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26 March 2014


Liberal and LNP "Policy on the Run" is turning the orderly running of governments into a hodgepodge of extra-constitutional edicts.  The implementers (there are no architects) of these proclamations are running roughshod over the flimsy Separation of Powers arrangements and expanding police powers to saber-rattle their critics into silence.  Australia is well and truly on our way back to the Middle Ages.

In Queensland, Joh Bjelke Newman is interfering in the judicial process using bully BOY Jerrod Bleijie, who's legal intelligence can fit on the head of a pin. The Queensland LNP was elected in part on the oft-used bogan tactic - "Law and Order".  This tactic has allowed the LNP to hastily enact laws to deal with the "bikie" crisis, the "sex offender" crisis, and the "teen crim" crisis.  This last is the easiest to understand and rectify, and yet Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King and his mouthpiece John MacKenzie refuse to acknowledge any connection between teen crime and Cairns' highest-in-the-country youth unemployment.  

And as some of the more courageous of the Queensland judiciary has squeaked out an objection to these draconian laws, Bleijie has chosen to attack the judges.  And the judges, understanding full well that their "separation" from the ruling party is built on a quicksand of tradition instead of the constitution, have also begun acting as political animals - the latest dust-up between Bleijie and Court of Appeal President Margaret McMurdo seeing McMurdo using her position to "lobby" for her husband to be appointed as a judge.  

Apparently the judges, running scared, are failing to heed the
common wisdom "when you wrestle with pigs, everyone gets muddy and the pigs enjoy it".  This after the lefty Chief Judge Paul de Jersey was easily moved aside by dangling the keys to the Governor's office at him.  Gutless, the whole lot of 'em.  

Not to mention the castration of what formerly was a bipartisan Crime and Misconduct Commission.


Newman and Bleijie are also jumping on the "draconian sentencing" bandwagon. The 20-year non-parole period for repeated child molester and killer Brett Cowan (44 years) was immediately appealed by Bleijie as too short.  The Noosa Heads king hitter, Virgil Power, was released with no jail  - largely as the result of Power's family legal connections.  This has seen "one-punch" laws rushed into Parliament with Newman calling for life imprisonment.   This at the same time governments ignore calls for increased penalties for the far-more-prevelant domestic violence that plagues Australia.  A plague fueled by the increasingly lax liquor licensing requirements, a tax bonanza that no government will stanch.  Gavin King still sees nothing wrong with 5AM closing times in Cairns while drunken assaults are unabated in the CBD after midnight.  

And drink drivers continue to be fined (money good for government) but not imprisoned (costs too much).  Ask the parents and friends of Tanya Roneberg how much drink driving cost them. 

Prime Minister Tony Abbott did another flip-flop yesterday, restoring the government's ability to issue "knighthoods" and "dames" in consultation with the Queen.  As recently as last December Abbott, an avowed monarchist, promised he would not return to the issuance of these English titles.

It is unknown how Abbott makes this square with his Catholicism - the Monarchy hates Catholics so much that they are barred from the throne.  But the push back towards Monarch-like powers undermines our existing constitution and allows longstanding principles like "separation of powers" to be attacked with impunity. 

The ad-hoc "policy on the fly" being run by the LNP at both State and Federal levels is eroding public confidence in the Liberals and LNP.

It was therefore no surprise when a convicted criminal, guilty of some 65 charges of theft and dishonesty from a public purse, heard a judge call him "brazenly arrogant" and then sentence him for a piddling 3 MONTHS!  Despite being a lying cocksucker and keeping a corrupt Julia Gillard in power, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg has kept in mind that pollies and judges are all in the same boat together. 


TAS said...

If you would like a good analysis of what is currently happening in this state and in this country, click on the link below:http://www.independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/the-liberals-after-brock,6311

Anonymous said...

people in cairns can ensure one term of this arrogance, boys club, lying, deceit and dishonesty is enough to remember for a long time, vote other than the dirty pigs

people in qld can do the same

Where some thought this lnp gov would be here for three terms, this can easily be one

Dirty pigs are dirty pigs

Tony Hillier said...

What bunny will Mr Rabbit pull out of the hat next? The restoration of imperial weights and measures? The return of the death penalty?

The campaigns would no doubt be championed by Lord Rupert of Murdoch, Dame Alan Jones and Sir Andrew Bolt.

Is conferring a dameship on Bill Shortstraw's mum-in-law a case of Abbott and Bishop taking Labor's Rookie or merely coming the raw pawn?

Anonymous said...

Goodness me - all Tony did was make Bill Shorten's mother in law a Dame.
What's wrong with that?
She's very fuckable ...

Anonymous said...

So obviously not getting too many intelligent comments at the mont HBW?

Hamish Krint said...

To rise above the rabble, one must dissociate oneself from the rabble in the first instance. Then one must attempt to verify the factual content contained within all the press and media stories - often difficult. Once upon a time the media printed news - stories based on fact. The opinion pieces were easy to discern. Nowadays it's hard to separate news from opinion, and the content often becomes even more distorted and embellished as it goes through layer after layer of publication. So, knee-jerk comments are plentiful, and often reflect little thought, while considered comments are increasingly rare. One would hope that the erudite readers of HBW would lean towards the latter?

Anonymous said...

malvina reynolds predicted cairns's future way back in 1962 with the song "little boxes" Give it a listen and think about how the polies and all the southern state fukn doogooders have ruined this once paradise!

Bob R. said...

Not many comments hey Anonymous 22.15. yeah mate that could be because we are all watching a real crisis raceing towards us like a run away train. If all the doctors walk we lose our public health system. What the fuck else matters hey if we all know if we get injured or a serious illness we're fucked.

NYM said...

For once I am in complete agreement with the one and only Roberto above. Queenslanders are sleep walking towards a disaster the like of which most cannot begin to imagine. Our public health system looks set to collapse. If there is a God up there, SOS SOS SOS SOS.

Observer said...

Ditto. Im also in complete agreement with the not so erudite Bob R. The doctors conflict is the greatest political crisis of our time. What do we do? Take to the streets and try and storm Parliament House in Brisbane when people start dying? I have to pinch myself to see that it is really happening. We stand a bloody good chance of having no public health system. Do Queenslanders understand what life will be like if that happens?