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12 March 2014


Insiders are reporting major errors are being made on expensive infrastructure projects by Bob "Sleepy" Manning and his disUnity Council.  You'll of course recall Manning promotes himself as an experienced financial manager - although you'd never know it from his time at the Port Authority.


People like Bob Manning and Marge Cochrane "ginned up" the MacKenzie mouth breathers to attack the CBD to Aeroglen cycleway, like it was some kind of leftwing conspiracy.  One of the key attacks was against a bridge over Saltwater Creek, purchased by the Schier Council using the State mandated purchasing office - a money saving move that resulted in a wonderful bridge made in Germany, at a cost cheaper than local vendors.

Manning instead has implemented a "buy locally no matter how much we get screwed" policy. Council awarded the Moody Creek bridge contract to local vendor NQSF Pty Ltd, t/a Fitzroy Fabrications for the Southern Cycleway - being built at a cost much greater than the Aeroglen works.    

Despite the massively increased cost, Fitzroy Fabrications went belly up on November 8, leaving Council without the contracted and partially paid for bridge.  And insiders indicate that the contract with Fitzroy Fabrications is written improperly and will require Council to pay TWICE for this bridge.


Insiders indicate that huge overruns have been accumulated on this project, with Council yet to be told of the overruns.  Hardliner Terry James has aggressively opposed any compensation to traders on Lake Street despite causing great financial harm to them.  Contrast this to the $100K gifted to the bus company operators - apparently needed to teach their drivers how to get to the Pier.  This project is expected to be over budget by $1.5M.


This major project was needed as the result of the Byrne Council's penchant for allowing massive housing developments to be constructed without any provision for the massively increased rainfall runoff.  Developers normally would be responsible for upgrading these facilities to avoid flooding of downstream properties.  Community Activist Thelma Spelta has been hard on the case, and yet she's been told furphys by Council staff as well as her councillor Terry James.

Design delays have plagued this project.  Council is continually told by Project Manager Stephen Bolden that these delays are due to "project complexities".  HBW is advised that these "project complexities" are the fact that this project will NOT stop the downstream flooding!  Consultants told Council during the design phase that the detention basin needed to be large enough for Q20 flooding events - the kind that have hit these downstream neighbourhoods regularly since 2004.  

Consultants have now advised city manager Peter Tabulo and staff that the detention basin now under construction will NOT be large enough to mitigate these Q20 events!  The detention basin will fill, overflow, and then flood everyone downstream as before.  The $4.5M budgeted for this important project is now $1.2M over, and now we know it's money pissed away.

Nice work, Thelma!  


Now $900K over budget.  


Now $1.9M over budget


Can you say clusterfuck? 

Over $5.5M in unbudgeted overages in THREE MONTHS! Nice work, Sleepy! 


Anonymous said...

Saw King on the local news tonight claiming credit and singing the praises of the southern bicycle track! Has this loser no shame??? We all remember his diatribe in the Compost condemning bike tracks as a waste of money. He truly has become a caricature of all he used to condemn in politicians when he was a "journalist"!

Dean J said...

If you were going to assign risks to infrastructure projects, sea walls and building roads/bridges on swamps would be top of the list for possible over-runs.

I wonder how much Council allocated for possible over-runs. A road building project on a swamp should have at least 20% on top of the expected cost as a contingency. (Depending how detailed the original costing was)

Bob R. said...

Sleepy will be pissing off after his term is up, ditto most of the Unity Team, so (yawn) the fucked up mess will be left to the new Council. If it isn't an LNP dominated Council, then Sleepy,Mackenzie and company can get stuck into the Council and blame them for Sleepy's mistakes. You can see it coming.

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai, where are you to sort out this mess with your Chinese rants. We need your input urgently as the shit on here is leading us to despair. I have a new translator installed on my computer so all is good.

NYM said...

King has gone into panic mode creating issues like increasing the level of floors on high rise buildings because he knows his days as an MP are coming to an end. He's looking around for anything to get his mug on TV or sitting on Mackenzie's lap being praised up.

Dean J said...

It seems the noise about the cycleway was a bit too soon, with the bridges going in. Looks like a great project, even though it started under the previous Council, it was this one that went through with it. Credit where it is due is required, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

So when is the LNP going to officially endorse it's true candidate for Cairns.

Even Neil Symes, the former Woolies seafood deli MP for Lytton has at least kept his nose clean and been under the radar.

The LNP may have been elected "on a landslide" but look at their MP's and woeful policies.

Anonymous said...

King on bike paths when he spent years attacking everything and everyone in this town:

"I still don’t believe we need to build bike paths at the moment.
They are not urgent and there is no critical mass to support the use of bike paths. Not by a long shot."

9 April 2011

"They should forget their delusional vision of a bike riding utopia in the Far North"
2 April 2011

Anonymous said...

King is nothing but a lying Soab he now knows his days are numbered and is looking for anything to save his sorry ase goodbuy WANGKING

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bikes. My wife is worried under the new bike passing laws that she won't be able to judge the distance between the bike and her car. I gave her a way out by saying that she should always drive in the right hand lane,never be next to a treddly and removes that problem doesn't.