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24 January 2014


As the Tony Fung Aquis situation continues to spin out of control, practical Cairns ratepayers are beginning to question Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning and his disUnity Team about their promise to build a new, affordable theater "in their first term" of government.  A promise that clearly is not going to be met.

Callers into the Cueball show today heard Cr. John Schilling dodging brickbats from residents clearly running out of patience with Cairns politicians.  Schilling thinks he's mastered the art of the pollie dodge and weave - quickly agreeing with weekly caller Raj that there is nothing being done about the theatre, claiming the fault was with the state and federal governments for not providing any money.

We had almost $100M, dickhead.  Before Sleepy and you said "no thanks", without the hint of even a negotiation.  A struggling Cairns with residents needing a helping hand from our state and federal governments, instead elected a group of bogans too stupid to say "yes" to money that should have been used for the public.  Under the bus ya' go.  And don't forget your stupid hat.

Council insiders report now that plans are being made to move Cr. Terry James into the big seat.  It's been confirmed that Manning has told confidants that he's not likely to finish this term and might as well leave early to give James a leg-up.  

Schilling did his part by somehow tying Terry James into the planning and construction of the Esplanade and Lagoon when it was mentioned by Kenny Pyne, hillbilly cabbie.  Despite the fact it was a Mayor Tom Pyne project, as was the courageous decision to consolidate city staff in a new building on Spence.  And while Kenny Pyne pointed out that the Cairns CBD had slipped back into "drunken lout" turmoil, Schilling confirmed what we all suspected - -  that Joh Bjelke Newman had only committed to a "quick fix" solution, which collapsed as soon as the extra coppers were returned to bikie harassment duty.  Cueball stayed silent as his buddy Gavin King was singled out for a flogging, not just by Schilling but as he was Greeked by his Grafton Street restaurant mate. 

None of this turmoil is getting Cairns the needed theatrical infrastructure.   Parents have objected to the marching of primary school Eisteddfod participants thru casinos filled with gambling Chinese, as do many of the usual theatre-goers in Cairns.  The idiotic idea that an Aquis theatre can somehow get our community off the hook from investing in our own is now seen by most councillors as unlikely, and yet Manning continues to fiddle.  Replacing Manning with an intellectual lightweight like James will send the community further down the gurgler.


ruby said...

Get ready now for the invention of some huge lies to cover up Manning and King's incompetence over their actions in scuttling our desperately needed new regional performing arts theatre. This is where Mackenzie comes into his own. He tells outright lies, gets his fan club listeners to repeat them, involves them in discussion about the lie so they don't realise they are being manipulated. Then, having established some background to make the lie seem more credible, he calls in the LNP politician, where Mackenzie then artlessly says, "Oh Bill from Brinsmead said, the other day about this.....".
Let's put Mackenzie's strategy down in dot point, so you can see it more clearly -
* Invents a huge lie, to cover up the ineptitude of the LNP
* Engages his regular callers in a "discussion" which he directs, in which he gets his regular callers to validate that lie
* Re-inforces the lie by giving ample time and "discussions" with callers to convince many in the unsuspecting public
* Then calls in the LNP politician to discuss the lie, like it is now the truth, using the callers comments and "discussions" as validation.
*The LNP politician is then easily off the hook and not kept accountable.
I predict it is coming, soon.

TAS said...

Manning: What positive action has this useless man brought to our community? Answer; less than nothing. He will be remembered as the mayor who made Cairns constituents the biggest losers. It's not as if he didn't have form. As the CEO of the Port Authority, he was worse than useless. CPA staff loathed him as an incompetent control freak, the corks popped when he was sacked.
Now, if HBW is correct; the despised Terry James will fill the mayor's eat. More bike paths to car parking? It's like a reoccurring nightmare. Wake up Cairns.

Anonymous said...

If true this is indeed good news. I still can't believe this town talked themselves out of 110 million dollars then to rub salt into the wound it was given to Townsville. Sleepy Manning never was suited to the position but lets hope this isn't just another one of those we wish moments. Turning the town centre mall into a road is about the imagination of Manning and King and shows the depths of nothingness this town has fallen into. the end.

Anonymous said...

The neglect of hard-won federal and state money, for a generational cultural facility, will forever be the legacy of this lot. Cairns ratepayers should be ashamed and embarrassed. Fools voting for fools.

Bob R. said...

Oh Christ or mighty, it isn't the first fucken time that Cairns people were diddled out of government funding because of Mackenzie and the LNP. Those of us who are locals remember how Mackenzie mounted the campaign against Keith deLacey's intention on giving us a brand spanking fucken new hospital for a cost of ONE BILLION DOLLARS back in around 1995. The same ole same ole hysteria was whipped up by Mackenzie aided by the local LNP and deLacey backed off and gave the new hospital to fucken Townsville who all welcomed it with open arms. It was all political with the dickheads of Cairns having the pay dearly as our 100 year old hospital soon went down with the strain of not being able to cope with increasing demand.
Next we saw the cunning Mackenzie roaring away at Desley Boyle to get us a new hospital. So Boyle and Bligh sold off our airport and didn't get enough money to build a brand new state of the art hospital. Boyle, Bligh and Steven Robertson who was then the Health Minister all announced the SALE OF THE AIRPORT would go towards upgrading the Cairns Base Hospital and to buy new land at Edmonton for the new hospital. All of these press releases can be found if you get off your arse and research it online like I and the old cheese here did.
BUT what did Mackenzie say? Within weeks he had twisted it all around and was bellowing, Where is our new hospital PROMISED to us by Boyle and Bligh?
All the imbeciles and moronic cretins who listen to his program rushed to repeat the great lie and it was endlessly repeated around the bloody town. Even ALP supporters who couldn't be bothered getting off their arses to find out what Bligh and Boyle really said, believed the great lie and sucked it up like a bottle of piss.
So what ruby has said above is bloody true. Here we go here we bloody fucken well go again with a heap of lies to cover up the mistakes of the LNP over diddling us out of a new theatre and blame it all on whoever. Give it time and the usual gullibility of the hillbillies and dickheads of Cairns will suck it all up with their bottles of piss. What ruby said at the beginning is spot on.

Anonymous said...

The rejection of the Entertainment Centre was so insane I still cannot believe it. I think it speaks volumes about the dysfunction in the town. Trouble with the "boys cub" they surround themselves with head nodders and back slappers who tell each other what they want to hear and not what they need to hear.

CBD Warrior said...

Does anyone know what the exact procedure is for a Mayor who steps down? I realise that usually those in power just "make up" new rules to suit themselves, but there must be some kind of legal procedure.

Do we get to have a by-election?

Anonymous said...

How dare all you southern city folk with all your fancy talkin' tell us FNQers we are dysfunctional hillbillies. Next thing you'll be tellin' us we ain't allowed to marry folk we're related to!

Noel Castley-Wright said...

I would hope there is a bi-election and there should be. Maybe the remains of Division 10 can have our democratic right reinstated to elect a representative instead of having this waste of space Greg Fennel who just periodically raises his hand when told to by Manning and James - The fact he voted for development of Taylor Point is enough said. As for Terry James, I would vote for a Chimpanzee on Quaaludes before entrusting a person who uses a families tragedy (Lincoln Flynn) to promote their own personal political agenda. Did he even bother to call the family, offer condolences or even ask how the tragedy could be prevented prior to opening his mouth? How callous and disingenuous is this man?

Seth at Port said...

Reckon we may as well give up any idea of a new regional public theatre for a bloody long long time. Manning doesn't give a shit especially if he intends to resign. After all, he and his wife just fly to Brisvegas or Sydney to see a show.

Anonymous said...

CBD Warrior. The procedure for a mayor to step down is as follows. They are chained to chair and padlocked and forced to watch on a large tv screen 48 hours of non stop political speeches of John Howard. At he end of the 48 hours they are crying and pleading forgivness for being really useless as mayor and wish to confess all there stuff ups.the end.

Anonymous said...

CBD Warrior
answer to your question as follows
[s 166]
Local Government Act 2009
Chapter 6 Administration
Part 2 Councillors
Division 3 Vacancies in councillor’s office
162 When a councillor’s office becomes vacant
163 When a vacancy in an office must be filled
(1) This section explains when a vacant office of a councillor
(including the mayor) must be filled.
(2) If a councillor’s office becomes vacant 6 months or more
before quadrennial elections are required to be held, the local
government must fill the vacant office.
(3) The local government must fill the vacant office within 12
weeks after the office becomes vacant.
(4) If the local government does not do so, the Governor in
Council may appoint a qualified person to fill the vacant
(5) If a councillor’s office becomes vacant within 6 months of
when quadrennial elections are required to be held, the local
government may decide not to fill the vacant office.
164 Filling a vacancy in the office of mayor
(1) This section applies if the local government is to fill a vacant
office of a mayor.
(2) The vacant office must be filled by a by-election.

JM said...

ROFL Bob R You have a way with words mate. (sucking it up like a bottle of piss) says it all I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Yes HBW Cairns was struggling, in the economic doldrums and newly elected Bob Manning, smiling cheesily, handed back $100 million of our money to the government. He is in fact the only Mayor of Cairns to ever give money back. This is what he will be remembered for. He hasn't done anything else for which he be remembered. Not a good legacy.

Bob R. said...

Fennel or Funnel or whatever has been an invisible rep for Division 10. Has he ever said or done anything other than to park his arse in the Council Chamber and raise his right hand? Christ or mighty I remember when The Cairns Post got stuck into poor old Kathy Plath whom I know isn't a bad sort and ripped her to shreds because of her lack of contributions to Council debates and public statements. Goes to show over and over what women hating creeps we have in The Cairns Post and how they have given the Manning Council an easy cushy ride of it. Makes me so fucken disgusted to think of it.

just someone who watches, nobody special said...

ruby, you made some astute comments there. Mackenzie does use his regulars to validate his lies and mis-information. They are so flattered to be sought out to have their voices over the radio, these mental pygmies have no idea how ruthlessly they are being used. I cringe when I hear such naïve and simple people being so shamelessly exploited for a political agenda. Mackenzie flatters them, butters them up, makes them feel that their views are important to the nation, then through cunning interruptions and questioning gets them to say what he wants. From what I hear however it would seem that a couple of the so called regulars have now woken up to his tactics and are so wary now on radio that you can hear the caution, suspicion and lack of agreeableness in their voices. A most interesting development. A well known saying comes to mind -
You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Anonymous said...

The loss of a new performing arts theatre hasn't reached the end of its ugly story yet. I predict there will be a few more twists in the plot still to come.

Anonymous said...

Fennel's even had his CRC email address deactivated. Try sending him one, it'll bounce. Maybe email accounts vaporise for lack of use. Yep, that's what it'll be ...

Hamish Krint said...

Talking about Sleepy. You should have heard his woeful mispronunciation of many names at the council run citizenship ceremony on Sunday! Most of the audience cringed - after all, it would not have been politically correct to burst out laughing. It's called practise, practise, practise Sleepy - after all, how else do you fill your days????

Anonymous said...

I was there (Hamish Krint), it was embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

It's always embarrassing when Manning is around trying to talk it up. Yorkeys Knob Australia Day, I 'm sure no one even recognised him and he seemed to have just got out of bed - reluctantly. (I mean the only people he spoke with were his old LNP cronies). As for Richardson - well that's another one who just puts her hand up when Manning demands it.

Anonymous said...

Where are we up to with this rumour.I have the party ballons,cake and invitations for a big piss up to celebrate but need confirmation please. Next you will be telling us that there is a push on for "NEWMAN FOR PM".I need to buy a scalpel blade now and find a good vein if that one is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

We, unfortunately reside in Schillings' division in Edmonton. I cannot for the life of me remember Schilling even setting foot in this division unless he is willing to spend an hour of his time at a school fete, even then it is only to put sauce on the sizzling sausages. He needs to step out into the real world and have a really good look at Edmonton pool, it is worthy of being classified as 3rd World status. Behind the crappy wire fence, where if it is a windy day, all the rubbish from the nearby park gets caught up in piles at the foot of the fence and gets blown into the nearby toddler pool and into the heated pool which is not really heated as only 3 of the inlets work. The lap pool does not even have proper filtration, the pipes have been blocked (maybe by some previous lessees of the pool who maliciously stuffed concrete into the pipes. Even the starting blocks are not the required height, and there is NO access to any of the pools for the disabled. I have not seen any improvements to Edmonton from this lazy council. They should hang their heads in shame.

pissed off said...

What a lacklustre, mediocre bunch of non-entities this Unity Council have been. Most of them rarely ever heard of or seen in their communities, appearing on Mackenzie's radio program answering approved questions and flattery by the host, and overall achieving very little as a legacy of their tenure as Councillors. They haven't driven Cairns forward. At best you could say they have driven Cairns around in a circle. I hope the voters of Cairns kick the mob out.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. boot them all out.. along with the most boing, uninspiring, unimaginative CEO, Peter Tabalu and his 7-plus, useless, executive team.

Remember the CEO was appointed without any rigorous Australia-wide recruitment process. He was just plonked there by UNITY as CEO to be a lap dog.

I ask you where else in Australia does a Council have a team of 7 executives, all paid $250K plus, below a CEO? You find it, and I will be amazed!

Says something about the CEO - doesn't it?

Get rid of them all..