board

I prefer to be Anon said...

There doesn't appear to be any controls on it all, or anyone directing the Chinese takeovers. I had no idea how much had been sold until I read Hillbilly Watch this morning. It just seems Cairns has an open door and anyone with money can walk in. What the hell are our so called community leaders doing? Where is the community debate? What is happening is just astonishing and terrifying. The so called leaders are still ranting and raving about juvenile crime crocodiles and flying foxes while meanwhile the tourist industry is being bought out from under us all.

Ginger TheRedHeeler said...

You are being a little unfair people; of course the Council has a vision for Cairns. They have made that vision obvious.

They want rid of every tree and vacant lot in the region with every cent from unbridled development going to half a dozen of their developer mates. What happens next is irrelevant. Each of them will be happily retired or the coincidental recipient of several well-remunerated offers of positions on the board of new international development companies.

Tony Hillier said...

A worrying and dangerous scenario is being created in front of our eyes, courtesy of rapacious Chinese developers and supine and subservient LNP politicians. Most of Cairns and environs is too apathetic or simply too pathetic (read: ignorant) to be concerned.

For light relief, take a look at King's advert in this week's Sun (bottom right, page 7). It reads:
'Every day I wake up I fight for Cairns. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I don't. But I never stop fighting'.
Only the first five words bear any relation to the truth!

To add insult to injury, at the bottom of said ad, King has the temerity to declare: 'See what's been achieved in the first 18 months in office'.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who looks to Chinese visitors as being the salvation of Cairns should perhaps rethink.

Awhile back there was a story about wild ducks disappearing from a resort waterway on the northern beaches, and the feathers found in a guest room!! Hard to believe and at the time, I dismissed the claim.

However, more revelations or our Chinese visitor antics have emerged.

Recently, I have heard two different stories, re the same resort and Chinese visitors. Both stories come from current employees.

The first story involves bathtubs being mistaken for toilets (boy what a clean up job that would be!!!!)

The second story involves the resort having to replace hundreds of kettles, because their guests keep trying to cook rice in them and fuse them out!!

So we now have a situation where our visitors are not only killing our wild life, but they are also shitting in our bathtubs and damaging resort property.

Anyone else heard these stories...?

shanghai said...

to person above Indians do that not chinese ginger above I miss my banshiji too come on hbw my retort needs viewing sometimes I make sense

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to have a look at who has been buying real estate in Yorkey's Knob during the past 18 months and especially before the Aquis project was announced....

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with getting a hold of those little Chinese bucks in the billion loads, the people receiving them will be spending their prize of billions of little tiny dollars in the country anyway.
The Chinese cant buy land in Queensland, the Property law Act Qld does not provide for any land to be sold by bargain and sale and these little people will have to pay the rent to the superior lord just like the rest of us who have in our possession as tenants the bogus Certificate of Title of which the administrators of our government in the Department are destroying as soon as they can get their hands on your copy as all of the instruments are void and not worth the paper they are written on as the banks hold the legal title to all of the land in this country as this is their collateral for them to have the beneficial use and enjoyment of and you have all approved it because we have all been dummed down by the likes of macca the mouth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so shanghai but the chinese spit everywhere, blow their noses on the bus curtains that's why the owners remove all curtains out of their buses now and spit gollies in the elevators in the hotels. Cairns will become the hepatitis capital of the world if we let them in. Also they are tightarses unlike the Japanese. We need more Japanese here not chinese.

Anonymous said...

Think back to when the Japanese came in and seemed to own/build half the town and japanese tourism was booming. Ebbs and Flows people. Ebbs and Flows.
Maybe India next after the Chinese or Indonesia?

Bob R. said...

Anonymous, you are correct. There was a good deal of fear amongst the population when the Daikyo Corporation started buying up big in the Cairns area in the 1980s. There was even a community group, "people against foreign ownership" or something like that. However Daikyo went out to win the people over and held open community meetings. I attended one at the Civic Theatre which was well attended. It appointed an Australian as its PR man here in Cairns, but I can't quite recall his name. Daikyo became the single largest foreign investor in Queensland's tourist market, particularly here in Cairns, with interests in Green Island, Fitzroy Island, Great Adventures, and the Clifton Beach Resort amongst others. Keith deLacey then the Treasurer of Queensland objected however to Daikyo buying up the 4 Seasons Hotel.
Daikyo went about things in a different way to the Chinese if you remember. They went out to soothe and calm the public and to win the public over. They were open and transparent in their operations.
This contrasts with what is happening with Chinese investment in the region. I didn't have a bloody clue how much they had until I read HILLBILY!! Where is the reporting by The Cairns Post? Where is the transparency? Where are the community forums where we can all learn what to expect?
Finally, no I am not against foreign investment. It has been said that since Daikyo, the Cairns region is the most internationalised of all regional economies in Australia. HOWEVER I wish the Chinese rather than investing completely in tourist businesses would invest in say manufacturing enterprises in the region. Bring back a meat processing plant like Queerah, or some fruit canneries.

Anonymous said...

This blog is rapidly deteriorating especially in terms of comments allowed. Considering that it is supposedly 'watching Hillbillies' I am surprised at how many racist comments are allowed. There are always elements of each tourist group that bring with them the worst of home....drunken English tourists, rude German tourists, Japanese men seemly only intent on bagging a blonde hooker, and some budget Europeans so reluctant to bath that they can be smelt a mile away. But lets not forget the drunken ockerish sometimes gun toting Aussies who want to kill wildlife, any wildlife. Each group has their bad elements, and singling out Chinese and suggesting that all of them are like the above posters have suggested is just ludicrous. If there was money in manufacturing, the Chinese would invest there, they are certainly not stupid, and trying to force them into uneconomic sectors is just silly. I can tell you they are heavily invested in mining, and have been for some time. There was some opposition to Daikyo; I remember it well, and their consultation was not as good as that of Aquis. Grow up people....and look to the future not the past. The Chinese are coming, and while HBW is right to question some aspects, lets embrace the future, and become involved in making it as good as possible for all of us.

Bob R. said...

Anonymous 07.12, the points raised about Chinese investment in the area have gone well over your head. The fact is the public is not being kept fully informed, as we were when the Japanese invested. Information seems restricted to a few select in the "boys club" now running Cairns, and not the general public. There are many concerns about AQUIS yet our so called community leaders are demonstrating their lack of leadership by ignoring the public who elected them. Where are the community forums? Daikyo opened its doors up and conducted several community forums. AQUIS by direct comparison opens up a glitzy shop front and adopts a "high sell" approach employing people to sell, sell, sell, rather than an open, transparent community interaction. All of this has gone over your head so instead you resort to personal insults.

Anonymous said...

Bob R if you truly believe the public was better informed about Daikyo then we will have to agree to disagree. As I said HBW raises legitimate concerns about Aquis and other investment. Daikyo did 'win over' the majority of the public, as has Aquis thus far. Calling people on racist comments and views is not an insult. Your views appear to be in a minority, so perhaps you need to win over some hearts and minds?

sunfish said...

We well could have been over run by the Japanese. But for the fact that Diakyo went down with the Japanese share/ property market collapse. This more than anything else put a stop to their plans. Now the sane scenario is possible with the Chinese. The Japanese share property market has never recovered from its 1980s highs but somehow I don't think this will happen in china as it did in japan.

Bob R. said...

Anonymous 10.22, you seem to mix in a select group, no doubt all of whom have financial interests at stake in Aquis. I hear people out in the community wondering all sorts of things, like will we have to build another dam, another electricity sub-station, if so who will pay for them? What about the airport? Will it have to be moved? What about the sea traffic, how will that impact on the other beaches? Will we have enough medical resources to cope with the tens of thousands of extra people when there are already strains on the current hospital. Will we have enough police and federal police to monitor the triads should they come in. Will there be an increase in prostitution? Will the ratepayers have to cough up to use the arts theatre in Aquis? So many questions with no answers. These are the sorts of questions people are asking. Contrary to your view that the people of Cairns are passive morons and unable to think, there are a hell of a lot of people wanting more information. AQUIS is not providing this information.

Matt H said...

Bob R. is right. There are many, many legitimate questions that need to be answered about the Aquis project, but anyone who raises them is branded a naysayer. When a project like this is cloaked in such secrecy, it naturally raises alarm bells. We have Mayor Manning on the ABC and the Aquis website now mumbling about getting out of his commitment for a performing arts centre, because Aquis will provide not one, but two, and then admitting that he hasn't got a fig of detail about either of them. If the Mayor can't extract this information, what hope has the public.

I notice that the great blue lagoon that graces all the marketing material has now been quietly scrapped from the project, as has the waterpark. I have inside information that the golf course has also been scrapped. Yet the Aquis marketing machine still bangs on about the "4.2 billion dollar investment". Well, lets see how that number was calculated, and if the lagoon, waterpark and golf course are out, shouldn't it be revised down?

And what about "one of the world's biggest aquariums". Is this a real aquarium, like the current world's biggest in Singapore that covers 8 ha, or is it just a big fish tank for the rich gamblers to gawk at over dinner.

I don't want to be branded a naysayer, but with so many real questions, and no answers it makes me suspicious.

Anonymous said...

$.2 billion was a figure pulled out of the air to sound good. When the tenders go out and the real costs for this project comes in with subbies charging a min of $100 P/H plus materials old Tony Fung will pack his bags and find somewhere cheaper to build this project. BILLY BOB from Yorkeys Knob

Tony Hillier said...

Matt H, you are spot on. There are a lot of questions that beg to be answered about this mega-development. The Cairns Post of the 80s might have been on the case. The parody of a publication that these days purports to cover local news is only interested in serving its own commercial interests and serving up candy floss to a dwindling readership.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha! 'you seem to mix in a select group, no doubt all of whom have financial interests at stake in Aquis'
nah sorry buddy you are dead wrong...wish I did have a stake but I don't even know anybody who does. I just think legitimate concerns are fine, so long as they are not mixed up with racist hearsay. And as long as the 'legitimate concerns' are not just 'we did not think of this so it must be stopped' concerns.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 1821 some have looked already interesting reading. One state mp has a lease/buy agreement, buy at 1.1 million sell at 3.5 million without investing a cent, horses for sale soon or will they be released to the road and auctioned by council causing compensation payments again??? this mob will be black cavier, far lap and sea basket branded this time

NYM said...

So to wrap up the overall comments here, there seems to be agreement that not enough information is available to the general public, that AQUIS and the Cairns Regional Council are not being open and transparent on the venture.

Ernie said...

Cairns post crap, BUSY BITS page 24 yesterday.
Mayor hits the wall.
The councillor, who is 68, is a former rugby league player and is one of the fittest mayors we've had in recent times.
What a joke this loser was bred on pies.
Does this mean if you are fit you can sell off cairns and if you wear lycra and ride a pushie you can sell of Australia.
Keep your eye on your grandmothers they will be next.

Anonymous said...

Today Mayor Elmer Fudd was having orgasms over a four lane highway to Brisbane. Problem is he and a lot of other hillbillies will be worm shit long before that ever happens.

Anonymous said...

Mr hillbilly how about you put your own hand in your pocket and give some hope to the Fnq if you are so well versed in local government why do you just flap your gums
And not get involved

Anonymous said...

I think providing an altternate voice of opinion to offset the Mackenzie Hillbillies and the MSM in this town is a a very important contribution Anonymous 21:59. Apart from Rob Pyne and our puppet mayor I wouldn't even have a clue who our other local government representatives are. I certainly haven't heard from my local division councillor since the election.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Manning's not so intelligent comment of the week....
"When you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there!!"

His comments on ABS radio this week explains a lot don't you think?.

erb said...

'The long list of anxious potential residents is now SOL'

what does SOL mean?

Anonymous said...


SOL = Shit Outta Luck