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19 December 2013


It's no secret the Cairns CBD is a cesspool of shitty filthy buildings and dirty footpaths.   Gavin King built his MP campaign on this issue, although upon taking up his position manoeuvred to strip the Cairns unRegional Council of the $30 million promised to the community for a CBD upgrade.

Nothing has been done since.  Buildings and footpaths look even worse.

All issues pointed out by the Hillbilly Watch on several occasions.

So with the G20 finance ministers meeting (who really gives
a shit, anyway) along with some travel agent event, this month's Chamber talking points, all the "leaders" are pointing at others to clean up this shithouse.

Chamber Executive Director Deb Hancock suggests a campaign of a "civic pride" for the landlords with a "name and shame" stick will do the trick.  With most of the recalcitrant property owners either southerners or foreigners, they obviously are in Cairns for the negative gearing and the ripoff-level rents.  

It's a known fact that "negative gearing" of retail property often results in landlords reluctant to meet market pricing, preferring to leave buildings empty.  Cairns has seen shocking rent increases even during the worst downturn since the pilots strike, with working class retail families taking the hit.  Big time local property owners (with one family owning the key golden block retail corner hiking rents by 30% as the full downturn hit) use local commercial realtors to "spread the word" on minimum retail rents, in violation of the law.  Giving Cairns the highest retail shop rents in Australia. The local owners did buy their daughter a $1m home as a wedding present with the money they stripped out of their hardworking retail tenants.  One of which recently declared bankruptcy.

It was then a shock when Member for MacKenzie Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King dismissed a "name and shame" campaign against these evil landlords and got the task force to agree.  They also agreed on MORE corporate welfare for these owners, who own some of the most profitable real estate in Australia.  

King, the same MP who has insisted on a "name and shame" campaign against aboriginal juvenile offenders AND THEIR PARENTS.  

"Name and shame" is OK as a hammer to use on the aboriginals but unreasonable on wealthy landowners who fail to maintain their CBD buildings? King is clearly devoid of any morals whatsoever.

Go to any competing destination - Hawaii, Koh Samui, Singapore, Guam, and see footpaths being swept and washed by building owners daily.  Somehow these wealthy building owners here have pushed all their responsibilities on the local council and ratepayers.

Gavin King has reached a new low in empathy and effectiveness as a Member of Parliament.  Even CBD Task Force members laughed about King as he rushed out to another meeting.


Anonymous said...

King even dismissed out of hand that the State goverment clean up the 2 filtiest buildings in town : the Police Station and the Court House. Apparently the State government does not have the money to maintain its own properties here in Cairns, because as we all know Labor and the Greens blablabla.....

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a dead ex journalist, a dead lawyer and a dead cane toad in the middle of the road. There are skid marks in front of the cane toad. the end.

Anonymous said...

When I have southern or overseas visitors staying with me, I don't take them into the CBD. It's a tacky third-world looking place of sad looking tourist shops, tattoo parlours and grime. Now it's the lagoon by day, a walk or drive along the Esplanade, and everything else is 'out of town'. Impressions are generally positive, wouldn't like to spoil that by showing the the CBD, day or night.

Bazza said...

What's the difference between Professeee Scot Bowman and his bullshit uni in town, compared to crap king, Mackenzie, kevvy burn.
scotty got to go to china with kevvy on his piss up trips at ratepayers expense and had special dispensation in relation to his investments by burnie boy the mayor at time.

Anonymous said...

The Southern owners will just laugh at the "name and shame" tactic. But it is pathetic now that Manning is the Mayor and King is the Member because when Val Schier was Mayor, King blamed her and Desley Boyle for the shabby, poorly maintained buildings as if it is the Council and ratepayers duty to maintain private commercial buildings.

Anonymous said...

Weren't we supposed to be living in paradise in the first 100 days of the can't do government.He was going to start dredging from memory within 100 days of taking office.

Anonymous said...

no matter with labor on a 12% swing in Redcliffe and Bobs party not running in the seat wanking is shot duck bring on the election

Bob R. said...

Oh, they are still going to dredge Anonymous 08.53. Last I heard on Mackenzie's LNP Report radio program, the LNP were "waiting" for the Environmental Impact Statement. I mean, fuck a duck, that is WHY large scale dredging of the Cairns inlet ceased in the fucken first place because of its impact on the Great Barrier Reef and the nearby mangroves. Those of us who are locals well recall when the esplanade right up to the Northern beaches was full of stinking foul sludge from regular dredging of the inlet. The LNP have ignored all of that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I am game to post a comment I am too well known