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13 November 2013


In a PR exercise, Cairns resident David Moody was featured in the Cairns Post in a confusing story about his (Fijian?) wife and step-daughter, and their ability to gain Australian residency.  In typical Cairns Post style, the story is short on details that would explain what the hell the problem really could be.

Moody (who was unavailable for comment) has said his family was forced to stay in New Zealand after "being forced to leave Fiji" - if the spouse is Fijian, how could she and her daughter be "forced" to leave?  And it's unclear why they're now pursuing "protection visas" if she's actually his spouse.

Indeed one needs to only go to Cairns Central or Stockland on a Saturday or Sunday to see 60+ year old farmers with their 30+ (or less) year old "wives" (which are derisively referred to by some as "rentals"), imported from Thailand, or the Philippines, or other poor south Asian countries.  Many of them were purchased from online catalogs of women disguised as "dating" sites.  Leaving aside the legitimacy of such couplings (which in fact is a position we would all benefit from - this includes the "same-sex" marriage" issue as well), the flood of these women into especially rural areas of Australia don't seem to be hindered by migration policy.

These may be dopey women marrying dopey Australian men, but that's no crime.  Look at Moody's picture - a 60 year old man with a baseball cap on backwards is a dickhead look that isn't going to attract Aung San Suu Kyi.  But that's hardly a determining factor in judging "legitimacy".

So why is Moody having such trouble?  And how can the Cairns Post write an article that has such giant holes in it that no one can figure out what's gone wrong, and by whom?



If the government is interfering in the Moody family for no good reason, it's something the community should know.  And perhaps the government should stop picking and choosing which marriages they regard as "legitimate".  Don't they have better things to do?


Anonymous said...

As a once-a-day hard-copy regional rag, it's almost impossible to fill those pages with 'news', since news is now 'real time'. And without exposes or 'scoops', it's just become irrelevant ink on paper.
And the probable reason for this confusing piece which leaves one with more questions than answers is that there are no journos, professionals who would have constructed the complete story. I think Post articles now put together by the tea lady?

Anonymous said...

when the Labor Party was in power the "Compost" had no problem filling it's pages with stories knocking the Labor. Knocking Julia Gillard at every opportunity. Knocking Anna Bligh at every opportunity and knocking every non Liberal/National Party Politician e.g. Katter;Oakshott;Windsor and Slipper filled their pages. Now that the Liberal Party are in Power everywhere we are finding hardly any political stories in the paper. The Compost seems to be printing heaps of boring and meaningless stories. There is hardly been any meaningfull stories printed on where the State and Federal Governments are taking us. There is no type of investigative journalism. When ever I see a story written by Andrew Bolt I don't read it. Everyone knows his writings are one sided and heavily prop up Liberal decisions and antics.

shanghai said...

hey hillbilly your just jealous bloody hell who would want to too marry an aussie 50 year old divorcee ???

Anonymous said...

Andrew Bolt is well known as being Melbourne's number one village idiot and therefore able to be lauded as One of Prime Minister Murdoch's esteemed 'journalists' His idea of balance is about the same as our current Speaker of the house 'Kero' Bishop.

Anonymous said...

What about the barely-a-mention of the ongoing asylum seeker boat standoff. If you looked at the Murdoch media, you wouldn't know a thing about Abbott completely trashing our relationship with our closest neighbour. If you want to think of things that damage the national interest, pissing off Indonesia has to be the biggest threat to national security, but TA is going at it like a bull in a china shop.

Indonesian women will barely want 'rich' old Australian husbands any more.

Anonymous said...

To all of the above. The cairns post is a summary of the courier mail. The courier mail is a summary of the Australian. If you really want to find out what is happening in the world, not just gossip and rumours read the Australian(still bias)

Anonymous said...

The search for young "wives" on the internet by ageing Aussie men is hard proof these relationships are not based on mutual love and affection. There is no real companionship or shared mutual interests. These older men just want a bed partner, someone to cook for them and to look after them in their declining years. In most cases, it is nothing but sheer exploitation of poor and impoverished women who will find themselves in loveless unions being sexually exploited and frequently subjected to domestic violence. Sadly a lot of these women end up returning to their homelands unable to receive permanent Australian residency.

Anonymous said...

Poor third-world Asian women are in a no-win situation. You can hardly blame them for entering such unions. Oftentimes they are even successful: a symbiotic relationship, with always the likely prospect of being an inheriting young widow. Much better than being a maid (aka slave) in Singapore.

Bob R. said...

Yes well alright there Anonymous 08.43, I've just squeezed a few tears out over that sad little piece you wrote. The Cairns Post is producing more and more shit every day as well as recycled stories dragged out of their online folders which they just edit to make them read a bit differently. Fucken Nick Dalton has written the same story at least three times this year about all the developments and projects scheduled to go ahead here in the Far North. It is the same story, but he just switches things around with a bit of cunning editing. The fucktards would think we are getting dozens of developments, not just a few. Then we get pages of sheer trash, all about television so called stars and rock stars, flying foxes, crocodiles, toads, mynah birds, the dengue mosquito blah blah. Oh and womens fucken fashion. Garbage!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Although Bob R is strong in his language, I would of course have to agree with him about the Compost. It was woeful and anti-Val before Nick Dalton, & then it seemed calm, but now it is a complete zone of disinterest.

The degree to which the Post does not fulfill it's mandate to provide positive, energetic and informative facts about the region was brought to me last weekend - I went to an art workshop at our Regional Gallery, & half the participants were from the Tablelands. Apparently we now have a Tablelands Regional Gallery in Atherton - it was built and established five years ago. Now, I'm not a super-artzeit person, but I have not in the last five years seen mention of the TAG. Beacause the bloody Post has been AWOL. Does not the Tablelands Art Gallery sent info to the Post? Has the Post printed such info? NO, I would conclude.

The fact that the Compost is now published in Townsville and shipped up the Bruce every night has not helped it one iota. It would have increased our 'newspaper miles' inexorably, & probably seen the end of quite a few jobs in Cairns for those who produced the paper for years.

When I first moved to Cairns in the late '90s,, the Post had info on happenings around the area - Cooktown, Mareeba, Atherton, Ravenshoe, Innisfail, & so on. From the AREA we live in.

There weren't any mentions of positives happening in our remote Aboriginal communities, & that hasn't changed in 16 years. Grade: Needs To Improve.

Now, apart from cheerful articles about some Cairns child's latest dance appearanc, or other's children's recovery from leukaemia, there is very little to recommend the Compost to us or others. It has long been an embarassment, at times it has been harassment (as in Val times), and it's currently such a weak and unlikely vehicle for good information for us, an important region in Australia, that, well, it's useful to line the cat litter tray, eh?

Anonymous said...

We definitely need a third resurrection of Barfly!

Night Owl said...

Anonymous 05.36, you are correct. Someone does go out, investigates and writes a story for The Australian, and next thing it is sent all over Australia to every one of Murdoch's papers. All the "journalists" do is to edit them a little. If a story is written on how incredibly compassionate and kind Tony Abbott is because he once saved a dogs life, then that story is sent and published all over Australia. Murdoch has been busy reducing his staff over the past few years, because they are no longer needed to do the hard yakka and go out and research a story. All they mostly need to do is to sit in an office and access a computer.

Anonymous said...

I rarely buy The Cairns Post these days. The content of advertisements has increased dramatically while the news content has diminished, so that it is now more of a commercial catalogue than a newspaper. I know of other people who also no longer buy it. I guess the future is that it will disappear eventually.

David Moody said...

I am Mr David Moody ,First how do you place us in this situation .First I am not 60 years of age . I didn't know I looked that old but maybe all the pressures of our Plight from Fiji . Second we were threaten by the Coup Regime in Fiji . It was the corruption that was placed on us while living in Fiji . The Cap was placed on my head by my daughter ,So get a gripped you fools . Another thing I am fifth generation Australian . So don't tell me whom I can have as a partner Also my wife is my soul mate and my best friend .I don't need any one to tell me whom I can have a partner . How funny ,Did you know that New Zealand took us in from the threats from Fiji .You need to do your home work before you start mouthing on about nothing you know about .
Place your self in our situation ,What would you do .
O yes if you need to talk and ask any thing on our plight just asked . I am in Cairns 24/7
Thank you
Mr David Moody
PS its good how you make judgement on someone you know nothing about