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09 January 2014


We have all seen stories and heard the plaintive wails of Tableland farmers - a regular occurrence.  Lately, they've been complaining about the "potato glut", and there are suggestions that some farmers are plowing their crops into the ground instead of harvesting it.

So we were stunned to see that local markets are continuing to sell potatoes at record-high prices.  When there's a glut, aren't the prices supposed to go down?

But in fact, Cairns residents are not only paying record-high prices for potatoes, but we're paying shockingly high prices for this basic commodity GROWN LOCALLY.  Witness pricing from a market in suburban London and a market in suburban San Francisco.

So many of our basic needs are subject to price manipulation by big business, and condoned by the government.  Some of these markets include:

  • Petrol - when the dollar increased in value, our petrol went up.  Now the dollar decreases in value, they use this excuse to raise the petrol price again.  It never follows the market!
  • Insurance - years of empty yammering by the Minister for Blogs Warren Entsch (who's now on a crusade to identify gay parliamentarians) and there is no sign of insurance fairness.  
  • Electricity - this one has so much political manipulation and gangsterism in it who knows what the hell has gone wrong.  But the facts are easy - electricity in the US; 10 cents kWh, Canada; 12 cents a kWh, Queensland; 26 cents a kWh!

The fact is that markets rarely perform as they should without the shadow of government regulators who are empowered to do their jobs.  And neither the ALP nor the LNP have supported and encouraged proper regulation of business markets in Australia.  Many of these same failed business markets contribute heavily to the campaigns of BOTH political parties.  Supply and demand DOESN'T work because business has paid off the ones that are supposed to be looking after us!

Where are our 40 cent/kg potatoes?  That's how the market is supposed to work, kids.  But instead powerful farmer organisations fight hammer and tong against farm imports in order to protect their inefficiencies and massive profits.  And, it is immoral for farmers to be destroying perfectly good potatoes while 1/4 of the world's population never has enough to eat. 

Tony Abbott and his LNP government promised to lift the weight of massive pricing increases on the middle class.  He's done bupkis.  And Warren Entsch is hot on the trail of homos.  


Daisy said...

"Warren Entsch (who's now on a crusade to identify gay parliamentarians)"

Christ, I'm no apologist for Entsch, the tosser, but have you actually read what's going on?

I think not!

CBD Warrior said...

You're spot on there, HBW. Something's gone terribly wrong with the regulatory agencies in Australia. Basically, we have none. And when public assets are sold off, the new owners have no responsibilities to the public who took the financial risks and invested in these projects. Witness the Cairns Airport, that the private owners now are just using to rape the public.

Anonymous said...

Bunnings charge $27 for a piece of wood in Cairns and $17 in Brisbane. Not sure if that goes for other products but it's pretty rank.

Anonymous said...

My electricity bill has gone up dramatically all of a sudden but whole sale electricity prices seem to be cheaper?. I will one day figure out what it is about the poles and wires as apparently that is where we are getting ripped off. They are GUARANTEED a ROI for investment in infrastructure so they can spend spend spend like no tomorrow and charge us for it and make a guaranteed profit. Is Ergon doing this as well? Need to know more.

TAS said...

If you like a drive up to the Tableland you can pick up some good fresh produce at a reasonable price. Doesn't cover the cost of your fuel, but you get a good day out.
But the cost of fuel: How this has been able to be manipulated to our utter disadvantage over the years amazes me. And Cairns most of all. Forget about insurance rip-offs Mr Enstch (important as that may be) there is an obvious fuel cartel operating here, there's no other explanation for it, but all talk and no action at every level.

Anonymous said...

Warren Entsch is ACTUALLY making some good points re comments by a member of his own party. By saying he is 'hot on the trail of homos' you are misrepresenting the story, not that that is anything new for you

Anonymous said...

State Government least popular according to the Cairns Post survey. Gavin King said to be expected. lol of course it was to be expected.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but with the extra powers now given to the Qld police, some of their members now want the term 'service' returned to 'force' (like the good ol' Moonlight state days).
Also considering that Cairns will be soon turning into a mini casino city/Gold coast, this post about the police activities on the Glitter Strip from the Yandina Five - the people awaiting sentencing under the LNP VLAD laws is definitely worth a read.