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17 March 2014


A draft of the Cairns Ports report on the proposed dredging project makes good Premier Joh Bjelke Newman's promise to do this project.  

We remind you, he never said he was going to pay for it.

Taking a page out of the ALP playbook, the Newman government will propose the >$100M cost of this project be paid for BY CAIRNS.  The report lists a range of options which include stripping money out of Cairns Ports operational profits, selloff of several Cairns Ports properties including the former Schier entertainment precinct site, the Cairns Ports office site, and additional properties south of the oil storage farm in Portsmith.

This is reminiscent of the "new" hospital we were promised that saw our airport sold off to outsiders. Unlike every other new hospital in Queensland in the last 15 years, which was paid for by ALL the Queensland taxpayers, Cairns somehow doesn't get the same return on our tax dollars from the state government.

Other proposals to finance the dredging project include a
tourism "bed tax" imposed on all the hotels, motels, and unit holiday letting accommodation in the city.  While Cairns and other Australian tourism destinations have lagged in taxing the tourist visits to pay for local infrastructure compared to other tourist destinations around the world, this would essentially be an additional tax levied on our tourists by Brisbane.  Guaranteed to generate squeals of protest from the tourism professionals in Cairns.

The draft paper also confirms what many professionals have already pointed out - the very largest cruise ships can't use our harbour now, and won't be able to use the newly dredged harbour.  And as the cruise industry continues to move into larger ships, the number of ships docking offshore at Yorkey's Knob will continue to INCREASE, not decrease.  In short the report confirms that this is a colossal waste of taxpayer money, but since its CAIRNS' money, who cares?

We understand Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning has been briefed on some aspects of the report, but it's understood the Member for MacKenzie Gavin King has not seen it.  King's seat is being canvassed among LNP insiders, as he's deemed unelectable - King's been tapped on the shoulder so many times he's developed a noticeable bruise.  Urged to use his health issues to step aside, Steve Grasso has been using his insider access to pave his way into the slot.

Huge efforts are being invested with marketing professionals to develop a strategy to "sell" the dredging plan to Cairns residents.  Some of these strategies include calling it a "creative and exciting" plan to finance the project despite the "dire straits" that Queensland is in, financially. 

Business as usual.  Grab your ankles.


k.nevill said...

HBW i have to pull you up on the "new hospital" statement. This is the lie that king and his nanny perpetrated b4 the last election. The airport was sold to generate funds to redevelop the base hospital and purchase land for a future southern based hospital(presumably in edmonton). I am disappointed to read this from you. I know there is more than one person wring for HBW and every now and again the standard of article leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of HBW devotees. Someone needs a kick up the arse. The rest of the aricle tells it the way it is. Dredging is a waste of time and money. There are many destinations around the world where ships cant dock. Spend some money on improving the situation in getting people efficiently off the ship, greeted well and then bussed into cairns. My fear with the whole dredging nonsense was that we the ratepayers of Cairns were going to foot the bill for the ongoing dredging that would be required after the channel was deepened. Now the bastards want us to pay for the whole circus. Wonder how much they would get for selling CEP site...or should i say "the essential port land".

Anonymous said...

I guess it will happen if Mackenzie supports the dredging.
That man really can get things done.

Anonymous said...

Does not make any sense to replace King with Grasso.

Anonymous said...

King is the ultimate bully and therefore a coward. He will withdraw as the LNP candidate if he believes he is likely to get knocked off or lose. When he was a journalist he regularly complained to Bligh's office when she was Premier if Labor people publicly criticised him demanding that Bligh get them to stop attacking him. Pathetically Bligh obliged!

Anonymous said...

When can'tdo before the last election cruised the inlet, pointed to a cruise ship and said that within the first 100 days dredging would begin (that was over 750 days ago)only fools and Mackenzie supports believed it. I pointed out at that time that if the dredging would ever happen, and I still doubt it will, the rate payers of Cairns will have to pay for it. I notice in this article that Val's choice (and still is the best) site of the proposed civic centre on the water front could be sold to pay for the dredging. So much for future port expansion that pearl used to get all moist over as it will be a high rise hotel before you can say "sleepy"

Anonymous said...

Dredging will not happen, not worth it. Most knew this from the start but we spend taxpayers money to shut us up for a while. There is a march against dredging so I expect it will be called off and the "greenie" conveniently blamed.

Anonymous said...

and so the LNP 'conga line of suck holes' continues on... if they gave out Phd'd for being a Boot Licker Grasso would be a Doctor.

Observer said...

Entsch wouldn't contest the 2007 "Kevin 07" election when Murdoch backed Rudd and Australia was mobilised against Howard's Work Choices. Entsch knew he wouldn't win that election as well, so he concocted this excuse about "taking time off to spend with my son". I agree Anonymous above at 22.41, King won't contest the election if he knows he won't win. Like Entsch he will come up with a NOBLE and plausible excuse "my family blah blah blah" and throw an unknown and unelectable candidate into the jaws of defeat. Its what the bullyboys of the LNP do.

Jan from Kewarra said...

Today's Front Page of the Compost -
The Newman government is selling off the 19.85 ha site at Edmonton which had been earmarked for Cairns's second public hospital. Page 4 has a photo of Un-Sir Bob with a by-line that "the Edmonton site for a second hospital has been identified as surplus".

What the heh?

Pretty remarkable considering:
1) elective surgery times at this hospital for common surgeries such as gallbladder surgery is over 22 months
2) the last upgrade of the hospital in 2001 only lasted 10 years until this current one began.
3) According to Entsch the population of Cairns is going to explode to over 500,000 by 2034???
4) If Aquis becomes reality, we will have another 10,000 workers living in Cairns in the very near future.
5) With ambulance ramping and chronic bed shortages especially for mental health patients being flagged as ongoing issues, one might conclude that our current hospital even with upgraded facilities, is NOT coping now. And there is only so much upgrading that can be done on this current site - it just beggars belief, that this decision has been made.

Once again, those living in far north Queensland miss out on vital infrastructure and services.

Gavin King fully deserves to lose the state government election next year - he has achieved nothing for the people of FNQ! And here is yet another fine example of that!

Anonymous said...

Norman was urging people to take out private insurance the other day. He received the usual soft glove treatment on 4CA today and all his bullshit went unchallenged. I don't think people realised what they voted for, when they decided to give the ALP a kick up the butt. God help us all if the LNP get re-elected. They will really cut loose then. Another term with King would be insufferable.

buzzybee said...

If k.nevill's entry is accurate, and also the Compost's news about the Edmonton site being surplus to requirements, and the ABC reporting that the funds from the sale of this site will go to Consolidated Revinue, why on earth did we sell the airport? I hope that when this present government builds it's new high rise in Brisbane there will be a statue of a rate payer screwed to the wall representing Cairns' contribution.

Alison Alloway said...

K. Nevill, above is correct in stating that the money from the sale of the Cairns Airport was directed to the upgrade of the existing Cairns Base Hospital, plus to buy land for a new hospital. I have a copy of a joint media release by the Premier, Anna Bligh, the then Queensland Treasurer, Andrew Fraser, and the Minister for Health, Stephen Robertson, under date of 15th April 2008, viz: "....The State Government will expand Cairns Hospital and buy a new hospital site to secure the future of world class health services in Cairns, Premier Anna Bligh told State Parliament this morning. Airport sales in Cairns, Mackay and the sale of the Government's stake in Brisbane airport will fund major hospital upgrades in Mackay, Cairns and Mt Isa," she said...."

YET SOMEHOW, Mackenzie, King etc distorted the details, and claimed the sale of the airport was specifically for a brand new hospital. This is an outright lie.

Now we read where the land, specifically purchased for a new hospital precinct, is to be sold.
What happens if a tsunami or cyclone severely damage the existing esplanade hospital?
I can only say that this decision to sell the land is short sighted,indicative of inept leadership and downright plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai please oh please comment as these whinging tree huggers are pissing me off. I love reading your Chinese globally doc, can you organise with your Chinese connections to come and Dredge this foul full of shit inlet secretly so that we don't have to read anymore crap from the dole bludging whingers on here. Hahaha

k.nevill said...

If you have a look at grassos facebook page this simpering little toad has a new pic of himself...standing along side a large portrait of bob menzies?! methinks the wanker is announcing himself as a candidate for preselection. And the idiots in charge of the lnp will select him as the replacement for the unelectable givin king.