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21 November 2013


The last couple days of Queensland LNP government under Joh Bjelke Newman have been a profound embarrassment to John MacKenzie.  Ol' Cueball spent untold hours tearing down the previous female-led Labor government (along with the previous female-led City Council government), and the return to "blokes in charge" isn't working out the way he told the hillbillies it would.  But the next time Campbell Newman calls into the program, MacKenzie will have his face firmly up Newman's butt - it's much easier to attack politicians behind their back and kiss their arse when they deign to appear.

Newman's announcement of continued Wild Rivers protection in the Cape is being blamed on "that Yank bitch" Terri Irwin.  This despite the fact that she's just following the blueprint laid out by "Aussie bloke" Steve Irwin, and his father Bob.  Easier to pin the problem on a woman.  1700 largely aboriginal jobs down the gurgler, apparently.  North Queensland shivved by Campbell Newman.

Then there's the issue of power north of the Daintree River.  These hippie malcontents bought their cheap properties there knowing full well they were without power - THAT'S WHY THEY WERE CHEAP, dickheads!  It's unfair to the rest of Queensland citizens for US to pay tens of millions to string power to these greenie half-wits.  If they want electric infrastructure, they should find a mechanism for THEM to pay for it.  Not us.  

Then we got to hear from Barry "Citizens against Aboriginals" Neale, the self-appointed crime fighter in Cairns.  The Queensland government removed large numbers of police from Cairns in their despicable extra-legal attack on "bikies".   This has involved police being used as political pawns, and judges subjected to political attacks.  Of course this has resulted in the requisite increase in Cairns CBD crime.  It has again exposed the shortcomings of the Australian Constitution and the safeguards of most other Western democracies that have guarantees of basic rights - we don't.  And strict separation of the judiciary from political gamesmanship.  

Neale today has bitched about the suspended sentence given to Dr. Jayant Patel.  Patel was arrested and tried in a political witch hunt by Peter Beattie and served over two years in jail before having the political trial cancelled - much the same as the bogus conviction of Pauline Hanson.  But don't expect the Cairns hillbilly set like Neale to explore the REAL issues in the Patel case.  Sure, Patel was a shitty surgeon.  He was hired and allowed to practice because of a shitty public hospital system, which has deteriorated under the Newman government.  He was allowed to make medical mistakes without retribution because of the Aussie culture to "not dob in your mates".  

You can't charge doctors with murder for doing their job.  If they're shitty doctors, there should be adequate systems in place to figure it out and get rid of them.  THAT'S WHAT THE AMERICANS DID WITH PATEL.  Charging doctors with crimes for mistakes drives away doctors from the medical system.  There was never any evidence Patel acted with criminal intent. 

There is plenty of blame to go around, that's for damn sure.  If anyone should have been charged criminally, it was Peter Beattie - after all, he was the Premier manipulating the process.  Just like Newman and Jarrod Bleijie are manipulating the process now.  What ever happened to LOCAL police acting on behalf of their LOCAL community?

What Barry Neale and John MacKenzie and the rest of the hillbillies don't understand - the politicisation of our police service, our medical service, our development approvals and our transport systems - THIS is why so much of our government is broken.  Too many idiot politicians manipulating the levers of professional organisations.  There is a big difference between political management and political manipulation.

Three years later and Minister for Bloggers Warren Entsch hasn't done diddly-squat about the insurance overcharges.  Cairns residents are routinely gouged for electricity, petrol, and internet; we get reamed on substandard mobile service, inadequate roads, and the main federal highway in one of the richest countries in the world that's barely a two-lane goat track for 1000 km.  These are the kinds of issues we EXPECT elected government to address with legislation and regulation.  Protection of the "little guy" from the predatory companies.  But with the "predatory companies" now being the source of most election finance for all the politicians, they're letting everyman get screwed.  With their real legislative responsibility abandoned to Big Business, the Campbell Newman's have to "gin up" new crisis that they can pretend to solve.  

The truth of these matters is that we elect weak, stupid, and lazy North Queenslanders as our
representatives - on both sides of politics.  Gavin King, Michael Trout, and David Kempton had no public service background or qualifications to represent us.  Nor does Curtis Pitt, who got his position the same way Kim Jong-un was given his daddy's job.  And the so-called "Voice of North Queensland" hasn't asked a probing question in 25 years.

We have met the enemy.  
He is us.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Kim Jong-un went to two democratic elections and won them both?

Anonymous said...

H/B best laugh iv had all week. Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Curtis gotten fat "Working for Mulgrave"?

Tony Hillier said...

Apathetic and ignorant voters making poorly informed choices deserve the poor representation they end up with. Mind you, the choice of candidates is abysmally low ... self-serving former tabloid hacks, horse traders et al lured by the sweet smell of power and a fat salary with perks.

Anonymous said...

Daintree Power
I think you have it wrong hillbilly A great number of people who could at a stretch be called hippies are quite realistic that they bought cheap unpowered land and don't have any problems with what they bought.

it's the LNP, Katter and Palmer rednecks, yuppies and businessman who are demanding power for free and whinging like poms at a picnic about how much money they should be making.

Wierd shit that very public supporters of the parties which preach austerity,small limited government. slashed services, privitasion of public assets, user pays and people accepting responsibility for their decisions fully expect the government to spend $40 million on them.

Anonymous said...

anon 13:57 I think you have it wrong, if they have no problem with what they brought, what are you on about. You sound like Shanghai WTF you talking about.

Anonymous said...

"Power and the Inconvenience of Truth" is an excellent article reflecting on the current state of politics in Queensland, indeed in Australia as well. Written by Tony Fitzgerald QC who is someone who should have a damn good knowledge of the history of how the political machine works in Queensland, I would recommend that anyone with more than half a brain (which may exclude several Cairns identities and their followers) should read it:


Anonymous said...

There are three separate groups in the Daintree relating to power - those who bought knowing there was no power and happy to live with alternative solutions, and reduced power usage - those who think it is their constitutional right to have power, and have everybody else pay for it; and the local tourism businesses who have found it harder and harder to make ends meet, as the price of fuel for generators increases, and the expectations of tourists for air-conditioning increase.

Anonymous said...

20:55 Where does the belief of "their constitutional right to have power, and have everybody else pay for it" come from?
I've known a lot of people pay a lot of money to bring power along public roads to their property and a lot more where it just wasn't worth the money.
Tourism businesses all over FNQ have been going broke since the start of tourism.
When the numbers of tourists decline then some tourism businesses will struggle and others will cease trading.
Every business in the Daintree chose to either start or purchase their business with the full knowledge that they had to generate their own power.
Power costs have risen everwhere for everyone!

Anonymous said...

What an illinformed self opinionated DICKHEAD you are when most of us bought land in the DAINTREE 20 odd years ago we were told that we would be connected to the grid in a couple of years and some of us paid a premium for our land not all of it was cheap.
And you espouse all this so called knowledge of the Daintree what about the pollution that we are forced to pump into the Iconic Daintree Rainforest because of your ill informed tree hugging mates .
As for your statement about Queenslanders having to pay for our power connection don't you realise that unless you live in the sth east corner IE Brisbane that the rest of QLD is subsidising your mains power to the tune of over $700 million dollars.
So don't rant about something that you know nothing about .
You truly are an ill informed DICKHEAD get your facts right before you next comment

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (08:18), I suppose it was George Quaid or someone of his ilk who told you that you would be connected to the grid in a couple of years. And you fell for it. He could have probably sold you the Story Bridge too.
Anyone with half a brain knows that what you buy is what you get. If the contract doesn't specify something, it's not included. And if you paid a premium based on vague unenforceable statements, you are a sucker.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are breaking my heart. Deceived by a property developer and politicians what's the world come to.
George Quaid started telling people in 1982 that power would reach the area eventually. Never said when, how or who was paying for it.
I think you should take the power matter up with Arne Pedersen, George Quaid, Russ Hinze and the then DSC Councillors who approved the rezoning with "Provisions of Utility Services to be a discretionary power of Council."

Considering the number of ex cattle properties that were grass 30 years ago and are now vegetated the pollution is obviously not killing the place.
People are still running round with chain saws, brush cutters and poison trying to keep the rainforest out of their yards.

Powered rainforest blocks have always been more expensive than unpowered ones!

If Ergon made a Net Profit After Tax of $319.8 million how has it been subsidized to the tune of $700 million?
Your source please.

David Kempton wants money to fix the sub standard wiring of houses north of the river. Does anyone else renovating, owner building or buying a new home get the wiring paid for by a government?

You want power pay for it like everyone other freehold land owner in Qld.

Anonymous said...

I have just completed a private survey in my job (which I won't mention in this forum)in which I meet and talk to a lot of individuals and I found no support for the Aquis development. A lot of people volunteered the statement that it was an eyesore and that one outbreak of SARS and the Chinese market would collapse. the end

Anonymous said...

08:18 loser, Who's the DICKHEAD? you paid a premium price for land without power. I know who has half a brain and its you.

Mulgrave voter said...

I reckon the voters in Mulgrave have got a real bargain. TWO for the price of one, as Warren is retired and is there to give Curtis advice whenever required.