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26 November 2013


 A week-long campaign orchestrated by John "Cueball" MacKenzie to revive the Quaid real estate interests has fallen in a heap as one key participant refused to "play along" with the scam.

Insiders have suggested the scam began when a member of the Quaid family and an employee of their real estate office approached MacKenzie with their plans to use the huge influx of Aquis workers as an excuse to renew property development near Mt. Molloy, north of Cairns.

And to do this, the "Junelle Ginger Group" decided they would agitate for the opening of the Quaid Road, likely a precursor to some political deal to allow subdivision of the Southedge site.

The original George Quaid development on this site known as Southedge (Southedge Daintree Pastoral Company P/L) was given the nod by the Joh Bjelke Peterson government and Minister Russ Hinze, despite having NO planning or environmental assessments.  It was subsequently squelched for environmental reasons when the Joh government collapsed, but not before the Southedge (Quaid) road was constructed.

All they needed was a disruption on the Kuranda Range road to implement their plans, and this came at 10:30AM on Friday, November 15 when an accident between two trucks kept the highway closed for over two hours.  This gave the Junelle Ginger Group the entire weekend to organise the compliant hillbilly callers.  And none are more compliant than Elvis Ashwell.

Tour-bus driver Elvis was the tool used by MacKenzie to attack the Schier Council's Cultural Precinct plans based on the "need for more cruise ships to use the Cairns wharf".  And on Tuesday 19 November the MacKenzie plan swung into motion with the reading of Ashwell's letter to the Cairns Post claiming "doom" is coming to the users of the Kuranda Range Road and calling for tunnels to be built there to accommodate the traffic.

Cairns residents will recall the Beattie government developed a four-lane upgrade of the range road in 2000, and final approvals from the federal government were received in 2007.  By then however the GFC pushed this $1B project into the "wish list" category, and Main Roads implemented minor changes to the current roadway in an attempt to mitigate the road difficulties.  The current two lane configuration is adequate to carry the traffic numbers on this roadway.

Junelle McNaught then booked in the onslaught of phone calls, starting with Ashwell's "sky is falling" diatribe.  He claims that people WANT to take a coach up the range to see the natural beauty, and in the same breath says the government must build "a tunnel" to fix the problem.  Ashwell has the intellect of a bag of hammers. 

This then began a stream of Cueball-organised callers making the case.  The always hysterical "Lynn from Kuranda" claimed the range road is "practically bumper to bumper, 24 hours" and that the road was scrapped because "Labor got
in" - with MacKenzie claiming he "can't remember the
details".  Then "Ken the Cabbie" (Pyne), who finished his rant with "bloody hell, it's bullshit!".  "Carl on Koppen Terrace".   "Steve from Smithfield".  "Raj the Idiot".  "Ian Thomas (who also claimed modern houses are indestructible) and who's Facebook friends include Junelle McNaught AND Quaid.  All the calls provided Cueball with his soapbox to rant and rave, and the Kuranda Range became the "crisis of the week".

Then Friday, Cueball tried to pull the rabbit out of his hat, to a stinking failure.  Firstly, we hear from JCU Chancellor John Grey, who was chair of the Wet Tropics Authority when the Beattie government designed the Kennedy Highway upgrade.  Grey proceeded to kill the idea of tunnelling as a solution.  

And finally, the coup d'grace, in the form of smarmy weasel Martin "I'm an aboriginal, too" Tenni.  Tenni, has boasted that he acted as real estate agent for both Tony Fung and the Pappalardarse family, which will net him a share of a commission rumoured to be in excess of $600,000!  All without any pesky real estate license.  

Tenni gets on and then claims Quaid is poised to start selling blocks of land at Southedge which "will be announced very shortly", and further says "MP Michael Trout wants that road opened urgently" along with "everyone".  Tenni says "we should put pressure on ministers and everyone down there to get the Quaid Road opened, and the sooner the better".

Then Tenni switches into high-power lying.  He says "the Quaid Road requires NO expenditure" to open, and says the road was built legally, approved by "the Premier of the day, myself as the minister up here, and the department of forestry.  To forestry department standards.  It's a well designed and well built road, better than anything we've got."

All complete bullshit, Martin.  In fact, in a related court case with George Quaid, the court was told by him that the road was "designed and built by Lance Dodds . . . . .a guy with no engineering certification or degree whatsoever!  

And then Michael "Where's the Backhoe" Trout gets on the radio, and shockingly calls Tenni a liar, and goes on to gut the whole idea of the Quaid Road being an acceptable alternative.   Trout says the "technical people" have told him the road can't support modern day traffic, nor the 600+ trucks that currently use the Kuranda Range.  

And the most idiotic result of using the Quaid Road?  THESE 600 TRUCKS THEN HAVE TO DRIVE DOWN THE COOK HIGHWAY FROM WANGETTI, THRU PALM COVE, AND DOWN THE COOK HIGHWAY TO THE CITY!  Talk about fucking up a perfectly good road!  What a terrific idea, Herr Tenni!  Trout called for a "full plan", and then confirmed that John Grey's assertions about the Wet Tropics approvals for a Kuranda Range upgrade are wrong.  

Mackenzie's annoyance with this information was palpable.  After over a week beating this issue daily, with the agreed goal to support the Quaid family in their search for more money, and the plan to ram thru opening of the Quaid Road, apparently Michael Trout didn't fall into line like he's supposed to.  

With LNP governments at both state and federal levels, environmental vandals are coming out of hibernation and projects thought to be dead and buried are gasping for a new life.  The three "yes-men" elected to Far North Queensland parliament, along with a federal member loathed by even his own party colleagues, are proving to be duds at getting us our share of infrastructure and jobs support, and unable to meet their electoral committment to lower the skyrocketing cost of living in FNQ.  

And with Trouty throwing in the towel on any upgrade of the Kuranda Range and obviously scared of even talking about the subject to the Premier, we're royally screwed.



Bob R. said...

The plot thickens. All the usual money hungry suspects are in behind the Aquis proposal, only for their own immediate financial gain and fuck the community, the people at Yorkeys, the environment, the future of Cairns. How the fucken hell can workers at the Aquis resort afford to buy houses anyway? The tradies will all be fucked off once the resort is finished well before any mortgage can be paid out so the banks won't lend to them. The Australian workers at the resort will be paid minimum wages and fucked off once Chinese speaking workers arrive so they won't be able to afford any mortgage either. So just who the fuck is this so called proposed new housing development really for? Little love nests for Chinese billionaires to smooch with their teenage gold diggers?

CBD Tarzan said...

Ive ridden a motor bike along Black mountain road then along the Quaid and its a very nice ride.I wouldn't like to drive a truck in the rain down it though as the gradient is quite steep in places. Its a terrible waste to not use it in some way. Qld is a seriously strange land.

Too True said...

Very accurate report. I drove down the Quaid Rd years ago when they had a permitted open day- must have been 12 yrs ago. It is NOT safe for main road traffic and never will be, any normal driver could tell. Perfect for bike riders only and a 40km/h speed limit.I doubt if there is a bigger living idiot that gets on the radio than Martin Tennie, Raj is a split second place but Tennie is a one off unique peanut brain. On another topic Bob R go and put your head in a toilet and flush mate-it might wash what's left of your brain out.You need to get off those drugs pal.

Tony Hillier said...

When I settled in far north Queensland back in 1983, it was alarming to realise that the prevailing local council and state government were composed of men with peanut-sized intellects and gargantuan egos. It's truly disturbing to experience deja vu 30 years on. As the French say ... plus ça change.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your patiance - yeah it really sums up what Cairns people are like - dumb as the proverbial dogs turd. This would be the only city in Australia where the residents allowed themselves to be hoodwinked out of owning their own international airport, getting a brand new $1 billion state of the art new hospital and finally an iconic Entertainment Precinct.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16.18. When the very people who handed back the 110 million because they hadn't thought of it have a collective IQ something close to a cane toad (sorry cane toads)and ex pollies who evaded hard time running the talk back agenda it is little wonder this town is going backwards while Townsville booms.

P Scott said...

We drove up the Quaid road about 2 years ago, we found it to be a great road, a few pot holes and downed branches but all in all a nice drive. After our discovery we did some research and I'm still dumb struck that it's not in use for something. As an alternate route to the tablelands it doesn't address the inadequacies of the cook highway and do we really want to trash this tourist drive?

Anonymous said...

The bedrock under the Kuranda range road isn't stable enough to enable it to be upgraded much further so an alternate route will have to be found.

Anonymous said...

Significant or not, Luke Trout has named his first son Quaid.