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08 November 2013


It was inevitable.

The sale of Cairns Airport by the Bligh government was done, as are most privatisations, with little to no protection for the public, the consumers.  And we've seen the owners of Cairns Airport (who are three venture capital vultures and the Auckland International Airport, a public company owned by the public) engage in systematic gouging of the public since they took control of the airport in 2009.

These gouges included the introduction of a $3.50 "pick-up charge" for taxis (passed on to the passengers), the construction of a domestic terminal that looks more like a warehouse in Alice Springs, massive increases in parking charges (paid almost exclusively by Cairns locals), inadequate and confusing signs that still see tourists and locals alike miss turns and make U-turns near the cargo offices, and a continued refusal to supply a "mobile phone" parking lot where those picking up friends and family can wait without charge instead of endlessly circling the airport.  Instead they bought a couple dozen giant "No Standing" signs to get across the message that they're just dickheads.

And we've seen declining maintenance standards, with the night access to the airport often down a road with most of the lighting inoperative, and public address system in the new domestic terminal completely unintelligible.

And not long after the new owners took control, they began to systematically attempt to close down any off-airport competition for their services, in areas they couldn't extract hefty rental of service charges.  And so they engaged McCullough Robertson lawyers to attack and intimidate two of the discount airport parking services - Cairns Airport Parking, and Airport Parking Cairns.  

They filed legal complaints against both for their use of the words "Cairns" and "Airport".

THAT'S RIGHT.  The private owners of "Cairns Airport" believe they have total control over the words "Cairns" and "Airport", at least on the internet.

Insiders at the Cairns Airport reported that the plan was to overwhelm these small businesses with legal process and screw them financially.  

However the tribunal has found among other things that the Cairns Airport brought these proceedings "as a part of a pattern of harassment by (Cairns Airport) of these (Respondents) small businessmen".  They also found that the Cairns Airport Pty. Ltd., is "less than forthcoming in these proceedings, particularly in respect of its history". . . . and they've been found guilty of "Reverse Domain Name Hijacking".  

In other words, they're corporate liars and bullies.

The way is now cleared for these two businesses to seek damages against these corporate venture capital bullies.  Actions like this have been part of pattern of the Cairns Airport owners since they assumed control in 2009.  They've also been leaning on Cairns (non)Regional Council to close these businesses on Sheridan Street and force them out, or at least force them to lease property on the airport grounds.

Insiders report that much of this strategy comes from the
Cairns Airport Pty. Ltd. Chair Marcela Zeman and CEO Kevin Brown.  They and their whole team include NO Cairns residents, and they're quite clear that the people of Cairns don't matter to them.  

With their master plan finished we're likely to see these corporate bullies move big retailers into the west (Cook Highway) side of the airport and general aviation out, all to the detriment of Cairns.

The inevitable results of privatisations done without community consultation nor basic regulation of the public assets.


Anonymous said...

Cairns Airport. No long term parking spaces available. Nearly missed my flight circling the car park trying to find a spot, so parked in a non-parking spot and kept fingers crossed. Next day, car still there (phew!) but had to pay $36(!) in parking fees. No wonder there are private car parks and queues at the taxi rank!

shangai said...

kev brown no wogs or crocs just build build a wall around Australia pity u and allan joyce and don't fuck off to Ireland

TAS said...

Cairns Airport. It's a shocker. One disembarks the aircraft and walks a long way (depending upon gate) through something resembling a concrete walkway in an old-style delapidated public housing high-rise. The only thing missing is graffiti and the smell of urine. Upon arriving at the 'shopping centre' the trick is to find the baggage carousel. Then it's out to the most baron landscape one could imagine for a tourist airport in the tropics. No trees, no plants, just tacky chrome phallic symbols masquerading as objet d'art. I travel quite a bit, I've not seen worse. It's as if bad taste crass commercialism was the theme. If it was, it's a prize winner.

Anonymous said...

Great comment Shanghai.
Up to your usual standard.
Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

They now charge those bus company's $7.50 each time they pick up tourists to go to the city on a bus. Money hungry fuckers, Cairns will become to expensive and go else where.

Anonymous said...

Bad enough that Labor flogged off one of our major assets, wait till Newman does the same with our electricity.

Anonymous said...

Who puts a international airport in the middle of town , I'm sure hide the backhoe trout would have some land somewhere to move it too .

vallour said...

well said! Its EXACTLY how I have seen it, wankers...oh and dont forget the fucken little nazis runnin round threatning everyone who stops for more than 20secs as well as surely one of the only airports in the fuckin world that charges for fuckin trolleys ...greedy dogs

Anonymous said...

I visited Cairns recently and saw my Esplanade Hotel Room from Virgin window before we landed. I think it was Lake Street that we approached the Airport over. So much for clean air and noise pollution. Yuk

NYM said...

Cairns people are so easy for corporate bullies to screw over. They don't have a fucking clue how to stand up and demand good customer service anywhere. I just read where some female cretin with the intelligence of a cabbage reckoned that Coles only plays a few of those sickly Christmas carols year after year because they don't want to "offend" certain people. The fucktard didn't understand that COLES, like other money hungry corporations only plays those hideous few Christmas carols because they don't have to pay rotalties on them. It isn't about "not offending" people, it's only about money. Bloody amazing, you can tell the fucktards of Cairns anything and they suck it up like babies. Of course the airport will screw them over and over.

Anonymous said...

The same fucktards who were offered local ownership of their own Cairns airport back in 1980 but they up and rejected it. We could have been one of the richest Councils in Australia had we taken it on board.