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15 February 2014


In one interview, Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning attempted to blame everyone else for his troubles while claiming he's "too nice".

Let's get one thing straight - Manning and the disUnity Team were elected on a policy of slashing costs.  And they've done some of that (except in the Mayor's office - Manning INCREASED the number of un-posted sweetheart jobs and added THREE "EXECUTIVES" at $180K/plus per year -  rewards dished out after the election).  Neil Quinn- exhibit #1.

Cueball John MacKenzie switched into high pitched indignation when
 word got out that council staffers (who he repeatedly called "ratbags" with no intervention by the Mayor) had again decided to go after coconut palms in some kind of Greenie, anti-palm tree conspiracy.  Manning AGREED with this assessment but then changed into his cape and mask, defending palm trees far and wide!

Instead of defending the council officers who signed the report (General Manager and King Ratbag Bruce Gardiner, Assistant Ratbag Helius Visser, and Greenie Ratbag in Chief Pieter Taylor), Manning well and truly thru them under the bus! 

Did Manning even READ the report?  Does Manning read ANY reports???  

In reality the whole issue has been raised because Bob Manning and his Council slashed the budget for denutting and maintenance of these trees by 76%!  And as these senior ratbags managers have rightly brought to the Council's attention, they are now becoming a hazard that must be mitigated.  This is the responsible thing to do, what city managers are trained to do.  A tourist killed by a jellyfish crocodile indigenous drunk Fettas coconuts will ring the death knell to Cairns tourism, according to a widely raised Cueball metric.  

The report says simply - 'raise the budget for coconut palm maintenance back to $349,000 (where it's been for years) or accept the fact that person or persons will be injured or killed eventually.'

And we continue to hear ratepayers far and wide wonder why the parks aren't being mowed as often, or potholes being filled quickly, or the verges on our highways going in and out of town look like overgrown weed fields - THIS is the Council the majority demanded!  Cut expenses, slash services, and only build "pet" projects instead of real, useful infrastructure.  And these ignoramuses call in to MacKenzie about all these things that aren't being done.  THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LISTING TO A DICKHEAD RADIO TALK SHOW!

The only ratbaggery is the boozed up hillbilly population that somehow believes council services are free.  Then they will drive their little darlings to a shitbox theater firetrap that is a shame to this community, and wonder why we don't have a proper theater.

It's clear Manning either isn't even reading the summary reports being provided this Council (while previous Councils demanded and read FULL staff reports), or he's a degenerate liar that would rather denigrate the Council professionals instead of explain the issue properly.

Earlier former Mayor Byrne criticized the current Council for their inaction on *HIS* theater project that was 'shovel ready' (it was not).  That plan, that Byrne agreed was costed at $84M almost ten years ago would cost - wait for it - $142M today!  And while this Council seemingly has enough spare cash lying around to spend $26M on a dilapidated, poorly located and hardly used swimming pool, they instead have been deluded into thinking that an Aquis theater will make a dandy community facility as well.  

Manning and his team are an abject failure.  


Johnno. said...

I went on the LNP talk back show 2 weeks ago and asked Manning what's the go with the Aboriginal camp at the bottom of Lyons St,. Every bloody excuse under the sun was used to condone it. The camp is a third world disgrace. SHAME MANNING SHAME!

CBD Warrior said...

I'm with you HBW. Not only did Manning throw his professional staff under the bus, he threw members of his own Unity team there, too. Got Mackenzie all worked up at the "ragbag" councillors who comprised a majority in favour of the proposal.

They're "in favour" because they actually READ the damn thing and realised that they want to honor their ratepayer commitment to cut council costs.

Manning's an idiot.

ruby said...

Manning is still full of bluster and bullshit, yakka yakka yakka about a new performing arts theatre for the region. The Cairns Post duly follows it up without taking him to account on his election promise wherein he promised his Unity Council would build a new theatre far cheaper. Lies, lies and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fucks sake Hillbilly.
It was only a committee meeting.

As Mayor Bob said, there are a lot of hurdles this committee policy needs to get over, before it becomes Council policy.

You can bet that Bob will get his way and the coconuts can stay.
I mean, that's what MacKenzie wants - isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the insurance costs of someone getting a fractured skull from a falling nut outweighs the public indignation of the above exercise. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Coconuts are a real danger in cyclonic weather. The trees should be de-nutted before the wet season every year in exactly the same way we householders do each year. The Council could make some money from the crop of coconuts by holding a stall somewhere down on the esplanade selling coconut juice and cream.

Anonymous said...

A poor imitation of the Gold Coast, Cairns remains the joke of regional Queensland. Get off your complacent arses and see what is happening elsewhere in the state (albeit with little or no help from the current government). Start with Townsville and Mackay.

Anonymous said...

How much dose it cost to feed a monkey, good old Bob Burgess had the right idea use monkeys to get the coconuts down. There's a few in Council that should fit the criteria.

Anonymous said...

When will the finger pointing go beyond bumbling Manning to his highly paid, un-advertised executive appointees?

There is a total lack of bureaucratic leadership in Cairns! That is where the rot starts.. Surely we have the most unimaginative, dullest non-leadership in this city has ever seen. Grey, insipid, uninspiring and totally invisible! I'd guess they are paid salaries, you and I could never imagine.

Anonymous said...

A city, region or country stagnates when there is no active criticism or alternative ideas being promoted. The LNP dominated Cairns Regional Council totally dominate the media. Nobody with a different set of ideas can get a look in or have a say in the media. So of course we get mediocre, uninspiring leadership. Who is there to keep them on their toes? NOBODY.

Anonymous said...

the council reserve and parks in my suburb have never looked so untidy, unmowed and a general mess. The first time during my time in the suburb of 15 years. Very ordinary administration and planning of works by what is increasingly looking like a very ordinary council.

Ginger TheRedHeeler said...

Anonymous 16:46, Not sure you understand how the Council system works. This Council voted to go back to a committee system (the previous Council had heard this stuff in front of a full Council meeting). The committee reads and approves (or otherwise) each Council reports and the Committee's decisions are ratified at the next Council Ordinary meeting. That's it. End of hurdles. One more rubber-stamping meeting.

Ginger TheRedHeeler said...

Anonymous 22:53, Don't forget that the bureaucratic chiefs you so dislike so much were hand-picked, and employed without competition, by Mr Manning and Co. Councillors also have to approve every, single policy decision recommended by bureaucrats. Does the buck stop with the monkey or the organ-grinder?

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest, is the burnt out car wreck that is still sitting near the lights at Lennon and McCoombe St there as a permanent art installation as it must be now coming into the third week and they are going to eventually have to mow around it.

Anonymous said...

Manning is border line Alzimmers, keeps forgetting things, he'll resign soon to allow TJ a clear run for next election

Anonymous said...

All of the above. Did you know that when I was unfortunate enough to work under sleepy when he attempted to be in charge of the Cairns Port Authority he was just weeks away from being sacked when he quit as he didn't have a clue how to operate the business.

Observer said...

Flying coconuts can do a hell of a lot of damage in high winds or a cyclone. I agree with comments posted above. The trees should all be de nutted prior to the wet season each year.

Anonymous said...

I'm told, by a rather high-up council employee, that virtually nothing is happening because nobody is prepared to actually DO anything without extensive and expensive legal consultation. One legal firm in Cairns is making a whole lot of money.